Steelers bracing for Colbert departure

Long before a certain late-night faux news anchor made the surname “Colbert” famous via a fancy pronunciation that renders the “T” silent, Kevin Colbert (kol’-bert) was grinding away in the bowels of the Steelers organization.

Colbert became the top guy in the Pittsburgh front office after former coach Bill Cowher won a stare down with Tom Donahoe, and Colbert has been responsible for putting together a team that has won two Super Bowls in four seasons.

But it has been assumed since Cowher left the team that if/when he returns as a coach he’ll make a run at a reunion with Colbert.  Indeed, on a couple of occasions over the past two years, we’ve caught wind of rumors that Cowher has placed Colbert and cap-and-contracts guy Omar Khan on stand by, in the event Cowher emerges from semi-retirement.

This year, with Cowher’s return looking more and more inevitable, ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reports that the Steelers already are discussing potential G.M. candidates, in the event Colbert leaves. 

But Mort points out that it’s not a done deal that Colbert will depart and that, in the end, his loyalty to the Rooneys could supersede his loyalty to Cowher.

If Colbert chooses to leave — and if the Steelers let him walk away despite the terms of this contract — we applaud the Steelers for adopting the right attitude toward its employees.  If they don’t want to be there, don’t force them to be there.  Instead, let them leave and hire someone who’s happy and motivated to be part of the team.

Given the Steelers’ history and tradition, the Steelers will have a few options for replacing Colbert, we think.

14 responses to “Steelers bracing for Colbert departure

  1. The first time I posted that it said it did not work. They should really overhaul the posting system here.

  2. I am not sure that I liked what he has done for the Steelers in the last several years. Drafting strategy has left the offensive line questionable at best and the defense is getting old without huge play-makers to step in

  3. “we applaud the steelers..” gimme a f&cking break….if that were cleveland doing the same thing you’d rail on them….
    you’ve lost your edge, your preferences for certain teams are evident & your bias against certain teams is duly noted…and will be remembered

  4. Can you be even more biased towards Pittsburgh on this site, Mike? Honestly, it’s laughable just how badly you knob it up for them.
    Applauding the team for not letting two men walk who haven’t made any indications of walking yet, but may or may not walk when a coach may or may not come back and the owners may or may not do anything about it…. Christ.

  5. Man as a Steelers fan I’d HATE to see Colbert walk. The Steelers aren’t necessarily the best drafters in the league, but they never miss in round 1 which is something I like.
    They’re draft busts tend to be in the later rounds, so at least they don’t put big money into busts.
    But if I’m a team looking for a new coach, this news makes Cowher a much more attractive option to me.

  6. I love the jealousy that comes with the territory of being a part of the Steeler Nation. Steelroids, Stealers, Hines Ward is dirty are just a few angry words coming from our past victims. These words wont take away the shine from the most storied franchise in the NFL and most sports. If you weren’t jealous of our shine none of this would be fun. So, here’s to you haters. We will rent the year out to you this year and we’ll take ownership again next year. Enjoy your year until daddy returns.

  7. Why would Colbert leave his dream job to chase after Cowher? Colbert is Pittsburgh born and bred. On the off chance he does leave, the Steelers won’t miss a beat.

  8. Real insightful Mort. (not).. this is a two year old story dusted off, and Morty doesn’t even commit, “he may stay due to loyalty”.. Mort has zero connections with the Steeler powers that be, what, you sat behind Dan and Art Jr and overheard them in church this morning?… Your an a hole Mort, disclose this ..!..

  9. # kramer says: December 13, 2009 12:46 PM
    “we applaud the steelers..” gimme a f&cking break….if that were cleveland doing the same thing you’d rail on them….
    you’ve lost your edge, your preferences for certain teams are evident & your bias against certain teams is duly noted…and will be remembered
    Right, because Clevo’s done such a spectacular job over the past few years in the coaching/management personnel department and deserves nothing but praise and lauding, not criticism. It’s all just bias and conspiracy against Cleveland.

  10. Wait, let me see if I have this right. Mort, the dork, says they are bracing for Cobert’s departure, then in the next breath say that he may not leave. Well there is some high falooting reporting, by God. Hell Mort has a better job than weathermen. Say absolutely nothing and still be considered an insider. Now he’s got all the Obamaites all excited and he said nothing. Jeez.

  11. Cowher is going to fail miserably in his next job unless he goes to a team loaded with talent that the coach just hasn’t gotten enough out of. Look up Cowher’s first 4 drafts when Donahue likely had final say. 92-95. Those drafts and the Rooney way had as much to do with the Steeler’s success as Cohwer did.
    Round – Pick – Overall – Name – Position – School
    1 27 27 Mark Bruener TE Washington
    2 28 60 Kordell Stewart QB Colorado
    3 27 91 Brenden Stai OG Nebraska
    4 22 120 Oliver Gibson DE Notre Dame
    4 27 125 Donta Jones LB Nebraska
    5 17 151 Lethon Flowers DB Georgia Tech
    5 27 161 Lance Brown DB Indiana
    6 28 199 Barron Miles DB Nebraska
    7 27 235 Henry Bailey WR UNLV
    7 39 247 Cole Ford K USC
    Round – Pick – Overall – Name – Position – School
    1 17 17 Charles Johnson WR Colorado
    2 21 50 Brentson Buckner DE Clemson
    3 23 88 Jason Gildon LB Oklahoma State
    3 26 91 Bam Morris RB Texas Tech
    4 19 122 Taase Faumui DE Hawaii
    5 9 140 Myron Bell DB Michigan State
    5 17 148 Gary Brown OT Georgia Tech
    6 17 178 Jim Miller QB Michigan State
    6 19 180 Eric Ravotti LB Penn State
    7 15 209 Brice Abrams RB Michigan State
    Round – Pick – Overall – Name – Position – School
    1 23 23 Deon Figures DB Colorado
    2 15 44 Chad Brown LB Colorado
    3 20 76 Andre Hastings WR Georgia
    4 24 108 Kevin Henry DE Mississippi State
    5 23 135 Lonnie Palelei OG UNLV
    5 28 140 Marc Woodard LB Mississippi State
    6 22 162 Willie Williams DB Western Carolina
    7 17 185 Jeff Zgonina DT Purdue
    7 20 216 Alex Van Pelt QB Pittsburgh
    7 21 189 Craig Keith TE Lenoir-Rhyne
    Round – Pick – Overall – Name – Position – School
    1 11 11 Leon Searcy OT Miami (FL)
    2 10 38 Levon Kirkland LB Clemson
    3 11 67 Joel Steed DT Colorado
    4 10 94 Charles Davenport WR North Carolina State
    5 11 123 Alan Haller DB Michigan State
    7 11 179 Russ Campbell TE Kansas State
    7 20 188 Scottie Graham RB Ohio State
    8 7 203 Darren Perry DB Penn State
    8 10 206 Hesham Ismail OG Florida
    8 19 215 Nate Williams DT Mississippi State
    9 11 235 Elnardo Webster LB Rutgers
    10 10 262 Mike Saunders RB Iowa
    11 11 291 Kendall Gammon OG Pittsburg State (KS)
    12 10 318 Cornelius Benton QB Connecticut

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