DeSean Jackson says he'll play Sunday

Eagles receiver DeSean Jackson said last week that he likely wouldn’t play against the Falcons, after suffering a concussion against the Redskins.

And he didn’t.

This time around, Jackson says that he will play on Sunday against the Giants.

Jackson made the disclosure Monday, on ESPN 950 in Philadelphia.

He added that he’s not sure whether he’ll practice Wednesday, and Jackson claimed that he lost consciousness “briefly” when he was hit by Redskins linebacker London Fletcher nine days ago. 

In the video of the play, Jackson never stops moving, so it’s possible that he merely has a small gap in his memory of the events, due to the concussion.

On Monday, coach Andy Reid said that Jackson has been “doing well as far as his headaches and all that goes.”

Though the Eagles were able to roll the Falcons without Jackson, they’ll need him if they hope to knock off the Giants on Sunday night in the Meadowlands.

If Philly wins, they will have swept the Giants, who have swept the Cowboys, who can sweep with Eagles with a win at home in Week 17.

10 responses to “DeSean Jackson says he'll play Sunday

  1. Does not matter all we need to do is have fan behind the egirls bench yell chesse steak chesse steak and Ried will not be able to focus on the game

  2. wow, calling them the egirls and making a Reid fat joke in the same sentence, very original and funny. That would be like someone saying the giants have a chance of winning as long as they don’t shoot themselves in the foot… err leg.

  3. Wasn’t Fletcher the same sonofaitch that dinged Westy? Someone should frisk his short ass to see if he’s got brass knuckles, a pewter cup, or ball bearings in strategic locales………. just a little too ironic that he’s blasted two guys with concussions…..
    Hey, Florio, take a look at this won’t you? It’s right up the “new & improved” PFT’s chute.

  4. Hey big blue… “I before E, except after C”. Cmon bro, thats 3rd grade stuff. You cannot spell, so your “insults” are not valid.
    Congrats 🙂

  5. mcnabb will and the eagles rolled the giants earlier this year.. he wont have a problem staying on his feet and throwing another 50 yard td to desean

  6. BigBlue:
    I’m not sure what a “chesse steak” is. It must be new jersey’s version of a cheese steak but with trash replacing the cheese.

  7. I’m thinking NY shot their wad. An emotional game that got personal due to Adam’s bullshit.
    I still never count out this game no matter how bad the Giants are. Seen too much weird shit happen at the end of these games over the years.

  8. Ya I believe he could have blacked out while still moving. I got in a fight when I was younger with some kid and he hit me pretty good and I blacked out but I came to like a second or two later and was still standing fighting the kid.

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