James Harrison's mother charged with assault

While James Harrison was curiously quiet Thursday night in Cleveland, his mother was unleashing hell elsewhere in Ohio.

Mildred Harrison was cited for misdemeanor assault by Akron police, according the Akron Beacon-Journal.  The 62-year-old woman was at the center of a football game viewing party gone bad. 

James Harrison grew up in the Akron area and went to Kent State.  A local VFW threw a party with more than 50 people Thursday night to watch the game with Mildred and celebrate the local hero.

Sometime around 10 PM, the party turned violent according to police.  (This was about the same time Steelers fans started to worry their season was ending.)  Several witnesses told police they were “pushed, punched and struck with beer bottles.”

We’re not exactly CSI: Akron, but something tells us Mildred and other Steelers fans in attendance got into it with some Browns backers.  Two other people, Shovonne Johnson-Roper, 39, and Ross Johnson, 27, were charged with felonious assault after the fracas.

Mildred and James Harrison Sr. are retired and live in Akron.

With that in mind, we’d recommend anyone that battled with Mildred Thursday skip town for a while.  You messed with the wrong family.

66 responses to “James Harrison's mother charged with assault

  1. Wow the Steelers seem like they
    ‘re the ones full of turds not the 09 Bengals!
    Who Dey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. So you suggest people move from their homes because they should fear the Harrison family? What are you the family mouthpiece? Sounds like Mom broke the law to me. Last time I checked we’re all Americans. Why are people fighting over football game outcomes anyway?

  3. Sounds like a really good idea, a watch party in the Cleveland area with obnoxious stealers fans and Cleveland fans watching in tandem. What could POSSIBLY go wrong?
    It’s funny how 1 game can reignite a rivalry that’s been dead for essentially 20 years.

  4. Honestly, I’m surprised that they’re still in Akron. Aren’t retirees supposed to move somewhere warm?

  5. Bengal fans, why don’t you win something first? The whole city of Cleveland is full with fat inbreds with no brains.

  6. I was very vocal a few years ago, when the steelers were waffling on keeping harrison, that the Browns should have picked him up in FA. This is what happens when Ohio natives play for pittsburg. It’s almost like christians converting to islam out of spite. You know something bad is going to happen.

  7. I was at the Akron VFW last night.
    The trouble started when Browns fans kept holding Mildred while she tried to rush the buffet table.
    Eventally she just lost it and started hip-tossing people.

  8. @urbusted …
    Omigosh, you sound serious! Is this really the first time you’ve heard of people fighting over a football game???? LOL I grew up in the sweetest little Mayberry of a town, but when we played our cross-town rivals, all the sudden it was Boyz & Girlz in the Hood. One year a fight broke out where the band was sitting and the sexpot Drum Major was standing on the bleachers whacking people over the head with her baton LOL
    The only thing more colossally stupid than a game-viewing party mixing Steelers and Browns fans would be a party mixing Steelers and Ravens fans. Then they’d have wound up calling the morgue!

  9. “With that in mind, we’d recommend anyone that battled with Mildred Thursday skipt town for a while. You messed with the wrong family.”
    Is that a threat directed from Florio or are you suggesting that the Harrisons are in the mafia? Ooooooooooo better leave town! LMAO This site cracks me up.

  10. Apparently James is a chip off the old block…..
    Or, the apple doesnt fall far from the tree…..
    Classic. I am highly amused though, typically, there would be 100 Pissburgh fans in here, defending their player…..but, I in light of the fact that the season ended, they all packed away their towels, party is over, band wagon out of commission for a while……..

  11. “Bengal fans, why don’t you win something first? The whole city of Cleveland is full with fat inbreds with no brains.”
    Oh the irony.

  12. This family is terrible. I wonder if she had her sons pittbulls with her. They certainly did well at attacking her grandson i am sure they could have taken on some Browns fans

  13. @Crip2knight
    Yes, because Mildred Harrison definitely plays for the Steelers. I will give credit where credit is due though. The Bengals are a great team this year and I wish the best of luck for them. I love when the Steelers beat them, but I also root for division rivals in the playoffs because I think each title the division brings in is better for every team in the division (basically I hate the NFC East being called the beast because of the amount of SB wins they have). At the same time, “who dey”, worst war cry ever.

  14. i’m sure when the cops showed up, no matter who else was doing what in the crowd, this being the holiday season, and small town law enforcement always appreciates a little something, you know, for the effort….there was no doubt one of the harrisons was getting rung…..
    he was the one that slammed the browns fan who ran on the field in 05, dude spent xmas in the slam, but at least his family knew where he was….

  15. Bill Cowher’s Chin….
    I AM here…I’ve actually already commented. Why do I have to defend Harrison? I’m sure Harrison can do that himself. He’s obviously a big boy. I think it’s comical actually. I can’t just picture the altercation in my head. I’m not embarassed by this, nor should anyone but the people involved, whether they are Browns or Steelers fans. Who knows if details will come out or not, but I could only imagine someone making a comment about her son. That’s a mother defending her son, something that can be vicious at times. Get over it, I will repeat, I’m not embarassed by this, and none of us should be. I tend to be more embarassed by the disheartening and lackadaisical effort put forth by the players on the field…not a players mother getting into it with someone at a VFW. You people really do find any reason to try and make excuses as to why we should be “embarassed” or “ashamed”. LOL….but hey….THE BROWNS WON THE SUPERBOWL.

  16. DanRooney says:
    December 11, 2009 6:58 PM
    Bengal fans, why don’t you win something first? The whole city of Cleveland is full with fat inbreds with no brains.
    That’s true, DanRooney: In Cleveland those people are known as “steeler fans”

  17. Hey, Bill Cowher’s Chin …
    You need to give up that dream of all the Steeler fans going away. I’m still here. Still lovin’ my Steelers. Still lovin’ Harrison. And there’s no need to defend him because he wasn’t in Akron. Besides, the idea of a 62-year-old woman putting a whompin’ on some Browns fans who dissed her baby is pretty funny. Oh yeah, almost forgot, you were “highly amused” … la de dah!

  18. B-bo….
    What is it with people from other cities always claiming how “fat and ugly” other teams fans are LOL. It’s amazing. You’ve got attractive fans and ugly fans in every fanbase. And no…there is no fanbase uglier than the other…that’s just stupid. But for someone from Cleveland to sit there and make a comment about a Steeler fan being fat with no brains is the pot calling the kettle black if I’ve EVER seen it. I don’t know where people from Cleveland get this whole “holier than thou” attitude about their city compared to Pittsburgh and Cincinnati, but I’ve been to Cleveland multiple times and that place is an absolute sh*t hole. Horrible weather (yes, worse than Pittsburgh by far), ghetto areas all over the place, dirty….I don’t know what you’re even talking about. I live in PGH, and while it’s no Miami, a company would have to pay me twice what I’m making now to live anywhere in or near Cleveland. But you do have the Rock and Roll HOF…YEAH!!!!

  19. Browns fan and Bengals fan are so precious.
    One playoff appearance (loss) between them in 15 years and they’re the ones always popping off.
    That’s why nobody ever takes you guys seriously.

  20. Wow, everyone is soooo emotional!!
    Obviously, and this is for you Deb, and Vox’s Mommy, there are fans of every team that are intelligent, and can hold up a decent conversation, you both would be included, as I have seen your posts, but if you two, for one second, are going to pretend that my sarcasm about the Steelers fans defending their boy Harrison was off the mark, you have officially lost it.
    The Steelers fans are some of the most passionate in the football world, and when there is a negative story about anything related to the Steelers, their fans are all over it, they go straight to defend mode. From Hines Ward isnt dirty, to Roethlisburger isnt a drama queen, to Harrison isnt on steroids (these are just examples of the stories that get big responses from Steeler fans),……… Even when it isnt about the Steelers ie, the curse of the towel, if I had a dime for every “curse of the towel” comment when Tennesee was losing game after game, I would be able to retire. Apparently the fix for the curse is to just bench a terrible qb, who knew?
    My comment was not intended for the intelligent, but rather for the foolish, your response makes me question whether I was wrong about you, and need to change you from the intelligent category, to the foolish category……..

  21. hmmmm… Look over there.
    There is a tree and the apple fell right next to it.
    I wonder if she got assessed a penalty but not thrown out, sorta like James in the Super Bowl last year throwing a punch but not getting ejected??

  22. Has anyone read “Never Give Up” by Bill Moushey? It’s a book about James Harrison’s life. After reading the book I’m not surprised at all by this news. This woman ran a house w/ 13 kids in the war zone that is Akron, Ohio. She has a code of taking things into her own hands, which she has passed on to James. Pretty good book….(no tales of HGH for those who like to create illusions in your brain to block the fact that hard work and dedication can actually make someone an NFL super star)
    Maybe one day they’ll write a book about that one year that Bengals and Browns fans finally saw their teams beat Big Ben and the Steelers in Ohio? (btw Ben lost his first 2 games in his NFL career in Ohio this year). Yuck it up now while it lasts because when the last precious second of this season dwindle away in Miami…..the Browns will still be the toilet of the NFL and the Bengals will not be the ones holding Lombardi, but at least they beat the Ravens, Steelers, and Browns twice.

  23. Laxer37, how true. I bet they shut down Cleveland today for the Big “we won a game parade” How sad, 2-11 and everyone dusted off the game shirts Friday to show how proud they are to support a losing team.
    Also, this board shows just how popular the steelers are. The headline could read “the sun rose in pittsburgh today” and every Bengal fan would be on here slamming the team. Every story steeler related gets like 50 comments. Man, i cant wait for the 1st playoff game Cincy plays in. ONE AND DONE FOR SURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Then they can join the Clown fans and all say “but we beat the steelers!” What have they done besides win 6 SBs? the refs love them, wait till next year, blah, blah blah

  24. All this proves is that Harrison’s mom is on steroids too and that she’s tougher than Jen Roethlisberger.

  25. @Bill Cowher’s Chin …
    Well, Chin, passion’s a good thing. And you have to admit, the Titans didn’t turn their season around until they apologized for that towel thing. I’m sure the QB change was just a coincidence 😉
    Defending players doesn’t automatically make Steelers fans foolish. Hines being dirty and Ben being a drama queen are subjective impressions. Just because rival fans see it that way doesn’t make it true. Personally, I’d say Hines is a tough SOB, which is unusual for a wideout. As for dirty, he probably takes whatever shots he can get away with. Given that WRs are usually just sitting ducks for “assassins” like yesteryear’s Jack Tatum, I don’t lose sleep over it 🙂 Ben can be a little melodramatic, but I also think he’s one of the toughest QBs in the league. I’ve had to deal with some pretty serious medical stuff, so I have a good idea what it took for him to be on the field that soon after the accident & appendectomy. He’s … expressive 😉 but he knows how to man up.
    The one I’d most defend is Harrison. People assume he must be juicing to come on so strong at his age. But no one has evidence to support it, not even photographs. He’s built the same now as when he was a backup. He’s tested like all the other players and has never had a problem. I think the guy just found his mental toughness then worked himself to where he is physically. Since he didn’t start all those years, he suffered less wear and tear than other players his age, which lets him play like a younger guy. HGH can make you bigger, but if you focus on Harrison, he plays very smart. Ed Reed is another very smart player. No drug can do that–it’s a product of work and study.
    So … that’s my take on my guys, and I like to think I’m a realist.

  26. Isn’t it fun to see the steelers whine and cry? Man, they sure don’t like to lose, you didn’t hear of any of this mess the last, uhm….20 years that the bengals/browns were horrible? gimme a break, what a bunch of suckers.

  27. They just had a report on this on the local news. This apparently wasn’t just some little fracas, it was an all-out brawl. One guy–believe it was the VFW manager–took a bottle to the head, they showed a nice row of about a dozen staples holding the gash together.
    They also had a camera in front of James Harrison’s mother’s house.
    Didn’t he just sign a big contract extension recently? This guy should be ashamed of himself. He’s a multi-millionaire how many times over, and his parents are living in this rickety, run down old shack. Zero respect for not taking care of his aged parents.

  28. @pork star …
    After Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson’s mother, brother, and nephew were murdered, it came out that Jennifer tried repeatedly to get her mother to move out of the old neighborhood, but her mother didn’t want to leave her friends. You have no idea why Harrison’s mother lives in that house. And it’s none of your business.

  29. Of course, it seems to be par for the course for more than one NFL star.
    Ted Ginn Sr goes around trying to raise money for his high school program, meanwhile his son, and #9 overall NFL draft pick, has never donated a dime.

  30. The apple doesn’t fall very far from the tree.
    If she’s convicted, sentenced to time and Obama offers to pardon her, will she reject his invitation like her son did?

  31. Deb- is any of the stuff we post on PFT about complete strangers our business? I think pork hit a nerve there.

  32. @Deb says:
    December 11, 2009 11:01 PM
    @pork star …
    After reading your last two comments, plus a few other comments in the past, I’m thinking you’re one of the top 20 in this group that actually have some smarts in areas other than just sports.

  33. @Deb,
    No, I’ve heard of it and I’ve seen it. It was meant more as a rhetorical question. I get tired of watching people get alcohol brave but it is what it is.

  34. Laxer, still eating sour grapes? Give it a rest dude, this has nothing to do with Bengals or Browns, this has to do with your insecurity over a piss poor season by your favorite little team. You know why I rarely give Steeler fans credit or due or whatever word you used? Because the majority of you that post on this site are petty, take pleasure in injuries, have no REAL takes, just insults, in short, (most of) you are pathetic.
    This story is sad, mommy at 62 or however old she is can’t control her emotions………………….. Hhhhmmmmmmm…………..

  35. @pork star & jx4cmario1 …
    It did hit a nerve. I don’t know what Harrison’s situation is with his mom, but I’ve heard he grew up pretty rough. I lived in the projects for a while for a research project. It was horrible, but you’d be surprised how many seniors refused to leave even when they could. They didn’t want to move out of the old neighborhood where all their friends were, and you can’t make people do what’s best for themselves. So there could be a lot of reasons why she’s in that house–and he may have the inside really tricked out.
    @urbusted … Certainly agree on the “alcohol brave” part. It reads like a funny story–Mom beats up on fans who diss her son’s team–but we all know it’s really not a joke. You have to feel for celebs of any kind because when their relatives get into scrapes, it’s an automatic headline. Rival team fans and alcohol–foolish mix.
    @damnitall … thank you.

  36. @Deb – whether they choose to move out of the neighborhood or not is one issue.
    That doesn’t mean their son can’t, you know, spend a couple grand to get their driveway paved. Or make sure the garage doors are hung straight.
    Regardless of where they choose to live, he should be embarrassed about the conditions they are living in, in light of the lifestyle he’s achieved for himself thanks in large part to the sacrifices those folks made for him.
    And if that place was “really tricked out inside”, it was the best disguise anybody’s ever seen.

  37. A fight between browns fans and steelers fans? No way, they love each other.
    It doesn’t surprise me at all. Fans of both teams can be ignorant, obnoxious and drunken fools at times.
    Who was the ‘genius’ that organized a party with both Browns and Steelers fans?
    According to the Plain Dealer, apparently there was a fight between steelers fans – one female fan was heard screaming at another female fan that she wasn’t a real (true) steelers fan.
    The fight broke out at about 10pm. Tension had to have been high for both sides. Browns fans are pissed that the Steelers have beat them 12 straight times and Steelers fans definately had to be pissed that the “lowly” Browns were beating the Steelers especially after the Stealers were recently beat by 2 other bad teams.
    Lol – never surprised by the stupidity of drunken, ignorant football fans.
    Cheers and Merry Christmas!

  38. @pork star …
    I didn’t see the footage, so I don’t know what the place looked like. But I’m a Southern girl and spent the first half of my life with unpaved drives. My grandma never had a paved drive, never wanted one. Frankly, as I sit here in my deed-restricted community, I miss unpaved drives.
    As for the sacrifices they made for him, neither of us knows that. They may have been loving, sacrificing parents … or not. He may have achieved what he has in spite of his upbringing. My point is that we can’t judge that man’s life, his upbringing, his character, or the intimate details of his relationship with his parents by a camera shot of the outside of their home. We might want to think life is that simple. But it’s not.

  39. You’re right Deb.
    I was wrong–Harrison is a *great* guy for letting his parents live in squalor while he lives like a king, with earnings that place him in the wealthiest 0.001% of all people on this planet. Happy?
    You’re great at nitpicking these ancillary issues and missing the point. First, it was comparing an NFL player to a former American Idol. Now, it’s talking about driveways in the south. You said we couldn’t blame Harrison for his parents not wanting to move (an unfounded assumption on your part), and I simply pointed out a few things that he *could* do, regardless of where they lived. It is irrelevant whether they pave driveways in the south… I’d reckon that in the majority of the country, they aren’t since there’s still an awful lot of rural homes out there. The relevant fact is that in Akron OH, in a city where there’s snow on the ground 4-5 months out of the year, just 30 minutes from where I grow up, you generally don’t have weed beds for driveways.
    I don’t need to know any intimate details of his life with his parents–they gave him life. And regardless of the quality of that relationship (which doesn’t seem to be too estranged, considering his elderly mother appears to have been busting bottles over people’s heads in defense of her son!), it reflects poorly on him as a person.
    Oh, and what’s that? You didn’t even see the report, or the footage of the house? Great that you can defend this slimeball anyway.
    I’m sure you’ve got more irrelevant comparisons to bring up though…

  40. @Pork Star …
    Yeah … his mother’s busting bottles over people’s heads. Like I said, spent quite a bit of time living in the projects with kids whose moms spent their time that way. So much fun for them to see Mom get hauled off to jail screaming, kicking, and fighting. A regular Sesame Street. And a lot of times it was because someone said something they didn’t like about their babies … the babies who were raising themselves in squalor while Mom was out tearing it up.
    But I can’t judge his mother because I don’t know anything about her. Maybe her arrest was an anamoly and she’s really Mother Theresa and he’s a slimeball just like you say. You seem to have discerned so much about the inner workings of their family from a few seconds of viewing the outside of her house.
    As for irrelevancies … well, I’d argue the only irrelevancy is your predetermined dislike of the man based on his football team. I’m not saying anything I wouldn’t say about any other player on any other team–which is that you, my fine friend with delusions of omnipotence, don’t know diddley about that man’s private life and have no business being his judge and jury. But enjoy throwing your stones.

  41. As every Steeler Fan in this country, I am disappointed over the poor play of our DEFENSE these past 5 games. It is not something that any fan of the Steelers can get use to. I am sure that words were exchanged degrading either the Steelers as a whole or Harrison himself and his mother did what any red-blooded American would do and stick up for her son. I don’t approve of violence but who can blame her under the circumstances. I would have too probably. I do, however, blame our losses on two factors…crappy DEFENSE and bad play calls on the part of our coaches OFFENSE/DEFENSE. I have never witnessed so much conservative play in all my years as a Steelers fan.

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