Wait, they still play baseball?

Apparently, baseball continues to occupy a somewhat thriving niche of the American sports and entertainment landscape.  Though it’s really not a topic about which I should be writing when operating on less than six hours of sleep, I can’t ignore the reality that it remains a very popular diversion, even if it’s no longer America’s true pastime.

And for those of you who routinely get more than six hours of sleep and thus are able to watch an entire baseball game without taking two naps, NBC Sports recently has pumped significant resources into the official NBC Sports all-baseball blog.

It’s called Circling The Bases, and they’re swinging for the fences (is that the right term?) this week as the Winter Meetings unfold. 

In beefing up the CTB effort, NBC also has cornered the market on Italian lawyers from West Virginia who quit practicing law to do this full time.  Craig Calcaterra ditched his sharkskin for horsehide last week, and he’s part of a five-man team that’s covering the bases for Circling the Bases.

Hmmm.  There’s five of them.  And there’s five of us. 

Maybe the football and baseball guys should square off in a game of basketball.

12 responses to “Wait, they still play baseball?

  1. As a Brit who loves American football, kind-of-likes baseball (seeing as it is similar in some ways to cricket, although of course inferior) and doesn’t get basketball AT ALL, why not make the latter game shorter and more interesting?
    Start the score at 88 for each team and play for 30 seconds. Job done and well over an hour saved.

  2. Pimping a baseball site on ur football blog?
    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, “Florio, your a sellout”.
    Been a PFT reader for many years and love the site but you should never prop baseball up on here. Baseball sux. Tremendously.

  3. I can see the basketball game now Florio. You and Calcaterra throw on your denim shorts, wifebeaters, and lace up the shitkickers and play a game to 11 that last 3 1/2 hours. All of the arguements include at least one reference about the other guys sister, and at least 2 guys quite because there greased up hair got messed up.
    So who the hell can we get to live blog this? Is Daulerio available?

  4. Um, I am pretty sure that short, unathletic, EYE-talians quit playing basketball in the 1950’s…… you would be wise to do the same…… OR you could lower the goal to 7.5′ so you can, at least, get your fingers on the rim…… OR you could just sit in the back office of the “Bada-Bing” and play a little ‘Scopa.”
    Just another dog being wagged by his tail….

  5. Damn, my grammar in that sucks! I’m really becoming dumber by reading the comments to the posts!!!

  6. OK, previous dweebs aside, you have now officially “sold out” to NBC, Mike.
    This subject has ZERO to do with football.
    It is simply to pimp some lame-a$$ baseball show that Mother NBC told – er, asked – you to promote.
    This is a slippery slope you’ve taken to, Mr. Florio, seriously. Without a doubt we will someday turn to the Tuesday Power rankings and find an entry about how “Chuck” is a lot less geeky this week and almost impresses the chick.
    No, I don’t think that posting Jay Leno has Micheal Vick on the show next Thursday is an appropriate piece for PFT. (18% of the people reading this now think that Micheal Vick IS in fact going to be on Jay Leno this Thursday, and will tune in to look for him).
    Can’t wait for the day when I come here expecting to see where Fat Charlie Weiss has landed, only to find a cross-promotion about the six 400 pound slobs on “Biggest Loser” who are trying to eat fewer doughnuts this week and lose two pounds each.

  7. Ok….everyone sells out eventually, in one way or another, so I don’t think that’s even worth discussing…..What I am interested in is finding out who makes the pancakes after your 5 on 5 pick up Basketball game? Shirts or Blouses?

  8. Baseball is still a pasttime for those with
    A) an IQ above 90
    B) a cure for the ADHD our society instills in us.
    C) the ability to try not to rank everything in a top 10 list.
    You are a bone head sometimes Florio.

  9. For all of you annoying motherfu**ers who call Florio a sell out, let me ask you a question. Assuming you actually have a job, do you do it for free? And if you had the opportunity to make more money to better the lives of you and your family, would you turn it down? The mindset in this country is that if anyone does anything to improve their life while someone else is jealous and mired in their own inadequacies, then the simple excuse to ease the minds of the losers is, the winners must be selling out.
    I don’t agree with what Mike says quite a bit of the time, but I respect the fact that he dedicated the time, effort, commitment, drive, the willingness and all of whatever else it took to turn a vision into a successful business. For you losers who don’t know what it looks like I’ll let you in on a little secret so you’ll recognize it the next time you see someone else do it: Mike did not sell out…………he succeeded. That means on occasion, he has to do a little big boy business and if the genius bloggers have to take time away from curing cancer to complain on this site, then so be it. Winners never use the term “sell out”……..only losers do.
    And I FU**ING LOVE BASEBALL! It’s about time someone followed this format and created a baseball site. Yeah, yeah baseball sucks. It’s only been around for about 150 years……….I’m sure it’s just a fad.
    Hey Mike, every wish has a curse……….

  10. Nick, I couldn’t agree more about basketball.
    Florio, baseball is making a comeback, get used to it.
    Will it ever be as popular as football in our country? Doubt it, but never underestimate the greed factor. If football owners and players get too greedy(which is already happening) fans will jump ship. Go ask Fay Vincent if you don’t believe me.

  11. “even if it’s no longer America’s true pastime”
    I think you misinterpraite what they mean by calling baseball America’s Past Time. IMO I dont think calling it that means its America’s favorite game. I think it means its what American’s do to past time. Do you know how long their season is? And how long their games take? When people watch alot of baseball (me included) what can say you their doing except passing time.
    I love baseball and when theirs nothing to do or nothing to watch on tv Ill turn on or go to a baseball game to pass the time. Thats not the only reason I watch baseball I personally think its enjoyable and exciting to watch but it does help to pass the time.

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