Dungy agrees with characterization of Moss as "fragile"

With only three late games on Sunday and none of them all that compelling down the stretch, it was a great night to watch all of Football Night in America, on NBC.

One segment of the show included an extended discussion regarding Patriots receiver Randy Moss, and whether he quit on the Patriots today.

Surprisingly, both Tony Dungy and Rodney Harrison argued that Moss didn’t quit, despite plenty of evidence suggesting that he did.  Dungy at one point seemed to cast blame toward Pats coach Bill Belichick for sending Moss and three other players home after they showed up late for work on Wednesday.

“I think Randy Moss played a poor game,” Dungy said.  “It probably started early in the week.  I coached thirteen years as a head coach.  I’ve reprimanded guys, I’ve fined guys.  I never sent a guy home from practice, and I think that had to impact Moss.”

Harrison said that the being sent home hampered Moss’ confidence, given the work he has done to repair his image and his reputation. 

But we’ve seen Moss come out strong in the face of tough circumstances in the past, using that desire to prove someone wrong as fuel to inspire 150 yards receiving and a couple of touches.

Usually, however, Moss is reacting to external scrutiny.  He rarely has had to deal with criticism or consequences imposed by the team for which he plays. 

Eventually, Dan Patrick asked Dungy and Harrison whether Moss is fragile.

“That might be a good word,” Dungy said.

Harrison then painted with a broader brush.  “As players, we’re all fragile.  We’re all sensitive. . . . [but Moss] has to go out there and continue to play.”

Whether he does remains to be seen.  The Patriots remain in first place in the AFC East, with a one-game lead over the Jets and the Dolphins.  Next up?  A trip to Buffalo, for a game against the Bills and the self-described “original 81.”

It would be a great time for the “other 81” to play like the old 84.

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  1. Dungy has 1 Superbowl – actually the one year they managed to beat the Pats.
    Billy has 3 and is still coaching. Those 3 came at the expense of Billy and his boys handing Dungy and Peyton their collective a**es. I’d say he is probably a little bitter.

  2. Harrisons take on this is interesting, “As players, we’re all fragile. We’re all sensitive…in discussing Moss, Harrison isn’t reluctant to criticise and rip other players, who are FRAGILE & SENSITIVE [HINT: T.O. ring a bell???}

  3. I’d like to thank NBC for giving Dungy a stage to show everyone how big of an idiot he actually is. We even get to see him do it on a weekly basis.
    Can’t say the Colts miss him at all.

  4. Moss didn’t look too good today. Had a case of short arms on a crossing route.
    Fumbled the ball on his only reception for a turnover.
    Looked down in the dumps on the sideline.

  5. There’s no excuse for Randy Moss dogging it. He is supposed to be a professional, just because you’re in the coach’s doghose doesn’t mean you should half ass it. And if you are a player who does essentially quit on your team because your coach comes down on you then absolutely that player should be listed as “fragile”.

  6. Have to love Dungy criticizing Belichick, and comparing BB’s actions to what he would have done. Maybe BB knows what he is doing, head coach of 3 SB winners, four teams to reach Super Bowl, assistant with 2 other SB winners and 3 teams to reach SB. Dungy’s teams on the other hand were notorious for underachieving in the big games, other than the one run to the SB, not to mention the teams he has left have shown no sign of being impacted by his departure and have even improved – one winning a SB and the other making a run at perfection. Once is a coincidence, twice it is a trend.

  7. As a Patriots fan Moss was trying but you could tell he was distracted and confused. I only wish that he wasn’t one of the four who were late to practice…as Belichek used those four to send a message to the entire team. Randy is a great athlete…but is sensitive to criticism…especially coming from within. Randy is suffering from a bruised ego…nothing more…nothing less. Dungy is right…Moss has a fragile ego. All it will take is a little more time…support from his team mates…and a couple of great plays…and he’ll be fine. Look for him to return to normal next week.

  8. Every week I have less and less respect for Dungy. He needs to stop acting like he knows better than everyone else, and acting like his way is the only way. He also needs to stop talking about things that don’t concern him. Stop talking about where Mike Vick should go, stop talking about what guys do or don’t think. You don’t KNOW what they’re thinking, so stop saying you do.

  9. So unlike Belichick, Dungy never sent a guy home from practice.
    And how many Super Bowl Rings does Dungy have compared to Belichick?


  11. Just remember BB didn’t do it by himself. He had a great front office man named Pioli. Now he is gone so we shall see what a great team his can put together now. Personally, BB is done. Just watch him implode. As for Tony Dungy, he is the true architect of a system mocked by almost every team in the NFL. Tampa Bay’s SB win doesn’t truly reside with Gruden, THAT WAS TONY”S!

  12. “I think Randy Moss played a poor game,” Dungy said. “It probably started early in the week.
    Ya Think?

  13. Some people just can’t handle the responsibility of being a grown up. Especially when they never have to actually go through the process of growing up.
    Those put in charge of said individuals have two choices…..allow them to keep being a child, or try and force them to grow up.
    One gets you by in the short term, the other benefits everyone in the long run.
    That being said, I’m guessing Randy Moss will have a couple good seasons in a place like Dallas.

  14. “With only three late games on Sunday and none of them all that compelling down the stretch, it was a great night to watch all of Football Night in America, on NBC.”
    Seriously, even the tiki barber stuff, and Rodney harrison repeating what Dan Patrick says, and Bob Costas waxing philosophical about whether or not to sit players?
    Cuz I watched that crap and it was brutally bad, especially Tiki.

  15. “Dungy remarking on Bill Belichick=tastless” [sic]
    Um, he’s an NFL analyst, and he’s paid to give his opinion. It’s his job.
    PFTiswhatitis = tard.

  16. BrownRob73, you might need to call the NFL and tell them that there’s an error in the record book, because it says that Jon Gruden was the head coach when the Bucs won it all.
    I’m a big fan of Dungy, but when people say that Gruden won with Dungy’s team, my question is this: why couldn’t DUNGY win with Dungy’s team?

  17. Eventually, Dan Patrick asked Dungy and Harrison whether Moss is a little bitch.
    “That might be a good word,” Dungy said.

  18. fragile, no. soft, yes. childish and immature, u bet.
    from the looks of things this year, dungy held the colts back.

  19. Wow, I’ve never seen a guy catch so much grief for stating the obvious.
    Randy Moss is an incredible receiver and an incredible athlete, but he has the mentality of a spoiled 7-year old girl.
    But I guess Dungy hasn’t won enough Super Bowls for his opinion on something to be correct. Yeah, that makes a lot of sense.

  20. BB doesn’t have a win in a superbowl yet. Only 3 asterisks and a loss.
    Dungy can say whatever he wants, since a) he’s an analyst and b) he has more true superbowl wins.

  21. “kayC says:
    December 13, 2009 9:38 PM
    “Dungy remarking on Bill Belichick=tastless” [sic]
    Um, he’s an NFL analyst, and he’s paid to give his opinion. It’s his job.
    PFTiswhatitis = tard.”
    He is also a former colleague as an ex-coach which makes him out of line. kayC = Dbag.

  22. Moss is pulling a page out of Brett Favre’s book and is slowly orchestrating a trade to the Minnesot Viking’s inorder to return to the place he started his career and the city he loves, Minneapolis. Favre and Moss have had a mutual respect and admiration for each other as football player’s and reveled in the oportunity to play each other twice a year in the NFC North because they both felt then and still feel to this day that they are the best in the game at their positions. It’s no secret that the main reason Favre retired the first time is because he was upset the Packers didn’t do enought to try and trade for Moss. Bottom line is Moss wants out of New England and he wants to come home. Moss will be back in a purple 84 jersey, where he belongs, next year.

  23. Dungy should have only one less ring then Billy and guess what? He didn’t have to cheat to get ’em. Tony Dungy built the the Buc’s team up from nothing into winner’s ask any player on that team and theyll tell you the same. The Colt’s have been the most consistent franchise over the last five year’s and their being as good as they are this year is a direct reflection of Dungy’s leadership. Anyone hatting on Dungy is probably a racist. I’m just sayin? Did you vote for Obama?… Didn’t think so.

  24. What does voting for obama have to do with anything? voting for or against obama doesnt make you a racist, it reflects your political beliefs.
    i respect dungy and think he was a good coach, but not a hall of famer like everyone seems to think. he had way too many good teams fall short of expectations.

  25. 1.) The Patriots barely cheated, they broke the rules in a way that had far less impact than people make it seem like. This is proven by the facts that a.) they went 18-1 (16-0) right AFTER being accused and b.) Matt Walsh was outed as a lying douche that wanted attention. Walsh is Monica Lewinski, but less honest.
    2.) Not only is Bill Belichick one of the best and smartest coaches of at least this decade, he is proven, and no matter how much all the jealous people out there say that the Patriots’ Super Bowl wins don’t count, they do. They are very legitimate, and you should probably stop being bitter.
    3.) Dungy apparently isn’t that great of a coach, because he only has one Super Bowl with perhaps the best quarterback ever and his replacement is immediately doing a better job with the same system. The Colts success is not Dungy, it is the system and the quarterback.
    Sorry, just had to chime on on the whole Dungy v. Belichick debate. If it wasn’t clear, my view is that Belichick is definitely the way better NFL head coach.
    By the way, I am not a Patriots fan. Just a realist.

  26. For all you retards that are saying “what does tony dungy know”- uh he knows better than to pull some RETARTED SHIT that will get him fined $500,000 so maybe u should look at who the real dummy is and his stupidity continues this season with the 4th down calls costing his team games…….and if any of u morons had half a brain u would know Moss has more impact on a game going 50% than any receiver on any of your sorry ass teams…..you losers couldn’t carry his jockstrap

  27. Going 18-1 doesn’t prove JACK in relation to the Patriots cheating. All it proves is that they had a chip on their shoulder and went out and tried to prove they didn’t need to cheat to win. Unfortunately, that doesn’t prove it.
    The NFL is a year by year league. Any team can have a great or pour year. It’s just the luck if the draw and the bounce of the ball. The Patriots got extra lucky in 3 or 4 games that year. a fumble here or a non-timeout call there and they go 12-4 and not 16-0.
    They got really hot one year. What else have they dome since the scandle?
    -missed the playoff last year
    -beat only 2 teams with a record above .500 this year.
    Seams to me the last two years are more a reflection of what happens when they don’t cheat than the 18-1 season.

  28. How on earth do you guys decide whether to give head to Brady or Belliquit?? Or do you take them both at once? Btw, funniest quote I heard yesterday. The announcer on the Red Zone Channel says “Bellicheck going for it on 4th down again like a sugared up 12 year old playing Xbox.” Belliquit is only good at building a great team. That team has made both his insane ass and Brady look good. His ego makes him break down the incredible team and the true colors are starting to be shown. I’ve said it since the beginning. OVERRATED!!!

  29. Morons. Tony Dungy was a Super Bowl champion as a player and as a head coach. I respect his perspective on how Belichick handled the Moss situation. Bill never strapped on the pads.

  30. Dungy doesn’t have an* by his super bowl win. The pats are 0 for since spygate. Yes the only 18-1 team not to win a super bowl. Genius =a guy with a camera on the sidelines. We all know it and it’s the people who bury their heads in the sand and act as if it didn’t happen are trying to convince themselves that they were legit.

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