Stokley thinks Peyton Manning could be remembered as the best ever

I visited earlier today with Dan Dakich of 1070 the Fan in Indianapolis today, and at one point I opined that Colts quarterback Peyton Manning eventually will shatter every record currently held by Brett Favre, and that Manning eventually could be regarded as the best player in the history of the NFL, at any position.  (Currently, Jerry Rice tops our list.)

On Thursday, Broncos receiver Brandon Stokley offered a similar “best ever” observation regarding Manning, during 1070 The Fan’s Kravitz & Eddie Show (via

Stokley’s opinion carries more weight.  Slightly.

Here’s what he said regarding his time in Indianapolis with Manning:  “It was special.  Especially now that I’m done playing there and a few years later looking back, that was a special time for me, it was a great time.   To be able to play with a guy like that for four years, Peyton, who I think is going to go down as the best ever to play that position, maybe the best ever to play in the National Football League period, I will always remember it.”

Stokley and his current team return to Indy on Sunday for a key showdown with the Colts.  The 8-4 Broncos need a win to keep pace with the Chargers in the AFC West, and to keep a firm grip on a wild-card berth if San Diego can’t be caught.

So will Peyton Manning be remembered as the best player in league history?  Make your case in the comments.  And try to keep it clean.  For a change.

104 responses to “Stokley thinks Peyton Manning could be remembered as the best ever

  1. NFW. Opie couldn’t carry Joe Montana’s jock. Joe’s the man, hands down. Opie might crack the Top 5.

  2. Hard to argue with this. The Colts make my skin crawl but this guy is a winner plain and simple. I’d take him any day.

  3. I hate Manning. But I’d be lying if I didn’t say he was the best.
    I can’t wait till he retires so my Broncos have a chance of winning the conference again.

  4. if he wins a couple more superbowls you maynot get an arguement on this! at this point he has fallen short a couple of times! he needs at least 1 more sb win!

  5. kinda hard to say he’s the best player OVERALL because how can you compare a QB to a WR, RB, OL, DL, and so on?

  6. i completely agree w/ stokely. on another note, it is nice knowing that regardless of what Brett Favre does in the next two years or however long he continues to play, he will, at best, end up in third place in most statistical categories when all is said and done. brady will pass him and peyton will top them both. hopefully, then, he will disappear into obscurity.

  7. He’ll undoubtedly end up with all the statistical records. He’s a heck of a QB.
    As far as comparing the All-Time Greats, it’s a pointless endeavor. Just appreciate the level each achieved and be thankful you got to see them firsthand.
    My two-cents is simply that one must also recognize the advantage that QB’s have by playing all of their home games indoors in a controlled environment with no weather.
    All quarterbacks see their numbers plummet at the end of the year when they start playing games in bad weather, especially windy days. The wind is what affects the passing game the most.
    Kudos to Manning for being a great player. I do think he needs to improve his playoff performances to make a legitimate claim on the top spot. It’s not that he needs to win more SB’s or even playoff games, he simply needs to play well. If his team loses, it can’t be b/c he had a lackluster performance. If it is, I don’t know how you can overlook that.

  8. No way can he be remember as the best ever. He dosn’t have enough rings. Ok, so that’s not my real opinion, but get ready for those comments.
    Peyton is by far the best to play. Best at reading the defense. Best accuracy. Best intelligence. Basically is the O-coordinator. Puts up outstanding number with… Pierre Garcon? and Austin Collie? guys who would be practice squad anywhere else, but at starts in Indy.
    Peyton is the best QB ever. Best Player Ever.

  9. He is absolutely going to go down as the best QB in history and more than likely the best player to ever play the game. Completely turning around that organization. Lucas Oil Field was built because of him. How many players have made that kind of impact. So I’d say if he isn’t currently regarded as the best player ever….he’s damn close!!
    12-0 ugghhhhhh

  10. Yes, he will be regarded as the best player ever. If he wins the Super Bowl this year, which is a very, very good possibility, it’ll be a no-brainer. He seems to be getting better with age, and leading his team to at least a dozen victories, year in and year out, regardless of how the defense has been. He will throw for more than 4,000 yards and 30 TD’s each year he plays. Figure he has another 6 solid years left or so, and yea, he will break everyone of Favre’s records (except the INT one).

  11. Can you be the greatest player of all time when you’re not even the greatest QB of all time? Is that possible?

  12. I think Brandon Stokley should worry about making the playoffs, rather than commenting on Peyton Manning. Im sure Josh McD is thrilled with that , considering they could draw Denver in the playoffs.

  13. Peyton Manning can win minds but he can’t win hearts like a John Elway, Joe Montana or Walter Payton he’s too mechanical to be the best you have to win hearts and minds; Peyton’s a great QB but he likes that “it” factor to be beloved.

  14. Theres three things that all of the “greatest ever” must have, and have accomplished.
    1. How they have revolutionized the game.
    2. How they dominated their sport.
    3. Were they a winner.
    Like all greats: Michael Jordan, Jerry Rice, Wayne Gretzsy, they all accomplished all three of these tasks to be deemed the greatest. Without one of those tasks completed, a player can never be considered “the greatest ever.”
    Getting back to Peyton Manning, i think he eclipses, or could eclipse, any player to ever have done played the game with these tasks.
    At the quarterback position, no one has ever succesfully ran the job of quarterback quite like Manning has. He is succesful every single year, regardless of his WR. Manning takes multiple plays to the line of scrimmage every play, and picks/changes it to best defeate the opposing defense. Manning is basically the offensive cordinator coaches dream of, he runs the offense at the line of scrimmage. KNOW ONE has done it like Manning. Every quarterback striving to be great could only wish to have the ability that Manning does to read and exploit a defense. Having that ability revolutionizes the position of quarterback.
    For the second task, Manning has dominated the sport since he was drafted into the league, (after his rookie season) 3 MVPS, on pace to surpass Favre for all the good records, (Passing yards, Touchdowns, Etc.) No other player can say they have consistantly dominated the game like Manning.
    -A sub point of task 2 is consistantcy. Manning dominates every single year. there is no down year for Manning. Other greats of this era, (Ladanian Tomlinson, Randy Moss, Ray Lewis) have had down years. So much so that Moss has been apart of three teams, Ray Lewis was basically let go by the Ravens until no team wanted him, and LT, as we all no, is soon to be labeled as a “former” running back. Manning’s consistancy is what sets him apart from other dominant superstars.
    Finally, task 3. you must be a winner.
    In order to be the greatest ever, Manning needs atleast one more Superbowl. I think 1 may be enough, especially since football is such a team sport, that one man can’t do it alone. But 2 superbowls cements him as the greatest to ever play. Not only does he have the one superbowl, but hes had a record number of 11 win seasons, his streak ofconsecutive playoff appearances is the best, and he has dominated his division over the last decade. Peyton Manning wins.
    Last but not least, for all of the debaters who will be quick to say “Tom Brady” they are wrong. Tom Brady is the 2nd best Qb in the league. The one thing he does better than Manning is win Superbowls. But like Terry Bradshaw would say best, you need a team to win it all. Mannings has always had the best offense, but defense and special teams is what sets apart Mannings teams and BRadys teams. Manning can only control so much, and he has done it. Brady can win a game through his defense, somehting Manning cant. A few more sidenotes, Brady has the best coach ever, yet that same coach is the one who went for it on 4th and 2 at his own 30 just so Manning couldnt get the ball back. And also, the Mannings book isnt fully written…who knows how many more superbowls Manning will have then Brady when its all said and done. To prove my point, Cotls are 12-0, and the Patriots are on the brink of a franchise is dismay.
    Peyton Manning will be the greatest to ever play football…

  15. No, he won’t be remembered as the best player in league history. He will be among the top 5 QBs of all-time though.
    He is a great player who has benefited from playing his entire career in perfect weather (a dome) with a pro-bowl laden offensive unit.
    Unfortunately no one will ever know how Peyton would have played if his entire career was in Green Bay for instance. I’m betting his stats wouldn’t be as gaudy.

  16. No, he won’t be remembered as the best player in league history. He will be among the top 5 QBs of all-time though.
    He is a great player who has benefited from playing his entire career in perfect weather (a dome) with a pro-bowl laden offensive unit.
    Unfortunately no one will ever know how Peyton would have played if his entire career was in Green Bay for instance. I’m betting his stats wouldn’t be as gaudy.

  17. are you measuring him by winning titles OR by how many records he accumulates? this RUSH to annoit peyton MANNING as the best ever, when his career ISN”T OVER, is rather puzzling. would we even be having this discussion IF his last name wasn’t MANNING? he’s had a great career, so far, but to this point, Tom Brady has a better career, that being said Manning is probably top ten, all time, but best ever, lets see him win 2 or 3 more titles before we even have that discussion. you never stated your case, Florio as to WHY he would be the best ever, and IF you do state it, do you put more weight in records, or winning titles??? i’d love to see manning go up against the steelers or raiders teams of the 70’s , the bears team that won the super bowl, or the giants or 49ers teams of the 80’s, the passing numbers of today, manning would have a hard time putting up those numbers 20-30 years ago, plus he’d take more of a pounding playing those teams. IS THAT CLEAN ENOUGH FOR YOU FLORIO???

  18. It’s possible, but anything is possible.
    It’s will be another 7 years before we’ll know for sure, and the way it seems Favre could still be playing another 7 years… so we’ll see…

  19. Well, it’s nice to have an expert like Brandon Stokley to weigh in on this. Especially since the only good season he ever had was when he was paired with Peyton. Couldn’t possibly have any bias.
    But frankly, I will reserve judgment until we hear from Ricky Proehl or Kevin Curtis.

  20. 7-8 career playoff record
    22 tds to 17 int in the playoffs
    Quarterback of the team that has the most wins in any decade and only has 1 ring to show for it.
    The year he did win the superbowl he threw 3 tds to 7 ints in 4 games.
    I judge the greats on how the perform in the biggest games.
    However, he is the greatest fantasy football qb of all time, especially since seasons usually end in week 16.

  21. Manning is the best player active and will own all of Marinos records,(not just a few that Favre stole),before he is done.Provided he has the longevity,of course. Makes the Heisman people look like idiots for choosing Woodson’s sorry ass over Peyton..LOL

  22. With a 7-8 playoff record, a losing record against your arch rival Tom Brady, 1 superbow ring, which is one more than Marino who has zero, tied for one with Eli, Brett, and Kurt.
    One ring less than Elway, or Big Ben (sorry for anyone I left out)
    Two rings less than Brady and Aikman
    Three rings less than Bradshaw, and Montana.
    And they say he will break all of Farve’s records and Im sure he will, but as of now Farve still owns, and is adding to his record. And nothing is promised.
    Is Peyton great? yes!….Greatest ever? with a 7-8 playoff record and one superbowl…..
    C’mon man!

  23. I believe Manning’s leadership will be his most remembered quality. Peter King wrote about Peyton texting a rookie just drafted and saying “Be at the complex, 8 am, warmed up and ready to go.” That’s Manning in a nutshell.

  24. You have to love and respect Peyton. Great commercials, great attitude, great player and a great champion.
    If he gets one more Super Bowl title, then yes, best ever. If he doesn’t get one more, he’s still up there with Montana, Elway, Brady, Bradshaw and all the others.

  25. May I mention a few names?
    Slingin’ Sammy Baugh
    Johnny Unitas
    Jim Brown
    Gayle Sayers
    Joe Montana
    Jerry Rice
    Walter Payton
    O.J. Simpson
    Barry Sanders
    Emmitt Smith
    Dan Marino
    Brett Favre
    And I haven’t even touched the defensive side of the ball. How do you compare a Peyton Manning to a Dick Butkus? Or to someone who played during Sammy Baugh’s era? What matters more, records or championships? Do you think any Steelers fan from the 70s or 49ers fan from the 80s would trade Bradshaw or Montana–with their four Super Bowls each–for Manning?
    Manning is an extraordinary talent. But for me “BEST EVER” isn’t about records. It’s about intangibles–who best captured my imagination or made me feel the thrill of the game. Although I’m a Steelers fan, for me that QB was probably Elway. But whatever today’s pundits decide doesn’t matter. Because regardless of the records Peyton breaks, in a few years, everyone will be talking about someone new.

  26. well he sure has ruined some of my bets.
    what he did to miami this year was classic.
    brady had a good defense most of his big years. and there is some question about some unfair advantages…

  27. Like Manning and he may go down as greatest ever. Would like to see him win some more bad weather games (Montana had a few of those, Candlestick sucks) but that is nit picky but especially another SB before he truly hits that discussion. If Brady wins another SB and Manning doesnt’ though, tough to argue for Manning. However as a Montana guy, could understand a Manning or Brady argument for at least greatest QB a lot more than an Elway or especially Marino argument. Elway & Marino have “excuses” as to why they should be the greatest but aren’t. Montana, Manning and Brady (maybe) have “reasons” as to why they should be.

  28. Yes, I think Peyton will be remembered by most as the best to ever play. He will have the records and I think he will have multiple championships with his team. Peyton changes the way opposing teams scheme, the way they coach, and even the way they draft. The Colts are on an unprecedented level of success over the course of the last decade. Without Peyton there would be no new stadium in Indianapolis and they would likely be the L.A. Colts. He has revolutionized the QB position for today’s game and brought back the real “leader of the offense” by calling his own plays.
    Yes, Peyton is the best now and after he is retired be considered by most as the best ever.

  29. # phishead says: December 11, 2009 9:37 PM
    “all of Marinos records,(not just a few that Favre stole),before he is done.”
    Favre broke every record of Marino’s. I don’t even know if Marino holds any passing record anymore.
    # syntheticapriori says: December 11, 2009 9:12 PM
    “regardless of what Brett Favre does in the next two years or however long he continues to play, he will, at best, end up in third place in most statistical categories when all is said and done. brady will pass him and peyton will top them both. hopefully, then, he will disappear into obscurity.”
    Manning will pass him, but no way Brady will. He has to average like 35 td’s a year for 8 years to catch up to Favre.
    Stats will end up being Manning -> Favre -> Then Mostly Marino and a few other chumps.
    This of course takes into consideration Manning doesn’t get hurt. Who knows when the next hit will be.

  30. Really how do you quantify the best ever, especially at the QB position?
    I can put Manning into Montana, Elway, and Young’s status, but see no reason he deserves to be above those guys.

  31. Regardless its now. He is and when our kids are our ages they will be saying Look at Mannings numbers compared to Joe Montana, Elway and Marino so yes he is going to be remembered as one if or maybe at that time the greatest who knows?. But shit just keep it real and hope he keeps healthy.
    And I am a DAMN SAINTS FAN!!!! WHO DAT?

  32. WhiskeyTangofoxtrot.
    What in the hell does Phil Rivers have to do with this?
    Of course Peyton Manning will go down as the best quarterback ever. He already is.

  33. Someday he may be the best ever…quarterback. How in the hell do you say who is best? Too many variables.

  34. I can honestly say, the dude is the best ever… That sunday night game vs. the patriots was epic, to say the least, one of the few games that a person can remember for a loooong time. Just awesome.

  35. Florio, when you and the jock sniffers at ESPN refer to Peyton Manning being THE GREATEST QB OF ALL TIME, are you refering to Fantasy Football???

  36. I remember in 2007 people said Brady was hands down the best QB in the league… and now he’s barely in the discussion. After the spygate thing, and his defense falling apart, they’re having trouble winning. When Peyton’s defense falls apart, Peyton steps up and scores touchdowns to ensure they still win, plain and simple. They have an Achille’s heel though… Phillip Rivers and the San Diego Chargers. If they can beat the Chargers in the playoffs this year, then I say yes, he’s the best ever.

  37. Hey FLORIO, you are aware that Peyton never won a bowl game in college, the year he left Tennessee for the NFL, they won the National Championship with a stud QB named Tee Martin??? COINCIDENCE, FLORIO???

  38. No, he is not the best ever. He has choked in the playoffs countless times. The only time he won the Super Bowl, he had a poor passer rating for the run including 3 interceptions against the Ravens in a game they should have lost.

  39. Top 5 QB and HOF, that’s all.
    Five one-and-done playoff games is too many for “best ever”
    One SB appearance (against Rex Grossman having a bad day)
    Soft division
    Not enough time left on the clock
    Thanks for playing!

  40. “jeremyb91 says:
    December 11, 2009 10:08 PM
    Really how do you quantify the best ever, especially at the QB position?
    I can put Manning into Montana, Elway, and Young’s status, but see no reason he deserves to be above those guys.”
    Steve Young?
    Damn, I’m not saying he wasn’t a great QB….but the guy didn’t even start 150 games.

  41. Im not a colts fan but i have to agree with stokley.I remember a few years back florios’s buddie’s at espen were pushing for charles woodsen to win the heismen over peyton manning for political correct reasons.

  42. “Moe Lester says:
    December 11, 2009 10:40 PM
    jim brown?? he was pretty damn good.. but unworthy of licking barry sanders jock strap.”
    Facts would disagree with you:
    Yards per game: 99.8
    Yards per carry: 5.0
    TDs: 99 in 153 Games
    Yards per game: 104.3
    Yards per carry: 5.2
    TDs: 106 in 118 Games
    No one can touch Jim Brown. You don’t have to like it, but it’s still a fact.

  43. Montana was awesome when it mattered in the biggest games early in his career and until he retired. Barry Sanders would’ve SMASHED all of the records w/o worrying about them being broke for years and Emmit Smith would’ve never even came close to what Sanders would’ve done had he played 5 more years. Sanders like Jim Brown makes us wonder what could’ve been. Deion Sanders, Lawrence Taylor, Dick Butkus, among others on defense have also been great HOF players who are considered among the best ever to play the game.
    I think Peyton is similar to John Elway in the fact they were both considered “couldn’t win the big one” type QB’s. Elway finished off his career in style, although part of it was furnished via a purposely broken salary cap rule in which the Broncos were later in trouble for, winning two Super Bowls. I think Peyton is going to finish his career off in style and win at least one if not two more Super Bowl rings before retiring and be considered among the best to ever play the game.
    Really, that’s what this is all about. There’s never going to be any real tangible way to differentiate a Joe Montana vs a Peyton Manning vs a John Elway or Deion Sanders for that matter. There’s always going to be a group of players roughly 1% or less of the total amount of players to ever play the game that are considered among the greatest to ever play the game. To try to determine who is better is semantics.

  44. Brady`s vaunted defenses have given up a whole 2 pts less than the colts in the playoffs on average. The pats gave up 24+ pts to the eagles and panthers in the SB. brady won all of his rings in the 4th qtr. Brady destroyed the 15-1 steelers at pittsburgh in the afc championship with troy brown and deion branch in the second coldest game in steeler history. im sick of hearing about manning. this guy doesnt have weapons? he had an 8 time pro bowler at wr for most of his career, wayne, clark, edge, marshall faulk. he plays in a dome. brady`s passer rating in the playoffs is the same as it is in the regular season. manning`s drops by about 10 pts. there is a reason the colts lose in the playoffs every year and the reason is peyton manning. brady is better than manning and he still doesnt compare to elway or montana so how can PM be the best?

  45. Moe,
    Really? Jim Brown not as good as Sanders? Brown always went forward, didn’t dance around in the backfield losing yardage every other play.
    I’ll give them both credit for retiring before they were too beat up from the game. A lesson many current pros should take to heart.

  46. Not a Colts fan, but Peyton is ridiculous during this period in the NFL. I like many NFL fans wonder how many more wins in the playoffs he would have had if he was not playing New England with their Mic’d lineman, and their “recording procedure” every year. I am sure all those Superbowl losers wonder that too. In terms of best player ever in the NFL.. The rules have changed so much to favor the offense not sure that would be fair to the QB’s who never heard of a blow to the head or below the knee penalty(his dad, Theisman, Montana, Terry Bradshaw).. Heck in the 40’s-70’s was their such thing as pass interference? (well before my time) Too many greats to factor at different positions each playing ridiculous in their place in time… Like the Reggie White’s, Lawrence Taylor’s, Jim Brown, and Dick Buttkiss(sorry couldn’t resist) Peyton is Great Right now, no doubt about that. His commercials are on the decline :o)

  47. TFBuckFutter says:
    December 11, 2009 10:51 PM
    Steve Young?
    Damn, I’m not saying he wasn’t a great QB….but the guy didn’t even start 150 games.
    Steve Young is in the Hall of Fame for a reason, not for how many games he started. Unfortunately he spent several years on the bench behind another Hall of Fame QB and had to wait to his turn.
    What he accomplished in such a short period of time is outstanding. He was an amazing QB.
    In his 2nd season starting post Montana he was the League’s MVP. He earned the same award in his 4th season in which he finally won a Super Bowl. After that he started to have injuries and unfortunately his body fell apart.

  48. Super Bowl Rings are overrated when discussing this. Doug Williams and Mark Rypien have Rings, are they better QB’s? Timmy Smith and George Rogers were better than Barry Sanders? Child please.
    As for Montana, he was great but Jesus look at his supporting cast + coaching staff. Plus at that time the West Coast was new and a lot more difficult to stop. Now the Outside Linebackers are fast overgrown safeties.
    The guy was classy when he won the SB despite all the jackasses fans who hate on him for no reason.
    Say whatever you want about Peyton, the guy makes it look Freakin’ EASY. Easily the best QB who’s ever played. Easily.

  49. Dudes a beast, plain & simple! Just what he did against Miami this year & the 2nd half against NE was classic Manning. You can try all you can to keep him off the field, but nothing works. He can go 90 yards in just a couple plays to score. I think the 2006 AFC Championship game comeback was a turning point for him. Since that game he has since been the clutch qb that wins games in the 4th quarter. It used to be Brady, but now the tables have turned. Even Joe Cool said he’d take Manning over Brady in the 2nd half of games! He’s the best ever! I remember his 1st preseason game his rookie year against Seattle. A cb told him before the game not to throw his way cuz he was a rookie & it wouldn’t be a good idea. So what does Manning do? Throws right at him for a td! He has also repeatedly torched defenses and great defensive players. He takes every little advantage he can to help his team win. He studies non stop. Hands down the GOAT!!!! Go Colts!!!

  50. Manning is an absolutely fantastic QB, Probably the best playing the game right now.
    But he’s got a lot to prove before he can be considered the best QB ever, let alone the best football player ever.
    Consider if you will:
    1. All home games played indoors
    2. QB rules have been softer while he is playing then they EVER have been before
    3. Expansion Era equals less talent
    4. Lack of SB championships
    Its funny that guys like Marino are completely forgotten about in situations like this. They guy owned the QB position, but just could not get a ring. his records stood for a good long while, but without the rings, he doesnt get consideration.
    Manning has had the team around him to make a deep run in the playoffs at least 7 times, but he’s busted out of the first game 5 times, and still failed to make the SB 3 other times…. pathetic.
    People are pissed at Favre right now for various reasons, and thats fine and dandy, but untill manning gets the numbers, he doesnt belong in the discussion. Even if he does get the numbers, where would you think the better passing numbers are comming from, outdoors at lambeau or indoors at the RCA dome and Lucas Oil Stadium?
    Sammy Baugh is probably the best all around to play the game. He dominated 3 positions while he played, and still holds some records 60 years after the fact. Let manning be the full time punter and the safety and see how he does. also, stick him in a leather helmet and lets see what he does. oh yeah, the game plan NEVER calls for a pass, and EVERY game is outdoors.
    You put a guy like Baugh, or Tarkenton in todays game and they would dominate in a way that would make people’s head spin, it wouldn’t be close. In Baseball, if Ruth had been hitting clean baseballs, from a 10inch mound, against the watered down pitching there is today, and with the physical training players go through today, the HR record would be at least in the 900’s. Same thing with baugh and tarkenton. back then they corners would tackle the recievers at the start of EVERY play. just saying…..

  51. Could be in top QB conversations, but he needs to win more playoff games first or Brady will overshadow him.
    Can’t compare top players in separate positions, too many variables.

  52. I thought Butt Favor is the best ever? The best ever at being a little bitch! I hope Manning the best, take it Manning…

  53. I’ve always thought Elway was slightly underrated and that he was the best QB of all-time. Many consider Montana and Marino as the better QBs of that era, but I disagree. Maybe that’s because as a Raider fan growing up you always felt like Elway was going to come back and win no matter what the situation. And usually he did. That guy seemed to just convert every meaningful 3rd-down play of his career. He could run. One of the greatest arms in the history of the league. As an opponent of my team, I hated the guy. And I feared him.
    But Manning is right on that level. Just an amazing QB. You know you’re watching all-time greatness with him in present time. He’s on par with Elway and Montana right now.
    Unitas was before my time so I can’t really compare him.
    Another guy from way back who I’d say is arguably the best football player of all-time is Sammy Baugh. QB, DB, Punter. He played all three positions at an elite level.
    P.S. – The story goes that Al Davis had a trade all worked out to get Elway from the Colts, but then commissioner Pete Rozelle — a Davis enemy — nixed the deal. If only Elway had been a Raider. Raider Nation would have a few more Lombardi trophies to display.

  54. jeremyb91 says:
    December 11, 2009 10:08 PM
    Really how do you quantify the best ever, especially at the QB position?
    I can put Manning into Montana, Elway, and Young’s status, but see no reason he deserves to be above those guys.
    Steve Young? WTF? Obviously a Hall of Famer but I’m not sure Young is in the top 25 QBs of all-time. I’d say that just of the guys playing right now, Brady, Manning and Brees are better than Young.

    And for all the haters ray wins the rehabilitated athlete GOAT as well!

  56. As a die hard Niner fan for life, I say Manning is the best qb ever.
    1. Peyton Manning
    2. Joe Montana
    As far as best player ever, it is hard to compare a qb to a rb, but as far as a player making a positive impact on a team..well noone would EVER make more of an impact than Manning himself.
    Not Montana. Not Brady. Not Elway. ESPECIALLY not a Bradshaw.
    I will take Peyton Manning any day….ANY DAY

  57. 1) Dion Sanders does not belong in this discussion.
    2) If Barry Sanders played a full career, on even an average team… wow, what could have been?
    3) Most of the comments about the ‘best ever QB’ I’m sure are being made by people not old enough to have actually watched Montana and Elway’s careers.
    4) Yes, very difficult to group every position to find a ‘best ever’.
    5) Why Manning? For years Indy would have been average at best without him. His knowlege of the game is unmatched. His constant play calling at the line is incredible, his constant accuracy and touch, unmatched. His attitude towards the game, and ‘being a professional’ off the field should be commended. He’s now playing with average receivers, and still getting it done.
    Best ever? He brings a damn good argument.

  58. If I’m a coach in the Super Bowl…two minutes to go, down 5. Who do you want at QB? Manning, Montana, Elway? I’d take any of the three. Who would I rather have through 16 regular season games and 2 other playoff games as well? Manning, hands down, he wins! So says me, so let it be.

  59. SFrancis1680 says:
    December 11, 2009 10:30 PM
    Hey FLORIO, you are aware that Peyton never won a bowl game in college, the year he left Tennessee for the NFL, they won the National Championship with a stud QB named Tee Martin??? COINCIDENCE, FLORIO???
    you can’ be serious
    get off montana’s cack and do some research before you try and spew facts

  60. I have to agree with most of the comments on here. He is in some good company, being mentioned with guys like Montana, Elway, Barry Sanders and Jerry Rice. I have to say that Manning is at the top of the list. He is so fun to watch, reading the defense and calling the plays at the line of scrimmage like he does. His demeanor off the field doesn’t hurt either. I think he has got to be the most upstanding man to ever play football. I don’t know anyone that can say one bad thing about him. He is liked everywhere. Even if he never wins another Super Bowl, would have to say that he just may be the best to ever play the game.

  61. Archie Manning has to be considered. Nahh.
    But if Archie Manning was a horse, can you imagine what his stud fee would be?

  62. Indeed, Peyton will be the best and will remain the best ever for many many years. He is so special in every category of the game. It will be a sad day when he is no longer center stage of Sunday.

  63. One more comment…..
    I’ve been a Vikes fan all my life, since they lost their first SB in ’69. I’ve watched Brett over the years, not liking the fact that he could beat the Vikes on any given day. As he finally ‘grew up’, and watching him play with the PASSION he has for the game itself, he has to be one of the best to watch. If all these ‘ME’ players, ie: t.o. (I never use caps on his name, he doesn’t deserve it), Chad Johnson (a.k.a ocho loco), Joey Porter, just to name a few…. played for the love of the game, the NFL wouldn’t be the circus it has become.
    A few that contributed to the circus that are now thankfully out of football… Micheal Irvin, Dion Sanders, Warren Sapp, Keyshawn Johnson, Brian Cox… and many more.
    I always thought playing Professional Football meant you act like a professional?

  64. Lawrence Taylor, out of everyone mentioned he is the only one to revolutionize the game, have coaches create particular schemes to stop him and has rings to boot. He had his off field issues but no other player was a bigger beast on the field. He is the reason for the blindside, he is the reason there are two tight end sets and aside from being the first truly great pass rushing LB that changed the game for that position, he was great in coverage and just as fast as most running backs. His rookie yr he even had 13 sacks at LB before anyone was (event hough that yr sacks werent counted as a stat)

  65. If Dan Marino is considered one of the greatest QBs of all time without a Super Bowl because he had all of the records until Favre started chopping them down. And Favre is considered the one of the greatest QBs with one ring and a whole bunch of records. Then why wouldn’t Peyton be considered the greatest QB of all time when he has won his ring and will have all the records when it all is said and done?
    Now, if he is the greatest QB of all time, you have to take in consideration how much he changes the game, how much his opponents fear him (see Belichick and the 4th & 2), and finally his mental and physical attributes. Peyton, when all is said and done, will be remembered as having the greatest player mind of all time. Meaning, his knowledge of the game, his offense, the opponents D, and his opponent overall is unmatched.
    That said, as a Broncos fan, I do wish he would stop being the greatest player of all time and smashing us every time we visit Indy.

  66. He play indoors while other Qb’s play in the elements. He has one of the best Oline in the league and with all of that he has a losing record in the playoffs and only 1 sb ring. Best regular season Qb of all time sure, best all around Qb has to be Montana. Now if Peyton gets a few more SB’s then there may be some debate.

  67. PypersRealm says:
    December 11, 2009 9:14 PM
    My two-cents is simply that one must also recognize the advantage that QB’s have by playing all of their home games indoors in a controlled environment with no weather.
    All quarterbacks see their numbers plummet at the end of the year when they start playing games in bad weather, especially windy days. The wind is what affects the passing game the most.
    Kudos to Manning for being a great player. I do think he needs to improve his playoff performances to make a legitimate claim on the top spot. It’s not that he needs to win more SB’s or even playoff games, he simply needs to play well. If his team loses, it can’t be b/c he had a lackluster performance. If it is, I don’t know how you can overlook that.
    VERY well said. I agree.
    I think that Manning is the best pure passer in the NFL. But he no doubt benefits GREATLY form the passing rules now, playing in warm weather and domes for most of his games and the fact that he has had enormous continuity in all ways on offense his entire career (players and coaches and system). His team is built on offense. His defense has never gotten the respect it deserves. Go look at the points allowed stats for his defenses. Yes there were some HORRIBLE squads in there, but some much better than advertised ones too.
    As others have pointed out, what other QB would have gotten an MVP for their SB when they basically got carried by their run game and D on their SB run and played one half of great football on the way to the SB?

  68. I don’t think a player who has played his whole career in a domed stadium under controlled conditions can be considered the best ever. He also has had one of the best WR corps of all time including one sure fire HOFer and maybe on other. He also had Rhodes who was one of the best in the game at the time.
    Despite all of that and multiple 13, 14, and 15 win seasons, he has ONLY won one SB and has a playoff record below .500.
    Not sure how he can be named the best ever with that.

  69. The ? remains, Why can’t Peyton beat the San Diego Chargers…He knows it and us charger fans know it. We have always had his number and we always will. I am only 21, so i can’t give you a true opinion on who is the best QB of all time, all I know is that I have never watched a quaterback, such as Manning, dissect defesnses and orchestrate an offense like the way he does. Its a hurdle that will eat at him forever if he never beats the San Diego Chargers in a pivotal playoff game.

  70. Not a chance, still under .500 in the postseason and he has been SHUT OUT in the postseason 5 times. Call me when he has at least 3 rings and a winning record in the playoffs.

  71. @Gene Simmon’s Tongue …
    Didn’t put him in the list, but I said … even though I’m a Steelers diehard … Elway is probably my all-time favorite!

  72. I think Manning will go down as the best QB to ever play the game. I don’t think it fair to compare it to different positions. OJ does not count for he is a 2 time felon pig that got away with murder.

  73. Joe Montana is the best to ever play in the NFL. Manning would be a top five, but all those playoff losses and the only one he beat in SB was Rex Grossman. I think Manning can’t hold a candle to Montana.

  74. SIMPLE: 2 more Superbowls and all the career records ABSOLUTLEY NO ARGUMENT.
    1 more Superbowl and all the career records, SOME ARGUEMENT.
    no more Superbowls and all the career records, LOTS OF ARGUEMENT.
    If he plays as long as Favre (big if) he WILL destroy every passing record in the book. Crap, he already has over 49,000 yards and over 300 TDs. Unfortunately, he plays in a team sport where TEAMS win championships.
    I still feel John Unitas is the Babe Ruth of Football and should be considered the best QB ever. His statistics in that era of run, run, run football is staggering, plus he has multiple NFL championships and a modern era Superbowl to boot.
    But on Manning, lets agree that we are witnessing greatness, we just don’t know yet if it is the greatest (because his career isn’t over yet)

  75. Consider this scenario: You are a head coach and you must win your next game and your life depends on it. The NFL God will choose your opponent – it will be a random team throughout NFL history. It might be the 72 Dolphins, or it might be the 08 Lions. The NFL God will then choose your team AND playbook randomly. The only player you get to choose is the QB. Who will it be?
    I’d choose Manning.

  76. When I threw out that list of names, I wasn’t necessarily saying I think those people should be considered the best ever, I was saying that in their day, they WERE considered the best ever–and that includes Simpson, regarless of what he’s done since retiring. The point I was making is that no matter what everyone decides about Manning today, a few years from now, fans will be talking about someone else. There will always be a new generation of fans–most of whom don’t bother to learn the history of the game–who think the guy they’re watching is THE BEST EVER.
    When I was a kid, no QB was more exciting to watch than Elway–and McLovin, that’s probably who I’d plug into your scenario. For me, if it’s about championships, it’s Bradshaw over Montana not only because I’m a Steelers fan, but because I’m a traditionalist and Bradshaw didn’t play the West Coast offense. But if I were organizing a team, I sure wouldn’t throw Joe out of my locker room 🙂 If it’s about history, it can only be Sammy Baugh. And if it’s about here and now … I haven’t seen many performances in recent years to equal what Manning did against Miami. But it’s still hard to compare people from different eras or different sides of the ball to one another.

  77. Man I love manning. I think he is a super QB. I’m not sure you can say best player ever. QB and other positions are different and it’s like trying to compare a Javelin thrower to a miler, just doesn’t work. Also how can you compare today’s players against yesterdays.
    Today better equipment, better fields, better preparation etc, etc. Manning is special but; I don’t think I can say the best of all time, naw.
    I also think those other players on the field have something to do with Manning success.
    I will say he does a better commercial then any other football player ever, oh wait I forgot about the Coke – Mean Joe Green one. yikes; nope can’t even give him that.

  78. Manning is a better QB than Montana.
    Montana was a winner and a great player but was surounded by a ton of talent.
    Look up his stats compared to Manning.
    Terry Bradshaw won four Super Bowl rings and he will never be mentioned in this group.
    Not a knock on Montana but Manning is a lot better.

  79. Manning could be the best in the pocket, mechanical quarterback ever, but as far entertainment value, he just doesn’t do it for me. He makes amazing throws and might be the smartest qb ever but when I think of a Peyton highlight, it’s him in a dome taking a snap and bouncing around in the same spot for five seconds before throwing a touchdown. When do you ever see him in bad weather, breaking out of a linebacker’s grasp and throwing across his body like Favre, Elway, or even Young? Given ideal circumstances (great OL, no wind, etc.), I’ll take Manning. Otherwise, give me Joe Cool.
    Another thing, why no love for Otto Graham?

  80. There is no such thing in my book as “best ever” because there is always a talent, albeit past or future, who can claim that crown.
    These guys are great; who is the best depends on what one looks for in a “best ever”.
    Now try to say that 100 times! :o)

  81. I like Phillyeagles summary.
    I would say it is hard for Manning to revolutionize the position of QB, revolutionize implies change, change implies that someone else at some point plays with the particular style that Manning does. I am not sure that anyone has even tried to emulate it in a decade.
    I think once upon a time it was very common for a QB to have such control over the offence, but I think that offences and defenses where quite a bit more simple then.
    One thing I like about Peyton, is that he didn’t sneak into the league and try to make something of himself. He came in, said I will take this franchise on my shoulders and he did it. Amazing. How often has that ever worked out?
    Montana is the standard at least until Mannings career is finished, but when he was throwing to the person that many think is the best player in game history. How does that factor. Just what Peyton has made of the receivers he has is amazing. He gets them all playing so well that they dont really get credit for how well they play. Well that works both ways, and having Rice to throw to and having Young come in and do as well are part of the Montana story.
    If someone who would be Manning was up on the draft board, all 32 GMs would take him no matter who else was there, in history. So I think he is the best. Some players that people like to debate are better then Manning right now, wouldn’t even be taken by their own team over Manning.

  82. One thing I hate about discussions about who is better at their position is the ring argument. Brady is better because he has more rings. Really? Seriously.. REALLY? If rings are all that matter everyone who believes that argument thinks trent dilfer is a better quarterback than dan marino. I’m sorry. Wrong. Bad argument, bad theory.
    Rings are a nice compliment to an already stellar career but football is a team sport. Montana was a great quarterback, but he was sorrounded by such amazing talent. I’m not taking that away from him but it is a factor. What peyton manning does with subpar recievers all the time is amazing. For my money the best quarterback of ALL time at the moment is marino. Because we aren’t asking who was the best winner on the best team in history, but the best at their POSITION regardless of wins. Peyton is second right now on that list to me, but closing fast on marino. A backup quarterback who sat on the bench of a winning team isnt better than warren moon cuz he got a ring just for being on the team. So stop with those arguments.. pleeease lol.

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