Floyd Reese could be the next Browns G.M.

So with last night’s stunning win over the Steelers, Browns coach Eric Mangini is safe, right?

Um, maybe not.

In the end, Mangini’s fate could be decided by a new football czar and/or G.M.

And the man occupying one or both of those roles soon could be former Titans G.M. Floyd Reese.

That’s the current talk in league circles, which comes on the heels of recent indications that the Browns will soon be making a move in the front office. 

That said, we’re not yet hearing definitively that Reese will get the job.

It remains to be seen whether Reese or anyone else would have the ability to fire Mangini.  And here’s an intriguing wrinkle, if the guy is Reese and if Reese has the juice to dump the guy who apparently prefers milkshakes.  Reese currently is working for the Patriots, and it’s possible that Reese has gotten an earful this year from New England coach Bill Belichick regarding Mangini, who is widely blamed for instigating of the Spygate scandal based on inside information he obtained while working with the Patriots — and thus benefiting from any actual or perceived cheating.

20 responses to “Floyd Reese could be the next Browns G.M.

  1. He can bring in quality people like Albert Haynesworth, Vince Young, and Pacman Jones.
    I laugh every time he mentions on ESPN how you have to look for quality character in draft picks.

  2. “Perceived Cheating”?
    Thats lawyer talk right there.
    What do Tiger Woods and Bill B have in common?
    You know the answer to that…

  3. ………..and Mangini could be the next commisioner of the NFL. Florio, no one in this industry writes more garbage than you do, you’re a true bottom feeder.

  4. As a Titans season ticket holder, Reese was a great GM and a good guy. I am sure he would do a good job for the Browns.

  5. Oh what a tangled web we weave…Mangini is done for sure in Cleveland, but it would be sweeeet if the person shitcanning his fat ass could tell him how karma is coming back to bite him in it, with a wink, of course! Good luck in your next job as a locker room towel boy, Eric. Ho Ho Ho!!!

  6. Other candidates for the Browns GM job:
    Mike Holmgren
    Bernie Kosar
    Ron Wolf
    Bill Parcells
    Mr. Magoo
    Sargent Schultz
    Pocket lint
    The Drake

  7. Never mind CameraHunt, known by some as ‘Spygate’.
    Mangini’s resume alone is enough for an independent observer to conclude he is not, was not, and likely never be a qualified NFL head coach.
    But being a backstabbing, bridge burning prick certainly won’t help his case, either.

  8. Admittedly Floyd Reese has only been with the Pats for a year, but are the Browns seriously going to hire another guy from the Patriots organazation after their last two failures?

  9. Good choice by Browns! I personally believe it was reese that built that superbowl team. Either way he will improve that browns team. Well… its not hard to improve that team since they are rock bottom.

  10. No, please no.
    Leave it to Lerner to $#$& on our cornflakes, after last nights win, with another in his constant succession of horrific decisions.
    I think Randy Lerner is a steelers and ravens fan.
    Please God, NO!

  11. I’ve been against Mangini for alot of this season…but I do believe he earned another year last night alone. It’s obvious he had them ready last night and they will play for him. Can you imagine that defense from last night with good players on it????? I say get a GM to run the draft and let Mangini and his crew return for at least one more year. If next year is another clunker, then let him go…but I’m curious to see how he will (would) do.

  12. There is no way that last sentence is not a run-on sentence. I had to read it 3 times… commas in the wrong places… that should be like 3 different sentences… LOL… Its cool though… We love Football not Grammer!!!

  13. I’ll take Sports Figures for $1600, Alex, er, Merriman’s Dealer:
    >>>These two men have both thoroughly dominated their sport for a sustained period of time.
    Who are Tiger Woods and Bill B
    This is fun, got any more?

  14. The only reason to stick for Mangini for the whole spygate thing is he probly told Bellichick not to tape his team and warned him if he does it he will let the NFL know about it.
    Men shouldnt snitch on form friends or anybody for that matter, but I can see where he was coming from if he told the Patriots he was going to and they still did it anyway. I wouldnt do that sort of thing but I can understand why he did.

  15. I don’t agree that Mangini has lost his full time job as a coach or even with the Browns for that matter…I do agree that no matter what happens in this shitty city of mine that you have to keep Bob Ryan and go from there. I feel that getting a “talent evaluator” better then mangini aka a GM/czar like a parchells and replacing the offensive coordinator would be the 1st step in the right direction. But regardless if it was Ryan and our defenses 8 sacks or mangini’s improved lack of discipline…we beat the steelers and knocked them out of the playoffs. JUST PLEASE GIVE JOSH CRIBBS HIS CONTRACT EXTENSION/INCREASE ALREADY

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