Lions backup gets thrown to the Ravens

Two weeks ago, the Steelers opted to sit their dinged-up starting quarterback in lieu of exposing him to the Ravens defense.

On Sunday, the Lions apparently will be using the same approach with rookie Matthew Stafford.

The team has announced that Stafford will rest his injured left (non-throwing) shoulder on Sunday, and that Daunte Culpepper will start for the Lions at Baltimore.

Stafford initially injured the shoulder on the last play of regulation in a thrilling come-from-behind win over the Browns on November 22.  Thanks to a pass interference penalty called in the end zone — and a time out called by the Browns after Stafford had been spatulaed off the field — Stafford re-entered the game and threw a one-yard touchdown pass.

Stafford was then listed as doubtful for the Thanksgiving game played four days later against the Packers.  Stafford surprisingly played — to the apparent dismay of Daunte.

But now Culpepper will get his chance.  Considering the opponent and their desperate 6-6 circumstances, maybe he shouldn’t want it.

25 responses to “Lions backup gets thrown to the Ravens

  1. Considering the opponent? Yeah because the ravens have been good all of three seasons since their existence, Culpeepper should be terrified.
    With that being said, he’ll probably get killed on sunday.

  2. Daunte this isnt basketball there is no traveling in football. It was 20 years ago give up the roll dance.
    You know you traveled let it go.

  3. “But now Culpepper will get his chance. Considering the opponent and their desperate 6-6 circumstances, maybe he shouldn’t want it.”
    Not sure if you’ve been watching football this season, but if there was any time to ever face the Ravens D, this is it.
    And just for the record, I’d rather face a 6-6 Ravens team than a 12-0 or 10-2 Ravens team.
    Don’t you rationalize your opinions and/or read them before you post them?

  4. Wow real late on Sanchez not starting. Shefter and had that up for a half hour already. gettin slowwwwwwwww

  5. Any QB playing the ravens knows how to move the ball…
    step 1. throw deep, step 2. pass interference, step 3. repeat

  6. Oooooh. Aaaaah. (points at shoulder) OoooH. Ahhh. (points at shoulder). He looked stupid when he did that. Looked like a wrestler going for the piece of metal he’s gonna gouge his opponents eyes out with. Ric Flair used to do it.

  7. The Ravens stink and their secondary is among the worst in the league. If I were Culpepper, there aren’t too many teams I would rather play than the Ravens right now. Particularly if Suggs isn’t available.

  8. # bearsrule says: December 9, 2009 2:43 PM
    HaHa. Hey Dante, karma’s a bitch, huh. I hope they pound his fat ass all day.
    He’s paid any karmic debt in full by now, look what has gone on the past few years.
    It looks like Cutler must have done some horrible things in the past, look at how karma is paying him a visit this season.

  9. “Considering the opponent and their desperate 6-6 circumstances
    Thanks for the clarification, Florio. Now your original point has a little more merit.

  10. I’m a Ravens fan and we had problems with Dennis Dixon. Im guessing Daunte is feeling pretty pumped by this news. I wonder how many pass interference calls we will donate to the Lions.
    Over /Under is 4 for 65 yards
    (which is probably more than his actual passing yards)

  11. Bob is correct this aint your daddys ravens. That secondary is awful, and the run defense has allowed 2 hundred yard runners this year; there were none in the last 30+ games coming into this season.
    Lions still suck and will probably get pounded but Culpepper should be able to make some plays; particuarly if Suggs and Reed are out again.

  12. @ LebronJeremy
    Sure, the Ravens aren’t the Colts or Patriots, but do you realize the team has one of the higher win-loss percentages in the league since the 2000 season? If you say that about the Ravens, since their existence in 1996, you could say the same thing for about 25 of the teams in the league.

  13. Just what if……..what if cpep pulled this one out (of his azz)? What if cpep throws for over 350? What if cpep hits cj for 3Td’s? I know that’s a whole pile of “what ifs”……..but what if? What does that do to stafford???

  14. I like the Lions’ chances better with Culpepper in there. Big body, big arm, still a little mobility – and Calvin Johnson doesn’t hurt. Nothing against Stafford, he’s having a decent rookie season, all things considered. But I think Culpepper’s less likely to get flustered in the face of the Ravens’ front seven.

  15. Nothing like giving the guy, who will be leaving after this year, some extra playing time. I guess Drew Stanton is a write-off…Everytime I see Stanton play, he takes the offense down the field. He’s not nicknamed Crazy Legs for nothing.

  16. Unless Stafford is ready to go again, Daunte has to sit back down again. It is too bad Stafford can’t go; I would love to see him make our defense actually look dominant.

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