Ochocinco scores, Ragnar's horn remains silent

With a 15-yard catch and run, Bengals receiver Chad Ochocinco visited the end zone at the Metrodome on Sunday, cutting the Vikings’ lead to three points late in the first half.

But the bigger news was what came next.

And, as it turns out, what didn’t come next.

After vowing to steal Ragnar the Viking’s horn and blow it after scoring a touchdown, Ochocinco merely went to the sidelines and did nothing. 

On the way, he had a brief conversation with coach Marvin Lewis, whose words might have included, “Chad, please don’t do it.”

Last week, Ochocinco donned a sombrero after scoring a touchdown, resulting in a $30,000 fine.

26 responses to “Ochocinco scores, Ragnar's horn remains silent

  1. anybody else seeing this embarassing officiating at the Bal-Det game? i’m not talking about one sided calls, i’m just talking about refs not paying attention

  2. The announcers said that Ragnar’s horn is on a cart and is put away once the game begins. Don’t you listen?

  3. The first half has been ugly and the passing game is not coming easy. What is there to celebrate right now?

  4. The best part is that whenever he says he might do something after a TD, every media guy is jocking his nuts to see if he goes through with it.. which you seem to be doing a good job of so far.. congrats

  5. Perhaps he held off on it because there was an injured player on the field. The guy does have some class you know.

  6. @Bob Nelson
    The only way OchoStinko is ripping thru the Vikings defense is if you are playing Madden.
    3 catches for 27 yard, 1TD and you call that ripping? You must be stoned!

  7. Yup, the Vikings secondary got absolutely shredded today. Can’t believe Winfield turned in that pathetic performance. And the offense was lost without Percy Harvin.
    Next thing you know, Brett Favre will be playing quarterback for the Vikings….

  8. All you haters, chew on that!!
    Thank you Lord for answering prayer for Winfield to be back, wow, he is awsome!!
    Bob Nelson, what game are you watching??
    Typical no credit chabber spewing from your butt hole!!

  9. Good game Bengals. Told you we just got too much you at home. We are the team in the NFC. Saints should of lost last week and almost lost to a second string QB in Atlanta today.

  10. Allow me to be the first Bengals fan to take this lump like a man. The Vikings did what they wanted to for the most part. Very good, very solid win today.

  11. Ochocinco ‘tearing through’ the defense? Seriously!? He runs a fake reverse and Winfield couldn’t recover quick enough to get to him. Good play on the Bengals part, but ‘tearing through’? Hardly.
    Palmer winds up with 94 yards–for the entire GAME.
    Face it, Minnesota handed the Bengals their collective asses on a platter.

  12. Perv,
    Miracle play from Favre/Lewis to beat a should-be second string QB (at home).
    Missed FG as time expired (at home).
    We can play that game all day.

  13. cheddar:
    Nothing tops losing to a winless team with their 3rd string QB starting.
    Time to call it a day there asshat.

  14. cheddar is beddar says:
    December 13, 2009 4:30 PM
    Miracle play from Favre/Lewis to beat a should-be second string QB (at home).
    Missed FG as time expired (at home).
    We can play that game all day.
    You cant be serious, are you?
    Look, let me put it a way you maybe able to understand:
    11-2, 11-2, 11-2, 11-2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Got it, go play with your moms panties.
    Vikings fans can play that game all day on your fudgies also, just on the two games the Vikes made them look like a highschool team……………………………..
    Oh and can you say TAMPA BAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Bob Nelson, your lack of football acumen really shined through today! “Lighting up” the Vikes defense? You call 95 total yards of passing “lighting up”?
    Go away, you know nothing.

  16. bigskyvikes,
    Your “THIS IS OUR YEAR” rant is annoying as hell. How about being more creative instead of using it in every single one of your posts.
    and high school team? The Vikings pass defense was the one that was playing like a high school team against Rodgers, who torched you guys for 671 yards in just two games.

  17. turdjeff,
    You’re best comeback was refering to a game that happened 6 weeks ago? LOL
    You seem to have a crush on the turdful jeff. Do we possibly have a couple of swith hitters you two?

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