Michael Irvin would trade it all for 19-0

As the debate continues to rage regarding the question of whether the Saints and Colts should strive for perfection, receiver Michael Irvin has offered up a unique take on the matter as part of his job as an analyst with NFL Network.

Irvin says that he’d rather have one perfect season than anything he accomplished during his career.

And he accomplished a lot.

“I would turn in all three Super Bowls and my Hall of Fame bust for one undefeated season,” Irvin said during NFL Gameday Morning.

He didn’t say whether he’d also give up stabbing Everett McIver in the neck with scissors

We assume that one is negotiable.

29 responses to “Michael Irvin would trade it all for 19-0

  1. He said the same thing when the Pats were doin it 2 years ago. Just another sound byte. Way to make the same statement twice to make a headline Irvin.

  2. Michael Irvin is a moron.. why in the world does he keep getting coverage??? Please go interview the rest of the thousands of ex NFL players as well and let me get everyone of their views too while you’re at it..

  3. Ok folks, yes you cant escape Tiger even here. Irvin did plenty of bad things in his life and he seems to be doing pretty darn well these days. At this point Tiger’s only fault is he loved the ladies, I get it. Hate to see his children have to have their lives disrupted, but Tiger really is still pretty clean. So if Irvin can come back, Tiger should have no problem.

  4. Jamarcus Russell said he would give up carbs for 4hrs for a win against an AFC West opponent.

  5. I call BS. Clearly, he doesn’t appreciate the fact that he’s won a superbowl because he has three. Utter lack of perspective.

  6. He said the same thing in 07 when the Patriots were going for the undefeated record. Except for the Hall of Fame bust part.

  7. Decision making like that is why you’d never leave him in charge of anything………anything.

  8. Perhaps past drug use or too many concussions have caught up with him. Or maybe he fell on his head during his strange little stint on “Dancing With the Stars.”
    The 90s Cowboys are the only team to win three Super Bowls in four years. Had Jones’s ego not run amok and chased Johnson out of town, they would have won at least four SBs. He played with some of the finest NFL athletes of the time and that team helped propel him to the Hall. Yet he’d trade all that for ONE season?
    What a foolish, ungrateful man.

  9. Why does anyone employ Irvin in any job that requires brains? He was an incredible player, but he is not too bright. This just confirms it. By the way, why bother printing his quote? Who cares?

  10. So he would trade the Super Bowl wins for a 19-0 season? But to go 19-0 you have to win a Super Bowl. So does that mean he would trade a 19-0 season to go 18-0? What a tool.

  11. A) who cares what this druggie washied up cheating player says. Why does he continue to get jobs? He’s almost as bad as Emmit Smith!
    B) Deb had it right.. Cowboys are the only team to legitimately win 3 Superbowls in 4 years. Cheating doesn’t count Pats fans… Cheating doesn’t count.

  12. What a bunch of dumb comments to what could have been a pretty interesting discussion. I think Irvin is showing a great perspective on history and the ramifications of going undefeated.
    What would you rather be, one of 43 Superbowl Champion teams, or the only team to go 19-0?
    Is it really Irvin that is the idiot here?

  13. @The Genius …
    That’s just it, genius. He isn’t just one of 43 champions. His team–sorry Tony Brown80–is one of only two to win three Super Bowls in a four-year period. The Dolphins went undefeated in 1972–and frankly, I don’t think it’s THAT big a deal that they only went 17-0 compared to 19-0. The important thing is they ran the table. But what team did the NFL select as the Team of the Decade? The Steelers–the only team to win four Super Bowls in a six-year period.
    When people talk of the great football dynasties, they don’t even mention that Dolphins team. They mention the 60s Packers, the 70s Steelers, the 90s Cowboys, and the 00s Patriots. (I omitted the 80s 49ers because their championships were spread over a longer period and there were huge personnel changes between their first and fourth SB-winning teams whereas the other squads were working with almost the same starting lineups).
    Of ALL the teams to have played the game, he was fortunate enough to be part of a three-Super Bowl Dynasty. Would he be in the Hall without that team? I doubt it–especially considering the problems he had during his playing days.
    And that team had to play SERIOUS opponents. One reason the Saints and Colts are 13-0 is because there is so much mediocrity in the league right now. You put those Cowboys in this league and they probably would run the table. I’m not taking anything away from the Saints and Colts. I’m just saying they might run the table without ever becoming the kind of dynastic team Irvin was blessed to play for.
    So yes, I stand by the assessment that he’s a foolish, ungrateful man not to realize what he had and how special it was.

  14. it’s a great sound bite, but seriously, when people talk about the 84 Bears that went 18-1, it’s about how quickly it unraveled after that great season, what irvin did in dallas is nothing to sneeze at, they had a great thing going, and seeing the competitor he was on the football field, it’s hard to imagine he would feel that way, not to mention talking about giving his HOF bust up as well, those dolphin teams of the 70’s are not looked at in the same light as the packers of the 60’s the steelers of the 70’s the 49ers of the 80’s and the cowboys of the 90’s

  15. “The 90s Cowboys are the only team to win three Super Bowls in four years.”
    Ummm, you want to re-think that one, Einstein?

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