Polamalu doesn't know whether he'll play again this year

When Steelers safety Troy Polamalu suffered on November 15 a new injury to a knee that had kept him out of several games earlier in the season, it was believed he’d miss a month.

The month is almost over, and Polamalu does not appear to be close to playing. 

According to Alan Robinson of the Associated Press, Polamalu might not be back at all this season.

Per Robinson, Polamalu said Tuesday that there’s no definitive date for his return.

The decision as to when/if Polamalu returns likely will be driven by whether the Steelers remain realistically in the hunt for the postseason after Week 14.  A win over the Browns, for starters, is a must.  Then, if the Colts outrace the Broncos and the Dolphins put their tails on the noses of the Jaguars, the teams currently leading the wild-card chase would be pulled back toward the pack, at 8-5 and 7-6 respectively.

This would open the door for a three-week sprint to the finish line, with as many as five non-division-leaders at 7-6, one at 8-5, and two seats open when the music stops.

Under such circumstances, it makes sense to bring Polamalu back for the last three games.  Otherwise, it makes more sense to shut him down.

41 responses to “Polamalu doesn't know whether he'll play again this year

  1. If anyone should be MVP it is Polamalu by just looking at the difference in Steelers record with VS. without him this season.

  2. If shelving him for the year means that we won’t be subjected to those God-awful Head & Shoulders commercials on TV *and* radio, then I’m all for it.
    If not, then trot his sorry ass out there and make him play.
    Right, Troy? RIGHT, TROY?

  3. I know smoking is bad for you but Troy needs to start smoking heavily so he can have a chance to sound like a man.

  4. “The month is almost over, and Polamalu does not appear to be close to playing. ”
    The month is almost over? It’s December 8th, 1 game out of 4 has been played and you think the month is “almost over”?

  5. Ward needs to call him out like he did Ben…oh wait Hines Ward is out….i guess the steelers can use this as an excuse…i mean the raiders where playing with half the O-Line Missing…

  6. So I guess the Madden Curse is only 50% effective this year…..unless Larry Fitzgerald’s hands burst into flames next week.

  7. He’s also on those NFL Play 60 spots with the President on the White House lawn. He’s even late on the coverage to Obama……story of the Steelers pass coverage.

  8. Please put Favre in a Vikings uniform on the cover next year. I rather see him retire than this IDK crap thats going on the past 5 years.

  9. I don’t believe in curses.
    That said, if anyone named Madden comes near one of my Steelers again, I’m going to borrow one of Erin’s golf clubs and unleash hell on him.

  10. “We asked with our eyes Florio, we asked with our eyes ”
    Please keep us up to date on whatever Troy is doing, no matter how unworthy of notation the Steelers have now become.

  11. Much as I hate the $hitsburg Squealers, (and by extension guys like Frank Burns), it would be a shame if Troy were out for the year. He is one of the truly great players in this league. We pass out the word great too easily, but I’d take him on my team any day. That being said, I’d rather him be hurt when the Ravens travel to $hitsburg in a couple of weeks. Their defense is pitiful without him.

  12. “The month is almost over? It’s December 8th, 1 game out of 4 has been played and you think the month is “almost over”? ”
    I think he meant the month since he hurt his knee for the second time. That was Nov. 15th so it has been almost a month.

  13. Troy and Ben both take a beating..hope you like it while it lasts Pissburgh because neither will have long careers…or very long left in either career. Harrison doesn’t have many years left either…

  14. “Polamalu doesn’t know whether he’ll play again this year”
    same as:
    “Polamalu doesn’t know whether the Steelers will win again this year”

  15. Troy is an insane player. As a Ravens fan I am in no hurry for him to get back before 12/27. As a football fan you hate to see someone as great as him injured.
    On the other hand, hines ward is a facemasking dirtball. His day will come……

  16. polamalo is all done… bad knees at that position? forget it… a qb with concussion probloems and a classless wr that cant shut his mouth? steelers are all done.

  17. Sucks.
    Polamalu’s the real face of this franchise.
    Not a big Steelers fan…but this guy plays a Hundred miles an hour every play, and understands the way the game’s meant to be played.
    He’s good for the league.

  18. Keeping him out would be the best. It has been a terrible year for the Steelers. Troy missing from the lineup has highlighted some areas in the Steelers defensive secondary that need work, i.e. different players.

  19. @Furious George …
    Thanks for your brilliant insights Dr. Skipper, but we’ll wait for a diagnosis from someone with an actual medical degree.
    Never fear, though. We lost Blount and Bradshaw, Ham, Lambert, Mean Joe, Harris, Swan, and Stallworth … and lived to fight another day. Then we lost Woodson, Lake, Lloyd, and Kevin Greene … and lived to fight another day. When these guys are gone … the Steelers will be back. We’ll always be back.
    Enjoy your secanol. Hey to Gilligan.

  20. @Deb –
    You again? It’s Elin and that was about as unfunny as it gets.
    Do us all a favor and prove your ignorance on another website.

  21. @The Coop …
    Like I said, baby, stop trolling Steelers threads like the sad little pest you are and you’ll be spared my company. As for my ignorance … at least I’m not so pitifully obsessed with a team other than my own that I live to snark on EVERY article about them. Do you even follow a football team? Do you know anything about the game … other than how to rag on a team with a better overall record than yours?
    No … you don’t like me because I point out how really pathetic your PFT existence is. And I’m not going anywhere.

  22. @Dumbass Deb –
    You might not know how this website works, but this story was posted on OTHER TEAMS’ pages too. So I wasn’t “trolling” baby.
    You might not be aware of this, but there are 31 other teams in the NFL. The Steelers are not the only one.
    You’re like every Steelers fan I know (and I know a lot of ’em, since I live in the ‘Burgh) – anytime controversy arises, you fall back on the “We got 6” chant.
    It’s tired and lame. No one cares.
    And stop using “WE” to reference the Steelers unless you played for them. And I wouldn’t be surprised if you did. You probably look like an offensive lineman. Or is it a troll? You seem to like that word.
    But keep those hilarious Tiger Woods / “Erin” jokes coming!

  23. @Droppings in the Chicken Coop …
    Speaking of tired & lame … everytime some guy can’t think of anything to say, he falls back on “you must look like an offensive lineman.” So your brain wrap itself around the idea that a woman who looks like a woman might love and understand The Game? Your brain must be very limited.
    Thanks for the chance to apologize for “Erin.” I’ve been trying to avoid the Tiger gossip frenzy. But in a sea of doe-eyed political Stepford wives standing dutifully by wayward men, Elin and her golf club deserve respect. You seem awfully touchy on the subject. Does it hit close to home or do you just get nervous around women who aren’t docile?
    Many fans refer to their teams as “we” because they’re emotionally invested. And without us, there would be no team, so we do have our role. If you don’t understand these concepts, chat with someone in the Dog Pound.
    I didn’t chant “We’ve got 6.” I pointed out the obvious: You hate a team that has a better history than yours and came to an article on that team, for whatever reason, to post smack. If you don’t want to run into Steelers fans, don’t post on Steelers threads.

  24. @Deb
    Don’t worry about “The Coop”, any reasonable person looking at this site can see he is obviously just a tool that can’t argue with someone using logic, therefore he just berates them by calling them dumbasses and making fun of typos. In all likelihood he probably got beat up by a Steelers fan or left out of some circle that had Steelers fans in it, etc, etc, and has some deep seated hate for the organization as a whole because of his own inadequacies. He could never realize why someone might refer to an organization such as the Steelers as “We” because he can’t understand what an inclusive group or a family is like because no one would let him in theirs. Probably because he is a rude asshole, but I could be wrong.

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