Cowboys-Redskins remains in prime time

Though the Week 15 game between the Cowboys and Saints won’t be made available on a truly nationwide basis, the next game featuring America’s Team will be available in all of America.

The NFL and NBC have decided that Week 16 game between the Cowboys and the Redskins will remain in prime time.

Per a source with knowledge of the list of protected games, only the Ravens-Steelers game at Heinz Field was blocked from being moved to an 8:30 p.m. ET kickoff.

Though other games with playoff implications for both teams were available (such as Jacksonville at New England and Denver at Philadelphia, which has been moved to 4:15 p.m. ET), the decision reflects the reality that the Cowboys are a strong national draw.

And given the manner in which the Redskins have improved of late, it should be a very good game.

52 responses to “Cowboys-Redskins remains in prime time

  1. Here’s a thought NBC, show something outside of the NFC LEast. Your east coast bias is pretty lame and not going to get you very good ratings

  2. I dunno. They should have moved Broncos @ Philly. You’ve got the whole “Brian Dawkins returning to the Linc” thing going on.

  3. Win or lose and no matter what the morons on this site say
    the Dallas cowboys are Americas team. They will probably be 8-6 by the time the skins game comes around and the skins will
    be something below .500. The game will still draw more fans and viewers for 2 reasons. One, because so many people love watching Dallas lose and 2nd because we are Americas team and have more fans and followers than any other team. Say what u want, the yankees are Americas baseball team, and the cowboys are what they are, an average team with a loyal super sized following.

  4. This is arguably the best rivalry in football. These 2 teams truly hate eachother. And the Cowboys barely squeeking out a victory earlier against my Skins thanks to 2 missed field goals makes it all the more important for the Skins to help contribute to the Cowboys missing the playoffs. This game is in December, and the Cowboys suck in Decemeber, every year…

  5. Dear NFL,
    Look, I know the league tries to target big-market teams, but this is getting ridiculous. On behalf of fans who couldn’t give a shit about either team,

  6. ” the decision reflects the reality that the Cowboys are a strong national draw.”
    Wrong, the decision reflects the reality that Jerry Jones has way too much pull in the NFL.
    Yeah, yeah, yeah. The stats show how much people watch the Dallas Podunks vs. anyone else. I’m not sure who runs their marketing department but Jones might want to consider just making them the head coach.

  7. Assuming Dallas will lose @ New Orleans, this game has “win or go home” written all over it….and we all know how Dallas handles those games over the last decade!!
    On that note, have a Merry Christmas Dallas Cowboy fan!

  8. Funny stuff there guys, funny stuff. America’s Team? Say what? Don’t be mixin MY America with that mess

  9. Washington has a VERY good defense…the stats and record don’t do this squad much justice!! As an Eagles fan I was very thankful we were able to sweep them this year(as they did to us last year). This will be no cupcake game for Dallas. As much as I hate to say it, the Redskins are a few O-linemen away from being a serious contender in the coming years. I would hate to see what this Defense would be like if Sean Taylor were still playing!!!

  10. Well I would say something about the fact that they are still calling the Cowboys Americas team but when they need to build a stadium worth more than a billion dollars to jump over the Redskins because of there LARGE fan base just does not match the Redskins fan base well That says it all.
    Than I was going to talk about how the Cowboys have such an awful record in December with Romo as there QB. Well, That is all over all of the major networks and minor networks.
    I could also talk about how there are teenagers that have not seen the cowboys win a playoff game but the cowboy fans know that.
    But on to why I started this post. The NFC East has by far the most talent of any division in the NFL. Admitted there Top team is not as good as other divisions but I would take the talent from all 4 teams and place it against anyother division and the NFC East would come out ahead.
    That folks along with the fact that this is the biggest rivilary in the NFL is why this game is being shown in Primetime.

  11. Whats more entertaining than the Boys melting in December– Jerry in the Box turning Beet Red, and Baby Hughey Wade Phillips looking dazed and confused.

  12. Olbermann and too much NFC East. Screw NBC. I already made a vow to never watch them and as long as that Communist is not fired and the games are not involving the same division, I will never ever watch that sorry for excuse of a network again.
    I gave up the Office Community P&R and oh wait that was all that is decent anyway.
    NBC even ruined PFT! OR should I say OBC.

  13. This NFL network crap is ruining NFL football. Keep hiding your games where we cant get access and you will be alone.

  14. After yesterday’s games, it is clear that the Cowboys are the best team in the NFC East by far. The Eagles and Giants defenses are a joke, nowhere near as good as the Cowboys defense, which held the Chargers in check all day. The only difference in the game was Folk’s missed FG. The Eagles and Giants, on the other hand, got rolled by the Chargers.
    All the Cowboys have to do is win out and they are the NFC East champs. They will beat the Saints, who barely beat the garbage Falcons yesterday, and the Cowboys will destroy the Redskins and Eagles just like they did the last time they played each of those chumps.

  15. The game will still draw more fans and viewers for 2 reasons. One, because so many people love watching Dallas lose and 2nd because we are Obnoxious Americas team and have more obnoxious fans and more obnoxious followers than any other team.

  16. This game DOES Defintely belong on national TV. Not just because the Cowboys have such a large fan base, but also because they have a huge Hater base. Bigger than any other team. So there will be tremendous ratings for this game. I will be in section 231, end zone, hating away!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. @DJCry
    You say the only reason you lost to the Chargers was because of a missed field goal..guess what genious, the last time you played the skins, you didn’t “destroy” shit. One touchdown in the 4th quarter is pitifull for your high flying offense You must have low standards..your blaming field goals for a loss..the skins missed two against you guys remember…you may have won, but you you won the same way your complaining about losing!! You can’t have it both ways brotha!!

  18. boys will run the table…we knock off those overrated saints, dismantle those 4skins and pound those beagles back to beagle land……
    I say you earn the right to compete for a championship and win out or get out Wade and co.
    With a strong coach this team is in the SB every year….

  19. The Dallas Cowboys have More fans than any other NFL team? That’s nice. I’m not the only fan of the team I root for, but if I was I wouldn’t give a shit. I don’t care which team attracts the most sheep or has the nicest house, I’m in it for the football.

  20. @ Rickah99
    Enough Said
    Landry was drafted to play Next to Taylor, and thats a loss we will NEVER fully be able to fill. Landry is now out of position (Playing SS where Taylor would have been) and that really hurt us this season. This seasons Eagle matchups were great games, and the better TEAM won. As a Skins’ fan, i will admit it. We need to make SERIOUS changes this offseason, starting with Portis and Randle El, hopefully Snyder wont be cheap and pay these fools out to walk away. Draft some lineman, but after the last few weeks, really since Denver, i hope they do NOT get rid of Campbell and Zorn, fire Cerrato and bring in Holmgren to be the management man. It takes 3-4 years for a new coach and philosophies to take hold, and this new young team is finally showing promise.

  21. Dear PFT Commentors/idiots,
    The Cowboys and the Redskins are the 2 most profitable NFL franchises. They draw the largest viewership and will likely continue that trend while Snyder and JJ are in charge. Get over it. Your teams may be doing better than the 2 of them right now but the sad fact is, people would rather watch the Cowboys and Redskins stink up the joint than ANY of your teams put on a clinic. Stop the complaining.

  22. Take a look at the hands around the NFL and tell us Cowboy Fans how many Super Bowl Rings you see. Only four Teams have the majority of them and the Cowboys Have four, so talk trash until you can match us none of you can Measure up, SO Shut Up and we love breaking Hearts like last year we gave the Colts their first loss and will we will give the Saints the same Treatment and win out our Division and win in the Play offs. Don’t be surprised when we are the NFC Team Representing the Super Bowl this year and Win BIG. May God Bless you and I will be praying for your ignorance in the Sport of PRO Football.

  23. @chapnasty
    Uhh….so the only argument you can come up with, now that your team has begun its annual downward spiral, is ,”My team is better than your team because more people want to watch my team lose?” Yeah, you deserve to be a Cowboy fan. Obnoxious in every regard.

  24. @DJSlyBri – are you on crack? I’m a Cowboys fan, but I think your comment may be dumbest thing I’ve ever read on PFT.

  25. @ Harley
    Vox, when did you change your name? Superbowl? Dallas? Reallllly? Send me some of that crap you are snorting because I would love to be in that fantasy world.

  26. @Harley D,
    “May god bless you and I will be praying for your ignorance in the Sport of PRO Football.”
    Hey pot….Im kettle…you don’t even know your own team…keep spouting.
    Rember 5…5…not 4…it’s really easy if your a fan!

  27. @ mattitude
    Nowhere in my comment did I say that the Cowboys were better than anyone right now. I said that more people watch there games then others so it makes sense for NBC to keep them in that time slot when they are concerned with ratings. I would guess that this is so because they have more fans. Thats just logic, something that you have never displayed so I understand if it takes you a while to understand it. In fact, had you had any intelligence at all in that small little head of yours, you would gather from reading my comment that more people watch the game and I even said that the Cowboys and Redskins would “stink up the joint”. Keep reaching pal, you might just get me one of these days.

  28. Yep the Cryboys sure took it to the redskins by blowing them out 7-6. Looks like the Chargers killed, crushed and maimed your Cowboys. Isn’t that right DJSlyBri. Of course, YOU have been called out by a fellow cowboy fan so I guess I should not rub in how dumb you are.
    boysroll get ready to watch the other teams in the playoffs.

  29. @chapnasty
    Phrases like the following,
    “Dear PFT Commentors/idiots”
    “Get over it.”
    “people would rather watch the Cowboys……than ANY of your teams put on a clinic.”
    “Stop the complaining.”
    , hardly do anything to make you look unbiased. You’re trying to find some kind of silver lining in a dismal December for the Cowboys, and desperation has reared its ugly head in the language of your posts. And please, before you start trying to judge my intelligence, let me introduce you to the words, “their,” “than,” and “that’s.” Hopefully you’ll learn how to use them properly. Take care, pal.

  30. @Chap
    Nebster said that because DJCry labled a 7-6 victory of the skins as “Destroying” them…so Nebster was being Sarcastic because if 1 point is destroying, then yes…3 points is crushing, killing or maiming

  31. The Cowboys lost yesterdays game by more than 3 points…let’s be frank.
    The silver lining is that the loss is a step closer to regime change in the coaching staff.
    I hope Shanahan has been calling around to round up a staff.

  32. I love these Cowboy fans saying that the Saints are overrated at 13-0. It will be 14-0 next Saturday night. The December downward spiral with Romo has just begun. Bring all of your SB rings onto the field and maybe it will intimidate the Saints. Unless you are suiting up these past teams STFU about rings. This team has done nothing but lose big games and lose them bad. I still have the video of Romo with his face buried in the turf gently weeping after his second int in 2006 when these teams last played. In YOUR house the score was 42-17. Come to N.O. and play in our house.

  33. @ mattitude
    I am sorry I didn’t take the time to spell check and edit my posts. I didn’t think you would know the difference. And for the record, my argument for keeping them in prime time has nothing to do with bias. It’s a fact, plain and damn simple. (I’ll await your spell and grammar check now)
    @ thechoad
    @ Saintsbaby
    As a Cowboys fan, the Saints aren’t over rated at all. In fact they will likely destroy Dallas by 20 points. That’s coming from a Dallas fan. And can it really be considered a collapse? I mean they really never were that good. And check the stats, Romo isn’t collapsing. His terrible defense is.

  34. Well the Eagles Bronocos game might not have playoff implications if the Eagles beat the Steelers or the Giants lose next week. Because either way that would put the Eagles in the playoffs.
    I guess it would have some effect as to if philly gets a home game or not. But I think the Cowboys Redskins game is more interesting. The Redskins have played very good the last 4-5 weeks and the Cowboys could either save their playoff hopes with that game or completely destroy them.

  35. @ BwaHAHA
    you said”Terrific! I love watching the ‘boys get humiliated”
    It’s becoming clear you love watching the Cowboys, period. They are almost all you post about. Tell me, who is the team you root for?

  36. I love how the same people have tocome to every Cowboy thread to say how much they hate them. It’s obvious you care more about what Dallas does than what your own team does.
    That is so cute. Like the girl who sits alone at the prom and talks about that guy she hates so much but she would die for his kiss.

  37. Calling all Cowboys fans arrogant and obnoxious based on a few nuts that post on this site is off base. That’s not most of us.
    I’m certainly not going to get on here and act like they’re elite right now. Or superior to the Eagles or Giants or anybody. At present the Cowboys are a mediocre team that seems to have the talent to be really good if properly coached and motivated. But they’re not.
    I said in another post that this is uncharted territory for the Cowboys and their fans. The franchise has never gone this long without postseason success, so congratulations everybody, you are witnessing history.
    That being said, I am glad to have been able to root for a team that has achieved a level of success over the years that few teams have.

  38. @ ChapNasty
    That last part is absolutely true, and has been true for a while.
    You can almost count on this. The offense scores and gives Dallas the lead and the VERY NEXT drive, the Dallas D will give up a score.
    Remember last year vs the Ravens? down by two TD’s, Romo led the team to score to make it down by one TD. the very next play, the D allowed a 90+ yard TD run.
    Romo takes the team down the field again, another TD to again cut it to one TD.
    The very next play,the D gives up ANOTHER 90+ yard td run.
    back to back 90+ yard TD runs, which was probably a first in NFL history.
    Dallas’ D can play brilliant and then just plain suck. In a heartbeat.

  39. I agree chunky soupy….when we r down people love to bash but we have been in most every game this year. People hate teams that are successful….5 fing SB’s baby…can’t take that away and 8 total SB appearances. Most successful franchise in football. Where were all these haters when we dominated the 90’s…bunch of chumps out there.
    Ware does not have that horrible injury we close that one out. Some teams r just lucky.
    If we can make it to the tourney I still think we can be make something happen…Nobody in the NFC scares my boys and anything can happen..

  40. # Harley D says: December 14, 2009 2:33 PM
    Take a look at the hands around the NFL and tell us Cowboy Fans how many Super Bowl Rings you see. Only four Teams have the majority of them and the Cowboys Have four, so talk trash until you can match us none of you can
    I’m pretty sure there are teams with more than 4 SB rings, so how is it that no one else can “match” you (presumably, you meant the Cowboys, as I don’t think you played much of a role in all of this)? Furthermore, you moron, your beloved Cowboys have won five SBs, not four (1971, 1977, 1992, 1993, 1995). Get your shit straight before you make a dumb-ass outta yourself.
    Measure up, SO Shut Up and we love breaking Hearts like last year we gave the Colts their first loss and will we will give the Saints the same Treatment and win out our Division and win in the Play offs. Don’t be surprised when we are the NFC Team Representing the Super Bowl this year and Win BIG. May God Bless you and I will be praying for your ignorance in the Sport of PRO Football.
    Odd that you’re talking about ignorance when you don’t even know (what should be) obvious facts about your own team. Are all Cowboys fans this knowledgeable about football?

  41. boysroll says:
    Where were all these haters when we dominated the 90’s
    In 2nd-4th grade. Sorry I couldn’t make it to the PFT comment boards back then to represent the anti-Dallas crowd.

  42. @mattitude
    “2nd-4th grade” That’s funny and true! I sometimes forget most posters here don’t remember football played before 2000.
    What did Cowboys haters do before the Interwebs let ’em vent their hate?

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