Vikings clinch playoff berth

A week after an ugly 30-17 loss in Arizona raised doubts about the previously one-loss Vikings, the team from Minnesota returned home and served up a 30-10 thumping of the previously 9-3 Bengals.

After the Bengals cut the score to 10-7 late in the first half, the Vikings drove quickly for a field goal and then recovered a fumble inside the Cincinnati 30 with five ticks before intermission. 

By halftime, a three-point lead had become nine.

Then, when Cincy kicker Shayne Graham parked the third-quarter kickoff out of bounds, the Vikings covered 60 yards in 10 plays, with running back Adrian Peterson literally flying into the end zone on third and goal from the one.

The Bengals had a chance to make it interesting, driving inside the Minnesota 10.  But when the Vikings defense stiffened, coach Marvin Lewis played it safe, taking the three points instead of attempting to cut the lead in half.

After a trade of punts, Minnesota drove 67 yards in 11 plays to seal the deal, with another Peterson touchdown run.

For the game, Brett Favre completed 17 of 30 passes for 192 yards, a touchdown, and an interception.  In the third quarter, he took a crunching hit from Bengals defensive tackle Tank Johnson, who drove Favre into the plastic grass — and jammed his helmet into Favre’s jaw.  Though Favre was motionless for a second or two — during which the hearts of Vikings’ fans stopped beating — he got up and kept playing.

The victory sealed a playoff berth for the Vikings.  They need one win or a Green Bay loss to secure a second straight NFC North title.

The Bengals blew a shot at winning the AFC North.  And given the manner in which the Ravens and Steelers have disintegrated this season, it’s hard to get a solid feel for this Cincinnati team, whose best win came against a Packers team at a time when that team was a shell of the team it is now.

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  1. “Though Favre was motionless for a second or two — during which the hearts of Vikings’ fans stopped beating — he got up and kept playing.”
    Maybe YOUR heart stopped Flo-bee….But not the rest of us!

  2. Nice win for the Vikings. This is that signature win I’ve been saying they didn’t have.

  3. So much for last week’s “it’s no longer a sure thing the Vikings make the playoffs” comment Florio.

  4. May want to look up ‘literally’ in the ol Webster there Florio.
    Thats the Vikings team we all know and love!!!

  5. Damn Adam, didn’t know you had that in you ! Lets not get too mushy on here though,wouldn’t be fun for me anymore!!! LOL

  6. I said it in an earlier thread, and i’ll say it again.
    Good solid win by the Vikes, they did just about whatever they wanted. Our secondary played good but that was about it. Vikes went upside our heads, and showed why they’ll probably lock up home field advantage and we’ll be scoreboard watching hoping to do the same.

  7. Well of course they did. I haven’t doubted they’d be in the playoffs for the last 6 weeks.
    Good game Vike fans.
    Now, I’ve got to go find some valium to get my heartbeat down due to watching an idiot kicker & HC let the Bears hang around all day.

  8. Also newsworthy (though not as important as the win) – the Vikes’ streak of sub-100-yard rushing games allowed to a single rusher continues.

  9. Hey Ocho,
    How’d THAT taste?
    Take your stupid ass sh*t back to the ‘Natti. We don’t play that sh*t here.
    Having Griff blast you in your stupid face was the best of an awesome game.
    The Bengals are joke.

  10. Convincing win by Vikings and another “close call” by the Saints. The Saints better hope they are not using up all their “mojo” during the course of the season. They have had quite a few close games, lucky breaks and favorable officiating calls which you can’t usually depend on every game. I would have to rank Colts first, Vikings second and Saints third. Just because the Saints are undefeated doesn’t mean squat when you take a closer look at the teams they played and how they have managed to win……I’m sure most will disagree with me and will forget what I have said when the Saints play a playoff game and the “mojo” is all used up.

  11. It was so obvious what Winfield brings to the team/game….it was great to get him back. He pretty much shut Ocho down and made some great tackles, breaking up plays etc……Brinkley did good too for his first game, other than the one freak run, they shut the Bengals rush game down.

  12. Suck it down Florio. This entire offseason to you were mongering to all the Vike-haters and making all sort of obnoxious headlines.
    A few months later, and we’re 11-2 and in the playoffs with Favre having one of the best seasons of his career.
    Once again Florio, suck it down.

  13. Great, bounce back win from last week. Both lines played with purpose and ferocity that they have been lacking. Aside from that 42 yard run, the defense completely dominated the Bengals. The offense took a little bit to get going but they did.
    And Antoine Winfield, damn. It’s great to have him back. You could see the difference he makes on the field.

  14. Pervy my friend how are you ? The Vikings looked good today . Nice solid win for you . I wish i would say the same for my team . But they have exploded this season lol sad i know . But hopefully we finish strong . Maybe we can beat the Packers for you next sunday but i doubt it . lol

  15. “Maybe YOUR heart stopped Flo-bee….But not the rest of us! ”
    Much class by the Favre haters.

  16. Humble,
    You along with Perv must’ve forgotten the “close games, lucky breaks” the Vikings have had this season.
    It’s convenient for you both to forget a miracle play by Favre/Lewis to beat the 49ers and a missed FG that allowed you to beat the Ravens….both at home.
    So keep talking about the Saints having lucky breaks and close games when you have also had your fair share.

  17. Its funny how all the Cincy fans disappear after a loss like they just took.
    I’ll also agree with a post earlier: The Saints are using up those 9 lives, and will run out very soon.
    Packer fans: You may have squeaked a win out, but boy, your team sure looked sub average vs a bum opponent.
    The Vikes will show you how its done next week, when they clinch the division.

  18. steeltownpride – Hello bud. Thank you. You guys in Pitt will get it together,your history says so! LOL Would love my team to be able to touch one of those trophies. For you to congratulate me when times have been tough in Pitt shows that you are a class act. Don’t see that much in the NFC North,just a giant hate fest here. You will beat the Pack,have that feeling .

  19. Bones,
    I assume you think the Packers are a shit team. If that is the case, you have beat a shitty team twice, and now the Bengals. So by your account, do the Vikings have only one win against good teams? Judging from your trolling on how the Packers haven’t beaten anyone good, I can’t help but look at the Vikings schedule and by using your logic conclude that the Vikings haven’t beaten any “good” teams besides the Bengals.

    Ya, did you see the trainer looking at his busted up nose? Funny; he didn’t seem to want to get cute after that!
    That hit was worth every yard cedric!
    Enjoy your soon to be two black eyes and welcome to the North STINKO!
    if you saw any of the Vikes today you’d know how wrong you were about Winfield’s effect on the game-go ahead and try to put a negative spin on this win slap nuts.
    Vikes 11-2! a win over the Panthers next weekend and we can go ahead and crown LORD FAVRE!

  21. Who Dey? Bengals suck and have not had a GOOD team since Chris Collingsworth, Pete Johnson, and James Brooks played..

    Yeah, they were exposed alright. . .turns out all you need to make the Vikings look “bad” is Kurt Warner, Anquan Boldin, and Larry Fitzgerald. Man. . .thank goodness only one team in the NFL has those three guys, huh?
    Stupid Packer fans. Learn something about football, then talk.

    They’ve lost one of the past six games, outscoring their opponents by an average score of 33-13 in the five wins.
    But the Vikings are struggling, limping into the playoffs, playing their worst football, and are no match to the hot Packers. Right? That’s all I’ve been hearing from East of the St. Croix River all week.

  24. I was at the game today, a few observations:
    1. Bengals punter is terrible
    2. We controlled both sides of the line unlike last week
    3. Carson Palmer is a shell of his former self…or he was just running for his life too much to do anything
    4. Bengals fans I met at the dome today were classy
    5. I forgot how much trailer trash goes to Vikings games and black out by half time
    6. If McKinnie hints if it will be pass or run..the Bengals RT and that #74 that always was “eligible wr” give away a pass vs a run every. single. time. their footwork/stance let me know if it was a pass or run every time with their right leg being much further back and different weight placement in the stance for pass plays.
    7. You knew it was gonna be a good day when Greg Lewis caught the bounce off Berrian…early luck is always nice in games

  25. Bones22 says:
    December 13, 2009 5:52 PM
    Go Steelers next week.
    What, Bones? Don’t want to meet again?? I am not saying we are in the playoffs, or that we would even do anything in the playoffs. But, if somehow we meet again(vikes im assuming) the Pack dont really have much to lose. Vikes are clearly a better all around team, but hey–>Any given sunday right?

  26. “Convincing win by Vikings and another “close call” by the Saints”
    So what if they had another close call. They are undefeated while the Vikings are 11-2.
    and also the Vikings are lucky to be 11-2 mainly because they were just seconds away from losing to the 49ers and Ravens if it wasn’t for a miracle touchdown pass and a missed field goal.
    One last thing. In case you forgot, the Saints beat teams such as New England, both New York teams and Philadelphia while the Vikings have only beaten the Bengals and Packers.

  27. “Stupid Packer fans. Learn something about football, then talk.”
    Pot calling the kettle black….

  28. That Minnesota defense looked awesome, but it’s going to totally fall to pieces after the NFL forces the Williams wall to ride the pine for awhile.

  29. it’s hard to get a solid feel for this Cincinnati team, whose best win came against a Packers team at a time when that team was a shell of the team it is now.
    Give me a break. The FudgePackQueers haven’t beaten a good team all year.

  30. Now everybody knows you can’t blame a team for beating the teams put in front of them. Losing to those teams (i.e. the TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS!) on the other hand can totally be blamed on a team. I’d take two road losses to the two teams in the Super Bowl last year over a team’s single victory all season anyday. “Dear Santa, I’d be ok if the best present I could get this year came a little late, the Green Bay Packers in the second round of the playoffs.”

  31. Congrats Vikings…
    you guys kicked our ass…plain and simple.
    this is a tough one to swallow.
    gotta bounce back next week.

  32. JaredAllen,
    So tell me the good teams you have beaten this year. None of you guys have acknowledged that question yet. The Bengals and who?

  33. “Give me a break. The FudgePackQueers haven’t beaten a good team all year.”
    First off, FudgePackQueers? What are you, 5? or is that just your IQ? Hmm I’d say both.
    Secondly, we beat Dallas. Look it up.

  34. tigeralum99 says: “Congrats Vikings…
    you guys kicked our ass…plain and simple.
    this is a tough one to swallow.
    gotta bounce back next week.”
    That’s almost exactly what I said after the Cardinals game last week.

  35. Sorry Osterhouse Huber is not terrible. He’s great for a rookie. I have no idea what game you were watching but he made some good kicks. Seriously calling Huber terrible is like calling Manning decent.

  36. This was a great game to watch live at MOA field. Here are my observations.
    1. We finally got A.D. back on track
    2. All talk of A.D. loosing a step is preposterous
    3. Greg Lewis is very underated and played a pretty convincing Percy Harvin
    4. Antoine Winfield takes our Defense from good to great
    5. Brett Favre’s post game comments show that he’s feeling great, getting his swagger back to where it previously was, and he will not “break down” down the stretch like he did for the Jet’s
    6. Did I say Antoine Winfield is a beast?

  37. damn there seems to be a lot a jawing about specific wins and the quality of the opponents. that does play into it and i dont care what you say the sf game was a miracle play but it they still had to drive 80 with no time outs and 90 secs for that win so give them some fukin credit already. ive heard that was all luck so many times i want to puke. so every other two minute drive to win a game was luck too? plus theyre only two losses were against the teams who played in the superbowl and on the road. anyway none of that matters now. only thing that matters is that minny has the inside track on a bye which will get favre rested and then will probably get the winner of the nfc south(my money is on the eagles) or get a rematch against the cards at home after a bye. i like their chances against either. i think the pack will actually be the wild card but i dont see them getting past the saints. not trying to dig the pack just making an honest guess at how it will turn out. even though the vikes would have to go to Nollins i think they would have as good a chance as any to win that game. plus would be fun to watch Darren Sharper get a chance to show us we shoulda kept him.

  38. I’m glad this game finally came so we don’t have to hear the Bengals fans making their arguments about how their team is on the same level or even better than the Vikings. Also glad to see that the Zona game may have indeed been a fluke.
    Winfield is a friken beast.

  39. Well it sucks eatin crow but it is what it is.
    Kudo’s to Vikes fans. Damn good game you had. You guys looked good all day. Congrats! Hopefully we’ll get another crack at ya later on down the line. Although yesterday’s performance is not to convincing on our part. Entirely too many penalties. Lots of work to do.

  40. The Vikings have not played many great teams, which obviously isn’t their fault. But they’ve played 13 games, dominated 9 of them, got dominated only once, and played even up in 3 games and winning 2 of them. That is the sign of a good team and I don’t care what any slacker fans think about it.
    The Bengals are considered 4th or 5th prior to this week in most power rankings. The Vikings dominated them. I have to think if the Vikings can beat the Bengals by 20 then they have a chance against anybody in the league. Yeah they got stomped by Arizona but that was one game of 13.
    Last time Winfield was in the team was playing poor defense collectively. They have improved without him and his return game them a huge boost yesterday. I hope we get another shot at Zona in the Dome with Winfield healthy.
    Does suck losing EJ though. Yikes. Brinkley had 3 tackles and they ran up the middle, somewhat effectively at times, all day long. EJ is missed but I would say Winfield is the more important player.

  41. Bob Loblaw says:
    December 13, 2009 10:43 PM
    tigeralum99 says: “Congrats Vikings…
    you guys kicked our ass…plain and simple.
    this is a tough one to swallow.
    gotta bounce back next week.”
    That’s almost exactly what I said after the Cardinals game last week.
    Hopefully we have the same results next week!!!

  42. @packers4life:
    When you say to look up the fact that GB beat Dallas, I hope you are joking…if you’re serious, then you don’t know football…Dallas = most overrated team in football…they will be lucky to make #6 seed and even if they do, they’re getting bounced in the first round.
    Tony Romo cannot win.
    Also, regarding your post about the Vikes barely winning over SF and the Ravens…who cares….they won, those wins made them better, they learned from those wins – especially the 49ers game; the team has rallied around Favre since…first round bye will be nice while your Packers go on the road…good luck…I hope we meet again and thrash the Pack for a 3rd time this year.

  43. @sando,
    The game wasnt a 20 point blow out. Flat out though, the Bengals were outplayed.
    To rephrase, the Bengal Defense played a closer game than 30-10. Its a shame they show the starting position at the start of the 4th quarter and its Vikings Own 42, and Bengals Own24. The Bengals defense had to protect a short field all day, no help from the offense or the punter.
    But, Vikings looked sharp. Took advantage in every way.
    I say they are the top team in the NFC.
    The Bengals, thank God the Steelers and the Raven suck or we would be fighting for a playoff spot as well. Sure is nice to be getting a spot with a win or a Ravens loss, but I cannot see this team going anywhere deep into January without a deep threat and we are now down another safety.
    I might turn into a January Vikings fan once we move on to “always next year” in Cincinnati!

  44. Much respect goe out to all the Bengal’s fan’s. You guy’s a a classy bunch. I just wish Packer’s fans were as gracious in defeat. These looser’s attempt to pick fights by clicking on every Viking’s post and attempt to belittle the acomplishment’s of what I think is the best team in league. (I am a little biased). The Bengal’s will boune back and play a great playoff type game against the Chargers on Sunday and show just how tuff a team they are. Cedric Benson is a beast, and that D has a lot of speed not to mention 2 of the best young corners in the game. No one want’s to play this game come playoff time.

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