Gruden a "rock star" at Raiders reunion

With the Oakland Raiders unlikely to host a Monday Night Football game that isn’t hosted by ESPN’s Night At The Roxbury “B” team, former Raiders coach Jon Gruden will be in the area only when the 49ers have a home game in prime time on the first work night of the week.

And so it was in Week 14, with the 49ers facing the Cardinals at Candlestick Park.

The game brought former Raiders coach Jon Gruden back to town, and so he attended a “crowded backroom Raider reunion” at a sports bar in San Leandro, according to Jerry McDonald of the Oakland Tribune.

Gruden reportedly “sprung” for the party (“the hot dogs are paid for, so don’t f–king waste any of them”), which was attended by a “seemingly never-ending reception line of invited guests, many of whom are going to be glad their names won’t be mentioned here.”

“Look at him,” a Raiders employee told McDonald.  “He’s still a rock star.”

A crowd of Raiders fans developed at the bar as word of Gruden’s presence leaked out.  And as he headed for the bus, a “glut” of Raiders fans chanted, “Come back Jon!”

McDonald speculates that Gruden possibly could return as head coach, due to the fact that he has not publicly disparaged the team.  ESPN on-air colleague Ron Jaworski told McDonald that he’s never heard Gruden say a bad word about owner Al Davis.

But, as McDonald points out, Gruden was shipped to Tampa nearly eight years ago because he wanted more money and more power.  He’ll want even more of it when he returns to the NFL.

Especially since he’s still a rock star.

38 responses to “Gruden a "rock star" at Raiders reunion

  1. If Al finds out who the people that were cheering Chuckie are, their RaiderNation lifetime passes will be revoked.
    Nobody is bigger than Al.

  2. Let’s bygone be bygone. I will welcome him with open arms if he returned to the Raiders but Al needs to pay him of what’s right.

  3. once a raider, always a raider, and the nation would welcome him back.
    I know if I was Amy, and my #1 job priority is putting fans in the seat, then this is the best option to accomplish just that. She should go Al, and make it happen. Right now I am debating on if I am even going to renew my Raiders tickets after having them since they returned home, or taking the six grand and going to europe or hawaii .
    If gruden is back, it’s a no brainer, I will renew early!

  4. Being a “rock star” at a Raiders reunion is like playing center on the pygmy team.
    But I always thought Chuckie was cool.

  5. Gruden is in no hurry. He is still cashing the Glazer’s checks and soaking up all the “inside info” on the competition at ESPN. When he makes his move, he might well get whatever he wants ala Parcells.

  6. Not sure it would be so successful the second time around…Keep thinking of Joe Gibbs’ second stint with the Redskins. Plus the span of control that Gruden would want probably would be too much for Al to stomach.
    Really like Jerry McDonald’s take on the Raiders on his blog…He did a darn pretty good analysis of why Gruden’s return would be pretty far fetch.
    Better chance of Charlie Frye getting the nod this weekend than seeing Chuckie back on the sidelines for the Raiders!

  7. The Big Gradkowskis knees just spelled doom for The Cable Guy. It’s time to bring back Chuckie! But keep Cable as OL coach.

  8. FavreHasAVagina says:
    Raiders suck, who cares. Wish I could have that 30secs back
    Are you a disgruntled Packer fan living in your Mom’s basement?

  9. I read Jerry Mac’s article earlier. Where does he “speculate” that Gruden could return? He states the obvious – that Raiders fans would like Gruden to return, but then he lays out the reasons that Gruden won’t return.

  10. What coach with half a brain would want to work in Oakland while Al Davis still has his wrinkled, old hands on the team?

  11. He ain’t comin back here as long as Al is still kickin.
    Al would rather lose 11 games a year his way than re-hire Chuckie.
    Madden, Stabler, Allen, Chuckie, all one and the same.
    Get bigger than Al and it’s time to move on.

  12. Can’t compare Gruden and Gibbs basically because of age. Gruden still has things to prove and Gibbs did it as a favor. Big difference..

  13. Why would the Raiders hire him?
    Their QB situation is already comically shitty.
    Or shittily comical. I forget which one is grammatically correct.

  14. Isn’t the advantage of being in Gruden’s position having leverage to wait for a better job? Why the hell would he even consider Oakland?
    If he wants Mission Impossible, he might as well come to Cleveland. Hey, at least there’s no Al Davis here.

  15. “Mean D says:
    December 14, 2009 11:12 PM
    Man, do I wish my Buccaneers would admit their ridiculous mistake and take Gruden back.”
    Why would they do that?
    I hear the “not having money problem” Glazer family found out the guy who washes windshields with a newspaper outside of One Buc Place will coach for a dollar a game plus a bag of peanuts.
    They tried to lowball him with 75 cents and popcorn, but I hear he is holding firm.

  16. Ricky’s Sports Bar in the East Bay is always full of Raider Fans. It has been Raider Nation Headquarters since Stabler was throwing TD’S.
    Gruden also brought his two booth side kicks and bought and made them wear Raiders hats while they were there.
    It just kills most media types that Gruden has been and will always be a Raider no matter where he is or where he coaches.
    Old Jerry and the others from the media that seem to all have man crushes on Gruden cannot stand the fact that he will never speak out about Al Davis or the Raiders.
    They have printed all kinds of BS with regards to how he feels and why he left. One only needs to read his book to see just what he thinks of Al Davis and his time with the Raiders.
    Also for those still with doubts hit up the youtube video when on draft day the ESPN desk was knocking the Raiders with him there. He shut them all up real fast and it was fun to see the stunned look on the other clowns faces.
    Even when in Tampa it was never Tampa but Raiders East, once a Raider always a Raider minus the punks like Moss.

  17. Oh, one last thing. Al Davis admitted it was a mistake to have traded Jon Gruden at one of his talks with the press.
    Last, a contract for Grudens extension with the Raiders had been done and Gruden had ok’d it. The problem was that when Al Daavis sent it over for Gruden to sign, Al had changed the length of the extension with option years.
    Gruden has stated that he thought the terms were done and wanted more security for his family and sent it back unsigned saying they would work it out after the season. Once Al was offered all those picks and the millions in cash it was over.

  18. Does one welcome him back with open arms?
    I am not sure…
    I am not sure if I could welcome him back.
    No…… I am positive… I could not welcome him back..
    This philandering, cheating, supposedly good, loyal man took away a FOURTH Super Bowl from my team. His only desire was to jump into bed with a socialite bimbo with big hogans from Tampa Bay.
    Now that he has the Monday Night Gig, he has been hitting on at least 11 other bimbos
    It would be hard for me if he was welcome back into The Raider Family.
    No… I could not take it. I would have to purchase a home on an Island in Sweden, move there, just to get away from his hurt.

  19. Once again, the delusional Raider fan beating his chest about how loyal and dedicated Raider players and fans are.
    34 k and 44k for the last two home games.

  20. He will end up in Dallas, and after a little while that will blow up as he realizes that JJ can’t keep his nose outta the football bidness. JJ will have promised that he would but that would end up as BS.
    Three years later, Chuckie is back in the boof, and the Cows are shopping for someone, anyone, that can win a December game that matters.

  21. Chuckie could have that that party on Dale Mabrey and get them kind of chants. Lots of folk hate “Radio”‘s hiring! LOL Come back Jon!

  22. Al, you need to grab him, before the Chargers do after next year. The only thing worse than Gruden beating us in the Super Bowl would be Gruden beating us two times a year and then winning the Super Bowl with the Chargers.
    Pay the man, stand aside and let him do his job, and take the credit for bringing him back and returning this franchise to relevance.

  23. Has a franchise ever taken a nosedive after the loss of a coach like Oakland did? During his tenure, Gruden assembled a SUPER BOWL team. Think about that for a minute. Raiders in the Super Bowl. Al Davis should be on his knees begging Gruden to come back there.
    Plus Gru will be reunited with Gradkowski. While in Tampa Bay, Gruden drafted Bruce Gradkowski and was in love with the guy, only BGrads was too raw and wasn’t ready to be an NFL starter.

  24. Has Gruden disparaged anyone?
    “He runs like a man. He blocks like a man. He catches like a man.”
    The one thing I didn’t hear him say last night, “he put the ball on the ground like a man.”

  25. @ pudge…
    “Raiders in the Super Bowl.”
    Umm..yeah.. are you like 16? 18?..
    Lotsa things occured before you were born.

  26. @ raider pride……..
    You can go live with Tiger in his cave in Sweden…
    Hmmmm let me think about this Tom Cable or Jon Gruden…..I totally understand your dilema..
    Get Real……as the old song goes….Reunited (Regrudenated) and it feels so good

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