Cable not endorsing Russell as starter yet

Raiders coach Tom Cable isn’t publicly closing the door on Bruce Gradkowski playing this week, but it’s obvious Oakland needs a new starting quarterback.

The Oakland Tribune reports Gradkowski has a torn MCL in one knee and a partially torn MCL in the other.  He’s not playing anytime soon with that combo.

Cable also surprisingly didn’t endorse JaMarcus Russell as The Big Gradkowski’s potential replacement.

“I think certainly I’m going to look at what the options are and again
as I told you before I’ll do what’s best for this team, what gives us
the best chance to win,” Cable said.

Cable didn’t see the “totally different JaMarcus” that Mr. Russell promised.

“You know after looking at it on film, I see some things that are the
same,” Cable said. “I think that there’s a couple things he did that were good.
Again, I’ll look at all that here in the next 24 hours because if we’re
heading towards a decision at the quarterback spot, then I pretty much
do diligence in all those things and I’ll sit down and look through
everything again.”

Oh boy.

Tom Cable is seriously considering starting Charlie Frye over Russell.  That can’t speak well for Russell’s lack of progress and future with the team.

If Frye starts, Cable will have decided for the second time this season that a journeyman quarterback with modest physical skills gives the Raiders a better chance to win. 

And Cable would probably be right again.

47 responses to “Cable not endorsing Russell as starter yet

  1. The “totally different JaMarcus” might be even worse than the original JaMarcus. This is a no-brainer for me. Russell has lost the fans and he has lost the team. Go with Frye.

  2. I think he should start Al Davis at QB. He tries to do everything else on the team why not let him start at QB?

  3. As someone who watched this game start to finish Russell looked like crap and should be in the unemployment line with Shaun Suisham (hope I spelled that right or mattitude will be on my case) Russell is terrible and is now a certifiable bust.

  4. I hope to god Cable makes the right move and starts Frye! Jamarcus has shown nothing. He is not a leader, he’s not a team player, and can care less about this team competing for anything.
    He’s there for his check, and his body language yesterday proved just that. Nobody on the offense sat next to him on the bench yesterday. He was all by himself, he didn’t get up to motivate his team. He just sat there. It was a pathetic site. And truthfully made me sick to my stomach to watch. I’ve been a life long Raiders fan, and I’ve only disliked 2 Raiders in the history of the Team. Randy Moss…for reasons that the Patriots fans are starting to figure out now…….and now Jamarcus Russell.
    I wish Bruce a speedy recovery and hope to see him as are Starter next year. That’s a true gamer, and you can see how the team rallies around him. Thanks for the games you played Bruce. Hopefully Charlie can bring us the same intensity.

  5. Of course he would be right. The only thing Russel has done is proven himself a loser who does nothing to bring out the abilities of his teammates.

  6. Seriously? This is a no-brainer. Russell should never again be under center for the Raiders, or any other NFL team.

  7. Start Frye Tom…If winning is your only hope of keeping your job, russell is giving up. We fans deserve better.

  8. JaDumpus has no heart and gives us no chance to win.
    After Shell and if not for Gruden, how many losing seasons and bad coaches would we have had to deal with in a row?
    You say “I’d rather win on the field than in the media.”……Right now you’re doing NEITHER!
    R. Nation…..The only real “Nation”.
    No other sports or teams…
    We’ll be back.

  9. When asked before the draft who he wanted to play for; he said…..”Whoever pays the most.”
    He checked his heart at the door then.
    Ride the pine Tinman…Wreck another team.

  10. As the great Jerome Bettis has suggested, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see a Raiders trade for Mike Vick before the season is out, maybe even with a couple of games to play.

  11. I hate the Raiders, but they would be 3 games better if they would’ve started Garcia week 1. Wonder if they’ve given him a call lately?

  12. Yeah vonclause because thats just what the Raiders need is another guy that can’t throw worth a shit. Cmon man, you guys got good skill players. You need people that can get it in the hands of those players.

  13. Gradkowski, with both knees just out of surgery, is still better than the A-hole that wears a replica mini jersey as a necklace & dreams of following in a gang instead of leading a football team.

  14. Watch Out I think Gradowski has won a Starting Position for some time to come!! He looked awesome beating the Steelers!!

  15. As the great Jerome Bettis has suggested, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see a Raiders trade for Mike Vick before the season is out, maybe even with a couple of games to play.
    It would be a huge surprise. Trade deadline has come and gone, quite awhile ago.
    Not surprising coming from a Raider or Vick supporter though.
    Tell your friends on the short bus I said Hi.

  16. Seeing that it’s almost 60 days past the trade deadline I’m going to bet 7 million on the Raiders not trading for Mike Vick in week 14 or week 987.

  17. JR has to go,and I’m tired of the shitty calls that go against Oakland every week. We all no the league hates us, so lets start hating back on the refs. OOps srry didnt see u ref when I ran ur ass over. A few more concussions (for refs) and I bet alot of those BS calls would go away. Al, I mean Mr. Davis I hope u read this. I no u of all people has to be sick of the BS, so please think about it.

  18. Good point Brama, I’m not a Raider fan by any means, but It’s amazing how much different/better they looked with an average(Gradkowski) QB playing.

  19. Maybe Al could hold a contest where the fattest guy in attendance each week gets to QB the team…could it be any worse than Jamarcus?

  20. I was @ the game and you can tell that everyone were on the upbeat mode until Jawalrus came in.It’s sad to see Bruce leaving after giving all what he got. Thanks for playing your heart out brother and we’ll pray for your speedy recovery,and for you Russell…well you know what we’re praying for.

  21. Ah, Lane Kiffin must be laughing his butt off. Remember when Al Davis fired him and had that big press conference? Part of that, if you remember, was where Al Davis said “Lane Kiffin never wanted Jamarcus Russel….he is a great player” . Oops, I guess ol’ Kiffin knew a little more about scouting in the modern NFL.

  22. Bronco, Niner, Redskin “Nation”….Ect…Ect…Ect..
    Get your own thing going Dumps.
    GFY always,

  23. This year is lost anyway…Charlie Frye been a great teammate and a hard worker…Give him a chance to show the rest of the NFL that he is a servicable back-up in case he moves on next year.
    Don’t think there is anyway Al gives up on JR this year, my guess is that Brad or Charlie leaves via Free Agency and Al acquires a higher-end QB (that isn’t Jeff Garcia) via either FA or trade (it isn’t like the Raiders have been very good drafting in the last 20 years!) and go into camp next year with a wide open, three-way competition at QB.

  24. Somewhere, Ryan Leaf is smirking with the knowledge that people will be comparing QB busts to Russell instead of him from now on.

  25. It sucks, but I don’t think there is anyway Frye starts this week. He should start becuase Russell is about as much of an NFL QB as I am, and I can barely throw it 40 yards. That fat peice of shit should never see the feild again, except when hes walking up and down the steps selling hot dogs. Oh wait, that would be too much work for him.
    Please Al, do the right thing. Play Charlie Frye

  26. I think starting Frye is the best move. I think it will prove if Russell has the ability to be a starting qb in the NFL more then having Russell in the game his self.
    I say this b/c if Frye can come in and be successful with the Raiders then it pretty much proves that Russell is the problem and not his teammates. If the Raiders can win I will be convinced they are a good team and that Russell makes everyone around worse and not better.
    I dont think they can get a feel for the team with Russell behind center. Last week proves when hes in there his teammates simply lose hope and cant or wont perform up to their potential. That in itself should get Russell cut. Even if he can be a good qb in a few years the fact that his teammates wont play for him should tell the Raiders FO what needs to be down.
    None of them wants Russell behind center its pretty obvious. So even tho it will cost the Raiders a ton to give up on Russell. It will cost them even more to get rid of the other 52 players on the team.
    The longer hes on the team the worse they are going to get. All their good players right now are going to keep getting older. And they are going to keep wasting draft picks on guys to help Russell get better who might not be guys they would pick if it wasnt for JR.
    Years will come and go and they will continue to struggle with Russell which will force free agents to leave and the longer they wait the more the Raiders front office, players, and fans will die inside.

  27. Raiderfankirk hopes Al Davis “can read this.” Sorry dude, but NO ONE can read this, since it appears to have been written by a four year old. (and the word you’ve been looking for is “know”, not “no”… dumbass) learn how to read and understand english before you post here, please.
    oh, yeah, and I agree with everyone in this thread JaMarcus is a douche-nozzle

  28. Bronco, Niner, Redskin “Nation”….Ect…Ect…Ect..
    Get your own thing going Dumps.
    GFY always,
    Thank you Mr Criminal Nation……….
    Hows your ankle bracelet working?

  29. Raiders last two home games attendance:
    34k and 44k for the Skins.
    The loyalty is tremendous.
    Ankle Bracelet Nation keep up the good work.

  30. Who cares about Russell. Where’s the headline about all five or six literate (term is relative to realistic expectations) Raider fans showing up at PFT at once? This has to be some sort of record.

  31. When JaBLINGus stepped on the field to replace Grad, you could just feel the life go out of the Offense, the Defense, the entire stadium, & the whole Raider Nation.
    Q: How can this bonehead possibly cause so many people to despise him in such a short time?
    A: Because he is a lazy slob who has obviously taken the money and ran…er…sauntered.
    However, I thought I noticed an interesting turn of events as he was “playing” in relief of Grad. His OL gave up 6 sacks in a half hour! This made me wonder if (even) his teammates have had enough of “Richboy Lazy”, as if the terrible OL decided to pull a “Randy Moss”, & quit on JaBLINGus.
    Kinda like: “Professional Football is not a birthright. You have to work hard, practice hard, study film, stay in shape, & play hard. YOU do none of that, JBLING. Sooooooo eat dirt 6 times”.

  32. Frye should start. Might as well get a look at him and see if he’s worthy to stick around and compete with Gradkowski and whoever else we bring in to battle for the starting QB and backup jobs. JaMarcus needs to get dumped the day after the season ends.


  34. To SpyderMonkey:
    You are being very unfair to the obviously illiterate Mr RaiderFanKirk. Compared to Mr Rout36West, he has a doctorate in english literature………..

  35. From what I have read, Frye is a workout warrior and knows the offense like the back of his hand. He is lightyears better than Jabustus, he is our only hope if we want to be competative.
    And there is no way in hell we should draft a QB in the first round next year, we can’t develop QBs. Draft the best o-lineman in the draft, I think Russell Okung is the top rated OT in the draft at this moment and we should have a high pick.

  36. On one of these PFT topics about the Raiders, a Raiders fan referred to Russell as JaCarcass. Makes me howl with laughter ever time I think of it. BEST…NAME…EVER for him.

  37. Dump the worthless turd in the offseason, take the cap hit, and get on the horn to Garcia or Vick and get the damn ball moving! Russell is nothing but a money pit. It’s obvious at this point he only wanted the biggest paycheck possible so he could sit on his ass and do nothing thruout his contract.
    I tried to keep the faith, but at this point, I don’t think ANYONE can dispute that Russell is a bust. When a mediocre QB like Gradkowski can take that green reciever corp and win against the Bengals AND the Steelers, the problem isn’t the guys downfield, it’s the guy chucking the ball into triple coverage, 10 feet over the reciever’s heads, or 10 yards in front of where they were supposed to be.

  38. One more thing to add – I think it’s obvious at this point to anyone with two eyes, a ton of talent with no dedication does not result in better performance than average talent with a ton of heart and effort.
    No one who knows a damn thing about football would say Gradkowski even belongs in the top 100 best QBs ever, and his raw talent is far less than Russell’s, but his heart and dedication have endeared him to the team and the fans, not to mention won them 2 out of 3 games against a few above average teams.
    Russell may be able to throw a 60+ yard pass from his knees, but if that’s all you have, it means nothing. TALENT WITHOUT DRIVE = NOTHING.
    Enjoy your $60,000,000. And I hope you invested it well, because I’m betting it’s the last paycheck you’ll get from the NFL, unless they have a clearance on your jerseys and people buy them for dust rags.

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