Wichard denies telling ESPN that Cromartie has "language deficiencies"

In response to an Outside the Lines report that generally focused on academic issues at Florida State and specifically focused on the perceived educational problems that former Seminoles defensive back Antonio Cromartie demonstrated while in Tallahassee, Cromartie’s agent strongly disputes a comment attributed to him by Tom Farrey of ESPN.

As MDS explained earlier today, Farrey pointed out that Cromartie and agent Gary Wichard declined to be interviewed for the story — but that Wichard admitted that Cromartie has some “language deficiencies.”

So if Wichard declined to talk to Farrey, when did he say that Cromartie had language deficiencies?

Indeed, Wichard told us today by phone that he never said that Cromartie had “language deficiencies” or anything remotely similar to that. 

Wichard also told us that, contrary to the representation from former Florida State receiver Fred Rouse that Cromartie could read only one or two words per minute, Cromartie has no deficiencies with reading or writing.

Wichard said he was with Cromartie in the offseason, while Cromartie was filming a commercial, reading off a teleprompter while doing so.  (We assume it wasn’t a spot for Beast After Shave.)

Wichard made another great point:  Cromartie is one of the more prolific pro football tweeters, a skill that requires (wait for it) the ability to read and write. 

Actually, he was the first NFL player to be fined for a Twitter posting, after complaining about the food at training camp.  Wichard said that Cromartie does all of his computer work without any assistance or editor, and that Cromartie has none of the problems that were attributed to him during the report.

As to Rouse, ESPN curiously doesn’t point out Rouse’s potential unreliability and/or cognitive inabilities, which include an arrest for felony burglary of a teammate’s apartment. 

The occurred after Rouse left a glove at the scene of the crime

The glove has Rouse’s jersey number stitched into it.

In his defense, maybe Rouse doesn’t know his numbers.

After all, he went to Florida State.

8 responses to “Wichard denies telling ESPN that Cromartie has "language deficiencies"

  1. Wasn’t Fred Rouse the one that determined that he could jump straight from High School to the NFL? And graded himself like a 3rd rounder or something?
    THAT Fred Rouse?

  2. Did BSPN ever think maybe Rouse had an axe to grind since Cromarti is a millionaire now, and he was one of the A-1 turds that has led FSU to where they are now, hastening Bowden’s departure.
    This was the same guy who along with A. J. Nicholson (another A-1 turd of this decade from FSU) robbed their own teammate, Lorenzo Booker, of stereo equipment of all things, lol. And like the article states, dumb ass left his glove behind with his number stitched in it, got kicked off the team, transferred to Florida, and was never heard from again.
    Rouse was one of those can’t miss talents out of high school who just couldn’t stay out of trouble either at FSU or Florida. He never made it and now he’s bitter. Go figure that BSPN didn’t do their homework. They should be ashamed for giving this moron a platform to bash not only the university, but also a former teammate that he’s probably jealous of.

  3. Fred Rouse, he must think he’s a rhodes scholar or something.. oh wait that would be Myron Rolle…Tom Fairy.. another great espn reporter, he must be competing for Morty’s job.

  4. “After all, he went to Florida State.”
    Is that why FSU had a Rhodes Scholar on the field last year? Myron Rolle was the first major football program player to win it in his generation.
    Floor-Boy why dont you attempt to report the factsand keep you dumb ass opinions to yourself. That might actually seperate you from most of the staff at NBC.

  5. Tom Farrey, the guy who did the OTL story about the SEMINOLES, is a GATOR.
    That is the real story. Plus, the only 2 “sources” are a bitter felon who was kicked off the team and another ex-employee who was fired and is in a legal battle with the University.
    The story comes from 3 people with an axe to grind – ESPN has shown how little journalistic integrity it has.

  6. From the story I can assume that the players in question were ONLY recruited by FSU and FSU is the only school taking these kids. Yeah right. He also mentioned some of the athletes had SAT scores 300 points lower than the average incoming freshman. I wonder why he failed to mention Tim Tebow’s 890 was nearly 400 points lower than an incoming UF freshman. Slanted story meant to discredit a rival by a UF grad and nothing more.

  7. I can only hope Rouse makes it into one game in the NFL, that that game is against the Chargers and that he catches a nice, high pass across the middle. We’ll see how much talking “Funky Fred” feels like doing after that.
    As for the piece, it’s just the sort of garbage I’d expect from a UF School of Journalism grad.

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