San Fran, Santa Clara continue to wrangle over the 49ers

With dueling proposals for a new 49ers stadium in their current home (San Francisco) and their potential new home (Santa Clara) moving toward reality, San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom has reiterated his belief that the Niners seem to be intent on moving out of town.

They want to turn the page,” Newsom told Brian Murphy and Paul McCaffrey of KNBR this morning.  “They want to start anew.”

Newsome’s words come on the same day the San Francisco Chronicle printed on the front page an impressive artist’s rendering of the new venue that would be built in the city.  (If you zoom in, you can see Mike Singletary dropping his pants.  No, we’re still not yet ready to move on from that one.)

Former 49ers president Carmen Policy, who is advising the developer of the San Francisco site and Newsom, predicts that a new San Fran-based stadium could be “the most stunning NFL venue in the country.”

In Santa Clara, the city council recently voted to move forward with a ballot measure to approve a stadium near Great America amusement park.  Still, an environmental lawsuit filed on Monday could throw a wrench in the gears.  (Unless California legislators change the applicable law after the fact.  But that could never happen, right?)

Even though the 49ers seem to be intent on moving out of town, the franchise belongs in San Francisco proper.  And we’ve got a feeling that the league eventually will nudge the Niners in that direction.

After, of course, the franchise has secured every possible concession and sweetener from San Fran before breaking the news to Santa Clara that the team is getting back together with its old girlfriend.

19 responses to “San Fran, Santa Clara continue to wrangle over the 49ers

  1. Would make sense to move to Santa Clara. Their day-to-day operations has been there for years. I think this will be like the Cowboys in the sense that they are named the Dallas Cowboys, but don’t actually play in Dallas.

  2. I don’t think the Shield will try ot nudge the Niners back into bed with San Francisco. The league wants the Niners and Raiders to share a new stadium (which makes sense) . . . and the Santa Clara site has a neutral identity within the Bay Area.
    Santa Clara makes the most sense for a two team facility.

  3. ^ Agree that the new stadium should be in San Francisco itself, not an hour away.
    Don’t know if this is an actual achitectual rendering shown, but if it is, the upper deck(s) are set back waaaaay too far from the field. That is the problem with most, if not all, of the new stadiums being built. This detracts from sightlines, the overall experience, and crowd noise. Huge pet peeve of mine.
    Pretty ridiculous that stadiums built 75 years ago could manage put the upper decks right on top of the field, and today’s architects refuse, despite the hundreds of millions, or billions being put in.

  4. First of all, the whiners are closer to moving to LA than anywhere. The Santa Clara proposal is a dying quail. The voters will never approve it next June and there si not enough parking, this just came out. Not enough parking especially for Mon/Thurs night games, since 20k of so of the spaces come from office parking lots. So the team won’t get National TV games? Or will have a 8pm PST start time. Ludicrous, but the bottom line is the voters are about as inclined to approve this as they are to line up to french kiss an AIDS patient.
    As for the Raiders? If you know Bay Area infrastructure, the Oakland Alameda County Coliseum is in the BEST spot for a stadium in the Bay Area already. They are not going anywhere, shared or not. When times rebound in the economy, they will build a new Coliseum (sniff) in the same spot, where BART, multiple freeways, the OAK airport, and inland access all convene.
    To me it is as clear as day, but those of you that want to dream, dream on.

  5. I say they need to move the team to LA. As a raider fan I’m tired of hearing from whinner fans about Al moving our team. It would be so sweat if the 9ers moved to so cal

  6. @raidertg
    Dude that would be so sweat!!! That’s not even a typo, you had to seek out the letter A to mess that one up. Bravo, sir. No doubt in my mind that the average Raider fan IQ hovers around 25 thanks in large part to you.
    As for the stadium fiasco, just get it settled. I’m an SF resident and while I’d love to see the team stay here, a transit-friendly stadium is the best bet at this point because fans are so spread out over the 9 counties, and beyond.

  7. Also, I should add that it will be a great day in San Francisco when Gavin Newsom is no longer mayor. Guy is an absolute joke.

  8. LOL . . . that would be sweat???
    Get over it Fader Fans, the Niners will never leave the Bay . . . but if you’re nice maybe we’ll let you borrow our new stadium in 2014.

  9. Sonoco says:
    December 10, 2009 2:17 PM
    LOL . . . that would be sweat???
    Get over it Fader Fans, the Niners will never leave the Bay . . . but if you’re nice maybe we’ll let you borrow our new stadium in 2014.
    Nice offer but first, you need some money to build a stadium before you can offer it for rent.

  10. I have season tickets to the Niners even though they are my #2 team and I sure don’t want to go to games all the way in Santa Clara. I can take a bus to Candlestick and be home 30 minutes after the game. If the stadium is moved to Santa Clara I will have to drive and it will take me 2 hours to get home.
    If Gavin Newsom and the voters of San Francisco were anything other than totally clueless jackasses this would have been settled years ago, but there is always another “agenda” with any large project that the city has anything at all to do with.

  11. I agree with JSpicoli. The Oakland-Alameda Coliseum complex is the best location for a stadium in the bay, but we know that the money isn’t there so the best offer for the Niners and RAIDERS is to build a joint stadium. Facts is facts. If the Niners had the money they would have been in a new stadium years ago in San Francisco. Santa Clara was and is just a wildcard but it could serve both teams.

  12. Los Angeles 49ers is perfect!!!!!
    No haggling and a brand new first class venue in LA County, and sell out crowds!!!
    LA welcomes this franchise!!!!
    Put the ‘LA” logo in front of the “SF” and we have a winner!!

  13. New Jersey has set the tone. A shared stadium makes the most sense. On the Oakland side of the Bay Bridge (most-central location in the Bay Area and almost 300 acres coming available, with most infrastructure already in place) with a new BART station incorporated into it (piece of cake).
    It makes perfect sense, which is why it won’t happen. Also the very provincial San Franciscans would never accept the thought of playing in Oakland.

  14. Anybody who says the niners are moving to LA clearly don’t know what the hell they are talking about.. San Francisco HATES LA and LA hates San Francisco, there is no Niner fan base down there and you better believe LA fans wouldn’t want SF’s leftovers.. If the Lakers moved to SF I would still hate them souly for the fact that their name begins with LA.. It will be in Santa Clara through and through, this should not even be a story. SF is highly unlikely..

  15. The reality is that no stadium will ever be built in SF. Nothing ever gets done in that town until the gay community gets behind [so to speak] it.
    No stadium will be built in Oakland [no money] unless they tie it to a bond measure requiring funds from other east bay cities, and that isn’t happening as long as Al Davis has decision making authority with the Raiders.
    So the only chance these two franchises have for survival is to team up for a stadium somewhere else.
    And fans of these two franchise better hope and pray that TV revenue sharing never goes away. They couldn’t survive without it.

  16. bigrig says:
    December 10, 2009 3:58 PM
    Final score Super Bowl LV
    Los Angeles 49’ers 27
    Los Angeles Raiders 21
    You are calling for the end of the NFL aren’t you?

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