Ward questionable, Mendenhall probable for Thursday night

On Monday, coach Mike Tomlin said that receiver Hines Ward is “very questionable” for Thursday night’s game at Cleveland, due to a hamstring injury.  On Tuesday, Tomlin gave a more ominous assessment of Ward’s availability.

But the official designation for Ward in the final injury report is “questionable,” and Ward practiced on a limited basis today.

Another positive development for the Steelers is that running back Rashard Mendenhall, who has fully supplanted Willie Parker as the go-to tailback, fully participated in practice on Wednesday.  Mendenhall is listed as probable.

Cornerback William Gay suffered a concussion when he took teammate Ryan Mundy’s helmet to the facemask on the final Raiders drive of Oakland’s upset of the Steelers.  Gay fully participated in practice on Wednesday, but he is listed as questionable.  Quarterback Charlie Batch (wrist) is probable, which means that he could be Ben Roethlisberger’s primary backup.

For the Browns, offensive lineman Rex Hadnot (knee), fullback Lawrence Vickers, linebacker Kamerion Wimbley, and defensive back Eric Wright (hamstring) are questionable. 

Nine Browns are probable, including both tailbacks — Jerome Harrison (illness) and Chris Jennings (shoulder).

14 responses to “Ward questionable, Mendenhall probable for Thursday night

  1. Listen up Ward!! I need you to play. You’re my number 2 WR in Fantasy. Number 2 because guite frankly you suck as a number 1. But no matter, you score decent points. So do me a favor, take off the skirt and get back out on the field. If you don’t, your streak of cheap ass shots on DB’s in consecutive games will end. Now we don’t want to see that happen do we?

  2. Finally saw the replay of the Oakland game on the NFL Network last night. Given the poor performance of our secondary, I don’t know that Gay’s presence will make much difference one way or another. But it’s a relief to know Mendenhall will probably play. The shocker was realizing Limas Sweed was the one Steeler best positioned to catch the last-second Hail Mary … but, of course, he didn’t. If Hines can’t play, that means Sweed will have to fill in.
    Limas, PLEASE keep just repeating: “The ball is mine. The ball is mine. I am one with the ball. The ball is mine.”

  3. Deb dont worry about Sweed he will be ok . I expect him to have a multible touchdown game tomorrow night against the Brownies .
    You can take it to the bank on this one . We will be fine for tomorrow night . I worry about the GB game and Aaron Rodgers .

  4. @Steeltownpride …
    Couldn’t believe it when I saw the replay of the Hail Mary and there he was, right in front. Ball seemed to go right through his hands. Bless his heart–he just can’t seem to catch to save his life! You seem pretty confident in him–did you send him some Stickum? (I’ll never tell 🙂
    The Pack worry me, too, but after the Chiefs and Raiders, looks like we can’t breathe easy with anyone. Just hope you’re right about the Browns!

  5. Why arent you guys harping on the Steelers for making William Gay questionable. He was knocked out cold on the play he got the concussion. He had the tell tale signs of his arms stuck floating in the air after being hit. That doesnt happen with minor concussions you gotta be hit pretty hard for that to happen.
    Someone needs to be talking about how the Steelers seem not to be taking the concussion problem seriously. The fact that hes questionable and practicing and that Big Ben practiced and could have came into the game after his concussion is a problem. Instead of talking about the other Pennsylvania team that has done nothing but the right thing when its comes to its players and concussion. How about you focus you ability to try to start controversies at the Steelers and prove you dont show bias to your favorite team like you say everyone else does.

  6. Deb what the Steelers need to do is open the offensive playbook for the rest of the season . We need to keep scoring reguardless of the score . Be very aggressive on offense .
    Just think no lead is safe . We cant rely on the defense to hold any leads . So go out and put up points like the Pats did in 07 . Keep throwing TD’s with only minutes to go even with a big lead . WE need this team to get alot of confidence and score with ease . And if the defense starts to play better its only an added bonus .
    I think that will help . Lets see how tomorrow goes and then start to worry about the Packers .

  7. I’m not making excuses for our poor play this year on the defensive side of the ball…..BUT….Our offense is our defenses worst enemy.

  8. @steeltownpride …
    That’s a good strategy … don’t even think about holding a lead. Just keep trying to score. Limas is a talented receiver, but he’s gotten it into his head that he can’t catch and it’s ruining him. The same kind of mental struggles seem to be plaguing the team–especially after Oakland’s last-second comeback. One win is all it will take to get them going in the right direction again. And like you said, if some of Tomlin’s changes can pick up the defense as well, that’s gravy.
    I never think more than one game ahead. I’m a big Bama fan and all year people were carrying on about the SEC Championship. I’d just say: Mississippi State. Auburn. Whatever. One game at a time. The Browns, like the Chiefs and Raiders, will give it everything they’ve got. We’ve got more–we just have to show it.

  9. It would have been great if Brady Quinn would have had the chance to face the Stillers earlier in the season, but thanks to Mangini’s infinite wisdom, the Browns trotted DA (pronounced DUH) out there instead.
    I don’t care how bad the Steelers have been, the Browns have a junior varsity defense. At least we’ll get to see the worst WR in the league (Sweed) go up against the worst DB in the league (Brandon MacDonald).
    The Browns need to hope for more Steeler implosions…. giving up kick / punt returns, some slippery Mendenhall hands, etc.
    And a good old-fashioned Lake Erie blizzard wouldn’t hurt either.
    Break out the neon orange jerseys. Where’s Tim Couch when you need him?

  10. So, is *this* the game where the Steelers unleash hell? Or will that be next week or the week after?
    Just wonderin’.

  11. Normally you would think the Steelers would crush the Browns, but I don’t know anymore, after what happened in Kansas City and at home against Oakland.
    And Limas Sweed should already be a dead man walking. I was excited when they drafted him, but he has been a big disappointment

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