Jared Allen gets some Christmas "cashish"

Last year, with the Vikings struggling to sell out the Metrodome for the first home playoff game in eight years, Vikings defensive end Jared Allen encouraged Minnesotans in an online video to spend some “cashish” on tickets.

This year, the Vikings have given Allen a little extra “cashish,” just in time for Christmas.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the Vikings have shifted into the current year $4 million of an $8 million roster bonus due in March 2010. 

The move chews up $4 million in available cap space this year — and frees up $4 million for next year, if there’s still a salary cap.  (Maybe they would have moved even more if he hadn’t been shut out in sacks last week against the Cardinals.)

Of course, there will be a salary cap in 2010 only if the NFL and the union work out a new CBA by March, and that’s not believed to be likely at this point.

So why would the Vikings commit to $4 million now in order to create cap space they won’t need next year?  Maybe they’re simply more optimistic than the rest of the football-following world regarding the possibility of a new labor deal being finalized.

7 responses to “Jared Allen gets some Christmas "cashish"

  1. This is gonna have some heavy 409A implications for Mullett. Unless somehow football teams are exempt from the normal deferred comp election and acceleration rules.

  2. Allen is the biggest low rent in the NFL.
    he doesn’t deserve the money but the vikings sure deserve him, being the most backward state in the union.

  3. Maybe, since they have money left over from the 2009 salary cap that is subsidized by revenue sharing, they chose to pay that money now as opposed to paying that bonus later when it’s all money out of their pockets, in other words, they moved league money into his pocket now to avoid moving their own money into his pockets later . . . .

  4. Well I say why not do it. Theres a 99.9999999% chance of Jared Allen playing for the Vikings next year. On the other hand theres around a 33.3333333% chance that they will sign a new CBA before the start of the 2010 season. So really there just playing the odds. They pretty much know Allen is gonna be with the team next year so why not lower the chance of taking a Salary cap hit next year if a new CBA is signed.
    Its a win-win for the Vikings if a new CBA is signed everyone is going to call them geniuses for what they did with Allen’s contract. If there isnt a new CBA all it does is show Allen that they want him around.

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