Warren says Adalius Thomas leaked "LateGate" news

One surprising aspect of last week’s “LateGate” brouhaha in New England was that the news got out at all.  Every team with a few losses inevitably has internal drama, but the Patriots have mastered keeping their issues in-house. 

Long-time Patriots defensive end Ty Warren has an idea why the information came out last week: “Adalius [Thomas] put it out there,” Warren said on WEEI this morning, according to Ian Rapoport of the Boston Herald.


It’s not shocking that Thomas would tell the media, giving his coach an extra headache.  But it is surprising to hear Warren call Thomas out for the infraction.

That Warren would be the one to finger Thomas is telling.  Warren is the prototypical Patriot defender, never looking for attention or credit in seven excellent seasons as a starter. 

Warren is drawing battle lines here.  He pointed out that one of the Tardy Four, linebacker Gary Guyton, came back to the facility to watch film on the night he was turned away from practice.

Thomas has been cast to the bench by the Patriots coaching staff, and now it sounds like his teammates are making him an outcast as well.

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  1. Just to be clear, it was Ty Warren’s assumption of who did it. He didn’t explicitly say it as a fact that he knew it was Thomas who did it. Nevertheless, that was awesome. (Pats fan here)

  2. Ty Warren never says anything. You know you did wrong when that guy talks. Peace out, Thomas.
    Nice to hear about Guyton, too. He shouldn’t even be called part of the “tardy four”. He most likely did get stuck in traffic.
    I’m sure Thomas half-assed it to the practice facility that day, much like he’s been doing it on the field since he arrived.

  3. As I’ve said before, it was a big mistake to bring in a player who came from the Raven’s culture of whining and lack of accepting responsibility for their own failures.
    He has never fit in with the Pats and has never lived up to anywhere near his hype. Thomas has been at best for the Pats a very very mediocre player, and at worst a horrendous waste of money and oxygen.

  4. Mark it down, Thomas is done,.
    He won’t get a sniff from anybody, not even Mangini.
    Career over, moron.

  5. Good job Ty!
    Ty Warren is a great player who gets next to no recognition. I’ll take him over Thomas any day.
    This “battle-line” needed to be drawn to try to pull this defense together.
    Thanks Ty.
    What a total disappointment Adalius Thomas turned out to be, both performance-wise, and team-wise. Good riddance.

  6. Thomas sucks, if it wasn’t for the talent that surrounded him in Baltimore he would have never been that good. With Ray, Suggs and Scott making plays he didn’t have to do too much, everyone knows he rode the coat tails.. The only good thing about him was his versatility…that’s it.

  7. Why does everything the Pats do have a coined phrase that ends with “gate”? The people who coin stupid tags like this should start a new heaven’s gate.

  8. Thomas is just another in a long line of Ravens defenders who have made a ton of money from playing next to Ray Ray, getting a big paycheck elsewhere, and then flaming out. Bart Scott hasn’t exactly lit it up with the Jets either, and he’s got a stud in David Harris next to him.
    HarrisonHits – your problems with AD aren’t because he whines, it’s because your defense is sub-par. Surround him with a bunch of talent and he’d be fine…surround him with what you got and this is what you get! BTW, even your boy Harrison called out pussy boy Brady for being a whiny bitch, so take a good look in the mirror! O wait, I’m wrong…that bastion of football excellence stuck up there on a highway in the middle of nowhere is such the eptiome of how things should be done…so good apparently that they’re too good for players from other teams…that you would NEVER have a guy get pissed off and just quit on his team. I mean, that football genius Belichick would NEVER put up with that, would he? I guess we’ll find out when Moss suits up next week… Typical blind beantown fan…

  9. FWIW, I heard from someone that is a neighbor of Moss’ that Randy Moss was late because he was unable to get out of his driveway because there was a traffic backup due to an accident that extended some 15 miles that morning of the storm. Apparently the traffic blocked his driveway and of course once he got out he still had to get thru the traffic. But hey these guys need to do whatever it takes to be where they are supposed to be.

  10. Also can we please stop using “-gate” to describe ever quasi-scandal that arises in the news. The Watergate Scandal arose from a break-in that actually happened at the Watergate Hotel, therefore Watergate appropriately described the scandal. Since then we have had Spygate, Whitewatergate, Dressgate, Lategate, etc…etc. If it does not involve an actual gate can you please come up with something original?

  11. When Mayo was handed the captaincy of the defense the writing was on the wall. A.T. never could quite grasp reading an offensive alignment and then make the adjustment.
    To say that he’s been a waste or sucks though is a bit harsh guys. He’s been asked to drop back into coverage more often than he was used to. Personally, they need to line him up more often and send him to the QB.
    Huge lump of cash coming up next year on his contract but he won’t be seeing it with New England. I just hope that he lands in the NFC and not in the AFC.. especially in the east.

  12. MSWRavens, pretty sure everyone knows Harrison was joking about Brady “taking off the skirt and putting on some slacks.” Unless you’re a complete moron…oh wait…

  13. “Igottz5onit” Best comment on this post. If you remember when the Cambridge police arrested Skippy Gates the press actually dubbed it Gatesgate. Ridiculous.
    As for AD (why isn’t it AT?), it’s pretty clear everyone’s sick of this guy’s act. The Patriots signed a guy a few years ago named Steve Marten (appropriate since he was a clown). He played for the Pats for about ten minutes and started spouting off to the press about what was wrong with the team. He was cut about a week later. Adalius Thomas is the same guy. Ray Lewis called him out two years ago (“…we had to carry AD…”) and no one really paid much attention. Ray was right.

  14. MSWRavens are you still mad that the Patriots smacked the Ravens in their mouth this year? Try as you might the Ravens will NEVER be in the same league as the Patriots. They have been living on their reputation from one Super Bowl year and everyone knows they are done and need to start rebuilding their defense.

  15. Here is the fatal mistake Belichick made this year with the Patriots. He let Mike Vrabel go to save $3-4 million, when he should have kept him and let Adalius Thomas go and saved $5-6 million. Vrabel was recognized by his teammates and coaches as the smartest defender on the team. He was the guy who always knew where everyone was supposed to be on the field. Net, he was very hard to replace. Don’t be surprised to see him picked back up by Belichick next year to play the Seau role after KC goes young in 2010.
    Now plug into Vrabel’s spot, Adalius Thomas, who proclaimed last week, “I don’t know what Belichick is talking about most of the time and I don’t know what he wants me to do”. See the cancer on that team now? Absolutely zero leadership qualities, a poor player. And a dumbo who doesn’t know that , being grotesquely overpaid, he should just show up and shut up!
    Thomas is not a good influence on young defensive players, because he is a whiner, ineffective pass defender, very poor tackler, horrible pass rusher, awful block shedder and timid defender. Just watch him sometimes. He just runs around the field, doing nothing! He was a horrible addition to the defense and a catastrophic mistake. Belichick thought he could replace the great & aging Willie McGinest a few years ago. He compounded the mistake by assuming that dud could replace Mike Vrabel this year. Belichick even compounded his problem worse by trying to be impartial in his zeal to dump Thomas, by sweeping up Moss, Guyton and other innocents in his dragnet last week. He should have just focused on Thomas’ lack of productivity and told him it was not working out-Goodbye! Now he has to repair things with the fragile pyche of Moss. Good thing he has Tom Brady around to do it for him.
    But for goodness sake coach. Don’t play with this dynamite anymore (Adalius Thomas). Dump him off the team while you still have a chance to make a run this year. You saw how good the young defenders (Burgess, Woods, Guyton, Mayo, Merriweather, Butler, etc) played Sunday without that boat anchor of a bad attitude around them. They will only get better with him gone! Ray Lewis was 100% right about Thomas. He was only a bit player on their great defense.
    Belichick way over reached on that pickup. He should have kept McGinest (1) and Vrabel (2) in his transition to a younger defense. They would be smoking right now. Because those guys were big time playmakers. Would have been at least 2-3 more victories this year with Willie Mac and Vrabes.

  16. Rick says:
    December 14, 2009 1:49 PM
    MSWRavens are you still mad that the Patriots smacked the Ravens in their mouth this year? Try as you might the Ravens will NEVER be in the same league as the Patriots. They have been living on their reputation from one Super Bowl year and everyone knows they are done and need to start rebuilding their defense.
    …Sounds like you are talking about the Patriots and meant to say living off of 3 SB’s. The defense is an embaressment to the sport, the offensive talent is not getting younger, the coach looks like he hasn’t got a clue what the right decision is anymore, and the Dolphins and Jets are on the rise. Wake up buddy.

  17. We’ll take him.
    I’m sure Rex will be happy to reuinite him with B-Scott.
    – Jets fan.
    I was thinking the same thing. He will probably do pretty well in NY, if he were to go there. I am sure that the Jets can make it happen.

  18. Hey MSWRavens, you’re sounding much like your team, whining cry babies like Thuggs (good hit Brady) and the shanker lewis!
    On another note, dump A.T and try for Peppers, he may be cheaper now. Should have played a trade last year, maybe A.T and Vrabel for Peppers.

  19. Oh how I love the stupidity of New England fans!!! [not all of you – my lifelong best friend is a NE fan who just happens not to have his head up his ass like most of you]
    RICK – “They have been living on their reputation from one Super Bowl year and everyone knows they are done and need to start rebuilding their defense.” Hey dipwad…your impeccable squad is one game better than ours…and we outrank you in every defensive category that matters: yards, yards passing, yards rushing, and point allowed. As I said before, LOOK IN THE MIRROR when you consider who needs to rebuild their D…and you have supposedly the greatest defensive genius to ever coach football! As I’ve posted before…the Patriots are the Redskins North…one great run with a great coach and a great QB (although for the Skins it was more o-line & RB than QB) and they think they’re G-d’s gift to the NFL. Look at your entire history. You’re a middling franchise that has caught lightning in the bottle, and that lightning is fading fast. Hope you enjoyed the ride…but save your ideas of grandeur. You’re not the Steelers, Cowboys, Giants, Bears, Packers or BALTIMORE Colts, or any other team that built this league. That’s what gets me…not that you barely beat us in your house. By the way, how many SBs did the Pats win in their first 14 years. Give us time son, and we’ll win plenty more. That’s what we do in Baltimore – we win football championships. NFL…USFL…CFL…it’s what we do!
    INTHETRENCHES – actually everyone but the blind, dumb & deaf NE fans know that Harrison said what he meant, and meant what he said…and then backed off a bit when the heat got to him. Brady is a puss & that’s not joke. Great QB? No doubt. I’d take him on my team in a heartbeat…but he’s puss that begs for calls and gets his way because he’s the pretty boy of the NFL. He’s still no Peyton Manning…and never will be!

  20. Mr. Thomas has been a great disappointment-
    It’s no surprise he used his big mouth to whine
    and be a cry baby instead of eating “Humble Pie” which is what he should have done.

  21. Ya we are living off the 3 Superbowls we have won..THIS DECADE. You say that like it happens all the time. The Jets and the Dolphins are on the rise? The Fins, i can give you that, but the Jets? The Jets?? The Jets are on the rise? They are phucking terrible dude. You lost all the credibility you didnt have with that moronic statement. Still, neither team is better than the Pats. Maybe you should wake up buddy.

  22. The comments concerning Brady, BB and Randy Moss from people who have never played a down in the NFL are idiotic. These men have accomplished a great amount of success during their time in the league. If you do not like a person say so. Attempting to discredit their manhood is something that should be done to their face, They will be at Patriot Place in Foxboro tomorrow morning so you can challenge them to man to man smackdown, What’s that, you can’t make it. Didn’t think you had the guts.

  23. Hey ericb500:
    Don’t wish this dud on an exciting, on the rise team like the Jets. Rexy would be out of his skull to bring that loafing wuss on his defense. Trust Ray-Ray, the Pats and me on this one. That guy is no good. Just watch him play sometimes. He makes no tackles! He is a pile jumper. Meaning; someone else makes a play and he jumps in the pile after the fact, like he was involved. He gets totally tangled up with blockers on just about every play and completely gives up. Or he simply gets blown out by O Linemen. He chases plays instead of making them. He has great speed. But he waste it playing timid and chicken all of the time. But hey! If the up & coming Jets want that dog, they can have him. Just get ready for disappointment, a broken heart and a divided locker room.

  24. I am confused by the title of the article. LateGate…did someone get prego? I swear journalists just have no imagination or integrity. You might as well be an ambulance chasing attorney.

  25. Brohamma says:
    I just hope that he lands in the NFC and not in the AFC.. especially in the east.
    ericb500 says:
    We’ll take him.
    I’m sure Rex will be happy to reuinite him with B-Scott.
    Are you KIDDING??? That’s EXACTLY where I want this piece of crap loser going, the AFC East! Thomas has been a huge bust in New England; no, correction, a COLLASAL bust!!! It would be the best thing in the world if one of these teams was desperate and stupid enough to sign this turd – correction, MEGA turd.
    And only a clueless Jets fan would want to have him on their defense. You morons got two chances a year to see this guy suck! I personally hope he signs with the Dolphins so I can watch the closest division rival’s defense implode under this jack-ass.
    Kudo’s to Ty Warren for calling Thomas out for leaking that story. You can be sure if he aid it, he knew it to be true or he would have kept quiet. That’s the way Warren is, and the way Thomas should have been.

  26. “He’s still no Peyton Manning…and never will be!”
    Yeah, no $hit, moron; he’d have to give up two of his Super Bowls to be Peyton Manning.
    And just how many Super Bowls have your Ravens won the LAST 14 years, douche?

  27. AD was Pro Bowl talent in Baltimore. He was on everyones radar. AD isn’t a Squelcher like Brady and It’s obvious to every one with the exception of the the “Bean Town Trolls”, that AD wants out of this sliding franchise. In NE, if you are sucking on Bill A Checks ass, you are odd man out! AD will go to another team and will be a Pro Bowl caliber player again. The Bill A Check era is fading fast. He will probably be fired with in 4 years. Sorry Bean Town, you guys suck

  28. Richm – actually, he’d have to give up all 3 SB trophies…because that’s how many pussy boy Brady would have if he played on the teams Peyton has played on!

  29. What all of you seem to realize is that this is all BB’s fault. “Why?” you ask? Thomas is known as being one of the best pass rushers the league has ever seen. What are the Patriots lacking this year? A pass rush. Is it the fault of Thomas? Hell no, BB does not want him to pass rush, he wants him to be a LB that stays at home.
    Wonder why Thomas is not happy? He knows that if he were allowed to do the job he knows best the Patriots would already have the division sewn up.
    And this this “lategate” (what a stupid name) has made me stop saying “In Bill we trust”. Thomas knew he was going to run late, called in to inform the team of the same and when he showed up LESS THAN 10 MINUTES LATE he was told to go home. If BB is trying to make a statement it is “I am a total jackass for treating grown men like a little kid”.
    No, this Thomas thing has nothing to do with him. It is BB who is at fault here. And just so you know, I have been a HUGE fan of BB since he came here. Not so much anymore. This year has put his head too far up and I for one think it will be a while before he sees the light of day.
    Stick a fork in the Patriots this year – they are done. Unless there are some good moves in the off season and good picks in the draft, the old days are back Pats fans. We will have a good contending team, but trophies are not in the cards going forward for a while.

  30. @Patsfansince73″
    So basically, you think Belichick is a fricking genius when he’s winning Super Bowls, but all of a sudden he’s a moron this year, is that about it?
    The guy is one of the brightest defensive minds in the game, but he’s using Adalius Thomas wrong and it’s not Thomas’ fault????
    Listen, if this guy were to tell Adalius Thomas to physically lay down on the field when the ball was snapped, you can bet it would be for a damn good reason. I don’t know how many Super Bowl teams you’ve coached, but this guy has five rings. If Adalius Thomas hasn’t produced during his stay here in New England, I’m pretty sure that his “Pro Bowls” came at the luxury of playing alongside that murdering thug (allegedly) Ray Lewis, NOT because Thomas is that talented.
    You call yourself a Pat’s fan? Thomas has less than two tackles a game. TWO. Hell, YOU could stand in the middle of any NFL defense and get in the way of two people a week!
    Pro Bowler my a$$.

  31. patsfansince73,
    did you just actually say that Thomas is one of the pass rushers the league has ever seen?
    your attitude sickens me. the team is 8-5. first place in the division, but you’re ready to wave the white flag. sorry, but if that’s your attitude, then take a hike and stop calling yourself a pats fan. you actually sound pleased when you say “the old days are back.” and you’re actually right, but not in the way you mean. 2007 gone, the old days for me are 2001-2004, when every game was close and decided by 2 or 3 plays. the only difference with this season is they haven’t made those 2-3 plays as consistently as they used to, hence the 8-5 record.
    way to stick up for AD though, i mean he was ONLY less than 10 minutes late to a team meeting. a team meeting where 95% of the players were on time. not sure if you realize this, but letting players off the hook for that type of stuff (when i’m sure bill made it explicitly clear what type of effort was needed for the last 4 games of the season) sounds a lot like the carroll/greer era, and we all know how that turned out.

  32. Hey Rich2256:
    I am a Pats fan. And yes I do think BB is one of the best coaches the game has ever seen, but like everything else in life there are exceptions. This year is one for him. The trades he made, the letting go of players, not thinking of who was going to most likely retire and who would come and take their place, not putting in personnel in coaching positions that have a clue when others left for greener pastures rest on his shoulders. I know he has a new girltoy and wonder if he is thinking with the right head lately.
    He can’t do everything for the team and it is evident that he has had to try this year. Both the D and O coordinators are clueless. The new player personnel manager has no idea what that job means. There is discontent in the locker room and all of this falls back on Bill. The ship is listing badly and unless he figures out where the controls are at again and then act accordingly this season is in the books already.
    There is a lot of talented players on this team but there are not enough talented people above them to make them a cohesive unit. Again, this falls back on Bill for deciding who holds those positions. Unless some major moves are made in these positions all the talent in the world won’t amount to a hill of beans. As a Pats fan I am hopeful that there will be a cleaning of the house when the season is officially over for them (mid January) and that they get some people in here who have a clue how to handle talent the likes we have here. Hell, I would love to see Charlie and Romeo come back for a last hurrah, God knows this team needs them and they are both looking for work.
    Like my handle says, I have been a Pats fan since ’73, so seeing both the good and bad come with the territory. With the recent past, I did not expect to see the bad surfacing this quickly again. I have weathered worse though, so like in the past, I will hold out hope and look to the future with optimism. That’s what we fans do…

  33. @MSW Ravens:
    “You’re a middling franchise that has caught lightning in the bottle, and that lightning is fading fast.”
    I hate to bust your bubble, but going to 6 Super Bowls and winning 3 is not a “middling” franchise history. It is one of the NFL’s great dynastic franchises based on its Playoff & Super Bowl Record. Only Pittsburgh has been to more Super Bowls than the Patriots. Only Pittsburgh, Dallas and San Francisco have won more SuperBowls than the Patriots. Belichick has a good system that is still relevant today. His team is actually only a few coaching decisions (by him) this year from being 9-2. Only the Jets (1st game) and Saints soundly beat the Patriots this year. Every other loss was a last drive nail biter, based on a bad coaching error or fumble in the final minutes of the game. Their defense is young and error prone. But it is talented and can get good fast, heading into the playoffs (especially with Adalius Thomas out). When the Colts won the Super Bowl in 2006, they reminded me of this year’s Patriot’s team. They had a young, weak defense that couldn’t stop anybody. Everyone was bashing Tony Dungy for his decision making and resting players. Then the Playoffs came. Their defense grew up fast and shut everyone down. The rest is history. Same with the Giants in 2007. Everyone was bashing their young defense until they ambushed the Patriots in the SuperBowl.
    I wouldn’t write the Patriots off so fast. Who do you think is looking forward to playing them in the post season? No one.

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