JaMarcus won't consider a pay cut

JaMarcus Russell spoke to the Oakland media Thursday for the first time since benched, but the Raiders quarterback didn’t sound like a changed man.

As described by Tim Kawakami of the San Jose Mercury News, Russell was his usual “off-hand self,” not showing any outward frustration about, well, anything. Russell was definitive, however, when asked about possibly reworking his contract.

“Oh, no. That’s over and done with. I don’t even consider that as a part of it,” Russell said.

He admitted that he was embarrassed by the benching, yet seemed hesitant to give much credit to Bruce Gradkowski for the team’s latest success.  Russell was asked what Gradkowski was doing well:

“Now it’s just all around. Guys are just making plays around him,” Russell said.  “In the Dallas game after you go out and win in Cincinnati there weren’t plays really made the whole game, you know what I mean.

“Going into Pittsburgh, guys were making plays for him. That’s what a
quarterback needs, his surrounding players. That’s what was going on.”

It was a theme Russell hammered over and over.  This was Russell’s response when asked to grade his performance this year:

“Uh, kind of hard because there was times where you try to get guys a
chance to make plays and at the early part of the year, it wasn’t
happening. So the quarterback job, I say he looks for more help around from
everybody because he can’t do it himself. It wasn’t so well, but at
times it was. When we look at film, it don’t be as bad as it seems on
the field always.”

So, basically, it’s not about the quarterback.  It’s about the receivers.

It doesn’t appear that Russell’s benching has snapped him out of whatever world he’s living in. But he promises a different player when he gets back on the field.

“A totally different JaMarcus. People going to have their opinion, and I
really don’t pay too much attention to that. I worry about JaMarcus and
JaMarcus only.”

You don’t say.

97 responses to “JaMarcus won't consider a pay cut

  1. Hey Jamarcus.. The Raiders dont need or want you.. Take your bags of money and go back to where you came from. We don’t need a QB like you. You have been given every oppertunity in the world to succeed. Give Bruce his props and quit being such a baby.

  2. First Adalius, not Seymour. Look, Belichick doesnt hide the fact that players are assets. He’s not running a day care. Do your job is the mantra. When the face of the franchise went down (Bledsoe) he said sorry, Tom gives us a better chance to win. Every move is made to benefit the team long and short term. And 5 years from now, their will be no Brett Favre saga for the Patriots, if another QB steps up, Tom will get Bledsoe’d and the media will freak out again on why BB demoted/traded Brady. It will happen.

  3. He’s a douche. He got paid and is going to spend it all up. He might be right up there(or down there) with Andre Rison. At least Andre tried a little. It’s just a matter of time before he runs out of money and is on the front page of the police blotter. We should start a grid and bet and see when it’s going to happen.

  4. Hence the reason guarenteed money contracts are the downfall for many teams. They really do need to institute a rookie pay scale.

  5. But if he wasn’t doing anything wrong, then why will there be “a totally different JaMarcus”?
    This guy is the worst draft pick ever…yeah, worse than Ryan Leaf…he cared a little bit too much, whereas Russell doesn’t care about anything but the money he’s stealing from Al Davis.
    This is also exactly why we need a cap on the total value of rookie contracts…so that when busts like these come around, the team doesn’t suffer for five years.

  6. Is it just me, or does it seem like JaMarcus just wants to take his huge rookie paycheck and leave football, replacing Ryan Leaf, as the most disgraceful #1 QB to ever be selected?
    He shows absolute no desire to improve his play, or even take blame for the failure of the Raider’s offense. He is like one of those people who tryout for American Idol and think they can sing, the problem is with everyone else, not them.

  7. Dont laugh, Florio
    I remember when you were young and immature and you use to fond over the Turd Watch like you had invented the wheel.
    You polished your turd everyday and bragged about what a great turd it was
    So dont knock JaBacktoBama

  8. Plaintiffs exhibit A why there needs to be a rookie wage-scale. He make Ryan Leaf look like a Hall of Famer.

  9. I think next year needs to be the determining factor for JaLardus. Offensively the O-line is decrepit but if someone can sneak some horse tranquilizers in Al’s Metamucil during draft day… The players are there on offense, the problem is JaMarcus…
    Gradkowskiball works, but the Russell project needs to be shelved and marked as a lost investment in the ledgers

  10. This was a guy that said he played “pretty good” when he completed 6 passes the entire game and turned the ball over twice.
    It’s going to take alot more than sitting out a few games for him to realize what he needs to do to be a starting QB in the NFL.
    For what Gardkowski may lack with talent, he makes up for in leadership and pure guts. Guys want to play harder when they see him diving for first downs and making plays. Not someone that jogs to the sidelines after every 3rd down and acts like it’s no big deal.

  11. “A totally different JaMarcus”
    Why would we need a different JaMarcus if the old one was just fine?
    In any event, I blame the idiots that gave this guy the contract in the first place and supported his over-inflated (no pun intedned) ego. The scouts that picked this one need a new career…

  12. besides I’m Gradkowski keeps playing the Raiders have the Sebastian Janikowski “The Polish Cannon” and Bruce Gradkowski “The Polish Rich Gannon”

  13. What an articulate, and well-educated leader #2 is. A fine example of a free college education. Is English 101 still taught at LSU?

  14. Why would anyone even think he would consider reworking his contract? The guy sucks! He knows he will never get another contract like that. Some reporters are just stooooopid.

  15. This guy was known as lazy during the draft; why they drafted him i have no idea; i don’t think he’s dumb just really lazy even though some people don’t think there’s a difference

  16. “When we look at film, it don’t be as bad as it seems on the field always.”
    What a retard.

  17. “…it don’t be as bad as it seems on the field always.”
    No Jamarcus it doesn’t, it be much worse.

  18. Raider fans can thank Al for enabling JaLbatross with all that guaranteed money. I hope the loser gets cut next year.

  19. Well, well, well JaMarcus, we have been wrong about you all along, you weren’t the one that sucked, it was the guys around you. Sorry, we were mixed up. Your 2 touchdowns this year could have easily be 3 or 4 if a couple of guys made plays, geez, sorry to short-change you.
    As for not restructuring your contract…you do know this is the NFL…not the NBA. You do know that, right? They did tell you these contracts aren’t all guaranteed money, right? Ok then, welcome to the list of players cut by the Raiders. I’m sure there will be tons of teams lining up to sign a quarterback with bad work ethic, no leadership skills, a completion percentage slightly higher than 30% and a whopping 2 touchdowns this year. Yeah, sounds like there will be high demand.

  20. This guy is gonna make Ryan Leaf and Akili Smith look like HOFers before he gets done destroying Oakland’s salary cap while holding a clipboard.
    It’s like a trainwreck – tragic and gut-wrenching, yet fascinating to watch unfold.

  21. To talk about yourself in third person, you should at least be better then a second-string QB bust for the Raiders.
    This guy is a joke, and he just proved it again blaming teammates for his super-suckyness. But he worries about JaMarcus and JaMarcus only.

  22. JaMarcus what a loser … has no drive … only wanted the money … cut him.
    JaMarcus $63 million 2TDs … 9 Ints … 12 games
    Gradkowski $500,000 6TDs … 3 Ints against 3 top teams.

  23. Thank god he’s not my teams QB. This guy has no clue. “Guys are making plays now. They werent making plays for me. Its not my fault. Wah wah wah.” Terrible, immature, wannabe QB who just doesnt get it. Cant wait to see him on one of those Top 10 Biggest Busts shows on the NFL network in a couple years.

  24. WOW, this guy is as well spoken as he is at throwing the football.
    I know 3rd graders that are more articulate!

  25. Hey Raider fans…

  26. I’ll file this story in the “Go Figure” file.
    Hey PFT.com, can you delete posts by douchebags who post in all CAPS!?

  27. Cut him Al, just so I can see how fat he is in 5 years.
    And Georgio, you’re retarded.
    That makes a lot of sense…

  28. What kind of drugs are they putting in McD’s french fries where Russell eats? He still doesn’t get it. He’s fat, he’s lazy, he’s no leader by any means, he’s just nothing. Now to add to the list of he’s, he just doesn’t understand. Send him packing. If I was Cable, I had him standing on the sidelines holding Gradkowski’s water bottle and towel. Maybe that will bring his high esteem back down to earth. He’ll be broke in a few years, so he best take English 101 again so he can take orders for the drive thru. Ughhhhhh…….I could go on and on how much this guy drives me crazy with his attitude.

  29. Markus:
    “What an articulate, and well-educated leader #2 is. A fine example of a free college education. Is English 101 still taught at LSU?”
    JaMarcus was stupid way before he attended LSU. The sad thing is that he just does not get it. Being a successful QB in the NFL requires giving a damn.
    And he doesn’t!
    And he never will………

  30. Wow, no wonder Garcia wanted no part of backing this guy up. What an insult to any veterans intelligence.
    I kind of wish he had a Randy Moss or T.O. on his team who would rip him to the media after every embarrassing game.
    This guy is so douche.

  31. Commitment to Excellence is something every Raider must have in their heart. JaMarcus Russell must avail himself of this opportunity to follow the path of Pride and Poise. His replacement, Bruce Gradkowski, has shown that the Will to Win must emerge from the heart and explode on the field in triumph and glory. Only when he searches deep within himself and finds the desire to put his team before himself will he take the first step on the path to greatness.

  32. perfect example of why a rookie salary cap is needed. Half the picks are busts, and he looks like one of them.

  33. Jamarcus is one of the biggest #1 overall busts in NFL history. He got his big payday and he promply quit trying, way to go Jamarcus. Of course he isn’t going to take a pay cut, he isn’t about building a team and winning games…he’s about the money, and he got his…what else does he care about? It’s pretty obvious all he was looking for was a fat paycheck and he got it….and he’s done.

  34. I think it’s sad that he refuses to give BG any credit. Apparently he doesn’t realize that in order for guys to make a play, they need to be able to have a catchable ball in their general area…something he doesn’t seem to be very good at producing.

  35. well ya kind of have to put guys in to position to make plays… maing good accurate throws is a huge part of that.
    makign accurate throws isnt part of his game.
    big, they already know all they need to know about this loser.

  36. Sad. The kid wasn’t an ass before the gazillions of free dollars. To bad. Money corrupts good character almost always.

  37. “it don’t be as bad as it seems on the field always.”…..
    Sheesh. What a brain surgeon.
    What did he score on his wonderlic test at the combine?
    He scored a 4 wasn’t it?
    Let that be a lesson NFL teams…heed your own testing standards….
    if it talks like a dumb ass, and it scores like a dumb ass…it’s a dumb ass.
    Al Davis, once again you have proven to be a visionary.

  38. Patrian says:
    December 10, 2009 6:08 PM
    In any event, I blame the idiots that gave this guy the contract in the first place and supported his over-inflated (no pun intedned) ego. The scouts that picked this one need a new career…
    Bingo, Patrian you nailed it. Unfortunately you apparently are not wise to how The Raiders operate.
    The idiots, actually idiot, who gave JaBust the contract and the scouts, actually scout, who picked him are all the same person, the owner/GM/Head Coach/Head Scout/senile old fool, Al Davis.
    You are correct he does need a new career.
    Good luck implementing that one.
    JaBust doesn’t seem to be inclined to take any responsibility for his & the team’s failures under his on field leadership. Isn’t that one of the traits usually thoroughly checked out by the team before making a high draft pick?
    The problem with the Raiders cutting him is that Al would have to acknowledge he made a big mistake.
    Good luck with that one too.

  39. Reading Russell’s comments make my head hurt.
    At one point he asks, … “In the Dallas game after you go out and win in Cincinnati there weren’t plays really made the whole game, you know what I mean?
    Um, no, no frickin’ idea.

  40. How is it that this kid was able to go to college for three years, pass his classes and still talk like he dropped out of the fourth grade? I understand some athletes go to college solely to play sports, but there are basic classes the NCAA requires players to pass to be eligible to play. Can professors really turn a blind eye to this and simply give a C to a player? It is almost an embarrassment that we value sports so much more than education. Think about how many of these players get grades just to pass, spend 4-5 years in college to play sports, the Universities make tons of money from the revenue, and when it’s all said and done, and they don’t go pro, then end up working at McDonalds because they didn’t actually graduate or learn anything while in college.

  41. In fairness to JaMarcus, if you read the whole interview he doesn’t sound QUITE as bad. But the guy’s a lazy idiot who doesn’t really care if he’s successful, and thinks he’s working hard enough because he has no idea what it means to work hard enough to be a successful NFL QB. I generally preach patience with young QBs, but I would bet large sums of money that JaMarcus will never be a good NFL QB. What he lacks can’t be coached.
    Does anybody know what his Wonderlic score was?

  42. Thanks for getting me off the off the hook as the worst Raider #1 pick of all time……….

  43. I just hope Jerry Jones doesn’t “take a chance” on him. Surely Jones has to be smarter than Al.

  44. Take it from a guy that has been a Raider fan for many a year and knows how the Raiders and Al Davis think. I called the Michael Murphy pick in round two of the draft by the way.
    I also thought that M Henderson would work his way into becoming a very good LT, that T Branch would fill our need for years to come and make a very good SS and will tell you now that Murphy in years to come will become the steal of the draft.
    DHB will be given the same time to come around as Henderson, Branch and Nnamdi, That is the Raider way and for anyone with knowledge of players knows that the Raiders are loaded with a bunch of young talent that as they settle in will make the Raiders a nightmare for anyone to want to play. Forget the media talk to a DC that prepares to play the Raiders and see what they think about the players the Raiders have.
    Back to Russell, he is going no place. He will be given another two years if that is what it takes to mature and fight and EARN the starting job back. If after the two years he does not show he can be the man than the Raiders will part ways but not until.
    It is all up to the kid, hold firm and stay the same or mature and do the work to master your position. I still would not write this kid off for if he does choose to do the work he can not only become a good starting QB he could become great. Will that happen?. only Russell knows but rest assured Al Davis and the Raiders will go the whole way to find out.
    Hey and to many a so called Raider fan. Would it not feel better to know that you had a players back while they settled in like Henderson, Nnamdi, Branch, Murphy. That way deep down you might not feel like such a fool after they become a very good player and you are than acting like they could walk on water for you from day one.
    Russell who knows, but DHB, Murphy and the rookie TE on O will become ballers. Scott and the rookie DT and safety will show up as well.

  45. SOMEBODY better wise him up to the ways of the NFL, if he doesn’t show some humilty and a sense of urgency about learning to be a QB, he’ll be out of the league within three years

  46. Moving on up to the east side to a deluxe apartment in sky
    The Jerffersons made more sence then this ahole
    Toss him to the curb after reading this I think you could pay him in skittles and he would not know the difference he would sit and say look at all the pretty colors
    what an ass

  47. Actually, Russell scored a 24 on the Wonderlich. Intelligence is not his problem. Maturity, drive and work ethic might be though…

  48. Why would anyone even think he would consider reworking his contract? The guy sucks! He knows he will never get another contract like that. Some reporters are just stooooopid.
    Well thats exactly why he would want to rework his contract. Because he knows he wont get a contract close to what he got the first time so if he doesnt rework it and the Raiders cut him he will lose out on all the money not just some of it.
    Im not talking about the guranteed money they never rework that im talking about the money that isnt guranteed. If he doesnt rework that the Raiders will cut him and then he will realize the reworked contract that was offered by the Raiders was alot more then the contract offers he will get from anywhere else. Thats if anyone else would even offer him a contract worth the veteran minium.

  49. It’s wat too easy and logical to cut him which is what he deserves, but then, that is exactly what he wants. He knows he is a bust and wants to ride into the sunset with that huge golden parachute so it’s understandable from his view about restructuring. Even he ain’t that stoopid.
    I say, NO. Don’t trade him or the next team will cut him ultimately. Instead, move him to special teams, make him play the remainder of his contract. That means hold him accountable for:
    -meetings at 8:00 AM or any other time,
    -camps of all kinds required for veterans,
    -make him dress for games,
    -put him on the field,
    -penilize him with money fines if he deviates from any of the above,
    -especially penilize him for lack of conditioning
    Retired pros will tell you they don’t miss any of the above nor were too fond of having to do those activities.

  50. I did all the homework in the world on this kid’s tape and stats before draft day. I thought he was a better qb than Quinn, and I am a Notre Dame fan. He had a better completion % and better td to int ratio overall. I was happy to see us get him. I also defended him at first due to no continuity at the coaching position or anywhere within the organization really. I would like to come out and apoligize as a raider fan to raider fans. I am sorry I was retarded. The contract however is dictated by precedent, draft position, and team need. The best player doesn’t always get the best money, but they all get way too much. What kind of work ethic is developed by getting the most money you ever will, by doing nothing at all to earn it. Would you try to earn a promotion if you already made more than your boss. assinine. Anyway, cut the loser and let him bag groceries. What a bum. I am quite sure after Marinovich and Russell, Al Davis, even in his ultimate bafoonery, will never draft another QB again. Period. I cannot honestly blame him. Rookie salary cap for sure. Let the little wannabes earn their money, and give it to the guys that have already proven they want it, and will go out and do what it takes to get it.

  51. “A totally different JaMarcus. People going to have their opinion, and I really don’t pay too much attention to that. I worry about JaMarcus, and JaMarcus only.”
    This friggin’ shithead WILL NEVER be a team player.
    That lazy dumb selfish son of a bitch should be CUT!

  52. Wonderlic Scores of Some Current QB’s and Jamarcus Russell:
    40 Alex Smith
    39 Aaron Rogers
    39 Eli Manning
    37 Tony Romo
    33 Tom Brady
    32 Matt Ryan (28 on first try)
    31 Matt Schaub
    30 Phillip Rivers
    28 Drew Brees
    28 Payton Manning
    27 Joe Flaco
    26 Jay Cutler
    26 Carson Palmer
    25 Ben Rothlisberger
    24 JaMarcus Russell
    23 Jason Campbell
    22 Brett Favre
    20 Michael Vick
    16 Vince Young (6 on first try)
    14 Donovan McNabb
    10 Jeff George (had to list this one)
    After reviewing the list I would say JaMarcus Russell either memorized the answers ahead of time or he really doesn’t care about being a pro.
    I took a sample wonderlic test on the internet and got all the questions correct in the allotted amount of time, but I can’t throw a football over 35 yards and I probably run a 5.5 40, so I can’t play QB in the NFL.
    Basically it takes a certain amount of intelligence, determination, skill and athletic ability to be a professional QB. Some QB’s have all of the measurable criteria, such as Aaron Rogers, while other excel in certain areas, such as Brett Favre, to make up for a slightly low wonderlic score.

  53. I’m beginning to think Ryan Leaf’s dad may have liked cooking with brown sugar from time to time.

  54. It would be interesting to hear what Matt Flynn (who followed JR as QB at LSU) has to say about his ex-teammate.
    Flynn is now in his second year as #2 QB behind Aaron Rodgers at GB — much like Rodgers was #2 to Brett for those three years.

  55. JaMarcus Russell is a disgrace to himself, his family, his team, pro football and the entire human race in general.
    He gets payed millions to do a job….yet brings nothing but an apathetic attitude to the table. He’s passionless, undisciplined, holds no pride in his job, blames others for his own failure and continuously demonstrates that that he is basically a very dumb person. I could take the low IQ if he had a ‘work-hard-lunch-pail’ type of work ethic. But he doesn’t. He’s a lazy, dumb, fat slob with an “I don’t give a crap” attitude.
    He is a disgrace.

  56. “Backinthesaddle says:
    December 10, 2009 9:26 PM
    He gets payed millions to do a job….yet brings nothing but an apathetic attitude to the table.”
    The thing is….any decent franchise would have known that going in.
    It’s not a coincidence that certain franchises continuously end up with the Russells, Akili Smiths, and the Ryan Leafs (the Chargers were, at least in that era, horrible at evaluation).
    I mean, the Raiders are now starting Bruce Gradkowski. Instead of Russell riding the bench, they could have had Bruce Gradkowski starting the WHOLE TIME, and throwing to Calvin Johnson, or handing of to Adrian Peterson. Or they could have been pursuing better options. What would you rather have, a QB tandem of Russell/Gradkowski or a QB/RB tandem of Matt Schaub/Adrian Peterson (Or Schaub throwing to Calvin Johnson)?
    Granted, no (as of yet) stud QB came out of the 2007 draft…..but the Raiders could have done their homework and made a better pick.
    I mean the Texans took a lot of heat for taking Mario Williams first overall in the 2006 draft….but show me ONE player in the top 10 of 2006 that, as of now, looks like a better choice. And the Texans are just an AVERAGE franchise.

  57. If we had not taken JRuss, the hate would have come in the form of, “they need a QB, and they didn’t take the highest rated one”
    We needed a QB, were drafting #1, HE was the top rated QB (don’t try to re-write history), and we rolled craps, it looks like. BFD, if it wasn’t the object of your hatred, the Raiders, this would be back page news.
    The thing to do now is to try and see if he is salvageable at all, light some fires under the guy and move on, most likely.
    He is wrong to not blame himself, BUT he is also correct about the WR play. He was given a poor line and deer in the headlight receivers for most of the season. Now that Murphy has matured a bit, and Schilens is back, WR play IS better.

  58. “JSpicoli says:
    December 10, 2009 10:45 PM
    The thing to do now is to try and see if he is salvageable at all, light some fires under the guy and move on, most likely.”
    I actually read that somewhere. The goal of NFL franchises is to have someone who is “salvageable” at QB.
    Woohoo! $70 million and if he works really hard someday maybe he can be close to average!
    (And I don’t hate the Raiders. I love the Raiders. I love anything that is a constant source of entertainment)

  59. What an absolute ass.
    There’s no other way to say it.
    If the Raiders needed any further proof that this jackass doesn’t get it, this was it.
    I think of the guys who busted their ases trying and failing to win an NFL job, and this clown is so flip and cavalier about his wasted career.
    Like Lorena Bobbitt said: “Time to cut this prick”

  60. “Oh, no. That’s over and done with. I don’t even consider that as a part of it,” Russell said.
    Someone needs to tell this clown that NFL contracts are not fully guaranteed. He should still be loaded off the $30 million guaranteed portion of his contract — if he didn’t already blow it all on fur coats and Popeyes — but the Raiders don’t have to and hopefully won’t pay a $9.5 million salary next season for the guy who looks like the No. 2 or quite possibly even No. 3 QB on the roster.

  61. just think, what would the raiders be like this season if they’d only selected Megatron instead and matt ryan the following year?

  62. If you’re already the “biggest loser” and “big (huge) brother” what reality show is left for you? I mean Gi-normus Russel don’t really make for an “amazing race”.

  63. Uh, I not don’t care watt they says about I. Peoples will just says thing and they aint got no idea watt is da trut. Ya know main. I done did go to college. Child please them people need to get a life.

  64. Here is to hoping the lazy dbag spends all his millions now on Cristal, bling, cars and 28″ rims so his ass is broke in 3 years.
    He is the last person to deserve that kind of money.

  65. Yeah, he’s maybe the worst pick since Ryan Leaf, but not worse than Ryan Leaf. You have to look at the whole picture. They traded a couple first round picks, a couple later round picks, and a couple good players to move up ONE SPOT in the draft to pick Leaf. He cost them more than his paycheck… he cost them several roster spot losses.

  66. God I hate this waste of space. I pray Al is not so senile that he can’t see that this clown is dragging down his team. He just doesn’t get it and he never will. A leader takes responsability, after the Dallas loss Bruce has this to say
    “There were plays out there to be made early on. We didn’t make them, I take the blame. I missed a couple early throws on that would have given our team energy.”
    See you fat piece of crap, that is what a leader does, he doesn’t make excuses and throw his team under the bus.
    I’ve been a Raiders fan for 20 years, but if Jabustus is anywhere near the starting job next year, I’m done until he is in the unemployment line.

  67. I think he just assured hat the “guys around him” won’t ever play for him if he gets to start again. Talk about throwing your teammates under the bus. He’ll learn the hard way i guess or won’t learn at all. There were a couple catches at the end of the game that were bordering on David Tyree SB type catches, so yes, the receivers were making plays. But come on, Bruce is bringing something that Jabust doesn’t for whatever reason that is. Joe Montana was not the most gifted passer in the game, but he did something to the guys around him that made the whole team better. That is what Bruce has the opportunity to do for this team. I just hope he can do it.

  68. JUNKmarcus say, “Hey, hey, hey…..I DON’T care how bad I play.”
    Hey Al, if you you would’ve drafted LT Joe Thomas, or WR Calvin Johnson like I wanted, your team would be better off today. By the way, Joe Thomas was the guy that skipped the draft & went fishing with his dad. (I think that he’s got his priorities straight.
    Right now, I’d trade JUNKmarcus to the UFL for sorry-a$$ J.P. Losman.

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