Titans' Tony Brown fined $10,000 for cheap shot

Tennessee Titans defensive tackle Tony Brown took a cheap shot at Colts guard Kyle DeVan on Sunday, and it proved to be costly to his team: The subsequent 15-yard penalty put the Colts in range for a field goal at the end of the first half.

Now the cheap shot has proved costly to Brown personally as well: The NFL has fined Brown $10,000 for his actions, the Nashville City Paper reports.

Brown put his hands in DeVan’s face mask in what has been described as an attempted eye gouge.

Titans linebacker Keith Bulluck criticized Brown for the penalty, saying, “Coaches always stress, especially Coach [Jeff] Fisher, penalties that have absolutely nothing to do with the play. They are dumb penalties and they hurt us as a team.”

Brown has declined to discuss the incident in detail with reporters, but he indicated that he would pay the fine and not appeal it.

UPDATE:  ESPN reports that the fine is actually $20,000.

7 responses to “Titans' Tony Brown fined $10,000 for cheap shot

  1. It looked like slow motion when he went to gouge the dudes eyes. I was surprised the Colts guy didn’t at least try to move his head or put a hand up or anything. And he did it right in front of the ref, while both guys were standing in the clear. It was very awkward, and obviously a stupid move on Browns part. I don’t think DeVan believed what he was seeing when the guy went for his eyes though, he seemed to be stunned.

  2. $10,000 – chump change to most of these guys. The undrafted rookie free agents don’t do the things to get these fines because the rookie minimum makes $10K a big slice of their game check. The NFL should list these as a percentage of game check.

  3. Jeff Fisher is the most overrated coach in the NFL. Fairly typical crap from a Titans team. Love how Tony Brown was blowing kisses to the crowd and posturing on his way to the locker room at halftime. Uh, Tony, you’d been getting your ass handed to you by Jeff Saturday and Kyle DeVan all game long. What the HELL did you have to posture about?
    I’m sure Peyton appreciate the free three points, though.

  4. I was at the game, and as the Titans left the field at halftime, we were booing Mr. Brown, he stopped around the 30 yard line, smiled and made an obscene gesture towards the paying customers.
    Class act from the team with dirty players like Kevin Mawae and last year Albert Haynesworth!

  5. Chunky says
    “Well, Thank God he didn’t push him in the back! That could have REALLY hurt him.”
    Or slip on a sombrero. THAT gets expensive

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