Steelers-Browns one-liners

[Editor’s note:  Josh Alper is taking a few days off.  So the rest of us are splitting up the work.]

After talking about making changes to the starting lineup for Thursday night’s 13-6 loss to the Browns, Steelers coach Mike Tomlin didn’t pull the trigger.

WR Santonio Holmes has racked up 1,000 receiving yards for the first time, at any level.

WR Limas Sweed continues his plunge — he was surpassed by Tyler Grisham for the fourth spot on the depth chart last night.

One columnist thinks last night’s loss to the Browns was the worst Pittsburgh defeat since the NFL/AFL merger.  (Our vote continues to be 51-0 at home to the Browns to launch the 1989 season, which actually culminated in a playoff berth.)

S Ryan Clark said that “even a bad Pittsburgh team” should be able to beat the 2009 Browns.

Tony Grossi of the Cleveland Plain Dealer described the game as a “cold day in hell” for Tomlin.  (As my kid is now saying, “I see what you did there.”)

Browns DL Corey Williams paid homage to Shaun Rogers after sacking QB Ben Roethlisberger.

K Phil Dawson visited with the denizens of the Dawg Pound after the game; “This was for them,” he said.  “I just wanted to let them know how much I
appreciate them.  It was a moment like this that you want to share with
them.  I hope the people in Cleveland enjoy this one because they really
deserve it.”

Jim Brown loves Josh Cribbs:  “He is a spiritual force,” Brown said.  “What he does is so pure, it’s
running the ball, then going down to make a tackle.  It’s playing the game
with the right attitude, giving himself all the way.”  (Deion sums it up more concisely:  “Pay the man!”)

Was last night a fluke, or are the Browns actually getting better?

18 responses to “Steelers-Browns one-liners

  1. Steelers are just getting worse. The Browns made one good play and that was an awesome catch by their tight end over Timmons.
    The rest was poor tackling and poor pass blocking…don’t forget that Arians called a horrible game.

  2. I hear the local Pittsburg suicide line is currently overwhelmed with callers now that they have a summer to look foward to Pirates minor league baseball!!!

  3. Are the Browns getting better? I stated in numerous places before the game that I thought they would win.
    They put up points against Detroit and almost won, they put up points and were close in San Diego, the last time they played the Steelers on Monday night in Pittsburgh, they played the Steelers very tight in the first half. Then to play this game on national TV at home with Palamaulu missing and Hines Ward at half-strength with both teams having only 3 days of preparation? I just wish I had made some wagers on this game, I’d be buying extra presents right now!

  4. Big Ben has to get rid of the ball faster. It amazes me that he never gets criticized for this. The offensive line gets alot of blame for the amount of sacks allowed but it’s not just them especially for giving up 8 sacks to the piss poor Browns defense.
    It’s been a tough year for you hasn’t it Florio? First your team has lost to the Browns, Raiders, and Chiefs and your boy Pat White makes no impact even with Ronnie Brown being on IR which should have opened the door for White to be the new wildcat QB.

  5. Serious Steeler fan since the mid-60s here.
    One of the very few times I can recall being ashamed of the team.
    Some defense of a SB title. Pitiful.
    Tomlin is a bullshitter, he’s not a real coach.
    He has lost the team, which only means he’ll fool the Rooneys into giving him an extension.

  6. are you being serious? let me guess…youre probably another one of those bandwagon steeler fans….
    The browns made a ton of good plays… did you forget about the 8 sacks? or maybe the 200 combined yards from cirbbs? or how about the 40 yard catch from massiqui? thats just to name a few…Steelers just flat out got beat. They needed to win this game against a 1-11 team and didnt, because they have no heart. Get over it and Get used to it.

  7. The Browns are definitely getting better but the Steelers still should have been better than they played. I am taking nothing away from the Browns on this one though (even as a lifetime and undying Steelers fan), in particular Josh Cribbs, that man is a force to be reckoned with. Congrats to Cleveland and heres to the revival of the rivalry.

  8. Oh Florio, it wasn’t too long ago (the occasion of the Titans’ 59-0 loss) that you couldn’t remember 51-0 loss.

  9. d.b cooper –
    We definitely need to make some changes, but Tomlin is not the problem. For someone who has been a fan for 40+ years, you definitely don’t know shit about the Steelers. We don’t fire head coaches because of one bad season, like other teams do. Pull your head out of your ass.

  10. Rooney needs to pull the trigger on Tomlin. There is no doubt that Tomlin gained consideration for this position soley because he is Black. Not because of his credentials, experience. There are other coaches who were/are available who have the knowledge, skills and abilities that far surpass those of Tomlin.Tomlin the man is soley responsible for the Steelers downfall. Send him home.

  11. Ranoversquarells-actually I’ll just continue to watch our defending Stanley Cup Champion Penguins.

  12. TheDieselKeisel says:
    December 11, 2009 3:53 PM
    Ranoversquarells-actually I’ll just continue to watch our defending Stanley Cup Champion Penguins.
    I’m talking about a real sport, you know one that people actually follow …

  13. TheDieselKeisel – Ranoversquarrels must be a soccer fan. The NHL is awesome. I feel bad for anyone who doesn’t watch it.

  14. SteelFanMo,
    First, you have a very stupid name.
    Second, I’ve forgotten more about pro football than your pea brain can conceptualize, pea brain.
    Tomlin is a bullshitter and is freaking clueless on the sidelines.

  15. (1) People in Pittsburgh are way too quick when it comes to being critical. A month ago, when the black and GOLD were 6-2, the vast majority of you were comfortably rested on Tomlin’s nuts – now you’re all freaking out. Football’s a game of ups and downs – at the end of the day, you just hope that you wind up on the higher end of things and you don’t overreact to the downs. It’s not as though a Cowher team never had a bad year. Changes and adjustments need to be made (including certain coaching staff changes that I think none will be surprised or sorry about – peace out, Bruce). Don’t be so damn rash.
    (2) The fact that there is any debate about the color of the Steelers uniform illustrates … I don’t even know what it illustrates, because I can’t believe people would argue about such garbage. However, since I’m in the mood to be a jerkoff, I propose to end the argument by stating that the color you call “gold” on the Saints/Rams uniform is actually bronzetone and not gold. See the link below, go look at the “gold” on the Saints uni, and then swing on back and blow me. Steelers – Black and Gold, Saints – Black and Bronzetone. Bronzetone also forms some rad alliteration with the word “Bandwagon” — I proclaim this as the year of the Bronzetone Bandwagon. Rock on.
    (3) Ranoversquarells: Might wanna refrain from saying things that make you look like a major dumbass. How is hockey not a real sport that people actually follow?

  16. Guess what…the Browns still suck and it’s obvious now that the Steelers defense is nothing without Troy Polomalu. The best thing that can happen now is the Browns win the rest of their games because the league has already wasted too many high draft picks to a team that couldn’t pick the right player if he were the coaches son.
    The Steelers will be alright but it’s a crime that fans tolerate throwing money at teams who care less whether they win or lose than we do.
    Here’s to all the idiots like us who pay more than we can afford to watch an event that we’ve been brainwashed into thinking is important.

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