Ravens dominate Lions, stay in wild card race

The Ravens destroyed the Lions today in Baltimore, winning by the lopsided score of 48-3 and keeping pace in the AFC wild card race.

The win improved the Ravens’ record to 7-6 and left them tied with the Jets, Dolphins and Jaguars for the sixth and final AFC playoff spot.

Although it took some time for the Ravens’ offense to get going, Baltimore took a 20-3 lead into halftime, powered by 155 first-half rushing yards from Ray Rice, and the game was pretty much over by then. In the second half the Ravens put in their backups and kept the ball on the ground, but even then the Lions’ defense couldn’t stop them, and Baltimore scored four rushing touchdowns in the second half.

The Ravens’ final touchdown was a 15-yard scamper by backup quarterback Troy Smith, who then proceeded to do a dance in the end zone and generally act like he had just done something a lot more significant than score a garbage-time touchdown against a bad team.

For the Lions, nothing went right. Quarterback Daunte Culpepper, starting in place of the injured Matthew Stafford, completed 16 of 34 passes for 135 yards, with no touchdowns and two interceptions, for a passer rating of 33.3. Worst of all, Lions running back Kevin Smith was carted off the field with what appeared to be a serious knee injury late in the game.

The Lions have nothing but pride to play for, but the Ravens are likely three wins away from the playoffs. With the Bears, the Steelers and the Raiders remaining on the schedule, Baltimore has a good chance of making the postseason.

17 responses to “Ravens dominate Lions, stay in wild card race

  1. “Quarterback Daunte Culpepper, starting in place of the injured Matthew Stafford, completed 16 of 34 passes for 135 yards, with no touchdowns and two interceptions, for a passer rating of 33.3.”
    So…..how long before you shut up about him being a legitimate contender for a starting slot on any team?

  2. Well considering Troy is backup who will more than likely not get many more TD’s, I think its perfectly fine to let him shine in his moment. It is a lot more significant, its not like he’ll get another chance to get in the end zone much more this season.

  3. Hey Michael David Smith – when you play in an NFL game, you can criticize him dancing after a touchdown. The Lions are paid to stop him from getting there – it’s not like he acted like Chad Johnson or something. It was pretty harmless.

  4. I love the Ravens but they do not look like they belong in the playoffs. They can’t cover ANYONE, their running game has been handcuffed by their inexplicably pass-oriented and maddeningly predictable (out to mason, dump to ray rice, screen to ray rice, punt) play calling, and the receivers flat out suck.
    I still hope we make it but we’re not going deep this year.

  5. Well…. we finally put together a full game, offense, defense, and special teams. Too bad it was against the little sisters of the poor. Poor Jim Schwartz, he was embarrassed in his home city. His defense looked like matadors all day long. Ole.
    No excuses Ravens. You must win the last three games to make the playoffs. The Bears at home should be no problem. $hitsburg on the road is always tough and then Oakland to end the season in Oakland where they should have already mailed it in.
    Nice show today. Now lets beat a real football team.

  6. In Troy Smith’s defense who knows when he will get to sore again. He shouldn’t be ashamed of doing a td dance for a garbage time td against a bad team he should be ashamed of how dumb the dance looked. It was pretty bad.

  7. The way it’s played out it looks like the bears are the toughest of the 3 remaining games and the steelers the easiest.

  8. Like I thought. Little Chad must be a bandwagon squeeler fan! I bet only 30 percent of that teams fanbase are actually true fans. The rest scatter like roaches in these pathetic times, and they are pathetic! That would explain Tomlin & Wards tears.

  9. I was at the rainy game yesterday and here are somethings I took from the game:
    – The QB backups looked decent. Regardless of the score, Daunte did pretty decent. They had some solid drives in the beginning that made the fans a bit nervious. Give Troy some slack for his dancing. The guy has not had hardly any playtime. The Wildcat in Bmore has been missing since Flacco has been injured (you can’t line him up in a blocking/catching WR slot). This was a big TD for him. I think both backups could possible be starting QBs somewhere in the league.
    – It is becoming evident John Harbaugh’s coaching doghouse has cost this team 2-3 games this year. Demetrius Williams has played pretty good the past two weeks. Keeping him out of games because of personal issues cost the Ravens. When Clayton was struggling we could have Williams. It’s a shame we never broke out more 4 WR packages with Demetrius, which could have been used in some tricky plays. The whole not signing Stover might have been from Ozzy, but Harbaugh was pretty responsible.
    – If Ray Rice doesn’t get in the Probowl this year, it’ll be a crime.

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