Shaun Smith will sign with the Bengals

The OCNN is right again.

Sort of.

Though receiver Chad Ochocinco’s Twitter message suggests that defensive tackle Shaun Smith already has re-signed with the Bengals, he hasn’t.

But he will.

Per a league source, Smith will sign with the Bengals on Wednesday.

He spent two seasons and part of another with the Bengals, from 2004 and 2006. 

We’re also told that Smith laid the foundation for his returning by calling coach Marvin Lewis and apologizing for past issues between the two men.  We’re also told that Smith recently called former Browns G.M. George Kokinis and apologized for the incident that occurred between the two men at a Lions-Brown preseason game, after Smith signed with Detroit after being cut by the Browns.

26 responses to “Shaun Smith will sign with the Bengals

  1. whatever. the guy is a know dumbass but he can play a little. if Peko doesn’t get his knee right by the playoffs we are going to need some depth. I just don’t know if he is any good anymore.

  2. I guess this is Marvin’s way of letting Bengals fans know not to expect any more division championships after this season.

  3. First the Bengals resign Larry Johnson, now this guy?
    I thought they were turning things around but guess not.

  4. @The Coop,
    Back up your comments? You can’t just spew crap cause you want to( well, technically you can). How has LJ affected the Bengals to this point in time?

  5. “I just don’t know if he is any good anymore.”
    First he was cut by the Browns.
    And followed that up by getting cut by the Lions.
    Need more proof?

  6. Bad Move, this guy is a huge cancer in the locker room. Hopefully he gets cut before the post season begins.

  7. Guy is nothing but an insurance policy for a team with little or no depth on defense. Perhaps Peko’s injury is more of a concern than they are letting on.

  8. Why bring in the jack off?
    He spent no time with the team, chillin’ doing stupid stuff.
    Now, the playoffs are coming around and he wants to band wagon.
    What a lazy piece of Shiat!

  9. The Larry Johnson deal was money but this doesn’t make any sense… Shaun Smith???
    I know that they’re has to be some other DT out there that’s in need of a team and is actually willing to keep his nose to the grindstone and put in work.

  10. How much redeeming will Mike Brown do this season?
    Word on the street is that Mikey is the one trying to get Plaxico out for work release while in jail… they never said what kinda work he wasn’t allowed to do.

  11. If you follow the police blotter on this very sight, you’ll see that nobody else cares about “character”, so why should Cincinnati?

  12. All this bashiing you do of Chad all the time yet you still use him for your “breaking news stories” ! You bash him in one post and take credit for his twitter announcements in another. Jerks.

  13. I’m glad. I was a little worried they were turning the corner and might be good for years to come…but signing Shaun Smith is a sign they are just a one hit wonder again. Perennially good teams fill their holes with football players, not prima donnas that have no business thinking they are good enough to be prima donnas.

  14. The Coop says:
    December 8, 2009 10:07 PM
    First the Bengals resign Larry Johnson, now this guy?
    I thought they were turning things around but guess not.
    When did the Bengals RESIGN Larry Johnson…. he’s only been a Bengal once.
    Flo is a ho.

  15. @WhoPlaysWhere:
    I was talking about their signing of guys with “questionable” character, that’s all. LJ has been on good behavior with the Bengals (so far) as have most of their misfits (I can’t remember Chris Henry providing booze to any teenage girls this season). So kudos to Marvin Lewis.
    Of the teams in the AFC North, Cincy is definitely the one I hate the least, so don’t make me out to be some Bengals-hater. (Well, I do hate them, but only because I’m a Browns fan.)
    Sorry, it was late, and I had been drinking, and I made a typo. But kudos to YOU for being a non-Steeler fan living in Yinzerville, like myself.
    Haven’t the last 4 weeks been glorious?

  16. Everyone needs to chill. If he called and apologized maybe Marvin made him suck his junk, and now he knows where he sits. He knows his time with us is tenuous at best. We should be aight…. I hope

  17. Smith is and always will be a turd with little to no talent (despite what he thinks of himself). Mike Brown and Marvin Lewis are and always will be terrible….go away (and take Bratkowski with you). Yes, they’ll make the playoffs but not through any skill of their own…even a blind squirrel finds a nut occasionally. Chemistry is “very” important to a team (look at the Patriots this year)…Brown and Lewis just don’t get it. I feel sorry for the good players and coaches on this team.

  18. He really wants a job, bad, huh?
    “I’m sorry coach for anything I said about you in the past. I was young, immature, and stupid. Can you give me a contract. I’ll even accept the veteran minimum, but please sign me. I’ll be good.”
    His talent hasn’t been able to outweigh his BS this year…on two teams. Maybe he finally gets it. It is pretty much zero risk for the Bengals. They get depth, and no long lasting commitment. If he acts up any time this year, misses a meeting, is late for practice…yes, PRACTICE, I don’t care if it is because of the 4 feet of snow that night Cincinnati, he is gone on the first bus smoking out of the city. Marvin sees this as a play hard or kick rocks no risk situation and it is.

  19. godofwine has it right, same thing as the LJ signing, except he’ll play from the get, as the interior is REALLY thin right now.
    GoBrowns19, dude, you can’t EVER think this franchise has “turned a corner” as long as Mike is weilding the control he has for twenty years, it’s like thinking the Raiders will get better with JaMarcus and Al at their respective helms.

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