More wisdom from Adalius

Earlier today, Ian Rapoport of the Boston Herald had some of the quotes from Pats linebacker Adalius Thomas, who met with the media a day after being sent home for showing up for work late.

Tom Curran of Comcast has more of them.

And it’s clear that Thomas isn’t happy about the situation, and that he’s not apologetic.

“That’s one thing about Mother Nature, you can’t control that,” Thomas said.  “You can’t run people over getting to work.  There’s nothing to
apologize about.  I don’t know what else to say.  You leave home, cars
sitting there, it’s not The Jetsons,
I can’t jump up and fly.  What the hell am I supposed to do?  I don’t
want people to think I just didn’t show up and didn’t have a reason. 
That’s not true.  That’s not true at all.”

So what did Thomas do when he was sent home for showing up late?

“He’s the head coach, he makes the calls, you have to abide by it,” said
Thomas.  “I was told to go home, I went home . . . put my toes up in the
air and relaxed.”

Asked whether he’d be motivated by the move, Thomas continued his rant.

“Motivation is for kindergartners,” Thomas said.  “I’m not a
kindergartner.  Sending somebody home, that’s like, ‘Oh he’s expelled’ .
. . That’s ridiculous.  Motivation?”

So to the extent that Bill Belichick took strong action against Thomas, Randy Moss, Derrick Burgess, and Gary Guyton in the hopes of forcing this thing to a head, it looks like it pushed Thomas over the edge, and it seems unlikely that he’ll be back next year.

Our suggestion?  Cut him now, and let a team like the 1-11 Browns or the 1-11 Rams or the 1-11 Bucs or the 2-10 Lions claim him on waivers.  If Thomas wants to act like he doesn’t give a crap about winning, he should play on a team that isn’t.

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  1. How can you blame Thomas for his attitude? What else is he supposed to do? He is a grown man who was late for a meeting, if this is a common practice for him that is one thing, but being late for one meeting during a snow storm? Sounds like coach has the same Napoleon complex he has always had. Not saying his tactics don’t work, but for you to say that Adalius doesn’t care about winning is making a mountain out of a mole hill.

  2. Florio you are the Tim Tebow of Newsmen. You give such great moral advice, it makes me wonder if you ever did anything wrong your whole life?

  3. No one is going to claim his enormous salary off waivers. idiot. if he gets cut he’ll just resign with the ravens or jets

  4. He sent four home, the weather prevented them from being on time, what did the rest of the team do that were on time? Maybe they all stayed overnight. You are a professional so act like one and be on time and I’m not a fan of New England.

  5. he needs to shut the f up and get back to playing football. you complaining about being late shows ur lack of dedication to ur team. are you soo stupid that you dont relieze this is ur best chance at playing for a winning team and ur lazy look like ur busy style is ridiculous . I hope you rot in oakland you whinny little bitch. you dont see the other three people that showed up late complain.. they were motivated to be there for the team. there is no reason to be late hell 10 minutes early is still considered late to most (good) nfl coaches . learn from ur leader get ur ass there an hour early you clearly need the extra time. You overpaid future oakland raider

  6. This is remarkable. Not his attitude, because I think it’s common among pro athletes, it’s just that most of them don’t have the ignorance to express it. “Put my toes up and relaxed” I’m speechless. At least Tiger doesn’t say anything when he messes up.
    Sometimes I just wish these guys made $100,000 a year or so… just way out of touch with their fans, the guys who have to think hard about ticket prices and parking and all.
    What an absolute clown. Reminds me what my momma used to say about money can’t buy class.

  7. Shame. I expected more from this guy.
    Then again if he, or anyone, I mean anyone, on that defense could have make a single play against the Giants on that last drive in Super Bowl 42, we may be in a better place.

  8. The attitude expressed by Thomas is one of the things that REALLY pisses me off about the athletes of today: They NEVER admit when they’re wrong.
    On the rare occasion when they do issue an pseudo-apology, there’s always a caveat. (“Yeah, but …”)
    I’m assuming that Thomas and the rest of these clowns are aware of the weather patterns that exist in New England. With that in mind, shouldn’t they have enough “common sense” to realize that there may be occasions when they need to allow themselves a little extra time to get to work? Or is such a mindset reserved for the working stiffs who pay the salaries of these ungrateful prima donnas?
    At any rate, I look forward to the rationalizations that will soon be offered by the usual collection of jock-sniffing suspects who bend over backwards to defend their heroes.
    BTW, Adalius, George Jetson was friend of mine. Though small in stature, he was much quicker, and had superior instincts. You are no George Jetson.

  9. Maybe Richard Seymour was a serial offender for turning up late to meetings. The first couple of times Belichick sent him home, then on the third strike he received the ultimate punishment in being traded to the Raiders…

  10. He should apologize alright… for the shit-ass playing he has done all season. That’s just for starters. Stop stealing money and play the damn game.

  11. Well, it was the weather that caused his tardiness so it really isn’t fair. If there was some way of knowing about inclement weather, like a profession devoted to studying this kind of thing or even a whole channel devoted to reporting it, then I would understand. But the man isn’t god, you know. He cannot predict things like a snow storm in New England in December.

  12. Maybe Richard Seymour was a serial offender of showing up late to meetings. The first couple of times Belichick sent him home, on the third strike he received the ultimate punishment of being traded to the Raiders…

  13. How do the other eighty-some dudes make it on time?
    That said, how does being late due to snow [eye roll] suggest that he doesn’t want to win, exactly? It’s not like he is perpetually late or something.
    Now Jamarcus Russell–THAT is dude that clearly doesn’t give a crap about winning.

  14. “Our suggestion? Cut him now, and let a team like the 1-11 Browns or the 1-11 Rams or the 1-11 Bucs or the 2-10 Lions claim him on waivers. If Thomas wants to act like he doesn’t give a crap about winning, he should play on a team that isn’t.”
    Why would teams that stink and that are not going to be in the playoffs want to pick this guy up? Isn’t it more likely that a team that is fighting to make the playoffs would make a play for him? That could be one of those teams that the Patriots are battling with in their division to make the playoffs such as the Jets or Dolphins.

  15. His comments lead one to believe that he’s a CANCER IN THE LOCKER ROOM. Let him sit home on the couch with his toes up for the rest of the season, but DO NOT let him back in that locker room.

  16. # gopher2b says: December 10, 2009 3:31 PM
    Well, it was the weather that caused his tardiness so it really isn’t fair. If there was some way of knowing about inclement weather, like a profession devoted to studying this kind of thing or even a whole channel devoted to reporting it, then I would understand. But the man isn’t god, you know. He cannot predict things like a snow storm in New England in December.
    That channel that is supposedly dedicated to just weather was showing a movie not too long ago. It also has IMO, one of the most talentless people in television on the air, Al Roker.
    That channel should be 24/7 dedicated to the current weather, it seems to be changing drastically from that format.
    As for forecasts, they aren’t always accurate.

  17. So the Pats will cut Thomas this offseason. Big whoop. But I guarantee that he WILL sign with the Jets. After all, he had his best years in Baltimore under Rex Ryan.

  18. he should really piss Bella-dick off and move in … actually set up camp in the complex until the season is over …
    anybody who has traveled in a snowstorm knows there are a myriad of variables that can determine the time it will take to get from point a to b … his only “guarantee” of being on time would have been to stay at the facility overnight …

  19. mmdd1111 says:
    December 10, 2009 3:29 PM
    Hey guess what, New England ain’t winning either

  20. He doesn’t care. That’s a great leader there.
    Most people who know there’s going to be bad weather the next day, plan ahead. Leave earlier.
    Can’t believe this is the first time this issue’s come up.
    Looks like the coach is sending a message. Defense in New England sucks. They could play a rookie in his place and get 28 total tackles and 3 sacks. Turnstile.
    Maybe his buddy Deion Sanders has some advice for him.

  21. Pats get penalized $7,260,000 in cap space if they cut him now. So cutting him now is not an option.

  22. Even service members are not held to such “unraliztically stupid” standards when it comes to bad weather.
    “Arrive alive” is more the theme than “hurry up and get there at any cost”. Then when they finally arrive Bellyache sends them right back into the bad weather to “go home”. Dumba$$ move by a Dumba$$ coach – I’m with Thomas in his rant – this was completly unnecessary and only serves to widen the gap between player and coach.
    Just mMore of Bellycheck being an idiot pain in the a$$ because the Pats aren’t winning.

  23. I was upset when he left Baltimore but he really has not panned out for the Pats, especially with that big contract. Just put him on that list of guys who have played next to Ray, went somewhere else with a big contract and haven’t done nada (or NGATA!!!)

  24. While I agree Thomas needs to STFU and take his licks…that was a low blow on the Browns, Bucs Rams and Lions, Florio. Don’t care about winning?!!! I mean, obviously all of these teams have issues and maybe not the right personell in some positions, but how in the hell do you figure they don’t care about winning?! That’s why they play. Maybe Florio needs to STFU as well.

  25. I get up for work at the same time every day. When I wake up, I may notice a storm outside and think “crap, I’m going to be late today if the roads are bad”. And then I’m late if the roads are bad. Or if they are just kinda bad, but bad enough that there was a wreck leaving my neighborhood. Some of my co-workers are not late. They might not live in my neighborhood and have to drive past the same wreck that costs them 15 minutes. Or maybe they don’t have to take the interstate, which is where the problems tend to get bad. Maybe they live 10 miles in the opposite direction from work, and it’s not as bad there. Maybe they live in a nicer neighborhood and the roads get cleared earlier. Or they have lived in the city longer, and know shortcuts that I don’t know, for when the roads are bad. Maybe they woke up at 3am to go to the bathroom and saw the snow, and set their alarm to go off earlier. Maybe they actually watch the weather channel every night before bed, and I don’t. Maybe I have a steep driveway that I can’t get out of until I shovel it off, but they park on the street that was cleared at 6am by the city.
    There are many reasons why weather would make some people late, but not others. Only a simpleton would think otherwise. The fact is, if 4 guys out of 53 are late, and all 4 say it’s because of the weather, and you can look outside and see a snowstorm and traffic, and they aren’t late at other times, then it’s safe to believe them. This was Belichick yelling “respect my authoritah” in his best Cartman voice, if you ask me. If my boss did that, I’d be looking for a new job (after thanking him for the day off that I used to sit at home and put my toes up in the air, of course).

  26. Nobody did anything wrong here. Belichec has a rule that he can’t make any exceptions for. Once you make one exception you open the floodgates.
    Thomas didn’t do anything wrong. There were probably some car accidents and he got hung up in traffic. Had he been in the ditch or flat tire or whatever else then it would have been the same situation. The bad part of this is that Thomas feels he has to make these comments so people know he didn’t just intentionally not go to make a statement.
    Both sides are trying to blame one another but neither did anything wrong. If you have an unbendable rule that is at the mercy of traffic there will be occasionally a problem. Just live with them and don’t make things worse by making media quotes.
    I really side with Thomas in a way though. Asked if it is motivation? He is right to say it isn’t because only an imbecil would be motivated by something like that. If you weren’t motivated to play football in the first place and this makes you change then you are an imbecil.

  27. “anybody who has traveled in a snowstorm knows there are a myriad of variables that can determine the time it will take to get from point a to b … his only “guarantee” of being on time would have been to stay at the facility overnight …”
    BB made it a point after the loss in Miami to tell his team they needed to put in more effort, come in early, stay late, etc. 50 other people obviously took him at his word and got to the facility early enough that having to deal with snow did not make them late for an 8:00 meeting. Thomas and the other 3 apparently ignored their coach’s “suggestion” about getting there early, that’s why they were sent home for being a few minutes late. In BB’s eyes they were probably more like an hour or two late.

  28. Cut him now? Are you mad? Trade his to the Chiefs or Raiders for a 4th rounder (or a 2011 first, in the case of the Raiders!)
    Next year when this guy is playing on a team that getting spanked week in and week out, he’ll rue the day he didn’t set the alarm clock half an hour early

  29. You know what, we don’t know the specifics of the situation. We don’t know where Thomas lives as opposed to the players who made it on time. We don’t know if there was an accident, or a spin-out in front of him that slowed him down.
    I live and drive in the snow for about five months of the year, and I can easily tell you that you never know what’s going to happen and no amount of planning ahead can get you somewhere on time if just one idiot makes a mistake. The other night I left for a christmas party(ugh, work) two hours early(30 min drive)…well, a logging truck jack-knifed across the road and I was able to turn back after three hours of sitting on the road.
    Point being, if there’s a snow storm, be thankful that everyone made it safely…Belichick sending them home was stupid…I also love how Brady isn’t practicing…that must mean he doesn’t care about winning, right?

  30. Dang it!!
    Im tired of gettin’ let down by my heroes.
    First, I had to take down my Tiger Woods poster.
    Now, I have to remove my Adalius Thomas poster.
    The only poster I still have in my room is Mehmet Okur.

  31. Another stupid post from multi screen name whatever florio.
    Kind of sad you have to use someone else’s personna for your screen name.
    What a loser.
    Save your cute remarks, you are really a waste of time.

  32. “It’s easy to sum it up if you’re just talking about motivation. We’re sitting here…and we’re talking about motivation. I mean listen, we’re sitting here talking about motivation, not a game, not a game, not a game, but we’re talking about motivation. Not the game that I go out there and die for and play every game last it’s my last but we’re talking about motivation man. How silly is that?
    Now I know that I’m supposed to lead by example and all that but I’m not shoving that aside like it don’t mean anything. I know it’s important, I honestly do but we’re talking about motivation. We’re talking about motivation man. We’re talking about motivation. We’re talking about motivation. We’re not talking about the game. We’re talking about motivation. When you come to the stadium, and you see me play, you’ve seen me play right, you’ve seen me give everything I’ve got, but we’re talking about motivation right now.”

  33. A.D. as he is known by his friends, has always been a fan favorite here in Baltimore…Problem was he went to the Pro Bowl and Coach Bellacheat developed a man crush on him, signed him to a huge contract, and now is no longer enamored with his ability to play all 11 positions on defense. We appreciate your unique talent here A.D. and we would welcome you back anytime! Did you see T Sizzle and Coach Harbs at today’s press conference? Here’s a link..

  34. @LewD says:
    December 10, 2009 3:42 PM
    “he should really piss Bella-dick off and move in … actually set up camp in the complex until the season is over …
    anybody who has traveled in a snowstorm knows there are a myriad of variables that can determine the time it will take to get from point a to b … his only “guarantee” of being on time would have been to stay at the facility overnight ..”
    Or leave early you dipshit like the other 49 players, plus the 6 on the practice squad plus all the coaches who made it to the facility on time. They were calling that storm all over the news for 3 days. And I’m sure the team reminded them of that when they broke practice Monday.
    You don’t get any mulligans when you are starter, a supposed leader and you make $7.5M a year

  35. I’m confused here. Is this guy habitually late? This piece doesn’t say anything about that. If he’s not habitually late, Belicheat is clearly in the wrong on this. For those of you who do not work, or live in an area where there isn’t snow, or more then 10 people in your town, this may come as a shock to you but 95% of the work force is usually late in going to work on days like that. He could have very well left his house early but someone else COULD HAVE gotten into an accident that caused him to be late. Frankly, I am wondering, if the snow was really THAT bad, why was there practice in the first place? These people are not emergency personnel. They do not HAVE to be at work when conditions are dangerous. There is also the fact that they are not allowed to do things that are dangerous and could get them hurt. It’s a clause in every professional athletes contract. This could be construed as doing something dangerous that could get them hurt.

  36. To all you idiots… Adalius isn’t saying he wasn’t late.
    The point is…
    what the F is the point in sending 4 players home, when you have to plan for the upcoming game?
    Fine then, fine. But sending them home, when they SHOWED UP? Even if they were late… I mean, Adalius CALLED to let them know he was going to be late. What else is he supposed to do? Things are going to happen in life which will make you late. Let’s say he sets an alarm clock. Power goes out over night… alarm is reset and never goes off. You’re late. You use alarm on your cell phone… but battery dies even though the phone is plugged in because the power went out.
    It makes NO sense to send players home unless you plan on playing without them.
    IT’s you people on here who act like being late is a crime against humanity, and that is should NEVER happen, and that Adalius is being unreasonable by really answering the questions asked in as reasonable a way as possible?
    So if he says he’s sorry he was late, you’ll change your mind about him?
    The Patriots thought they would handle Richard Seymour in a certain way, and now they are kicking themselves in the butts. This will only turn out the same way. Adalius will be glad to get out of there.

  37. Adelius:
    Do not worry about the weather, traffic,
    ditches or whatever.
    You are too stupid to be grateful for the wonderful opportunity you just screwed up.

  38. they cut him i bet you he goes to the jets.. rex ryan and a real chance to stick it to billy boy

  39. Man it’s great watching this team unravel. It’s just a matter of time until Moss’ cancer spreads through that locker room

  40. Thomas has not justified the large amount of money that he is paid. BB has been dealing with his bad attitude all year. His play on the field is poor and if not for injuries to other LB’s he would not start at all. Getting to work on time is a challenge for any working person in a northern climate be it in New England or Chicago. Everyone deals with it and so lame excuses from overpaid athletes don’t resonate in their minds. If its snowing leave early. Randy Moss was in the process of flying from Florida and had zero control over his situation yet he has not spoken up.

  41. This is why they were sent home (and as you read this, note that the weather should not be a surprise when you live in NE and it is December, which I do. Was it bad weather out there yesterday? Yes, but roads were not shut down here in Eastern Mass yesterday, travel was just slower than usual. Get up early and get to work – all of the coaches and 49 other players figured it out, one of whom’s wife delivered a baby overnight).
    From Mike Reiss’ ESPN Boston column today:
    When the Patriots gathered as a team the day after Sunday’s 22-21 loss to the Dolphins, coach Bill Belichick delivered a message to players that went something like this:
    “It’s going to take more commitment for us to get where we need to go. More film work. Coming in a little early. Leaving a little later. Not running out of the building.”
    If this is what he said on Monday and then these guys were late on Wednesday after a day off on Tuesday, then he had to send a message to the team or his words on Monday were meaningless. Plus, anyone who watches TV or listens to a radio knew on Monday this storm was coming, so the weather should not have been a surpise. Get up a little earleir and do what we all did who had to get to work for a real job.

  42. This storm was tracked on all the local stations for at least 24 hours before it hit. There were multiple hour-by-hour progressions of where the snow would start, when it would turn to rain, etc. Schools were closed, many people stayed home and traffic was very light.There were no major accidents in the Foxborough area.

  43. These are grown men that have been playing football in most cases since they were in grade schoool.
    Motivation via a chump move like sending players home is no motivation at all. Like a spoiled rotten kid that is not getting his way Belicheat lashed out as spoiled kids do.
    There are many reasons to send a player home or sit them down but being late due to a winter blizzard is not one of them. Way to go Bill………. what a douche!! I hope Kraft has the balls to tell him how much of a douche he is.

  44. Enjoy the view from the inactive list
    Your days in NE are over
    It does not matter where he lives or what happened he should have left 6 hours early if he had to he has most of the year to do nothing
    What a team player
    What an ass
    Its aholes like this that are destroying the country with there its all about me bs
    Get up early start up the Caddy SUV and drive your bum ass to work
    50 made it 4 did not guess it was not that important to the 4.
    I drive to meetings all year long last thing I do at night is check the morning weather if there is a storm I get up early and worst thing that happens is I get there early its what you do when you have to get your ass to work

  45. You guys crack me up. It’s like you’re in a competition to see how much of a zombie robot you can be. Someone expresses their opinion? Heretic! Heretic! And you couch it with words like loyalty and cancer? Please. Go back to your cubicle, slave.

  46. Rumor in the papers has it he has been a problem from day 1. A story came out saying he was confronted by Belechick in his first year with Pats about having the organization give him a huge contract and being late to weight lifting sessions. Guess Ray Lewis was right (not about the stabbing thing about he made him look good).

  47. Hap Is A Tool says:
    December 10, 2009 4:57 PM
    I am Hap, and I am a tool.
    You’ve come to the right thread Hap. You’ll find a large number of posters with common interests.

  48. High salary? His base salary is low, the bonus are high. If another team claims him off waivers, it’ll be cheap for just four games.
    I think if the Pats wanted to punish him, they’d put him on IR.

  49. daffx4 do you speak english? moron!
    adalius,,,your job, getting to work on time, your problem! the rest of the world has to live by the rules of dressing up and showing up,,,on time! what makes you so special? if you have trouble getting places on time hire someone to be responsible for getting you there. you are a millionaire and by the way, your playing days in new england have not been good! overpayed baby brat. you are starting on a defense that cannot stop the other team! you should be an hour early! dip shit!

  50. Nothing I read in those quotes made me think he doesnt give a crap about winning it seems more to me that he doesnt give a crap about what Bellchick thinks.

  51. JohnMurph,
    According to AD he did not know it was going to snow.
    Based on that statement alone, considering it has been predicted for several days on every TV, radio and newspaper which the storm affected 42 states, makes you wonder alittle about his intellect. Not a very bright guy!
    I was excited when he was signed but after this season he is yet another example of a player who had a career year when he was up for FA and couldn’t produce once he got the $$$
    See ya AD, obviosly has lost his skills.

  52. Please. You have a time commitment on a day when the weather is bad? IF YOU TAKE THAT COMMITMENT SERIOUSLY, you PLAN for it, i.e., you leave early so that when the weather slows down the traffic, you have that time cushion that will allow you to make your commitment ON TIME.
    Says he’s not a kindergartener? Guess not, wouldn’t qualify.

  53. Thomas just wanted it known that he tried to be there on time but due to the horrible weather it couldn’t happen.
    Eight minutes late… eight minutes. It’s not like he showed up 30 or 60 minutes late.
    Eight minutes for many of us might be hitting five lights green or those same five ligths red.
    While I think players should attend meetings on time, and a job in the NFL is an honor and not owed to Thomas, I think given the circumstances and the fact he was just a few minutes late, it’s a joke.
    Pats have a shot to still make the playoffs and win the division and at least contend a bit in the post season, but this move was dumb for the Patriots.

  54. Dear Mr. Thomas-
    Everybody else made it to the meeting on time. You’re late because you’re not committed. If you were, you would have checked the weather and got up extra early to make it in on time. You know that things haven’t been good of late. You should have been expecting the “honcho in the poncho” to swing the hammer soon. Commited teamates figured it out and you didn’t.
    btw- After watching the replay on the network last night, I must say, your pass rush is a feeble effort at best. Instead of putting your toes up, maybe mix in a sense of urgency, get out of your stance and put a move on somebody. DO YOUR JOB!
    This Defense is on its heels. DO YOUR JOB!
    C’mon Thomas….. clean it up!

  55. VonClausewitz says:
    December 10, 2009 5:01 PM
    You guys crack me up. It’s like you’re in a competition to see how much of a zombie robot you can be. Someone expresses their opinion? Heretic! Heretic! And you couch it with words like loyalty and cancer? Please. Go back to your cubicle, slave.
    So I should free myself by agreeing with everything you say?
    Please. Go back to Russia, commie bastard.

  56. Hey guess what, New England ain’t winning either
    Wow. Back to back losses and all of a sudden the Pats are losing? They’re in first place, 2 games over .500, and in control of their own destiny.

  57. Thomas is a waste of oxygen. The guy hasn’t done a thing since signing that big contract in NE. At least Rosie Colvin had the excuse of a massive hip injury. What’s Thomas’ excuse? All the NE fans heard after his signing was the guy could play anywhere, had lined up at safety opposite Ochocinco, and so on. But all we’ve seen in games is him either over running plays, completely whiffing on tackles, or getting to plays late. He is a legend in his own mind.

  58. This guy wouldn’t last five minutes in the real world. I worked in a warehouse for a while to pay for college, and they would send you home if you arrived even one second late. Even getting sick was no excuse.

  59. anywhere he wants to go? no.
    somewhere they will take his schitt for attitude? maybe.
    leave earlier. have yer driver / bodyguard / posse get u up early so u can get there.
    there are a lot of ways to insure u are iaw team rules.

  60. Brushi suggesting this isn’t his first offense and that Belichik told them all on Monday to be ready this week, and to be early.
    They lost three out of their last four games. He must be smarter than the coach.

  61. I wonder if all the players who were on time for the meeting flew there Jetsons style? Turd.

  62. Thomas said. “You can’t run people over getting to work.”
    Donte Stallworth might argue this point.

  63. These three LB’s were in the dog house as it were…Randy was made an example of, to prove to the team no one is above the rules.
    It was a shot across the bow to ALL of the players not just these four.
    You guys cannot compare your work situation with professional football players and their schedules…they also live near the field just as an FYI.

  64. Thomas is making million$. You would think that he would appreciate that. More money in one season than most of us will see.
    All he had to do was anticipate the weather, check the news or whatever, and get up early enough to get to work on time like the rest of us who are working for peanuts.
    It’s pretty clear that he isn’t emotionally invested in the success of the team, isn’t it?

  65. patsSB44champs says:
    December 10, 2009 3:41 PM
    So the Pats will cut Thomas this offseason. Big whoop. But I guarantee that he WILL sign with the Jets. After all, he had his best years in Baltimore under Rex Ryan.
    AD played his best in a defensive scheme that was adjusted to his unique abilities. Now he’s just a cog in a system where the coach has lost a step or two.
    BB send 4 players home without coaching them on this week’s game plan? THIS WEEK to BB is always THE MOST IMPORTANT GAME.
    “Just trying to win a game here. The (insert opponents name here) is our sole focus.”
    “But because I wanted to show those players who had the bigger dick, I sent them home without having them ready to play on Sunday.”
    How is this not a screw up by BB?

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