Schwartz not talking about Stafford's status

So with the 2-10 Lions doing their best to hold off a trio of 1-11 for the right to screw up the first overall pick in the draft, coach Jim Schwartz is pulling out all the stops.

He’s not talking about whether quarterback Matthew Stafford will play on Sunday at Baltimore.

“I’ve got a pretty good idea of his status, but I don’t feel any need
to tell Baltimore
that information,” Schwartz said at a Monday press conference, per the Associated Press.  “They play Monday
night this week, so they are already facing a short week and the
difficulties that brings.  I’d rather not help their game-planning
process by letting them know which quarterback we expect to play.”

Stafford, the first overall pick in the 2009 draft, twice aggravated the separation of his non-throwing shoulder against the Bengals.  The second hit, in the fourth quarter, forced him out of the game.

“He’s obviously very sore, and he’s playing knowing that he’s going
to get hit, and when he does, he’ll be in excruciating pain,” Schwartz
said.  “But he’s resilient and tough, and he’s done his best to stay in
there. . . .

there was something going on where he could make it worse by playing,
we would have to think a lot harder about having him on the field.  Right now, though, it is just a matter of pain management.  If he
can deal with the pain — and that’s a conversation we have on a
constant basis — he’s our starting quarterback.”

Fine.  Good.  Swell.  But does it really matter whether Stafford or Daunte Culpepper or Drew Stanton or George Plimpton is taking the snaps for a team that has escaped scrutiny regarding how bad it is because there are three teams that are significantly worse?  The Lions are playing at Baltimore on Sunday against the Ravens, and the Ravens are more than capable of preparing for anything the Lions will throw at them.

The notion that not talking about whether Stafford will play gives the Lions an edge falls somewhere between self-flattery and delusion.  It doesn’t mean the Lions are destined to lose.  But if they win, it won’t have anything to do with whether the Lions were able to confound the Ravens’ efforts to prepare the best offense this side of the 1999 2009 Rams.

5 responses to “Schwartz not talking about Stafford's status

  1. Why do they keep throwing this kid to the wolves with a bum shoulder? Didn’t they give him like 70 million dollars? Your season is over anyway, IR him and move on.

  2. Florio are you serious? do you really think Schwartz thinks this is going to make a difference? NO! If you actually read all of the coach’s comments, he said if Stafford can play and can be effective he will start. He said he has an idea whether he thinks that will happen or not. But obviously the way Culpepper blows up, Schwartz is smart to not commit to him when there is still a slim chance Stafford will play.

  3. “Why do they keep throwing this kid to the wolves with a bum shoulder? Didn’t they give him like 70 million dollars? Your season is over anyway, IR him and move on.”
    He’s not hurt enough for IR and this kid gives them the best chance to win week in and week out. Culpepper is awful and Stanton isn’t an NFL QB.
    Back in 1998 the Colts were 2-10 and Manning had 19 TDs compared to 23 INTs. The best decision Jim Mora EVER made was NEVER benching Manning his rookie year, and that was with a 3-13 Colts team that was better than this Lions’ team.
    Stafford may be the only reason this team has won a game this year.

  4. Why should Schwartz manage the injury report any differently because this year’s team is 2-10? Schwartz has an expectation for this team beyond the Ravens game and the rest of this season. The Lions have had a losers mentality for so long, it’s refreshing to see a “delusion” of self-inflated importance even in a lost season. If the Head Coach is going to approach the week the same way at 2-10 as he would at 0-0, that’s a message to the team that losing isn’t acceptable even if there is no chance for a winning season.

  5. He shouldnt be playing when hes hurt…period.
    Like someone already said; the season is over let culpepper come in and do his thing.
    The manning analogy is ludacris; manning was playing poorly, he wasnt injured.
    Stafford is hurt AND playing poorly. Sit him down til he gets back to 100%.

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