T.O., Freddie Mitchell have a Philly love fest

Freddie Mitchell and Terrell Owens are a couple of former Philadelphia Eagles wide receivers who haven’t always been embraced by Philly fans since leaving the franchise. But when Mitchell interviewed Owens today on 97.5 the Fanatic, it was a love fest in which Owens said there are no better fans than the ones in Philadelphia.

“No disrespect at all to Buffalo, I would have to give it to Philly,” said Owens when asked whether Bills fans or Eagles fans are better.
“Both organizations’ fans embraced me with open arms but I never felt
anything like when I stood in Lincoln Financial Field and heard 75,000
fans chant my name.”

Owens and Mitchell both took some swipes at Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb, with Owens suggesting that McNabb is the reason he left and Mitchell hinting that he wished McNabb would have played as well in the Eagles’ Super Bowl loss to the Patriots as Owens did.

“The city wasn’t big enough for two people,” Owens said. “Freddie can
attest to my character, my interactions with the team and the way I
carried myself in the locker room, and I have no regrets about
anything. Would I have liked to have continued staying there and
playing? Of course I would have. But it’s unfortunate that a few things

Said Mitchell of the Super Bowl, “T came to the game and he was prepared and everything else, and for whatever reason I didn’t see a sense of urgency coming from Five.”

Mitchell isn’t exactly a Mike Wallace-style interviewer, and at one point Mitchell’s co-host Dan Schwartzman had to ask him to stop kissing Owens’ behind. But Mitchell repeatedly stated that Owens would be welcomed back if he wanted to return to Philadelphia and sign with the Eagles.

“They loved you,” Mitchell told Owens. “They loved you here.”

Owens will be a free agent after this season and says he has a few more years left in him, although he called Mitchell’s suggestion that he could be an Eagle next year “a little far-fetched.”

“If I could, would I like to play in Philly? Who knows,” Owens said. “I’m just focusing on my last year here in Buffalo . . . these last four games.”

Still, Owens knows he has a better shot of playing for the Eagles again than Mitchell does. Owens says he can picture a scenario in which both he and Mitchell are back at Lincoln Financial Field, but with a twist.

“I’ll be playing,” Owens said. “And Freddie will be attempting to sing the national anthem.”

49 responses to “T.O., Freddie Mitchell have a Philly love fest

  1. Mitchell isn’t exactly a Mike Wallace-style interviewer, and at one point Mitchell’s co-host Dan Schwartzman had to ask him to stop kissing Owens’ behind.
    Apparently you didn’t watch many Mike Wallace interviews!
    When is TO going to let things go? I don’t understand quite how Donovan McNabb pissed so many people off. You’d think he was a black conservative or something with as many people that hate him for nothing!

  2. Both losers lose the Loser-Loser Love Fest.
    This quote is the best yet that captures the essense of Owens: “I never felt anything like when I stood in Lincoln Financial Field and heard 75,000 fans chant my name.” And if that is the apex of your existence, Mr. Owens, it’s all downhill from here, because you’ll never hear that again. Enjoy your downhill slide through life.

  3. Freddie Mitchell??? Since when did he become relivant again? He was SOOOO over rated. He thought he was such a great receiver. This guy was a joke.
    T.O. is basically saying that he screwed things up in Philly and regrets leaving. That was by far the best situation for him. But he thought that he was bigger than the team and threw too many people under the bus.
    When will teams realize that this guy is a cancer? Clearly he won’t be back with Buffalo next year, but some desperate team will give him a shot. The NFL should boycott this P.O.S.

  4. He was loved here before he demanded a new contract ONE YEAR after signing his last one.
    Regardless of whether he’d be welcomed back; thats not a need of this team anymore. I just don’t think he’d improve what is already here. There is also the fact that the majority of fans here fully support 5. Regardless of what people outside of Philly think, it’s simply the loud minority that don’t love their QB. (same goes for Andy)

  5. As for Fred Ex-con, shouldn’t he be more worried about keeping up with his child-support payments? Why don’t you act like a man before trashing 5?

  6. Maybe T.O. should spend a little less time glad-handing with ‘Fred-ex’, and a little more time learning to catch with ‘Stick-um’.

  7. Freddie Mitchell is a radio host???? WTF?
    I want to subscribe to the web feed of this NOW! Bye bye Jim Rome, FredEx has taken over in this household.

  8. “Owens knows he has a better shot of playing for the Eagles again than Mitchell does”
    Only because Owens at (currently) 60% of what he was as an Eagles is much greater than 10000% of what Fredex was as an Eagle. That said, the only way these two ever get cheered by Eagles fans again, is if they both send their kids to Boston College.

  9. Child PLEASE ! Freddie thought he was much better than he was which was mediocre.
    T.O. was a great receiver but was a psycho
    who was all about “Lovin me some me” which is ok if he wasn’t in a TEAM sport.
    They were both embraced by the Philly Fans
    but ultimately let us down for thier own selfish reasons. GOOD RIDDANCE !

  10. Terrel Owens will never be an Eagle again at least not while McNabb is still on the team.. they already have their #1 & #2 starters for the future he would be great #3 on a team like this

  11. Buffalo has better fans than Philly fans by far
    I don’t even know how this is a contest
    I think Pittsburgh and Buffalo is a better comparison

  12. Would that ever be great-Dallas goes to Philly and whoops them AGAIN with TO in puke green/grey/white !

  13. T.O. T.O. T.O……come back to Philly buddy. We need a voice, a character, some amusement like you. That one year that you were here was the most amazing year for any Eagles fan. It was purely Electric. I think you could teach these young guns a few things. Maybe some weight training, how to get off the line, how to deal with injuries and so on. I still think since Mcnabb is due alot of money that it is better to let Kolb take over and deal Mcnabb to SF for Frank Gore. Come home T.O.!!!!!!!!!

  14. “The city wasn’t big enough for two people,” Owens said. ”
    If you don’t read any other words in the article that’s all you have to read to know TO is a self centered immature fool who has no concept of what it takes to win in a team sport.
    I’ve read recently that researchers are closing in on a cure for cancer, I only hope it covers this strain.

  15. “and Mitchell hinting that he wished McNabb would have played as well in the Eagles’ Super Bowl loss to the Patriots as Owens did.”
    and eagles fans everywhere wish freddie would have played as well as he told the pats secondary he would. remember him saying he ‘had something’ for rodney harrison? 1 catch. 10 yards. you really showed them didn’t you freddie.
    fred ex always delivers.
    except on sundays.

  16. freddie doesn’t have a radio show, it’s a gimmick type thing they’ve been doing all week on 950 where he co-hosts a show with the guy who usually hosts that timeslot.
    as far as bitching about mcnabb goes…freddie needs to man up and pay his child support before he calls anyone else out. and it’s nice that TO has his revisionist history going…but I remember things a bit differently. he switches agents to rosenhaus and decides he’s underpaid one season into a contract. the eagles predictably refuse to re-negotiate it. TO hijacks training camp turning it into a media circus. TO hijacks the locker room and the beginning of the season, turning it into a sh*tfest. TO gets in a fight with hugh douglas. TO gets suspended for the rest of the season.
    the highlight of all this? the “next question” press conference, where the reporters ask him gems such as “since TO hired you, what have you actually done to help him besides get him kicked off the team?”
    i can see why he’s regretful, though. since his one season in philly where the team went to the superbowl, he won 0 playoff games in Dallas, got cut because he was a cancer there, and then went to buffalo where he’s gonna play in 0 playoff games before they choose to not re-sign him. and since he can’t handle the fact that he destroyed the only good situation he’s ever been in in his career, he blames 5 for his problems. i’m surprised freddie didn’t chime in and blame 5 for freddie not paying his child support, too.
    glad i didn’t listen to this. sounds like it must’ve been a complete loserfest.

  17. Last year here in Buffalo?
    Who else wants him? Toronto Argonauts?
    Did Philly get rid of McNabb? They obviously can’t share a locker room.
    This guy is a cancer.

  18. Fred-Ex has been on the radio all week. Haven’t heard but I’ve been wondering…has he thanked his mouth yet for making him a great on-air talent?

  19. Before dissing Bills fans, try winning a couple of freakin games at home first.
    That outta help…

  20. The Eagles should have known better then to give TO the contract they gave him. I remember reading somewhere when they signed him that the players union didn’t want him to sign that deal. The Eagles low balled a guy who was known for blowing up on the feild and off it. They should have been smarter then that. I feel he had the ability and swagger that the Eagles needed, its just to bad hes a wack job. Freddie Mitchell is a scrub and will always be a scrub. Man up and take care of your kid or kids loser.
    As for McNabb and Reid being loved in Philly I would say at best its 50-50. I live in Eagle country, and Eagles fans as a whole don’t love either of these two guys. McNabb has never bonded with the city and most question if he or Andy can ever win a SB. I think there both above average at what they do, but I don’t know if they can win it all. Seems like the same thing over and over every year. I think thats why we get so frustrated, because they lose because of the same things every year.

  21. @shinsnake:
    “When is TO going to let things go? I don’t understand quite how Donovan McNabb pissed so many people off. You’d think he was a black conservative or something with as many people that hate him for nothing!”
    McNabb choked in the playoffs and Owens didn’t. Say whatever you want about Owen’s shenanigans the next season, but I think you have to grant him that “five” was not up to par for the Super Bowl.

  22. Mitchell was a bum who tried to use his mouth for publicity. Unfortunately for him , he’s a walking billboard for the old saying, ” it’s better to be quiet and thought of as an idiot than to open ones mouth and remove all doubt. This radio “interview” sounds like an episode of Tool Academy.

  23. @ mooremi9
    I had to wait a few minutes before I could post this comment. I was laughing so hard I couldn’t type. Thanks.

  24. Really?? Did I just read this laughable garbage??
    Thanks Freddie, for pointing out that “T” showed up, and “5” didn’t…last time I checked, “T” has gotten 3 straight early winter vacations courtesy of the Dallas Cowboys! Whereas “5” has been to, and won multiple playoff games! Furthermore “T” will be treated to another early winter vacation!
    Note to Freddie: Please pay your back child support!

  25. TO, you aren’t going to sweet talk your way back onto our team. He probably saw how we embraced AI coming back and thought he would get the same kind of end-of-career welcome back. They may both have big egos, but there’s a huge difference between the two in the eyes of philly’s fans.

  26. Kevin from Philly:
    Boston College’s entry requirements are tougher than most schools. There is very little chance that either of these two morons could spawn and raise a child with enough intelligence to make it into and through clown school. They are both freaking idiots with some serious mental problems.

  27. Rather than criticizing the preparation of other players for the game (and everyone agrees that McNabb did not have a good game), Freddie may want to give some thought to the wisdom of calling out Rodney Harrison. A ploy that resulted in Harrison having a great game.
    I’m also trying to recall Freddie’s contribution that day, but can’t. I do recall he was cut at his locker by Andy Reid the day he reported to training camp.
    Freddie’s biggest contribution to the Eagles was the fateful fourth down and twenty (five?) conversion against the Packers. A play where McNabb was able to scramble around for the amount of time that it took Freddie to get open.
    And someone pays this guy to talk? Truly, that organization is Freddie’s “new found friends”

  28. mooremi9 says:
    December 11, 2009 11:53 AM
    I really can’t think of one bad thing to say about these 2 distinguished gentlemen.
    I literally laughed out loud at that. Nice work.

  29. Nothing would make me happier than to dust off my T.O jersey and rock it next year. If you look at history, the Eagles have had success with Jeff Garcia, A.J. Feeley, and McNabb under center. You can plug in a decent QB and win in this system.
    Hey Kevin, I generally agree with almost everything I read from you and respect your opinions very much, but I have to disagree with you here. I think fans would welcome back TO in Philly. I know there isn’t a need for a WR here (for once) and there’s a better chance of Romo winning in January than TO ever coming back here, but I think Eagles fans would welcome back TO in a heartbeat. As a fanbase, we’re emotional, dramatic, opinionated, and outspoken. Philly was the best fit city to TO, in my humble opinion.

  30. Owens has a 0% chance of becoming and eagle again. That being said even if he had one leg amputated he would still have a better shot of playing for the eagles, or any nfl franchise, than Freddie Mitchell. How is Mitchell still relevant? I have never seen such an average at best player like him get so much attention. He is like herpes he keeps popping up and you are never glad when he does.

  31. As big of a fan I am of T.O., I don’t think he knows what good fans are, since he said the Toronto fans were good. True fanhood is not making the playoffs for ten straight years and not having any money and still selling out all our games. BILLS FANS ARE THE GREATEST! (No disrespect to Philly)

  32. i wouldnt mind if the eagles signed owens. sure he might cause a problem, but he knows that his career is for the most part over and hes gotta behave or nobody else will want him for his last 2 or 3 years. mcnabbs stopped bitching about everything for the time being, and apparently so has owens. theres fans who still love owens. and if we sign him, suddenly its the eagles with one of the best wr corps in the nfl (possibly in recent history)
    think about it. jackson, avant, maclin, owens? if reid rotated them right they would be unstoppable. if we just throw owens a bone or two million, he’d be happy to play on not only a winning team but a playoff team for the first time in over 4 years, plus hes already familiar with the system. i say sign him to a one or two year deal, see how he does.

  33. T.O. is a complete asshole. He’s played like shit most of the season, and single handledly cost the Bills two possible wins with his drops.
    Also, Philly fans better than Buffalo fans? Don’t make me laugh. The Philly fans boo their players constantly and are completely fair weather in their attitudes. Bills fans have stuck by a bad team for over a decade, and still sell out every game in a 70,000 seat stadium despite the economy and the small market.
    Philly has what, 5-6 times as many people as Buffalo?

  34. “McNabb choked in the playoffs and Owens didn’t.”
    How did he choke? He played pretty well in the SB, and in last years NFCG he brought the team back from the dead, then the defense failed.
    Owens played one hell of a game in the SB, and risked his career to do it, I’ll grant that. But since then he’s been more trouble than he’s worth. Why the hell would a team that has DJax, Maclin, and Jason Avant want to bring him back?

  35. There is no way to compare who has better fans than who. I mean seriously, both these cities love their teams, why are you people so sensitive about it?

  36. damn, imagine if the Eagles would’ve used that first round pick on reggie wayne instead… The possibilites… Fred-Ex loser was the worse wide-receiver I’ve ever seen. It was even worse hearing him in post-game interviews, I do not miss any of that!

  37. these 2 idiots need to go jerk each other off. one is pissed because hes broke and out of work and the other is pissed because he’s over the hill and frozen in buffalo. they will always be haters and losers.

  38. Hey Virtualdouchbag
    Philly boos there own players because how much we put into our teams. If we think a player, coach or owner isn’t giving it his all we will boo. As Philadelphia fans we give it are all every time. Stop ripping us for booing, it makes no sense. We have passon, thats why we boo. Its funny almost every player that has played here always says we are the most die-hard and loyal fans they have ever seen. There is a waiting list well over 100,000 for season tickets. I know we are the best fans in America, or atleast better then you losers who may not have a team in a few years. Will you still root for them when they move to Toronto? My guess is you will move there, I here its Canadas verision of SF. Plenty of manseed for you to gargle.

  39. After being confronted by the reality that there are people screwed up enough to want that POS Terrell back after he played them and their favorite team like maracas, it takes me about three weeks to recoup an semblance of faith in humanity.
    How’s the football career going, Freddie?

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