Shaun Smith, gone as quickly as he returned

Well, that didn’t last long.

Earlier this week, defensive tackle Shaun Smith made a surprising return to Cincinnati, which needed another body at the position given injuries to players like Domata Peko.

As we heard it, Smith secured his second chance after reaching out several weeks ago to coach Marvin Lewis and apologizing for the manner in which Smith behaved during and after his first stint with the team.

It got him in the door, but it didn’t keep him there.

Three days after officially returning, the Bengals have cut Smith. 

No reason was given for the move.

To replace Smith, the team signed cornerback Rico Murray from the team’s practice squad.

16 responses to “Shaun Smith, gone as quickly as he returned

  1. i am pretty sure upon entering the building he gave Marvin the two hand salute ( courtesy Bud Adams) and was promptly shown the exit door.

  2. when you are fat, out of shape, bad attitude and general douchebag well
    heres the door ‘big boy’ you may as well fill out your retirement papers.
    your fatass self is as done a burnT chicken

  3. This isnt true willie anderson just tweeted me and said he just spoke to coachs and hes on the plane to minn with team who’s ur source to say hes not there?Did you jump the gun on a story?i tweeted it and willie replied fast no hes with team

  4. Yes, Hauschild the Bengals are the only ones who make personnel moves during the season. You obviously have no idea what you are talking about.

  5. Note to craig3090.. Willie Anderson has no clue who was on the plane. Pretty stupid.
    Hauschil – that is maybe the most stupid post ever. The Bengals needed another DB so this moves makes them in disarray?
    They should make people take an IQ test before letting them become posters on here.

  6. Hauschild, you are a dumb ass. That is not a sign off diarray, it is a sign of striving to improve after injuries.

  7. They must have figured Peko would be ready before he would…It’s okay we got Tank & Sims for running downs & Fanene & rucker can play inside on passing.

  8. bengals needed to add another secondary player because crocker was looking iffy. if the safeties look full go before peko returns, smith will be resigned.
    and please, continue to call us in disarray lol, we use the practice squad as a means of developing as well if not better than any team in the league, where do you think half our OL came from?

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