Wayne wants to go for perfect record

Reggie Wayne may or may not believe in momentum, but he does believe history matters.  And he wants to be a part of it.

“Whenever you get the opportunity to get records and history, it’s
always good,” Wayne said Thursday.  “Is it one of our goals? Not necessarily. We
have the main goal and that’s to [get] to the Super Bowl. But if that particular goal [16-0] is on the way and we can accomplish it, let’s go ahead and knock it down.”

We’d be surprised if Wayne said anything different.  It’s not in a competitors nature to possibly rest for a month before the playoffs, especially with a perfect season on the line.  (Not to mention personal statistical achievements that lead directly to contract dollars.)

Wayne says that his teammates largely share his view, although he doesn’t expect his words to matter. 

“We all can get vetoed,” Wayne said. “[Caldwell] has the ultimate decision. Whatever he says goes.”

The Broncos may render this discussion moot Sunday, but the opinion of one of Wayne’s teammates matters more than the rest. 

If Peyton Manning lobbied hard behind closed doors to continue playing, we imagine his words would carry extra weight throughout the organization.

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  1. This just in…the schnozzberries taste like schnozzberries…seriously, if you are a player on a team that has a chance to go undefeated of course you want to do it. whether or not you come out and say it, you still want to be a part of that.

  2. Go for it, Colts. Saints too. Seeing TWO undefeated teams in the Super Bowl going for it all would be historic indeed!

  3. Is it one of our goals? Not necessarily. We have the main goal and that’s to [get] to the Super Bowl
    – Mike you have royally f-ed up the parenthesis.

  4. Whatever, if you go undefeated and lose in the playoffs nobody gives a rats a$$. Go for it….and maybe you don’t lose an important player to injury in a meaningless game but if you do go for it and one of your stars goes down you can only blame yourselves.

  5. Peyton has lobbied in the past to not rest and to keep playing, publicly even, and it has had no effect. Sometimes stupidity overrules logic and common sense.

  6. Go for it, Indy…and if anything happens to Manning, how fun it would it be to see Curtis Painter lead the Colts in the playoffs!!

    His coach has no balls if he doesn’t go for it. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. You can win the Super Bowl every year if you make the playoffs, but you can only win 16 games if you’ve won the first 13.

  8. My boy Wayne got a point, though I wouldn’t mind resting the starters…that much. I’d have no problem with them starting the game for a series or 2 than benching them until halftime and bring them out strong for the 3rd quarter. Maybe 2-3 drives then. I don’t want another repeat of benching our players for a month.

  9. # ero52 says: December 11, 2009 11:16 AM
    Is it one of our goals? Not necessarily. We have the main goal and that’s to [get] to the Super Bowl
    – Mike you have royally f-ed up the parenthesis.
    Are you serious? Really hoping this is sarcasm on your part, because if its not you are possibly the dumbest human (alleged) alive.

  10. NO!!! Remember the NFL is run by chicks now….
    You sit everyone because they may GET INJURED! screw records!!! Records should be erased also because they give injured players more incentive to play and thusly become more injured…..
    The colts and the saints should put on their pink tutus for breast appreciation and abstain to play the last games so even their 2nd string guys are healthy.
    I am sure this is what Bob Costas wants too, isn’t he the leader of the I hate my dick and want a pussy crowd?

  11. We all know that Manning wants to go for the record. They want to be the best, of course they do. Bill Polian and Dungy clone jr. want to stick to whats been working for them. Great regular season acheivments, win the division, go to the playoffs, sell tickets and really that’s it. What the players think is different then management. If the Colts mindset was to WIN every game we wouldn’t have this discussion ever. To them some games are ok to lose as long as you have a bye and your division locked up. That sends a message that your settling. So then the players take that in consideration and “settle” on the field. Taking their opponents too lightly for example. “Well, these Bengals suck, I’ll take it easy on my guys at practice because they have been on vacation for a month, don’t want them to get hurt again, so by the AFC Championship game when they play, they will be really, really, really fresh”……”Wait, we lost”….”How did that happen?” “I started Gonzalez and he fumbled, dropped 2 touchdowns, Garcon and Collie can’t get open, and Peytons offensive line couldn’t protect him?” “And Donald Brown looks like he doesn’t know a play out there” “This happened before, when we played the Chargers to years ago. ” I swear it has nothing to do with resting players, I can promise you that”. This is a conversation between Polian and Caldwell after the Colts lose this year in their opening game.

  12. For a second I thought this was an article about my buddy, Wayne, and his quest for a perfect score in Donkey Kong. This makes way more sense.

  13. Um..wow. bspurloc’s comment is just…ok moving on.
    They should definitely go for it. After the Broncos the schedule is so soft, they could probably win the game in two and a half quarters. It keeps the edge up by actually playing games (I think the world of Polian, but you don’t keep the edge up by simply running practices, sorry) and lets them have a shot at history.

  14. @hayward
    “ooooh…what arrogance ”
    explain yourself… what does this mean? who is arrogant? the pats? brady? bellichick? one of the guys who came late to practice?

  15. Caldwell may as well rest the whole team…because the SAINTS will complete the season 19-0. Black & Gold Superbowl, WHO DAT!!!

  16. Is it possible? Will we have a Super Bowl with 2 undefeateds? If the league would just have the balls to ask Indianapolis Colts owner, Bill Polian, to let his team play out the string…then maybe we could enjoy the spectacle of undefeated Super Bowl contestants. I keep reading that the Colts, are going to rest their players. I read that they don’t care about being undefeated?. Is it possible that even these shrewd businessmen of the NFL could be so shortsighted as to NOT see the potential of 2 undefeated’s in a Bowl game?? The viewership numbers would be more than just off the charts. Money would pour in like a waterfall to the league. The PR value….priceless. If Bill Polian could be so selfish and shortsighted as to ask his coaches to sit their starters in order to have a better chance at winning the Super Bowl….then he has missed the entire point of the game itself. In the immortal words of Coach Herm Edwards….”WE play to win the game”.
    ( Not to mention…..$$$$ Cha Ching.)
    In the event that the Colts do rest starters and kill the incredible potential of that game for all others, I say we ready the trophy of league “Ass” or …..at the least we take it from Al Davis, for presentation to Indianapolis. It will have a new home.
    There is nothing Davis has done to the league that would be as grevious as sitting Colt starters at this point. The epitome of NFL selfishness and shortsightedness will have been realized. It will be …The Indianapolis Colts.

  17. @nfloco
    ask the 18-1 patriots about being shortsided.
    and i’m pretty sure money is already “pouring in like a waterfall to the league”. i don’t think the superbowl needs any help getting sponsors.
    current price for a 30sec spot – $3mil
    does anyone realize the Colts will have a bye week regardless of who they play now? we won’t be going into the playoffs with “momentum” either way…

  18. @nfloco says:
    December 11, 2009 2:25 PM
    Is it possible? Will we have a Super Bowl with 2 undefeateds?
    Put your pipe aside and calm down. There’s still 1/4 of the season to go. Not to mention two (probably) playoff games against some of the better teams in the league.

  19. how is looking ahead at the big picture (the superbowl) shortsided?
    and what is “grevious”? do you mean egregious?
    let’s ready the trophy of message board “Ass” or ….. at least take it from Hayward.

  20. The Colts are toast if they sit out the last few games. The comments above about competitiveness are spot on–by taking it easy and letting the team lose, you’re going against everyone’s collective instincts to compete, at a critical time when the group dynamic and instincts are most important.
    Don’t do it, Colts. Play hard, play your starters if that’s what they want, all the way through. You can’t control what might happen. Sitting hasn’t helped you in the past. The Super Bowl winners for years have been those who’ve fought all the way through the late season.
    In short, don’t cheapen the game and fan experience by deciding that 1/8 of the season is a throwaway.

  21. @ pubobby2004
    ask the 18-1 patriots about being shortsided.( shortsighted?)
    Well I understand the Pats went for the record and fell short but the last game of the regular season against the Giants sure did help the Giants with momentum. They played the Pats hard and rested no one. The Pats had a bye the Giants rested no one. It was a great end to the regular season The game is won between the lines with momentum.

  22. @ pubbobby
    No…not “shortsided” …but definetly the your Colts will be shortsighted…Grievous mistake to be “shortsided” Colt homer….

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