Ravens' Ray Rice running over Lions

Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice ran for 52 yards on his first carry of today’s game against the Detroit Lions. It was his longest run of the season — until he topped it in the second quarter.

Rice scored on a 59-yard touchdown run to give the Ravens a 17-3 lead late in the first half, and he already has an incredible 133 yards on the day — on only six carries.

Presumably, the Ravens will protect the lead by running the ball in the second half, and Rice will get a chance to get a lot more than six more carries and add a lot more yards to his current total.

The 133 yards he has so far make today his most productive game of the season. Rice’s career high of 154 yards is easily within reach. And maybe he’ll end up with a lot more than that.

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  1. Ray Rice is a stud. His workload suggests he could be another MJD, or could go way of F.Taylor. What will definitely help him come into his own is the youth of the O line. A vet center who has more years in the league, then the sum of the rest of the line.
    I’d like to see a true TE (w/ hands of course) to give Flacco more options.

  2. Welcome to the Ray Rice show…get used to it he will be doing this in Baltimore for a long long time

  3. kid’s gonna be a stud for awhile. If Baltimore picks up a top WR, and upgrades their TE passing game, Rice is poised for serious numbers and an mvp award in 5 years or less.

  4. Remind me again why Daunte Culpepper was pouting on Thanksgiving day? A one armed Stafford is better than that bum…

  5. The Ravens did an excellent job of running over the Lions today. The best play was when the Raven D didn’t run over Smith when he went down with a knee injury. You could see the D getting ready for the hit and then backed off and instead and went to check on Smith. I’m not even sure he did the customary touch to down him.

  6. Ray Rice is a nice young player, but.. This is the same defense that gave up 143 yards to Mike Bell–almost 25% of his rushing yardage for this year so far. Rice looked absolutely pedestrian against a good rushing defense Monday night.
    Nice versatile back, though. His receiving skills are what set him apart.

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