Raheem Morris hints that he doesn't like being a head coach

We can’t imagine many coaches of 1-12 teams expressing unbridled joy regarding their professional circumstances.  But it’s still a bit alarming when a coach openly states that he might not be happy with his job.

After losing to the Jets in a game that featured a successful surprise onside kick by the Bucs, coach Raheem Morris said Monday on WDAE (via JoeBucsFan.com), “It was one of the few times this year that I enjoyed being a head coach.”

Morris’ candor comes a week after safety Tanard Jackson told the St. Petersburg Times (via JoeBucsFan.com) that Morris “said he was getting a little bored as a head coach” before he became more involved with the defense after the termination/reassignment of Jim Bates.

[UPDATE:  Rosenthal says, “Thanks for reading PFT.”]

With the Bucs heading for what would be the most single-season losses in franchise history, such words from Morris could prompt some pointed conversations at One Buc Place in January regarding whether Morris will continue as the team’s head coach.

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  1. Maybe Malcolm Glazer should have invested as much time & effort into finding a head coach for his American football team as he’s invested time & effort into his English football team (Manchester United for the non-soccer fans).
    Just saying.

  2. This has to be the first time in history someone put a “Kick Me” sign on his own back That explains how he got his Head up his Ass

  3. i wouldn’t mind if morris stays on as a defensive coordinator…like the guy but he is in way over his head.

  4. This is a non-story. This is just another case of Raheem not knowing how to speak without saying something dumb. I generally like the guy, but he’s new at this stuff. Earlier this year he actually said that his PR people told him to not use the word “violent” anymore (in reference to his team’s style of play…, more like “violet” if you ask me), and later, he said the PR department told him to stop starting so many sentences with “To be honest with you…” because it implied that everything else he said was a lie. You know he doesn’t know what he’s doing when he’s repeatedly making the public AWARE that the Bucs’ PR department exists.

  5. This was an impossible situation from the start. Going from defensive backs coach to Defensive Coordinator, to overnight, head coaching a rebuilding franchise. Just tough for anyone to do.
    And don’t give me this whole “Mike Tomlin was a DBs coach” B.S. He didn’t have to coach this roster, he had a Rolls-Royce and all he had to do was not screw it up.

  6. A product of the Rooney rule. I have been told by people in the know when he interviewed for the denver job before being hired as the tampa coach he asked “so where does everyone go for the nightlife around here?” no joke. During his interview.

  7. I don’t think anyone enjoys him being the head coach.
    Aside from the Glazers who are probably paying him in stock.

  8. Well most Bucs fans don’t like him being Head Coach either, maybe there’s a win-win situation here.
    Just fire him or demote him and let him try being an offensive coordinator (or is it defensive coordinator) which is what he was hired for.

  9. Being a head coach is as much (or even more) of a management position as it is a coaching one.
    The big bucks will keep them pursuing those jobs, but some guys are best cut out for coordinator jobs, where they can focus more on scheme and less on big picture management.

  10. wow…thats the first time ive ever heard of a head coach saying he’s bored. you’d think with such a crappy team he’d have some problem to address at all times

  11. Um…damn.
    “Raheem, come into my office for a minute. Yeah, go ahead and close the door. Have a seat. So…um…yeah.”

  12. And Radio, us Bucs fans don’t like you as the head coach either. We finally agree on something. SO RESIGN you incompetent buffoon.

  13. “But it’s still a bit alarming when a coach openly states that he might not be happy with his job.”
    SEE YA!

  14. It’s kind of hard to write a thing that demonstrates any degree of care whatsoever when the product is as wretched as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are … Morris is an extension of that, and I just don’t really care what kind of “crisis of spirit” he’s encountering … he knew what he was in for when accepting this job.
    NO SYMPATHIES here …

  15. Fans have been hinting all year they don’t like Morris as their head coach.
    Listen to the voices in your head Morris, just walk away….

  16. interesting thought: any chance he asks at the end of the year to be made defensive coordinator rather than head coach? and how does management respond to that? on one hand, he might very well be a good defensive coordinator. but on the other hand, that probably shows very poorly as far as his commitment goes, and could result in him just getting canned all together.

  17. What does his skin color have to do with his comments? The Glazer’s hired him because they felt he would make a great coach not because he was black sometimes you fans make me sick stop blaming African-Americans for the fact that you didn’t get where you wanted to in life. If your life sucks its because of YOU not some black guy “tookurjobs”

  18. Of course this is the fault of the Rooney Rule! Because every single white coach who has ever coached has been 100% completely deserving of his job. No white coach has ever received a coaching job or front office position because they were golf buddies with someone or the son-in-law of a coach or a color commentator with no experience other than running their mouth! Forget the fact that the Rooney Rule is only a general requirement to interview minority candidates, and not a quota or requirement to hire.
    I mean, look at the great head coaching jobs that the long proud lineage of white coaches and GMs have done for the franchises of St. Louis, Detroit, Washington and until recently, Buffalo!

  19. DoughBoyRAC says:
    December 15, 2009 12:50 AM
    Another “cheer” for the Rooney Rule, eh?
    “What? You mean I have to WORK at this?”
    The NFL is nothing more than a reflection of our society.
    Gratz, NFL!
    The Rooney Rule gets you in the door for an interview. It DOES NOT get you hired. Those are two very different things.

  20. I remember it like it was yesterday….Everybody down here in the Tampa Bay area could not wait to get rid of Jon Gruden because in thier mind he was the root of all our problems, and things would be so much better after he was gone. Funny how those very same people now are calling for Morris to be shown the door. The Bucs would not have been a playoff team this year regardless of who was coaching, but I can’t help but think that Gruden would have got more out of that team that Morris is getting, or at least that’s my opinion from down here in Tampa.


  22. # Jose Reyes says: December 14, 2009 11:51 PM
    This was an impossible situation from the start. Going from defensive backs coach to Defensive Coordinator, to overnight, head coaching a rebuilding franchise. Just tough for anyone to do.
    And don’t give me this whole “Mike Tomlin was a DBs coach” B.S. He didn’t have to coach this roster, he had a Rolls-Royce and all he had to do was not screw it up.
    I’m not so sure that I’d equate inheriting a team with morale issues, ST problems, questions about numerous aspects of the offense, a city enamored with a coach whom they didn’t necessarily want to see go, and, not to mention, a .500 record the previous year with inheriting a Rolls Royce, but alright. Definitely not saying Tomlin’s situation was anywhere near as bad as the crap Morris has dealt with in TB, but I give Tomlin some amount of credit for the degree of adaptability and stepping-up on his part in that situation (despite all the criticism he’s getting now). He probably could have used a bit more of that over the past month or so, but that’s a different conversation for another day.

  23. It’s all on the Glazers. It’s all about the money. No one with any business savvy[ this is a big business remember] fires a proven manger [ eg. Super Bowel ring] and replaces him with an unknown underling with weak references [ Oh, so everyone agrees he is a nice guy]. Bad business, bad management,bad owners, bad team, poor fans. Get used to it . No quick fix unless the Glazers decide to get out of the NFL business soon.

  24. As much as Chuckie is a likeable guy, after his first few years, the Bucs weren’t going anywhere with him either.
    He Barry Switzer-ed the Super Bowl win, then proved he couldn’t sustain or rebuild a winning team. 7-9, 5-11, 11-5, 4-12, 9-7, 9-7. Not confidence inspiring.
    Right fire, wrong replacement hire.
    Good college coach.

  25. there are worst jobs,dude needs to get involved more in meetings and stuff,just because your head coach doesnt mean you half to sit on a mountain and watch others do the work

  26. “But the players love playing for him!!!!!!”
    Seriously Glazers, please end this epic disaster / experiment. There is no reason to wait, besides grasping at what little money and pride you have left…

  27. Raheem Morris is a bad joke as a head coach. He should never have been hired into the job. He’s WAY in over his head. The Rooney Rule could end up being completely overturned by this nitwit’s incompetence.

  28. As suggested by Mr. Florio, demoting Raheem to D-Coordinator is the best scenario for all parties involved (fans included). This is something I have been saying all along. He has shown a true ability to lead the defense and the defensive players seem to have his back. I think he knows he is in over his head and was given a head coaching job far too soon. Thats more of a pride issue than anything though. Who would want to be demoted to a coordinator position after being a head coach for a season? He seems a likely candidate considering how the season has gone but noone will take that lightly.
    I like Raheem and I think he could be a great head coach some day. The problem is he had to learn on the job with a team that lost many key members in the offseason. If a head coaching change occurs after the season I sure hope he remains in the organization.

  29. Gruden had his team at 9-3. Wait….let it sink in…..9-3. Then he drops 4 in a row, at the end of the year, including a debacle against the Raiders. 9-7, and misses the playoffs. I went to 3 of those last 4. If you had seen them, you would have seen no passion, no urgency, nothing. The players were unmotivated, uninspired, and lackadaisical. He had to go. There was no marked improvment, just a collapse of a 9-3 team. He lost the players.
    I screamed for this head.
    I chanted Bill Cower’s name during the Charger game.
    I got Raheem Morris.
    This is not what I asked for, I simply wanted Gruden to be replaced since he had lost his players and everyone could see it and knew it.
    I got Raheem Morris.
    I got Raheem Morris?
    Did anyone really think we were going to go 9-3 through week 12 again?
    I got Raheem Morris.
    Gruden could have gotten us to 5-7 wins this year.
    I got Raheem Morris.
    I got 1 win.

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