Bengals sign Smith, put Coffman on IR

The Cincinnati Bengals announced roster moves involving defensive tackle Shaun Smith, tight end Chase Coffman and cornerback Antonio Smith today.

As expected, the Bengals signed Smith, a sixth-year player who had a previous stint with the Bengals and one with the Browns. Smith was cut by the Lions before the regular season and was last seen in the UFL.

The Bengals also placed Coffman on injured reserve because of bone spurs in his left ankle. Coffman, a third-round pick out of Missouri in this year’s NFL draft, was expected to make an impact as a rookie, but he never saw the field.

Cincinnati also signed Smith to the practice squad. Smith spent a week on the Bengals’ practice squad last month and has also done practice squad and preseason duty with the Colts, Lions and Chargers, but he’s never played in a regular-season game.

9 responses to “Bengals sign Smith, put Coffman on IR

  1. Damn, I never saw where Coffman had an issue with his ankle, but this explains a lot i think. Like the Shaun Smith signing, good depth for an ailing interior line down the stretch.
    Perhaps he makes an impact this sunday against “AD” while Fanene gets reaquainted with Brett.

  2. Look Smith, if you’re going to write about two Smiths, you need to specify who’s who. Saying “…the Bengals signed Smith” and then “Cincinnati also signed Smith” doesn’t tell us anything. There’s too many Smiths in this world (and in this “article”) to just refer to them by last name. I would think that someone with your last name would recognize that.

  3. I agree Verbal Kint. I’d love to hear what the real reason is. My guess is, he was on the 53 man roster even though he never dressed. He was not going to see the field and still counted towards the 53 man. They needed to make room, so they put him on IR. You know I would love to see Coats on this team before a Pass catching TE like Coffman and also him being a 3rd rounder. At least coats can drop passes and fumble whenever he does get his skillets on the ball.

  4. I agree with the comments that Coffman was put on IR to free up a roster spot and not expose him to waivers.

  5. @Brentonmcclellan,
    Better chance at Mike Zimmer I think. Either way, he is a signing till end of year and then he is looking for a job again. Guy knows the system and is an easy transition for a backup.
    Not that I agree with it, the guy is a cancer in every aspect of the word from what is reported in the media (if you put value in that).
    Sucks that we only have one home regular season game against the Chiefs left. Hopefully the first home playoff game (God willing) will be against a good team. Outside Pittsburgh and Baltimore, the home schedule has been poop this year!

  6. I dont like any of this….
    This is not the time for this crap. I hope we dont miss a beat, but something tells me to be worried.
    WHO DEY?

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