3D experiment falls flat at Cowboys Stadium

On Sunday, the Dallas Cowboys supplemented the 3D football game they were playing with the first-ever 3D images from the giant screens hanging about the 3D football field.

And it didn’t go well.

Multiple folks in attendance at the game told us that the gimmick eventually was booed, loudly. 

Chris Jenkins of the San Diego Union-Tribune writes about the razzing.  And Jenkins points out a larger problem with the excessively large televisions at Cowboys Stadium.   

“Watch,” one of the Dallas writers told Jenkins.  “Nobody’s watching the actual game.  They’re all looking up, watching the game being played right before them on the scoreboard.”

It’s unknown whether the next 2D-to-3D software process will rival the red-blue spectacles experience that new 3D technologies can generate.  But we’ve got a feeling that neither will be on display in any Dallas-area football stadiums in the near future.

26 responses to “3D experiment falls flat at Cowboys Stadium

  1. If you haven’t been there, you have no idea.
    Those “scoreboards” are impossible to not look at. Its really annoying.
    Besides, most of the fans hope what they see on the boards is better than what you see on the field.

  2. But the billion $$ castle will make a great boxing venue right?
    The best part of that game was the late shots of Jerry Jones pissing himself in the press box. It couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

  3. Wow really ? I would of thought that Cowboy Fans would be in awe of Jerry’s shenanigans. I guess when your Team sucks a$$ you have to try all kinds of gimmicks to keep people interested.

  4. Why would anybody think a Live Football game in 3D would be a good idea??
    I got a headache when CBS decided to show the screen for 5minutes. Maybe highlights would work, You could show the football being thrown coming at you or something.

  5. Away in a Drive-in:
    Away in a Drive-in, his team a disgrace,
    The little Lord Jerry laid down his skull face.
    The big 3-D screen showed the loss so clear,
    A December swoon, just like Jerry’s big fear.

  6. Yet again, another non-story from the Cowboy’s hater Florio.
    Nothing to see here folks….move along, move along.
    “Multiple folks in attendance at the game told us that the gimmick eventually was booed, loudly.” – Where’s your multiple sources? Only source I see is some joke of an article from some no-name San Diego beat write.
    Your such a joke Florio, seriously.

  7. Better suited for a highlight video or something else that is recorded so you could add the gimmicks you want to make it interesting.

  8. I wonder if anyone told Jones that the game itself is in 3D and doesn’t require any additional technology or glasses. Hey, why watch the game in 3D when I can stare at a TV in 3D? The NFL already did 3D tests by showing games in 3D in select theaters across the country, where it makes sense, you know, when people aren’t at the actual game.

  9. Red-blue 3D is soooooo 1950. (modern 3D uses polarized lenses)
    Until the NFL upgrades (I mean, the networks) the television cameras to the new 3D HD standard, this is just a gimmick.
    But considering that next year the first built-in 3D televisions will be coming out along with 3D Blu-Ray…..it’s the future, but without glasses. The new TVs won’t need special glasses as they have layered images. Fujifilm already has released a 7 inch version of it, but so far it’s only for viewing the pictures their camera takes.

  10. The 3D field action actually was pretty bad for the Cows too.
    Maybe next year they can record a whole bunch of preseason and early season successes, them play them in 3D through December, to kinda take the fans mind off of what it really happening on the field? Hey, maybe they could remaster some wins from playoff games that they won once upon a time? Yeah, We could dub Collinsworth’s voice over Troy hitting Michael in stride, 3D it up and sell some Jerry Action figures that have bobbly heads!!!
    Does anyone know if they sell plastic SB rings in Ye Olde Jerry World Gift shoppe? They are going to become more and more valuable as collectors keepsakes as the ‘Boys get farther and farther from their last playoff win. I wanna get all five, before they start giving them away in the boxes of JerruhPops cereal

  11. The friggin Eagles are so cheap that I have to watch the game live on the field. They should try to make that 3D.

  12. Um who gives a damn? Cowboys haters cant just talk crap because the team sucks but they have to talk about the tv that every man with a set is jealous of and wishes they could either have or watch. Get over it clowns.

  13. ShruggingGalt says:
    But considering that next year the first built-in 3D televisions will be coming out along with 3D Blu-Ray…..it’s the future, but without glasses.
    Looks like Jerry’s $40,000,000 TV is already outdated…now that’s funny.

  14. America rejoices whenever the words “fail” and “Cowboys” and/or “Jerry Jones” appears in the same sentence.
    I just love watching this failure in excess over the past 10 years.

  15. Here’s how smart Dallas season ticketholders are: Pay seat licenses for the most expensive seats in the league to watch football……on a TV!
    My 46 DLP works fine.
    Or do you mean, every man in your trailer park?

  16. So, let me get this straight. Jerry was trying to let the fans sitting in his stadium–the very fans who can watch the REAL players on the REAL field playing in three REAL dimensions–watch the game in artificial 3D on the ridiculous scoreboard?
    Jerry Jones has officially become a caricature of himself. Anything to distract the masses from the annual December collapse, I suppose.

  17. @The Michael
    I’m sorry you’re so angry because your football team is atrocious. Maybe you should start watching basketball. Go Mavs!

  18. Is there any chance Jones could just let the football players play football without all the idiotic bells and whistles? Good grief.
    @Quagmire … Love the song.
    @The Michael … Your team owner goes way above and beyond to create spectacle, so it’s a little silly for you to do that “Nothing to see here, move along” bit. If you want people to stop pointing and and staring, maybe you should write Jerry and ask him to stop organizing train wrecks.
    @chap … Even you can’t really believe anyone is jealous of this circus. I’d rather the Steelers go 0-16 as football traditionalists than 19-0 passing out 3D glasses.

  19. I thought the fans where booing their scrub team for continuing their annual december free fall. I love when the cowbytches lose

  20. That stupid TV is going to have at least a small effect on the performance of the players on the field. While watching the game on TV, its obvious that the fans are watching the TV and not the live action. I think the effect it will have is to make the fans complacent in their support of the team, while at the game. If you watch football on TV, you’re missing the nuances of player behavior, such as back-up guys on the bench waving their arms for the fans to cheer louder. Fans will be reacting a second or two later to the live action. I think it will have an emotional effect on the players and they won’t produce as hard as if it were say GB for instance, where the fans are glued to the players on the field.

  21. @ chapnasty
    By “get over it”, do you mean like you’ve gotten over another December loss? The reason I ask is because the tone of your comment would have me believe that you haven’t.

  22. That’s correct chap – everybody in America would LOVE to have a TV set bigger than their house. Real convenient for watching porn when you don’t want the wife to find out.

  23. I was at the game and can confirm (1) 3D was terrible, and (2) it was booed loudly. The regular HD was a much better picture than the 3D, and the actual game looked odd with the cheap red/blue glasses they gave us. The funny thing was they showed close-ups of the cheerleaders in 3D between every play, and even that couldn’t redeem it.

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