Adalius Thomas "dumbfounded" by being sent home

Patriots linebacker Adalius Thomas, back at work on Thursday a day after being sent home for showing up late, met with the media regarding the situation.

Per Ian Rapoport of the Boston Herald, Thomas said he was “dumbfounded” by the decision to send him and three tardy teammates home.

“I wish I could give you some answers,” Thomas said.  “I really do.  I don’t know.  I mean, you’re told to call and you call, you get sent home.”

But that’s not what former Pats tight end Christian Fauria told Tom Curran of Comcast on Wednesday.  “Bill used to say, ‘It’s New England.  Make sure you leave yourself
enough time to get here,” Fauria said.  “And that doesn’t mean you can call 10 minutes
before 8
and tell me you’ll be late.  Regardless of what time you’re
supposed to be here, leave time for inclement weather.'”

Thomas also seemed to be frustrated by the perception that the team cares only about whether the player will be there on time, and not why he might not be there on time.

“I mean, I could have been in the ditch,” Thomas said.  “They really don’t give a damn, honestly.  Hey, as long as you ain’t in the meeting, they really don’t give a [expletive].”

None of the other three players who were sent home — Derrick Burgess, Randy Moss, and Gary Guyton — have spoken publicly about the situation.

And what can they say?  They get paid huge money to do something that kids and young men throughout the country do for free.  They don’t have to scrub toilets, they don’t have to deal with dirty plates, they don’t have to contend with rude customers who can’t seem to understand the phrase “we’re out of those right now,” and they don’t have to face anything else that goes along with having a real job.

Like those of us who have a real job (and I freely admit I’m no longer one of them), these men were held accountable for not following simple rules like “show up for work on time.”  So the best approach moving forward would be to say nothing at all about it.

And to show up for work on time.

73 responses to “Adalius Thomas "dumbfounded" by being sent home

  1. Adalius Thomas is an epic bust and needs to never play another down in blue and red.
    Not sure what he has left on his contract, but whatever it may be, just eat it and move the hell on.

  2. Its not like discipline shouldn’t be enforced but it sounds like NE doesn’t treat their players like adults in this situation

  3. “And to show up for work on time.”
    Yeah, like the 200+ million working Americans and, oh, the 50+ other Patriot players and coaches who somehow managed to schlep it through the snow and be there before 8am.

  4. I’m ‘dumbfounded’ that waste of cap space still has a roster spot. So, no sympathy for him and wish he’d just shut his trap and do his job for once this season.

  5. I never got reprimanded for being late due to inclement weather, back when I worked for someone else. Hell, even my clients now understand when there is inclement weather. Generally, it never happened because I did account for extra time when driving, but the other day, the city closed down a stretch of highway due to ice, rerouted all traffic some 5 miles around the way through general lights and stop signs. Created an extra 30 minute drive for some folks. How do you account for extra time like that?

  6. If this was the Raiders then everyone would be saying what idots we are ….but since it’s the PATS great move

  7. I understand where BB is coming from, but no way in hell, if Tom Brady is 2 mins late during a snowstorm does he get sent home. As long as Moss wasnt a repeat offender, he should be afforded the same treatment.

  8. Sounds like Thomas can’t wait to get out of the cesspool that is New England.
    Good for him.

  9. Well, Adalius….I’m guessing you are ready to be off of the Pats team. I think you are a good LB, but when you talk to the media about something Belichick said would be between him and the team….
    Let’s just say I wouldn’t be surprised if you were deactivated the rest of the year. It’s not like you’re lighting up the scoreboard with tackles, INTs…or for that matter – wins.

  10. Really Florio??? I’m actually a fan of you and this site but really? You think this was a good idea for Belichek? How about a rule that fines players for being late instead of sending them home. Why send some of your better players home and not allow them to take part in practice and game-planning for that weeks game? If I were a Patriots fan I wouldnt be too happy about this and the way Belichek is losing his mind as well as control of this team.

  11. Millions of people with “regular” jobs make it to work on time every day…every day, without ever being late.
    Lahuu, zerr.

  12. “Like those of us who have a real job (and I freely admit I’m no longer one of them)”
    You were a lawyer, right?

  13. You ain’t in Baltimore any more Toto.
    Maybe he can go to work with Rex next year and show Vernon Gholston how to play linebacker.

  14. You’re on target. They’re using the bad weather as an excuse to be late instead of leaving some extra time in case you need it. If you let it slide , all of a sudden every one starts doing it and the organization is in disarray.

  15. You could have been in a ditch? Really? You drive a friggin SUV, just stop it, your making yourself look silly Adalius. As for the Patriots not giving a damn? Really? Did you forget that Bill Belichick backed the Brinks truck up to you and gave you a sh*t load of money and you haven’t produced anything! Stop with whining! Why is it, that all the coaches and most of the team get there on time, yet you and 3 others didn’t? Stop making excuses….thank god your days here in New England are numbered, because you will not be back next season!

  16. This guy hasn’t figured out the Patriots way yet. He thinks he’s not saying anything, but he’s saying way too much for a New England player. He ought to try DO. YOUR. JOB. for a change.
    Time for this team to give him a permanent place on his couch with his toes up. Not good for a young locker room, and he’s supposed to provide veteran leadership.

  17. Anyone have a 40 minute commute? I do. If I absolutely have to be at work by 7am for a meeting i give myself an hour just to be safe. There have been 3 occasions in 7 years that it has taken me 2-2.5 hours to get to work because of bad accidents…nothing i can do about it. It doesn’t matter how much extra time you give yourself somedays…I’m just saying there are days like that that need to be overlooked. That being said…if this was the case for these 4 guys there would’ve been more guys late to the meeting.

  18. I live in Michigan and if I am late because of inclement worker, my boss understands. I don’t get sent home, I don’t get fired. And I have a “real” job (i.e. I don’t play professional sports for a living)

  19. Thomas does have a point if all mighty Bill doesn’t care about the reason and in fact it’s one out of their control. There are special circumstances. We just received 11″ of snow and were advised not to drive. Maybe the players should have just stayed home. Is Bill ever late? What about players that have never been in a situation with “New England” weather?

  20. You really could have skipped the high and mighty last three paragraphs. I have no idea if these guys were idiots who gave themselves 5 extra minutes, but to say that normal professionals show up for work at 8AM sharp like usual during a heavy snowstorm is WRONG.
    You have no way of knowing if you are in for a 30 minute or 120 commute when you sit in your house during a snow storm. Meetings get moved or canceled and life goes on.

  21. No way this happens with Bruschi or Vrabel still in the locker room.
    Patriots defense sucks. Thomas has a $32 million contract and he has two sacks to show for it.
    Looks like a bunch of young guys on that defense and he and Burgese were expected to be the new leaders.
    Looks like the joke’s on BB.

  22. I think Adalius Thomas needs to take the “Bitch” out of his voice………Look at the tape, Randy Moss dosent go up to get the ball, or fight to knock down pics, Thomas can’t rush the passer to save his life, none of the D-Line really but Wilfork has been playing well. Bill Belichick finally got pissed and singled out the one’s not playing well, and stopped cutting corners and made them pay………..GOOD move by the Hooded One to take full control. Senidng a message to Moss, and Burgess, Guyton, and Thomas, play better, and play by the Belichick rules!

  23. Just report the story and save the commentary for your friends Florio. We could have done without the last two sentences.

  24. “I mean, I could have been in the ditch,”
    Or maybe AT you could STFU and start making the type of plays that are expected from a guy with a $35m contract.

  25. Seems all it took was some adversity and losses for an underachieving Thomas (for all of his Patriot years) to show his turdish ways.
    Go get a real job and get fired for being late. Whiny Beotch.

  26. He needs to stop the whining…he hasn’t done squat since he came to New England. If your pissed, Adalius, go out on the field and channel it there. Stop bitching to reporters, you overpaid has been!

  27. Yeah my Girlfriend’s sister got fired from a Moes’s for being that late even though it was because of her 2-year old kid getting attacked by the neighbor’s dog. These guys just got sent home early from an NFL practice. At least the other 3 had the decency not to cry about it in public.

  28. “They don’t have to scrub toilets, they don’t have to deal with dirty plates, they don’t have to contend with rude customers who can’t seem to understand the phrase “we’re out of those right now,” and they don’t have to face anything else that goes along with having a real job.”
    Neither do you, Florio.
    Besides that, all those people you just mentioned, are 10 minutes late now and then due to a blizzard, dead battery etc. Belichick needs no focus on his own job and examine his own piss-poor in-game decision making that has cost the team 2 wins this season.
    NFL players don’t respond well to humiliation and being treated like children. You want to motivate a millionaire, this is not the way to do it.
    How about cutting one of the 4 players that you were going to cut anyways due to lack of production. Belichick ought to call Pat Riley, Phil Jackson or Joe Gibbs and ask them how to win w/o “Tuck Rule” calls, cameras, etc.

  29. “and I freely admit I’m no longer one of them”
    And there it is. Add the fact that I am reading and posting and your “fake” job should be solidified for now…
    Envy is now the word of the day.

  30. “They don’t have to scrub toilets, they don’t have to deal with dirty plates, they don’t have to contend with rude customers who can’t seem to understand the phrase “we’re out of those right now,” and they don’t have to face anything else that goes along with having a real job.”
    NO, that is what their fan base does, in their jobs at Mickey D’s, etc. LMFAO!!!!

  31. Adalius: it is time to man up and show up on the field. You are the biggest waste of money. You are quickly becoming a detriment to the team.
    BB warned the players a few days ago to be more professional and to work harder. On Monday, he talked to the team about showing more commitment. Said they needed to arrive early. Stay late. Don’t be running out of the building. So he didn’t have much choice but to make an example of these guys. Shut your mouth, this is not the Patriot way. Enjoy being cut next season. Do your job. Our pass rush is pathetic.

  32. isnt this the same jack off that said he would go on IR for the extra 2 games if they extended the season to 18 games…
    Do us all a favor…if you don’t like your job or the rules that come along with the job…QUIT!!!

  33. You’re getting paid millions, you’re driving to work in a Bentley. You whining piece of Wake up 30 mins earlier and take your as.s to practice.
    Cut this f.uck

  34. Adalius’ words are the reason he won’t be back in New England next year – he just doesn’t get it.
    Oh well… it’s not like he has been consistently productive.

  35. He’s right about it though. They obviously don’t give a damn whether they are in trouble or not, as long as they are on time.

  36. You cant possibly predict how long it will take you to get to work in bad weather.. thats a crock of shit.
    These guys even called and told them they would be late.. i think its just Bill bein Bill.. The arrogant power hungry im better than you asshole that he is.. I wonder if he was ever late while havin sex with his mistress?? His wife was probably callin in to the front office makin excuses as to why Bill was running late too.
    He could of punished them by makin them stay longer.. or run more..etc.. Like someone else said.. if this was done by anyone else,yall would be callin him an ass..etc..I dont know why people act like Bill is some sort of God. The only thing hes a God of is VIDEOGRAPHY and AFFAIRS!

  37. winvikes7, are you retarded? you think these guys didnt get fined also? you think belichick cares about what these players think? out of these 4 players, how many were part of the super bowl teams? how about zero. Randy Moss is the only guy on this list of 4 that truly matters. Guyton is playing horrible and he is showing why he wasnt drafted, AD just sucks, and Burgess is washed up. This was the right move. Bill is setting a tone and showing younger guys the deal. I love this. I cant wait until AD(all done) gets cut this week. See ya you frigin bust.

  38. JustBornFlorio says:
    December 10, 2009 1:31 PM
    “They don’t have to scrub toilets, they don’t have to deal with dirty plates, they don’t have to contend with rude customers who can’t seem to understand the phrase “we’re out of those right now,” and they don’t have to face anything else that goes along with having a real job.”
    NO, that is what their fan base does, in their jobs at Mickey D’s, etc. LMFAO!!!!
    I have ANGER issues!!!!

  39. If there was any doubt, Thomas is playing his last year here in NE.
    You don’t call your team out, even Vrabel couldn’t get away with that and unlike Thomas he was a contributing player.
    3 of the 4 that were late could use as much film and practice time they can get and I’m glad BB made them stay home.
    Moss was made an example of as the Pats need to win out if they are going to have any success in the playoffs. No more BS, get to the field. For Christ’s sake, everyone knows NE if you’ve been here a couple of years. You know the snow is coming you leave a little earlier.

  40. Let’s not forget that these guys have a minimum of 6 or 7 cars with the spinny rims and crap. At least one of which has 4 wheel drive.
    Of course these guys are pissed about being sent home. They get absolutely everything handed to them (except sacks unless Lord Favre is playing).

  41. Thomas is done. What a bust. Ship him out. Let him go play for Rex and the Jets. I am sure he will enjoy the hell out of those September Super Bowls. This guy should give some money back. He never earned it. Or maybe he should give some to Ray Lewis instead, since he is the one who got him the contract in the first place.

  42. and if he was rescuing a school bus full of orphans from certain death as they hung over a bridge… well thats too damn bad, whats more important – preparing for next week or a school bus full of orphans.

  43. Wow another Ravens defender who leaves Ray Ray and turns out he’s not all he’s cracked up to be. Seems like Bart scott may be the only one who can play at a high level without playing alongside the GREATEST LINEBACKER TO EVER PLAY THE GAME!
    Ray’s fading now but still glad the ravens resigned him.

  44. Except if they never said anything at all people like you would either bitch and moan all the time about how closed mouth they are, or just be out of a job all together. The owners aren’t held to the same standard of humanity as the rest of us, why should the players? The most interesting story to me in all this is how Belicheks ego has finally outpaced his genius.

  45. Inclement weather may fly as an excuse in other places, but it happens here way too much for it to be a legitimate excuse.

  46. LOL @ some of you eager to lambaste non Pats fans who don’t know the whole story. Two days BEFORE BB did this…he lectured the guys that they needed to make sure they were more committed to include showing up early for everything and not jetting out the door at the end of the day. They were warned. Not to mention, this isn’t AD’s first run in with BB.
    Past Pats players say this is unusual for BB to do this but back it. I can’t remember it’s ever happening before either. He is doing this because he needs to send a message to this squad which lacks leadership on the defensive side of the ball. Guys were LAUGHING IT UP in the LR after the loss to Mia. That NEVER happens in NE after losses according to the non partial Pats reporters. He has to do drastic stuff right now because the chemistry of this team is dragging it down.

  47. There are too many crass comments to reply to each individually.
    So I’ll sum it up for you morons:
    First of all, in response to “he should have left extra time.”
    So how much extra time? What if he gets into an accident. The person he gets into an accident with has no liscense or tags on their vehicle? The police are called, and he has to wait for them? What if someone(doesn’t have to be him) was seriously injured? The point is, you don’t PLAN to have an accident. You might plan on driving slower due to sloppy conditions. But you don’t PLAN to wreck your nice vehicle. You might plan for traffic, but it could end up being longer than you expected.
    And what does is matter what his JOB is? Who cares if he plays football. That means he should somehow be able to get to work easier? Better? Faster? Wow, that makes sense! Sure, other people make it to work on time. But there are plenty who DIDN’T make it to work, or simply called out. That’s right, some jobs allow you to call out! Bosses realize conditions are poor, and they realize if they force you to drive in and something happens… they’re in trouble one way or another. Whether it’s missing an employee for a while and having to may workman’s compensation, or whatever.
    Oh, and no… these players don’t have to deal with customers regularly. Or the other things mentioned in the article. But one thing they have to deal with that “regular people” don’t: completely incompetent fans and media who just spout off nonsense, and flock like sheep following anything they hear online or on tv or on their local radio station.

  48. and if he was rescuing a school bus full of orphans from certain death as they hung over a bridge…
    He wasn’t though and that’s the point. He wasn’t in a ditch, he wasn’t doing anything noble he was just late.

  49. I live in Michigan, when it snows I leave early. I get mad when I am on time, and the boss is on time, and someone else waltzes in 15 min late.

  50. I used to really be a fan of this dick.
    I hope Bill keeps him on the bench for the rest of the year and ships him to Cleveland after this season.
    Tom Brady’s wife delivered a baby the night before and he still made it on time.
    I would rather see the Pats not make the playoffs this year and sit this jackass before playing him and make it.
    Without the “team first” culture this team really isn’t very special or different from all the rest.

  51. Belicheck is an asshole (this is pretty much indisputable). His team sucks right now. He’s not the greatest coach or player personnel manager of all time and he makes bad judgement calls…. such as this one, and how to call 4th downs.
    Get over it. This isn’t the bulletproof organization or coach everyone wants it/him to be. Championships have been aplenty yes, but they’re not infallible.

  52. bluenoser,
    I disagree. Cleveland would be too nice of a place for him. I’d say Detroit or St. Louis.
    I don’t think Adalius playing or not playing is going to make a bit of difference with the Pats making or not making the playoffs. He isn’t that good. I could fill in for him. I can’t blow through a pro 0-line or cover a pro WR or TE just like he can’t.

  53. @habibfromnewdehli
    But how come the rest of the team, minus 3 other guys, made it to practice on time? That kind of negates your little tirade.

  54. “And an NFL coach should listen to your advice because???”
    Um Sir this is a message board, where we just comment on the day’s events.
    Anytime we say the coach should do this, or the player should do that, is pure speculation on our part and…
    Aww never mind, you’re an idiot.

  55. I think the title to this article should have been Adalius Thomas “dumbfounded.” There is really no need to clarify beyond that. He just doesn’t get it. Any of it.

  56. Just another spoiled rich thug
    If everyone else made it then you should have as well
    If you were in a ditch well you would be closer to your real job digging ditches
    If you had saved a bus full of kids well then good for you but your a Pro Football Player on of the lucky few and to not listen to the weather the night before and get your sorry ass out early no excuse
    This is the kind of crap as an employeer I have to hear all the time and guess what I have been sending people home who show up late for years

  57. Lets see, you can tape the other team illegally and that’s ok, just don’t show up late to do it.
    Is that the message?

  58. The bigger issue here is that not everyone drinks the Kool-Aid in New England despite what we’ve been told on ESPN for the past 8 years.
    Thomas is probably pissed about having his freakishly good talent wasted by a stubborn coach who consistently misuses him.

  59. @ bigbluefan
    “This is the kind of crap as an employeer I have to hear all the time and guess what I have been sending people home who show up late for years”
    –No you havent. Nice effort though.

  60. When there is a snow storm most real working Americans can call to say they will be late due to the weather. Some can’t though. Just depends on your job and job function.
    A nurse can’t be late. An accountant probably doesn’t even need to call unless there is a big meeting. Just depends.
    But if the players understood calling was not enough then I can’t feel sorry for them. If the rules are clear and you don’t like them in the end it is follow them or find something else.

  61. “DUMBFOUNDED” how a model citizen in Baltimore becomes a GRADE A IDIOT when combined w/Randy the Supreme Malcontent. Note that HE was sent home too!

  62. @ JimmySmith
    This story was posted at 12:56pm.
    You posted at 3:26pm.
    It really took you that long to come up with the same rehashed post, of which you’ve used the exact same template for two and half years?
    Seems every one of your posts falls under this category:
    Red Herring: A fallacy that introduces an irrelevant issue to divert attention from the real issue under discussion.

  63. Shit happens! Like the Patriots suck! Maybe Bill should be sent home (like he will ’round playoff time!!) Life, no matter how you prepare, CANNOT always be planned! How bout someone who has to get kids ready, do things concerning family that just HAPPENS to take more time than planned. Bill has bigger problems than a player that called to notify him that he’s running late! Seriously. Stop the BS.

  64. To those saying “when I am late for my job, I don’t get sent home”….there is no comparison here…..YOUR bosses could discipline you or fire you……. could an NFL coach do that? Hell no…..there would be a grievance filed by the players association…you damn well know that. But remember….the salary cap…cutting aplayer can hurt the team more than the player depending ont he player’s contract .
    The players can be fined…but seriously…does a 5000.00 slap on the wrist do any good? (see Chad Ochocinco for the answer to that)
    The ONLY real course of discipline is to send the player home….like a child and possibly bench him for a game.
    Anyone who doesn’t understand this…doesn’t really understand the NFL

  65. If the highest paid players dont show up on time, then what does that say to the rest of the team. The Pats need to finish strong, lateness means there is a lack of discipline. Brady had a baby the day before this practice, and he wasnt late. Just so everyone knows there was not 11 inches yesterday, it was just a dusting.

  66. How can a former lawyer be so dumb? O wait I just answered my own question.
    You have be talking about the dangers of concussions all month. And have been talking about the long term effects to the players health. You have also be sticking up for the former players who are having medical problems in their 40s and 50s who you think have not been taken care of by the league. You say all the time how violent and dangerous the sport is. Also how a 30 year old football players body is more like a 60 year olds by the time their done playing football. You have also said that they deserve time off in the off season that now a days its like their perparing for the season 365 days a year.
    So you go from saying all that to now saying they have it easy? And then act like they get paid all this money for something anyone would do. Then you also say they dont have to deal with people during thier work. Also they dont have to scrub toilets and things like everyday workers.
    First off they get paid all this money b/c how dangerous their jobs are. No other job in the world causes so much damage to your body and a minute by minute basis. Also they dont have to deal with people? Then what do you call your website? Thats all they do is deal with people screaming at them tearing them apart for every little move. People like you telling them their no good at their job. Or even the opposite side of the spectrum people wanting things for them. Either wanting them to say high or give them and autograph or something along those lines. And them not having to scrub toilets? What they do for their job is alot harder then scrubbing toilets. They have to stay in top physical shape and have constant surgeries just to get that way. Look at all the fat people in this country if staying in shape was easy we would all look like football players.
    Dont try to minimize what these guys do just b/c your jealous of how much money they make. This is coming from a blue collar guy, but I still understand the sacrifices these guys make. I would never count another mans money and try to down play all the hard work they have to do to get it. We have know clue what these guys lifes are like on a daily basis and all the pain they feel in their bodies. Just that chronic physical pain they feel makes them deserving of every penny they get and probly more.

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