League to consider using replay to fix time errors

One of our primary criticisms regarding the sport that we love more than any other (actually, we hate the rest — except during the hockey playoffs) arises from the league’s tendencies to change rules on a reactive, not proactive, basis.

When it comes to replay, the league is notorious for tweaking the system only after something has occurred that isn’t reviewable because the current rules prevent it from being used in that situation.

Case in point — the rules currently don’t permit replay to be used to determine whether the clock at the end of the half or the game expired.

On Sunday night, it appeared that Eagles linebacker Moise “Fokme?” Fokou had recovered a fumble from Giants punt returner Domenik Hixon.

But the clock ran out.

But replay evidence suggested a second remained after the play ended.

But the replay rules don’t permit the technology to be used to determine whether time remained on a clock that supposedly expired.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the rule might change.  And, to the league’s credit, the powers-that-be might not wait until the offseason to allow a proposed amendment to percolate from the Competition Committee up to the ranks of the owners. 

Instead, Schefter says that the league could enact a change to the rule for the 2009 postseason at the December 15 labor seminar, which launches this week in Dallas.

25 responses to “League to consider using replay to fix time errors

  1. How about replay to fix Pass Interference errors?
    I mean 60 yard penalties for nothing……really?

  2. When the league allows major penalties to be reviewed then fine fix the time but right now with officiating being lack luster at best …. no thanks.

  3. Too litte Too late. You screwed the Eagles last night by not giving them 3 seconds on the clock to kick a FG. Also, about last night, I better not see any suspensions w/ that fight the Giants started.

  4. You don’t like baseball or basketball Florio?
    I love those sports!!!
    Watching them prevents me from having to spend more time with my wife!

  5. The Real Shuxion :
    currently, the interference call turns into a lottery because the call itself is subjective sometimes

  6. Unless they are going to review it in the 1st and 3rd quarters on run-of-the-mill plays too, I’m completely against it.

  7. The replay problem is one of continually narrowing precision until our eyes give out.
    In the old dinosaur days, when i used to hunt sabertooths with the proximal femur of a deinothere, the refs made good, honest calls, that were pretty accurate overall. The proportion of right vs. wrong calls were about the same as today.
    Now, when i buy frozen ducks at the Supermart, the refs make a good, honest calls, that are pretty accurate. The margin of error is narrower, but still, the errors are 50% on this side and 50% on that side. Note this fact, which seems to be lost on everyone: The margin of error is still there. Narrower.
    But guess what? Now the question is whether a receiver holds the ball, after being hit, banged, brought down, and still “controls” the ball as he maybe or doesn’t hit the turf. I’m going out now to buy farm-raised shrimp, fill up my bucket.
    We have maybe not improved “correct calls.” We’ve merely narrowed and re-arranged the range of errors. The old days of a “yard inbounds vs a yard out” are now an “inch inbounds vs an inch out.”
    Same florking deal. Same errors, plus or minus.
    Same proportion of right and wrong.
    Did you guys learn in high school the difference between accuracy and precision?

  8. they should be able to use replay on a penalty call that is either 1) significant yardage like a long PI, 2) questionable after second look, or 3) seen by a minority of refs or disagreed upon between refs
    they have the greatest cameras in all sports, and they play the most important role. if they call PI on quinten mikell in the endzone on a more then questionable call, the giants (or cowboys for that matter) shouldnt get the ball at teh 1 yard line if it wasnt actually PI. they dont deserve it, they didnt earn it. the refs spoon fed them their gerber. if they said WAIT were gonna check this out in replay. if after a minute they decide no wait there was no arm bar, then they put the ball back the hell where it was. im sick of seeing games go the wrong way because of a more than questionable penalty call that cant be changed by replay.

  9. Attn: Drat & Hooby Dooby Doo:
    Hardly anyone reads long-winded messages like you just wrote.
    I didn’t. Thousands others didnt read as well.
    We have very short attention spans here on the Internet.

  10. Since the officials can’t seem to keep track of what’s reviewable now, does it really make sense to keep adding to the list? Maybe it’s time for the league to pull a random selection games from the of pre- and post-replay eras and analyze whether the use of instant replay has truly improved the quality of officiating. With the interminable waits while the refs are “under the hood” and the endless post-game squabbles about bad replay decisions, it certainly can’t have improved the quality of the viewing experience.

  11. Im more angry that it seems like when guys like Manning or Brady are trying to orchestrate a game winning comeback in the final seconds of the game the officials are ready to stop the game clock as soon as the players touch the ground. Sometimes it seems like they stop it a second or 2 before their even down.
    Im not saying the NFL is out to get the Eagles. Im saying the NFL and its officials are bias to big name Players like Manning and Brady b/c they know a comeback win in the waining minutes of the game is good for the NFL.
    I dont care if something is good for the NFL or not. I want it to be fair. If that causes a guy like Brady to lose because he ran out of clock so be it. Hey even if its Mcnabb if he cant get it off then fine they should lose. But dont give stars unfair advantages b/c who they are and then let teams like the Eagles possibily lose b/c your to lazy to officiate another play before the end of the 1st half.
    That field goal attempt could have cost the Eagles the game and it nearly did. When the Giants took their first lead of the night I was fuming b/c if the refs would have gave the Eagles the 2 seconds left on the clock before the end of the half like they deserved and they made the field goal the Eagles still would have had the lead at 33-31. And that final drive the Giants had wouldnt have meant anything b/c it still would of been a 2 score game.

  12. I am surprised that the Sunday night crew is still intact at the rate they point out all of the refs mistakes and NFL’s rule oddities.

  13. Where are all those little giants that we had to listen to all year? hometown clock was lovin you last night with nothing to show for it. at least you have a nice stadium to look forward to.

  14. If you are going to allow replay, then it should be for most instances. You should also have an official watching the game, and with the ability to call a review if, at any time, he sees a call that is obviously wrong. Yes, it may slow down the game, but either allow review, or not. Also, since we have review, pay to put cameras in the proper places to let the officials get a proper angle on the plays. Sidelines and end zone cameras are a must. The only reasons to not have them are to either hide the incompetence of officials, or that the league WANTS to be able to influence games.
    I can guarantee you this much: PI calls will not be made re-viewable this round, and likely not next year either. Polian sits on that committee, and his quarterback owes his success to that penalty. Manning was never the success he is now until the emphasis on PI was mandated by Polians committee (in fact, at one point, TWO Colts members were on that committee). Every time Manning falls behind in a game, he makes a second half throw deep. One that draws a PI. Heck, half of the time the ball isn’t even catchable, and there needn’t be much, if any contact. But he will get the call, and be in position to score. If it weren’t for the phantom PI calls Manning would be just a good quarterback. Thanks to that rule he is an elite quarterback, and the Colts are undefeated, despite being way behind in so many games until the third quarter, when Manning goes deep to draw the penalty. It is part of their GAME PLAN to get PI calls when they are in trouble, and Polian will make sure it stays that way. I watch the Colts play, and the fact is: they aren’t that good, but they do get HUGE chunks of yards on PI penalties.

  15. Wow, lots of conspiracy theories floatin’ around in this one.
    Route36West, stanjam… I’m looking at you.
    The league doesn’t stop the clock for the Eagles because they don’t have Tom Brady or Peyton Manning?
    There aren’t always sideline and end zone cameras because “the league WANTS to be able to influence games”?
    Peyton Manning’s success is based solely on pass interference calls?
    Really? REALLY?

  16. I love it when the term “Isn’t a reviewable call” comes up. During a Ravens/Browns game, a field goal attempt went through the uprights but hit the support and bounced back out. The Ref’s said “no good”. According to the rules, that is not a reviewable play. Never the less, the Ref’s got together and reviewed it anyway. The call was over-turned and all was right with the world. The Ref’s can do whatever they want. This is it reviewable or not is a crock.

  17. Hate to bring up old news, but in the Patriot’s Super Bowl win over the Rams, Vinatieri kicked a 42 yarder with :07 on the clock at the snap. The clock is visible from the camera angle shown on almost every highlight film. Ball sails through at :04, clock goes 3,2,1,0 and the Pats win. Should have had to kick off to the Rams at least, and maybe they fair catch it and throw a Hail Mary. A classic example of timekeeper error.Or was it???????

  18. @bbq …
    Until I came to PFT, I never realized how many football fans belong in Chattahoochee (for you Yankees, that’s Florida’s infamous state mental hospital). They truly believe the refs conspire to elevate certain teams/QBs and that’s why theirs lose. Somehow bad calls in their favor don’t count–nor do 5 consecutive Steeler losses shake their belief that the refs make sure the Steelers win. But then they also believe …
    Jack Bauer is a real counter-terrorism agent …
    the X-Files is a documentary …
    and Jerry Jones shot both JR and JFK so he could take over Dallas.
    They scare me.

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