Cris Carter on Randy Moss: "It was pathetic"

When Randy Moss entered the league with the Vikings, he was mentored by veteran teammate Cris Carter. Now Moss is coming off an unproductive game with the Patriots and Carter is an analyst for ESPN, and Carter didn’t hold back today when asked about Moss’s lack of production in Sunday’s win over the Panthers.

“For me, as someone who teaches wide receivers how to be wide receivers and how to run routes and what type of effort and stuff it would take, it was pathetic, and I was shocked,” Carter said today on ESPN Radio’s Mike and Mike in the Morning. “Because I know it’s in him, but I thought he had matured to the point where I wasn’t going to see it anymore.”

Carter said he could tell while watching Sunday’s game that Moss didn’t feel motivated, and Carter noted that Moss was one of four New England Patriots players who were sent home from practice last week after showing up late.

“Something happened to Randy — something had an effect on him,” Carter said. “When they sent those players home, did that have an effect on Randy? I’m not going to say that in particular because I’m not  there in the locker room — I don’t know that. But something happened that affected Randy and his approach to the game and what he decided he was going to give out there.”

Carter said that when Moss is at his best, he’s the kind of player who inspires his teammates to raise their level of play up to his. But he said Moss is also the kind of player who can drag his teammates down with his bad attitude.
“I know what Randy is capable of,” Carter said. “Because I know what he spurred me on to late in my career, and the energy he brings to a team. And when Randy is like that — like he was yesterday — it’s hard for the team to overcome that. So I was shocked by seeing that.”

Moss has become one of the hot topics of conversation in the NFL today, with many league observers agreeing with the Carolina players who said Moss quit on the field. The question now is whether Moss will use all that talk as motivation to play better, or as another reason to sulk.

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  1. With all due respect to CC, as a Vikings fan, he says a lot sometimes.
    In management and leadership, you have different personalities. Some guys take a yelling well, and some don’t. Randy Moss doesn’t need some guy, Brady or anyone else, yelling in his ear. He is motivated.
    It speaks poorly about BB that he apparently lost Moss in this game. Moss looked confused and unsure out there.
    Like CC said, something happened to Randy Moss. What was it? Well, we in the public don’t know.
    I support Randy Moss.

  2. Maybe Moss should have ran up and yelled at Brady like Carter used to do when he didn’t get the ball.
    Or maybe, Moss could trot out the other Carter favorite of thanking God…
    CC can be suhc a hypocrit sometimes…

  3. Well who knows what will happen, but as a Viking fan I’d gladly take him back if for some reason NE didn’t want him back next season.

  4. Well, when you’re making $10,000,000 a year to play football, there is absolutely no excuse to take a game, or even a play off. Basically, people payed $200 yesterday, to watch a guy who make about $800,000 to catch one pass and not try at all. Moss is a baby

  5. @leatherneck
    are you his family member? given what he did in Oakland, is this really that hard to believe? this is the same guy that said “I play when I want to play”. You say “i support Randy Moss”. is he running for office? what exactly do you support?

  6. You mean, there are actually people don’t get it ? He’s a typical Cheat. And he’s typically RM. What’s not to get ?

  7. If Randy was bringing down the locker room I am pretty sure that BB would not have hesitated to have him sit with Adalius Thomas for the day.

  8. The pats need to abandon the Spread offence that they are using, and go back to the ball control offence that won superbowls, not the spread that lost it…

  9. @ leatherneck
    I agree man. CC runs his mouth too much and alot of times, it seems like all he does is hate on players and peers. I suspect he’s one miserable s.o.b. off the camera.
    I think we all know what BB intended to do by sending Moss home but it seems to have broke his confidence. Now is the time for BB to pull him aside and build him back up now that he’s broken.

  10. Randy Moss’s legacy will be: “when the going gets tough, he quit.”
    It’s a shame because he is probably the most talented WR ever to play the game.

  11. @ GO_EAGLEZ, if the Cheatriots want to win the SB, they need to go back to videotaping.

  12. Hey “DCViking”
    Your criticism of Carter seems misguided to me. He didn’t say he was perfect or never did anything wrong. He criticized the EFFORT Moss put forth, which was BTW, something about 3 million OTHER commentators commented on. Think maybe it wasn’t just HIS opinion?
    And BTW, just because you may happen to be an atheist doesn’t really justify criticizing that a person thanks God. And if you’re going to be critical of theological things, PLEASE learn to SPELL the terms associated with it.

  13. @Hap:
    Every thread about the Pats, and you’re piping in with the Cheat shit. Grow the eff up. Same crap from you over and over again…your wife/girlfriend/boyfriend must be bored as hell with you in bed.

  14. Beast Of The East says:
    December 14, 2009 10:47 AM
    this is the same guy that said “I play when I want to play”.
    Dude, that was totally taken out of context. He was asked if CC inspired him to play, and his answer was he didn’t need someone else to inspire him, he plays when he wants to play.

  15. Why is this so complex? When Randy wins, he’s happy. When he loses, he’s a baby, complete with pouting, drooling, and inappropriate pooping (figuratively speaking).
    Is there something I’m missing here?

  16. I think Carter is doing drugs again. Those Panthers Db’s were so smart. They made Randy quit and still had double coverage assigned to him. Big talking losers. You gave up 10 catches to the other receiver and 185 yards rushing to a beat up o-line but you sure as hell made Randy quit. Why keep a safety deep if he quit? The real quiters are on the Panthers and with Delhomme on the bench they had no scapegoat. Wasn’t it all Delhomme’s fault they sucked all year?

  17. Viking fans never cease to amaze me. Moss doesn’t even like your organization. He didn’t leave just to make more money elsewhere because Minnesota would have paid him whatever he wanted. He walked out on your team because he didn’t want to play for Minnesota anymore. He was a whiny bitch in Oakland when he decided he didn’t want to play there either. Now he’s doing the same thing in New England and you people still defend him. Not only that, you bad mouth one of the few good players your organization ever had in the process. Chris Carter is one of the few bright spots in your dump of an organization and you trash him because he criticized Moss. He was the one who showed Moss the ropes as a rookie. He has first hand knowledge of the guy’s personality and you dipshits are gonna tell everyone Carter doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Yeah, I’m sure you morons know Moss much better than Carter. Your stupidity is comical.

  18. Hong Kong Phooey says:
    Randy Moss’s legacy will be: “when the going gets tough, he quit.”
    SERIOUSLY? the nonsense that spews from your computer should be banned from this website.

  19. hey @ GO_EAGLEZ at least our QB doesn’t get tried durning the biggest game of his life and give Mcwus is a pus . And on the Moss side give him a break we all have off day and things don;t go you way he should have tried and pull though it . I’m glad they Bench AD get rid of him I never like him Ray Lewis was right about him trade him and his big ol head . I don’t get these player you make crazy money playing a game you love hey AD if you weren;t playing football making the money you make what would you be doing picking up trash or selling drugs in prison if you don;t like it here leave other wise shut up listen to BB he the coach your the player

  20. Exact same thing he pulled in Oakland.
    We’ll see if the criticism motivates him or if this continues to spiral.

  21. I don’ t tink this is fair to Randy. Let’s see he goes to a team, that is a “class-act” organization has immediate success, the team is winning by default, he then discovers that the organization has been cheating all along. Yet, he is reprimanded for being late? All the while being a model citizen and player. Give me a freaking break. As to the argument abvout his behavior in Oakland, good grief guys, it was freaking Oakland. Everyone knew, with any sense, that that was a futile endeavor. I mean it’s OAKLAND.
    Now, for the Pats the wheels are finally beginning to come off. Brady is clearly not a great qb without prior knowledge of the defensive play-calls, etc.. And Bellichek, or however its spelled, is beginning to show what type of coach he really is. He is the same one as in Cleveland. Randy has done nothing but produce, and he makes the game fun. It will be an absolute shame if he never gets a ring. Which other player has been on two dominant teams one with one -loss, the other with zero for the season(s) and doesnt have a ring? I feel for the guy. Heep your head up Randy.

  22. Professor, you are all wrong. Moss left MN because he wasn’t getting along with Culpepper. When the QB and WR dont get along, someone has to go. At that time Randy had the traffic cop issue…etc..He had worn out his welcome. Even the dumb idiotic Mike Tice (insert Tice giggle here) didnt like him. He loved MN, it was apparent when he visited the childrens hospital I work at and I told him I was glad to have him here.
    He would come back in a heartbeat. All those haters are now gone. the new regime with Zygi is here.
    Your comments were wel thought out, but they are going nowhere.
    Merry Christmas….from the Toupee.

  23. Randy Moss has a history of making big plays along with a reputation of self centered action. Is it fair to judge him on his past transgressions ?It is difficult to know what is going on in his mind even if you play with him. Those of us on the outside can only speculate and put forward our opinion from observation, which is limited. The other players on the team offer support to him during the game after he messes up. Is he hurt? Maybe it is a physical problem considering the coaches and other players have not given up on him. Let us, as fans of football hope answer to the mystery is not another star athelete quitting on his team.

  24. AutumnWind999 says:
    December 9, 2009 4:38 PM
    When the going gets tough, Moss quits. Simple as that.
    Phenomenal talent. Smart player. Hall of Famer. But the guy has no heart in the face of adversity.
    Don’t say I didn’t warn you.
    Why do you think it is that very few Raiders fans lamented trading Moss for a 4th-round pick even after Moss opened with a record-setting season in New England in 2007? Because what you saw from Moss yesterday is exactly how Moss played 99% of the time in Oakland. The guy’s a quitter.

  25. Professor: You need to do some research on the subject because you are completely misinformed and misguided. CC is a complete ass. Heck of a player, but an ass.

  26. @Professor
    I definitely did not trash Cris Carter. I can’t say enough good things about him. I am here to defend Randy Moss. Carter is a talker who says a lot. If CC says it, I believe it. Cris Carter hardly needs to be defended.
    I am defending Randy Moss. I would go with everything CC said, except I would put more emphasis on “Something happened to Randy Moss.” Why was Moss’s play “pathetic”? Because something happened. What was it? We don’t know, but it probably was the thrown out of practice incident.
    Randy Moss was traded by the Vikings to the Raiders for a first round draft choice and Napolean Harris. Moss did not demand a trade as far as I know. At the time of the trade, the Twin Cities media and some of the fans were down on Moss. That was unfortunate because relatively minor stuff got blown out of proportion.
    Ironically, Moss got into a huge PR problem in Minnesota because a car he was driving in a horrible rainstorm, through a construction zone, in poor visibility, was going very slowly, but slightly nudged a traffic control officer, and she fell down. The traffic control officer was not hurt, if I remember correctly. Moss apologized and felt horrible about it. This turned into a huge PR nightmare for him. This pretty minor incident was blown completely out of proportion. Part of the issue was “marijuana residue” that was found in the car’s ashtray. Obviously, Moss made at least two mistakes right there, and he has taken corrective action in his life.
    Last week Moss was driving to work at the Patriots facility through a horrible snowstorm, and drove safely all the way to practice. Then he got treated like garbage by BB who apparently wanted Moss to speed and weave in and out of traffic to avoid being a few minutes late.
    While Moss was not himself on Sunday, that is plain, and that is what Cris Carter said, I think Bellichick deserves some blame. You don’t treat Randy Moss like that. He deserves better.

  27. Why is anybody surprised at Moss’s half-assed effort?
    I mean, if the guy came out and “tore it up” against the Panthers, everybody would be praising Bill B. for motivating Moss … and you known damn well that Moss wasn’t going to let that happen. (“Yo, just keepin’ it real, dog. Word to your mother!”)
    Anyway, for the umpteenth time: Moss is a loser.
    I don’t care how many catches he makes, how many yards he gains, or how many TDs he scores.
    The man is a loser. It’s what he is; it’s in his DNA.
    Most of Moss’s supporters are losers, too, as evidenced by the fact that they keep making excuses for a guy who has a 12-year history of cheating fans by giving half-assed efforts.
    In closing, let me reiterate one important fact: Moss is a loser.
    Thank you all, and may God bless America!
    P.S. Moss is a loser.

  28. @ professor
    You are as big a douche as everyone suspects. Moss was TRADED, and not because he wanted to leave, because the previous owner was a douche as well (you two know each other?). Please take your angry little self to the garage & drink some paint thinner. No one likes you, and I’m pretty sure your boyfreind is cheating on you with a carrot.
    To the adults on the page, Moss is a diva, plain & simple. Do I resprect the guy? Hell yeah. Do I respect his antics? Hell no. He looked lazy and unmotivated yesterday, and I was ashamed for him. He has always been one of my favorite players (regardless of team played for), but he sometimes has an attitude that is better suited for 12-yr-old girls & professor (redundant from a mental standpoint I guess). CC made his mistakes, but he played his ass off on the field and helped mentor Moss up as a rookie. CC isn’t preaching or comparing, merely doing his job…COMMENTATING.

  29. The thing here is that Belichick has hitched his wagon to Moss and the Patriots passing game. The Pats without Moss are a .500 team at best.
    We will soon see how all this turns out with the Moss/Thomas signings and subsequent move to let go of the foundation on defense in one Richard Seymour. Because with the monies put out to get and keep Moss/Thomas…there was more than enough there to keep Seymour.

  30. The Patrots have bigger issues than Randy Moss moving forward. Is he part of the problem? Sure is he. The larger issue is that the Belichick has lost the locker room. He no longer has five-o in the locker room (Bruschi,Vrable and Harrison etc.) to help police it and the results are the team no longer wins the close games and the players openly question their roles and questions the coaching staff.
    But back to Moss. One of the NFL best kept secrets over the years is that Moss has never been a complete NFL WR. He is not a great route runner, does not run all the routes on the NFL passing tree, is not ultra competitve and really is only interested in running the eight and nine route.
    Can you win with Moss ? Yes. The environment has to be near perfect and he needs to play with a WR (Wes Welker) or two that is wiling to do the dirty working underneath the coverage catching balls that Moss is not willing to.
    Moss is what he has always been a HOF talent not willing to play to his talent level or sacrifice for the good of the organization that pays him and ultimately his teammates.

  31. cvh2009:
    I don’t even know what to make of this stupidity. Or how to begin to dismantle it. ‘You’re an idiot’ should suffice.

  32. I will tell you what is pathetic… Someone who has a username on here with “pats suck, blow and cheat”. How pathetic is that!!!! haha. Must be a very very bored person. Are you even a fan of any team???

  33. cris may be a bit too opinionated, but he DOES know the wide receiver position. there’s a reason he does most of the talking and walk throughs in fitz’ receiver camp, even over jerry rice. when it comes to catching the football, and running a route, few have ever compared.
    let’s not forget that he was approached to babysit randy as a condition of denny drafting him. brady agreed to baby sit him when things went well, and we all know how randy is when things don’t go well and he doesn’t have a baby sitter.
    what’s there to debate? cris knows exactly what randy’s up to, and far better than we know what’s going on with randy. not to mention that he gave him the wake up call of what an elite workout routine is when he entered the league. anyone that followed him will verify what a rude awakening it was for moss…

  34. Seriously guys, think about a couple things.
    First off, Moss has really been focusing on getting his image in order after all the pre-New England stuff and to have it leaked that he was part of the Tardy-Four.. it knocks a guy with his past right back to square one in everyone’s eyes. One awww-shiat wipes out fifteen atta-boys.
    Secondly, Moss has been asked to accept the role as a lure for the safety. Obviously, teams have to double him up but I would challenge any of you to accept the role of lining up on the flanks with the job of pulling coverage to your side so that the majority of the plays can be run underneath. This sounds like nothing but you keep getting chucked in the first five yards and running deep routes time after time after time. See if it eventually doesn’t catch-up with you.
    The whole being late and sent home thing was leaked by A.T. Couple that with the above two things and watching Welker light it up game after game.. it gets old man.

  35. Rush, if you don’t know, you simply lack the tools. Now, that, by your own admission, should indeed be adequate.

  36. This sounds just like MEshawn Johnson when he played for the Jets and Wayne Chrebet was getting all the balls thrown to him instead.

  37. Bubba Maximus:
    I’m gonna go ad hominem on your ignorant ass.
    Talk about ‘loser’ being in one’s DNA. I can only imagine the squalor of the room from which you’re typing from. I picture pigs making pig noises from outside the window and flies crawling across the fleshy, pube-ridden portion of your fat stomach, exposed through a dirty, ripped and mostly-disintegrated wife-beater. The stink that must permeate that place… I picture a neckbeard, rife with sweat and grime and Mrs. Bubba Maximus in the next room, scratching her crusty, stinky cooch with one of those plastic wands with a hand on the end.
    Also, assface, there is no god. And if there were, he wouldn’t give a SHIT about America. Idiot.

  38. “One of the NFL best kept secrets over the years is that Moss has never been a complete NFL WR. He is not a great route runner, does not run all the routes on the NFL passing tree, is not ultra competitve and really is only interested in running the eight and nine route.”
    No doubt, but I really don’t think that is a secret. Anyone who has seen Moss play one game has seen him take plays off, not block, etc.
    Imagine what Moss could be if he had Jerry Rice’s work ethic.

  39. nedirect says:
    SERIOUSLY? the nonsense that spews from your computer should be banned from this website.
    That’s kinda funny, you try to make me look like a moron and yet prove yourself to be a moron.
    Moss’s legacy = Great talent + quitter/whiner/baby. You’re hopelessly biased if you think otherwise.
    I know, I should be banned for that. Maybe you can file a RICO suit against me.

  40. And the mystery here is? What amazed me was that the built up venom for Al Davis superceded people calling Moss on being what he is, a quitter. That’s unacceptable in sports, sorry.

  41. Hey @ vinnie1969
    Fact is that the Pats win when the run effectivly and play ball control. I hate no doubt brady can win the game at the end, but a throwing contest isn’t the pats strength. Not right now anyway.

  42. I called it way back when. I said “as soon as the Pats’ scores start to wane, and they start to lose games, the ‘new and improved’ Randy Moss will revert to his old B.S. ways, just like he did in MN and OAK.”
    You can take the player out of the game, but you can’t take the ego out of the player. Once a crybaby, self-absorbed, self-serving jackass, always a crybaby, self-absorbed, self-serving jackass.

  43. Moss got traded because Red McCombs was going to be dumping the team & he didn’t want to pay any bonuses & etc. Heck, I am surprised McCombs didn’t take office furniture with him! Penny saved…..
    It was always about $ with McCombs. Used car salesman to the core!
    A big problem is that people forget that talent DOES NOT = leadership. Moss is really fast, tall and can catch a football. He’ll make plays, but he won’t be the hardest working guy on gameday or fire people up with his words. Its not who he is.
    The problems that were in MN/Oak only make a non-leader worse. Put him on a team with leaders & he’s fine.
    Here is what’ll happen…..some other leader will get him fired up to “prove” that he still is the bomb. The Pats will prob look to get him off next week. Good luck Buffalo!
    It’s the same old Randy.

  44. Patsfanlisa, did ya! AGAIN. Shouldn’t oughta be a Cheats fan if ya cant handle the heat ! Perhaps you should take up that with Beli-CHEAT.

  45. I agree with GO_EAGLEZ…the Pats pass to set up the run when it should be the other way around.
    The Pats have been running the ball effectively before and during the last 5-6 weeks.
    However, you will see them come out on the next series on first down either with the lead or not and go straight into the spread formation. Incomplete pass and they run on second down to get a managable third down, etc. It has become predictable as to what the Pats O will do, that’s been a the larger issue. No Coordinator and Bill has to stay with Pees as he is pissing himself trying to coordinate the D.
    Lots of changes needed, but I think Moss is salvagable, Thomas is not.
    And the Pats BTW for some of you morons are still in fact videotaping, like all of the teams do, every week…they’re just doing it from the designated location…idiots.

  46. Sad, sad, and sad. When Moss wore the Viking Purple he would take plays off. He got lazy over time just as he is now. He’s got a job that many guys would do for free and he is pissing his life away. I never want to hear that man’s name mentioned in the same sentence with Chris Cater, Moss is a disgrace.

  47. Skol Vikes-
    You should stick to shuffleboard. You seem a little over-ripe (and flaccid at the same time) for football.

  48. Cris Carter giving lectures on maturity… I guess you can never say you’ve heard of everything.

  49. TheBaySay says: December 14, 2009 4:51 PM
    Cris Carter giving lectures on maturity… I guess you can never say you’ve heard of everything.
    say what you will about the guy, he was one of the most consistent, hard working, best performing receivers without a lick of trouble throughout his tenure in minny. he knew how to get to work.
    when madden picked him for the all millenium team, he was sure to point out that there wasn’t a receiver in nfl history(including jerry rice, who he mentioned by name) that he’d rather have inside the red zone.

  50. @rusH1023
    Huh??? At the age of 25 i know nothing about the words flacid and over ripe.
    Where does that even come from dude?
    You know they make pills for that shit these days, you dont need to come on PFT to get out your frustration at not being able to get it up.
    I just hate cheaters, and how some people can cheat and get away with it if they are media darlings. What happened to the days when you cheated and were seriously punished?
    This isnt pee-wee football. This is the biggest, most profitable sport in the world. And they cheated in order to make insane amounts of money. There should have been a criminal investigation and criminal charges for all the money that they stole from the other teams that play by the rules.

  51. to all the morons who say that moss wanted to leave minnesota and that he hated minnesota.
    Where do you come up with this shit?
    Moss was TRADED. By an owner who didnt give a damn about football or winning. It was his kick in the nuts to the people of minnesota right before he sold the team a few months later. The new owner said he would have kept Randy, and paid him, if mcombs werent such a prick. The fact that Mcombs traded the best WR in history IN HIS PRIME for a 2nd rounder and a below average LB proves that mccombs was just looking out for himself and his bottom line. A little suspicious that he went to the raiders, always known for shady dealings. Wouldnt be surprised if Al davis and Red mccombs had a behind the scenes deal going on. If we shopped Randy around we could have easily got a 1st, and a 3rd. Probably could have got 2 firsts or more. This was when randy was in his prime. Mcombs knew he was going to sell the team and didnt want to pay randys bonus.

  52. To: the Moss haters
    You people are bastard people.
    Moss will return to the Vikings in 2010, in exchange for Bernard Berrian and a 2nd round pick.
    Favre-to-Moss is going to be amazing. 84 returns!

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