Kerry Rhodes yells at Jets assistant coach

New York Jets safety Kerry Rhodes has been frustrated the last two weeks about losing his spot in the starting lineup, and today he took that frustration out on Jets secondary coach Dennis Thurman in practice.

Rich Cimini of the New York Daily News reports that Rhodes acknowledged after practice that he had yelled at Thurman, and that he was upset about being in and out of the base defense.

Today I was a little mad,” Rhodes said, adding that he was perturbed about “the in-and-out thing.”

Although Rhodes didn’t get specific about what was said, and Thurman apparently did not speak with reporters afterward, Rhodes acknowledged that he’s getting testy about not knowing his role on the defense.

“It got to me a little today,” Rhodes said. “I was a little more emotional. I felt a little way about it today. . . . It’s irritating.”

Head coach Rex Ryan has hinted — but not come right out and said — that Rhodes may have earned a spot back in the starting lineup this week. Rhodes didn’t sound too enthusiastic about that semi-endorsement from Ryan.

“Hmm, let’s see how I can characterize it,” Rhodes said. “I still like Rex. Yeah, I still like Rex.”

Whether he still likes his position coach — and whether his position coach likes him — is another question.

16 responses to “Kerry Rhodes yells at Jets assistant coach

  1. Wow these guys get paid millions while i work in a cafeteria feeding munchkins 40 hours a week…..

  2. That’s because your paid according to the difficulty and demand of your job. Very high demand for football players who are able to contribute to winning and can generate millions of dollars in revenue. Very low demand and difficulty for cafeteria workers. Pretty basic knowledge really.

  3. Rhodes is a childish dope. He knows the media is watching and obviously wanted to put on a show. If he has a problem with his role (or the lack, thereof), man-up and go talk to the secondary coach or Rex, find out why his role has been lessened, what he can do to get better, and start working on it.

  4. @ inthetrenches
    You don’t need to be a douchebag when addressing others… you sound like Colin Cowherd; and that’s not something to shoot for!
    Regarding Rhodes… as a longtime Jets fan, all I can say is that this guy needs to go! He’s only going to become more and more of a distraction over the next 4 games… so I would like to see them bench his ass for the remainder of the season and move him this winter!
    The problem with a lot of players, like Rhodes, is that they have a solid season or 2… get paid ridiculous amounts of $… and then disappear. Then, when they get called out for not playing well, they start whining and crying like little immature babies. Rhodes USED to be good… not so much anymore!

  5. Kerry Rhodes my wayward son
    There’ll be peace when you are done
    Lay your weary head to rest
    Don’t you yell no more

  6. So… according to inthetrenches… we should feel sorry for Rhodes… but not someone who actually works ‘in the trenches’.
    The only thing pretty basic here is that Kerry Rhodes ain’t that good.

  7. Don’t take this the wrong way, inthetrenches, but you sound like a real prick.
    Unfortunately for you, pricks are a dime a dozen in this world, so you’re probably an unemployed prick.
    However, as I mentioned, you shouldn’t take this criticism personally.

  8. ^^^Wow these guys get paid millions while i work in a cafeteria feeding munchkins 40 hours a week…..^^^
    That’s because they worked hard and did something with their talent, whereas you, most likely didn’t give a $hit about your future….just guessing though

  9. kerry rhodes should stop worrying about his modelling/acting career and actually hit somebody instead of shying away from contact. then he won’t have to whine about being benched.

  10. Way to keep your journalistic integrity there bud..Rhodes did not yell at the coach, he’s actually quoted as saying “it wasn’t heated. I just said what I had to say, and then it was okay”. Also, the other coaches on the team also attest that Rhodes was upset, but nobody ever said he yelled at the coach.
    Congratulations on embellishing a detail in order to get more readers. That’s some top notch reporting right there.

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