Sombrero costs Ochocinco $30,000

Bengals wide receiver Chad Ochocinco predicted before Sunday’s game against the Detroit Lions that he would be fined for his planned post-touchdown celebration.

He was right.

Adam Schefter of ESPN is reporting that Ochocinco has been fined $30,000 for putting on a poncho and sombrero on the sideline after he scored against the Lions.

Schefter reports that the league wrote a letter to Ochocinco saying, “During the second quarter of the Bengals qame, you were observed gesturing for, and then wearing, a decorative poncho and sombrero in the bench area.”

The letter also explained that the premeditated nature of Ochocinco’s celebration — and the fact that he told Schefter on Twitter that he planned to do it — made it worse than any ordinary post-touchdown celebration.

“Compounding your violation is the fact that your actions were premeditated and deliberate,” the letter to Ochocinco said. “Prior to the game on your publicly accessible Twitter account, you posted the following: ‘@adam_schefter what I’ve planned for today will get me fined when I score but it’s so worth it.’ ”

No word from Ochocinco yet on whether he still thinks it’s worth it, now that it cost him $30,000.

87 responses to “Sombrero costs Ochocinco $30,000

  1. Geez, could the league offices get mjore pathetic? Chad shoulda just busted a defender on the head at the end of the half.

  2. Douche when he’s 45 years old and the little money he made starts running out he’ll regret all these “transgressions”……lol

  3. Let’s see what Flozell gets fined for his repeated violations (which had the potential to once again injure someone) in comparison to this fine.

  4. Chad is being Chad. The NFL should let him go. it makes the post touchdown celebrations more meaningful. The fans either love it or hate it. but it brings in people to watch.
    give every touchdown a 30 second celebration period. Let some company sponser a celbration and give the money to a charity. win win for everyone.

  5. I’m guessing that’s more than the fine they’ll throw at Flozell Adams for pushing someone from behind at the end of the half, but my guess is that if Adams had been wearing a sombrero during the scuffle he’d be looking at 6 figures.

  6. Next time sit him down! Enough already, how about letting your play do all your talking, Chad? Can’t believe the team doesn’t fine him….well, yeah, I can. How ’bout some punishment for his stagehands and propmasters.

  7. The No Fun League strikes again. I love the NFL, but, unless they are profiting from it, it’s not allowed. Fascists!

  8. I seriously doubt he cares. I’ve been reading stories about him getting fined for uniform violations since he was a rookie. Dude don’t care and neither should we.

  9. To paraphrase the cat in the hat. ….
    ” In English it’s a douchebag in a sommmmbrrrero…”

  10. I love Ochocinco. That said, both he and the league should tread very lightly here, keeping in mind that a lot of NFL fans don’t make $30,000 in an entire year. There will come a point when news of these ever-increasing fines start to piss off Joe Six Pack who works all day long to not even make ends meet.
    If the league is serious about wanting Ochocinco to stop, then they should suspend him.
    But see, they don’t want him to stop – they love the publicity that these antics bring to otherwise dull games. They love that the late-night talk shows mention it, and they especially love that non football fans tune in to see what he’ll do next. Of course, they don’t want you know that they condone it, so they dole out low fines and donate them to some lucky charity. But $30,000? Too much. Far too much.
    Watch it, NFL.

  11. Who cares?
    He’s #12 in receiving yards – just ahead of Donald Driver and Roddy White.
    He thinks he’s a hall of famer. He’s not even a Pro Bowl player.

  12. I like that he spices up the NFL (AKA The No Fun League) in this way.
    Hey, at least he isnt acting like T.O.
    I’m still waiting for him sending gifts or talking about what his plans are next week vs the Vikings.
    Maybe because he knows that he may be facing one of the best CBs in Antoine Winfield?

  13. Sombrero costs what a single mother working full time earns in a year. Why don’t they give $500 to 60 needy family’s over Christmas – instead of putting $30,000 in the United way fund that goes only to kids in large metropolitan areas.

  14. As shanon sharpe mentioned in CBS, this guy has to be fined by a six digit figure for all the antics he is doing on the field. its not funny any more.

  15. That’s insane. Seriously the league should turn it’s attention to other things. Ochocinco makes people watch the sport, because of the way he is. Being a sport, the NFL is dependant on people watching the games, so eventhough he sometimes goes to far 30.000 is insanity.

  16. Part of me thinks Ochocinco’s shenanigans are just fun & funny & harmless. I look for them and enjoy them – though I didn’t care for his having BOUGHT SEATS at Lambeau to ensure that his leap would be accepted (I think he should have attempted it without that phony ploy).
    HOWSOMEVER – I think this is my social conscience talking – it doesn’t always listen when I tell it to be quiet – I do have a qualm or two about a preplanned SERIES of these stunts, knowing the fines are coming and being disdainful of the increasing size of them – in the face of so many people struggling these days just to hold onto their homes, etc. He’s basically saying – without, I’m sure, ever having articulated it to himself – I have so much money it simply doesn’t matter to me WHAT you fine me – I’m covered.
    I WANT to laugh with him, but something about this ongoing behavior bothers me a little.

  17. Tommie Harris punches someone gets $7500 Flozell Adams cheap shots someone and probably won’t get $30,000, but Chad does something on the bench and gets tagged that much. The NFL really needs to get their priorities straight.

  18. You got to be kidding me. Fined for that. Get the hell out of here Goodell. Your a piece of crap.

  19. This guy is a clown and belongs in some circus as a side show. Chad Ochocinco is all about the attention to him while playing a team sport. IMO these dumb celebrations he thinks up reflects his intelligence.

  20. Hey Chad,
    Maybe you should skip one of your preplanned, fineable celebrations.
    Use the 30,000 dollars that you will be fined and use that money on paying the 30,000 dollar loan you’re not paying.
    We can call it the responsible adult TD Dance!

  21. This is absolutely ridiculous. It isn’t like he donned the gear on the field of play, he broke it out on the sideline. I know Ochocinco splits the fan opinion on whether he is amusing or annoying, but either way, he gets people to watch, which SHOULD BE WHAT THE NFL IS ABOUT. This is really, REALLY petty by the NFL.
    The most petty part of all is the high school principal way the NFL made his “premeditation” into an escalating circumstance. Who cares if he planned to do it??? Who cares if he did it??? Are they going to ban team dancing on the sidelines like the defenses like to do after a great stop on a key drive? Maybe they will get rid of all emotion on the field of play. Everyone act like robots…only speak when spoken to.
    The NFL is going to dig its own grave and end up some second rate sport trying to reinvent its image.

  22. Chad’s going the Mexico route, eh? But he doesn’t even know how to say “eighty five” in espanol. Wonder if he knows how to say $30,000? What’s that in pesos?

  23. If they want to stop him, start suspending him.
    Frankly, I was disappointed. The best he could come up with, preplanned, is an urban sombrero?

  24. This guy is a joke, more concerned about his antics than winning. I know the Bengals are decent this year but this guy is a straight CLOWN. I don’t find his stuff entertaining, I see it as stupid. Just play the game.

  25. If Flozell is fined less than this, Goodell should be tarred and feathered, because he’s a chickenshit.

  26. Is there a more sartorially challenged dude in the world than Roger Goodell? Rog, lighten up, the real fans think this stuff is funny.. honest… only fat insurance salesman from Southern towns that refer to NFL receivers as ‘dem boys’ don’t like this stuff. They must be the guys you talk to about how the players should ‘carry’ themselves. I’m all for jumping all over them for the drugs, assaults, DUI’s , etc., but the celebrations? Let them have some fun! Don’t forget that “act like you been there before” nonsense was a late Paul Brown thing, and we all know how that franchise has done, at least up until this year. Remember, in those days you could go home after the season, stay home until August, and use training camp to get back in shape. Today’s players have pressure all year around, so let them blow off some steam once in awhile.

  27. He will run out of things to this week. He will have 3 or 4 celebrations as the Bengals clinch a playoff spot.
    I wonder if his TD celebrations will have anything to do with:
    Los Angeles, moving vans, Ed Roski’s new stadium,
    “making it rain” for the poor franchise that is having its NFL welfare cut off, giving Brad Childress a check and say “buy a defense” or “buy a stadium”
    Maybe Chad Ochocinco will goosestep and give a straight arm salute to that swastika in the center of the Metrodome roof.
    Perhaps Chad will have some snow brought in and build a snowman and then fake him like a defender for the score.
    He could pretend to be driving real fast like the two vikings that were going over 104 mph on the winter roads of Minnesota,
    He might consider eating some traditional Minnesotan Lutefisk, eating their lunch so to speak.
    Whatever Chad does he is going to need 4 celebrations ready because the viking pass defense is terrible.
    -One of the worst in the league at QB rating and completion percentage given up. (24th)
    -Receiving yards given up (21st)
    -Receiving 1st downs surrendered (20th)
    -Interceptions (22nd)
    That weak defense will be carved up like a Christmas Goose.
    GO CHAD GO!!

  28. Y’know what the real problem with this is?
    The NFL is soooo serious about keeping the game “pure” that they’ll fine Chad. But they’re also perfectly happy to use the footage of his prank in their highlight reels on NFLN. Complete hypocrisy.

  29. That’s what lawyer greedballs in suits and ties do!
    The have no morals they dont believe in justice. All they care about is MONEY FOR THEMSELVES! The customers are fools, suckers, captives, etc.
    In this case Jerry Jones money AGAIN like the scoreboard.

  30. Real fans hate this because they realize it is a team sport. The league should tell the media to quit showing his stunts. He has no class and if he doesn’t like the rules go play in Canada. He might be all pro there.

  31. Good that is what the dumb ass deserves. They should sit him for a game without pay and he might stop his junk.
    He can change his name to whatever he wants, but he remains a dumb ass.

  32. Chad Ochocinco is good for the NFL. At least the guy has a personality and a sense of humor. Not too many people do in the NFL let alone 2009 America.

  33. The stupidity of these forums never ceases to amaze me.
    Folks, one of the many reasons that the NFL is a multi-billion dollar industry is the fact that businesses pay lots and lots of money to be the official this or that of the NFL. That’s why players are required to wear certain types of gear when they are on the sidelines.
    Therefore, until Reebok starts manufacturing sombreros with the NFL shield, Ochostinko should bow to the wishes of the organization that pays him lots of money to play a game.
    Quite obviously, Ochstinko didn’t get enough love and attention as a child, which is why he craves it as an adult.
    One more thing: can the various and sundry assbandits please stop with the tired and trite “No Fun League” cliche?

  34. He needs to appeal that fine. That’s ridiculous. That said, this “celebration” was not nearly up to par for Mr. Ochocinco.

  35. That seems a bit excessive. As many others have pointed out, fines for dirty play are substantially less than fining Chad for uniform violations.

  36. AH, Political correctness, its wonderful……..
    The Mexican community is pissed off(even though they are here illegally)

  37. Maybe Roger Goddell and the NFL would hold him in higher regard if he RAN A DOG FIGHTING RING AND WAS RESPONSIBLE FOR MURDERING PIT BULLS WITH HIS BARE HANDS, last time I checked Chad hasn’t gotten arrested or done anything off the field to EMBARRASS the NFL, I’m not a Bengals fan, but he is entertaining and that saying a lot considering that about 25% of teams suck, to the point of being unwatchable, maybe this JACKASS COMISSIONER should show Chad some of the LOVE he seems to have for Vick

  38. Well, at least the money goes to charity. I like when Chad does some crazy things, but not every week. It gets old. Ocho, lay low for a bit and then hit us with something good,

  39. It’s hilarious that several people used the same exact phrase after reading this article having no idea others said it too… “The No Fun League Strikes Again”. Big brother needs to be careful now…

  40. I am one of Chad’s biggest fans but, seriously he should chill for a bit. I know he is his own marketing guru and publicist but, he should take care of his business. How does someone that does a helmet to helmet or fighting penalty cheaper than what chad is doing. He is not going to have any money after his career.

  41. The people who are whining about the NFL fining Chad Johnson for that sombrero and calling them the “No Fun League”, please get over yourselves. Johnson is a profressional athlete and gets paid millions to play, not fool around with his stupid antics. I for one didn’t mind him before but he is getting kind of annoying now. If he wants to fool around, he needs to retire and become a comedian because the whole point of playing in the NFL is to play pro football, not wear stupid props.
    Pro sports is not suppose to be all fun. It is suppose to be serious because they get paid millions to do one thing….play.

  42. He’s actually helping the NFL and getting punished. when golden boy brady quinn only gets a 10,000 fine for a blatent cheap shot that could have ended suggs career??? and someone already mentioned mike vick…..hopefully they’ll take all the money there making off ochocinco and get some real refs. Goodell needs to get his priorities in line. this is complete bullshit. the UFL couldnt have come at a better time. think about wht would happen if chad went to the UFL nd pulled this shit….the small hit to the NFL’s pocket would still be a pretty penny

  43. Just plain stupid on the part of the No Fun League.
    I think Chad should hire a truck to dump 38,775,148 Mexican Centavos on the front steps of 280 Park Avenue.

  44. Actually, it would have to be 3,877,514 “10 centavos” coins, since the “1 centavos” coin is no longer minted and it might be somewhat problematic to round up 38+ million of the old coins.

  45. I’ve never read a more unoriginal series of comments in my life…
    “he could pay off a car with that”
    Yeah it was half funny the first time, but after the 43rd… not so much.

  46. Honestly, until they start docking entire game checks, this isn’t really going to make much of an impression at all to the players. 200,000-250,000 lifetime in fines seems astronomical to us, but when you pulled down 20,000,000 to 60,000,000 in a career, it’s just a penny from the jar.

  47. DeMan951 says:
    December 8, 2009 10:55 PM
    He should pay the fine in pesos.

  48. Im almost wishing a group of fans starts a fund to help pay the fines so the NFL will lower the fines or stop it altogether – it makes them look like complete , utter corporate a%6holes.
    And we know their not, right? No matter how much revenue their games TV rights make them (eyes roll)

  49. There are loads of under funded schools, boo coo charities, families going hungry, or out of work. This asshole knows he has fines coming, this one to the tune of 30k, just so he can get attention. What a waste of good money.
    We need more like D Green, always giving always respected and the anti ocho.

  50. He needs attention.
    Whether it was that stupid mohawk.
    The stupid gold shoes.
    Or his stupid and tiresome ” look at Me” celebrations, as if HE was the only one who did something on the play that should be celebrated.
    He’s an ass.
    Here’s an idea, block some/ better. Catch more passes, score more, and you’ll get plenty of attention, without all this stupid shit after the play.

  51. Bubba Maximus says:
    December 8, 2009 9:42 PM
    The stupidity of these forums never ceases to amaze me.
    Folks, one of the many reasons that the NFL is a multi-billion dollar industry is the fact that businesses pay lots and lots of money to be the official this or that of the NFL. That’s why players are required to wear certain types of gear when they are on the sidelines.
    Therefore, until Reebok starts manufacturing sombreros with the NFL shield, Ochostinko should bow to the wishes of the organization that pays him lots of money to play a game.
    Quite obviously, Ochstinko didn’t get enough love and attention as a child, which is why he craves it as an adult.
    One more thing: can the various and sundry assbandits please stop with the tired and trite “No Fun League” cliche?
    someone tell this dude its a game. if i wanted to watch business ide go to work. and the rule is no competitor logos may be visible…and i didnt see a nike swoosh on the sombrero..i know this because i got a stern talking to for my under armour gloves…
    and you have it backwards….if he didnt get attention as a child he would be conditioned to it by now….he probably grew up with TOO MUCH and wants to continue this in adulthood cuz its the only thing he knows. but hey what does a B.A. in psych mean right
    and “various and sundry assbandits”??? all i can think is…..and im ron burgundy???

  52. Rather ironic illegal hits in the NFL are often overlooked, rarely fined (unless they’re just over-the-top brutal) or the fines are minute. Yet when a players celebrates ON THE SIDELINE! he’s fined 30k.
    * Shakes his fu*king head *
    No Fun League

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