Dorsey works out for Rams

Last week, running back DeDe Dorsey worked out for the Browns.  The Browns at one point intended to sign him.  Ultimately, they didn’t.

Today, Dorsey worked out for another one-win team — the Rams.

On his Twitter page, Dorsey calls the session “phenomenal.”

Dorsey played for the Las Vegas Locomotives of the UFL.  The Locos won the league’s first championship game November 27.

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  1. if this guy was “phenomenal” then he wouldn’t be having to work out for teams at this point in the season.

  2. The guy flat out produces on the field every chance he’s had and is the proverbial make something out of nothing type back. Him not being on one of these bum teams rosters (and getting reps) is criminal. But then again stupid is as stupid does.
    Yeah, I’d rather have old-ass Jamal Lewis fall into the backs of my guards for 2 yards too… (/retardedness)

  3. I would be shocked if the Rams don’t sign him. They need something, anything to take the pressure off of SJ.
    And if the Rams pass on him, the Seahawks should get him up there for a workout. Justin Forsett? Julius Jones? Ugh.

  4. Why is this even a story? DeDe Dorsey, OMG! He’s a “champion,” alright. Update us on this future practice squad deletion in 2010.

  5. The browns signed a TE from the practice squad that they needed more ( for now ) and he had a nice first NFL game. Lewis is on IR and not available ( FYI ).

  6. chapnasty and nfcbeast
    Dede Dorsey is completely worthy of mention on this site. He is an awesome running back. I would LOVE to have him on the Bengals, but we already have four running backs.
    The chink in his armor is that he has had a history of injuries, but without fail, when he is in he makes plays.

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