Cassel booed as Chiefs fall to Bills

When he was acquired during the off-season, Matt Cassel was advertised as the new franchise quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs.

Cassel hasn’t played like a franchise quarterback, and the fans in Kansas City are getting fed up.

Cassel threw four interceptions in today’s 16-10 loss to the Bills, and he heard it from the fans at Arrowhead Stadium. He said afterward that he understood their frustration.

“Hey, they’re allowed to do whatever they want,” Cassel said after the game, when asked by a reporter if he felt the fans had turned on him. “They pay the money to come here and we have to perform.”

Cassel’s lousy day wasted a great day from running back Jamaal Charles, who carried 20 times for 143 yards and added seven catches for 38 yards.

For the Bills, Terrell Owens caught a first-quarter touchdown pass from Ryan Fitzpatrick to give Buffalo a 7-0 lead, and after that Fitzpatrick’s job was simply to play it safe and not throw the lead away.

Fitzpatrick went just 12-of-20 for 86 yards passing, but that was enough, and the Bills improved to 5-8 in a game that was notable less for the Bills’ win than for the major step backward that Cassel took.

24 responses to “Cassel booed as Chiefs fall to Bills

  1. The Chiefs gave that guy close to $30M guaranteed, but at least they didn’t piss away a couple of first round picks on him. And he’s still better than JaMarcus Russell, so he’s got that going for him.

  2. Seeing Cassel check down on a third and long and hearing the crowd boo reminded me of Trent Edwards. At least Cassel takes chances over the middle in 20 yard range. Give him some playmakers before you fans give up on him.

  3. With no D-Bowe , Four recievers that can`t catch and a bad O-line Cassel`s lucky he`s alive… Brodie Croyle would have been broken in half by now.

  4. If KC receivers did not drop critical passes the result might have been different. Of course the Bills lead the NFL in interceptions and despite Fitzpatrick playing poorly they had 99 yards rushing from Fred Jackson and another 84 yards from Marshawn Lynch.

  5. Cassell will be much better with an offensive line, wide outs that can catch and run the right routes, and an offensive coordinator. Cassell looks a lot like Trent Green when he first came to KC. He had a poor team, and looked terrible, but the next year he had a good line and a couple good wide outs and within a couple years he was a pro bowler.
    Cassell is a young guy. I just hope that all this losing and running for his life doesn’t set him back or make him trigger happy for years to come.
    I am a loyal Chiefs fan, and hope that I am right and he works out. With the money and expectations around him, if he busts this could be the equivalent of drafting Todd Blackledge in the year of the QB. Oh wait, we already did that!

  6. Last time I checked, Pioli cut 22 guys from last year’s team. Which means you got 22 new guys who don’t know one another.
    Those 22 guys they cut aren’t in the NFL anymore.
    This is a bad team on the long road back.

  7. When they booed his overthrown (to stop the clock) sideline pass near the end of the first half, I had to take the DVR back to confirm what I thought I saw him say. It was a pretty clear STFU. To all 17,000 people there.

  8. LOL.. i love it when dumbass Owners/GM’S give ya a guy a ton of money after 1 good year. Teams who do that get what they deserve.What else would u expect from him with not alot of talent around him anyways?

  9. I actually thought Cassell looked pretty good at the beginning of the game. With the exception of two slightly overthrown long passes (which were catchable) and the one interception, he had a very accurate 1st half.
    You can not blame a interception off a deflection on the QB.
    While I am not extremely happy with Cassell’s play this season, it is hard to be a good QB when you are running for your like because your OL it about as good at stopping a rush as a revolving door. Didn’t I hear the announcer say that Cassell (not a running QB) has the second most yards rushing in the NFL? That is what happens when you have to tuck the ball and run for your life all the time.
    Then lets take a look at the guys he is throwing the ball too. I will not call them Wide Receivers, because Wide Receivers can catch a ball. KC as the most dropped ball in the NFL.
    I really think you could put Manning in at QB of the Chiefs and he would look like crap too.
    So while not happy with Cassell’s play so far, I will wait another year or two to pass judgement on him.
    Just a few stats:
    QB Rating:
    Trent Green (1st year in KC): 71.7
    Manning (1st year in Ind): 71.2
    Cassell: 68.3
    Comp. %
    Trent Green (1st year in KC): 56.6%
    Manning (1st year in Ind) 56.7%
    Cassell: 54.6%
    Trent Green (1st year in KC): 17
    Manning (1st year in Ind) 28
    Cassell: 13
    Pretty close, especially when you take in consideration the fact Cassell had even worst protection as can be seen by the next stat.
    Trent Green (1st year in KC): 39
    Manning (1st year in Ind) 22
    Cassell: 41 (12 games)
    I only hope Cassell turns out as good as Green and Manning.

  10. OK would you rather take a chance on a guy who had a lot of success in the NFL or spend just as much on a rookie QB with no experience in the NFL. I am not saying he will be good but if I was a GM I would rather take my chances on a guy who I have seen at the NFL level.

  11. Cassel is playing pretty well considering the cast of castoffs surrounding him. He needs an entirely new interior offensive line and for 2nd year LT Branden Albert to bounce back from his sophomore slump. Jamaal Charles is the next Chris Johnson – but teams will begin to key on him and the team needs players who can CATCH THE BALL and spread the field. When Matt Cassel missed those two long balls, he was throwing to “deep threat” Mark Bradley. Yes, that’s sarcasm.
    This team needs a burner. With D-Bowe & Chambers being big, tough, possession or RAC type receivers and Lance Long a decent slot option, there’s a great need for speed at that position.
    Cassel’s one pick was deflected; another was forced to Chambers on the last play at the end of the game after Chambers dropped the previous pass that was thrown perfectly by Cassel that could’ve won the game, and another was on the final play’s Hail Mary.
    Chiefs fans need to be patient – Cassel can play. He’s a great character & team guy; this isn’t Michael Vick or Tiger Woods. Let’s hang tough with him and judge his play after next year, when Haley & Pioli gut the offense and get him some protection & some weapons.

  12. # FireJerryJones says: December 13, 2009 10:58 PM
    Last time I checked, Pioli cut 22 guys from last year’s team. Which means you got 22 new guys who don’t know one another.
    Those 22 guys they cut aren’t in the NFL anymore.
    This is a bad team on the long road back.
    Good point but not 100% right…
    Tony Gonzales, Larry Johnson, and Bernard Pollard all still are not only in the NFL but are all starting on their respective teams.

  13. The sad irony is that for all the criticism last year’s Chiefs got, and for all the high profile front office moves of the off season, the Chiefs are not nearly as good an entertainment product now as they were last year. Last year’s Chiefs, with Herm, Chan Gailey and Tyler Thigpen running a spread offense, was very exciting to watch. For all that the so-called-experts criticized Tyler Thigpen, the guy was exciting to watch. He and Tony made the offense exciting to watch. Which made the team exciting to watch. Most of their losses were close games. Although he doesn’t have Tom Brady-like ability or potential, Tyler played with a gusto and a determination seen in the likes of QBs such as Favre, Big Ben and Rich Gannon.
    Last year’s team left in place would have won more games so far than this year.

  14. Techumseh – “…Last year’s team left in place would have won more games so far than this year.”
    But last years team only won 2 games… this year’s team’s already won 3. While they may not be as exciting (in your opinion) they’ve already won 50% more games and (HOPEFULLY) after next week that total will be up to 4. I think patience is key – I know we’ve been hearing it for years now but for the first time this actually does feel like a rebuilding year. We’ve actually made a LOT of changes to the starting roster and for all these new guys to come in and win more games than last years says that we’re already on a path in the right direction.

  15. CaseyInKC says:
    Good point but not 100% right…
    Tony Gonzales, Larry Johnson, and Bernard Pollard all still are not only in the NFL but are all starting on their respective teams.
    LOL, and you are not 100% correct either.
    The Cancer known as LJ got 4 yards on 3 rushes this week. I have money down that he will never be a main back again.
    As for Tony G and Pollard. Tony G needed to go, he was running out of time to win a championship, and the Chiefs were not going to be able to get there any time soon.
    Pollard, yep that was a bad cut. Not sure why they let him go. Had to have been a personality conflict with Haley.

  16. Pollard, you must remember, was the fellow who injured Tom Brady’s knee in week 1 of the ’08 season (I was at that game). He always seemed like a credible safety to me. Apparently others share this view as well, since he had immediate market value as a starter after being cut. This is even more impressive that he was not only good enough to start for the Chiefs, but to start for a team with a different defense. Reading between the lines suggests that his release by KC came from Pioli bc of the hit on Brady.

  17. Tecumseh – Not quite. Pollard and new coach Haley didn’t get along well at training camp, hence, Pollard gets the boot. Terrible move on the new front office’s half. Pollard could HIT some fools! Even if we didn’t keep him as a safety the man was worth keeping around for all of the plays he made on special teams. I’m no statistician nor do I have tons of numbers in front of me but I do remember that the man is a field goal/punt blocking machine!
    Roll the clip of Mike Brown getting beat deep over and over and over again this year.

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