Big Show leaves Berea with no deal, yet

Former Packers and Seahawks coach Mike Holmgren, who spent Monday afternoon, Monday evening, and Tuesday with the Browns, reportedly exited the team’s Berea, Ohio facility late this afternoon. 

Tony Grossi of the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports that Holmgren and agent Bob Lamonte were seen exiting the building at 5:00 p.m. ET.  Lamonte’s presence suggests that negotiations on a contract have occurred or are occurring.

Per Grossi, it’s unknown whether the meetings are concluded, or whether Holmgren and team officials will reconvene.

Grossi also points out that team spokesman Bill Bonsiewicz has confirmed Holmgren’s visit.

Meanwhile, Browns safety Abe Elam has commenced the process of kissing up to the new boss, Twitter style:  “Just finished working out @ facility and guess who I saw?  The Legend himself.  Cheesehead fans know him very well.”

Holmgren reportedly wants to have a deal in place somewhere by Christmas.  He has been linked to Seattle, where he would serve in a front-office role.  But there’s no evidence that the Seahawks are pursuing him.

If they ever plan to do so, they need to get moving.

30 responses to “Big Show leaves Berea with no deal, yet

  1. He needs to go back to Seattle.
    Hasselback is going to be gone soon, rebuilding and retooling is necessary. Holmgren would be perfect going back there.

  2. Lerner seems to have a very bad habit of going after the first person he can think of, rather than conducting a thorough search.

  3. When did Mike Holmgren get the name “Big Show”? That title really belongs to 1. Paul Wight/WWE and 2. a hack radio show based out of Charlotte.

  4. Lerner needs to bring Holmgren on board if at all possible. If he cannot, he had better have someone with a proven NFL track record that can change the attitude of this orangization. It needs to be Parcells / Shanahan / Cowher etc. If Mangini goes as part of bringing someone of this caliber into the front office… So be it.
    If for some shocking reason, the Browns rally and take all remaining three games and Mangini is willing to give final say in Personnel to the new czar plus fire Brian Daboll – then the Browns should consider keeping him.
    Worst case scenario- I would settle for Czar Floyd Reese and Mangini as coach. I would strongly prefer Cowher, Shanahan, Gruden, Billick or John Fox (assuming Carolina gives him the ax) as HC
    It will be really interesting to see what becomes of Brady Quinn after this season. He does well against subpar teams and really struggles against average or above average teams. We have two subpar and one average team (Jax) on the schedule. If he struggles, I think he will be gone too.
    The Browns will likely draft 3rd or 4th in 2010. Therefore, they will be looking @ Suh, Claussen, Berry, Okung, Mcclain or perhaps Gerald Mccoy.

  5. “Lerner seems to have a very bad habit of going after the first person he can think of, rather than conducting a thorough search.”
    Exactly. By all appearances, his approach to the process has always been to get it over with as quickly as possible so he can say, “I hired the guy you wanted, what else do you want me to do.”
    The next good decision he makes will be his first.

  6. @Desides – I dont think that is the case this time. There have been so many candidates have their names bubble up that they have been contacted by Lerner like Bill Cowher, Mike Holmgren, Ernie Accorsi, Jerry Reese, Ron Wolf, and Tim Ruskell. I think he has done a vast search and whatever Holmgren has pitched to him has really made an impact.

  7. hey Mike, who’s “Abe” Elam? is it only those in the know in the football world that don’t call him Abram, you big shot you?

  8. Holmgren no big deal as GM. Drafts sucked for the most part(lucked in to SA and Hutch) But WAAAAAYYYYYY better than Ruskell, then again my dog is better than Ruskell. Hope he lands in Cleveland and is successful. Didn’t always like his play calling, but liked him.

  9. @daffy87 – to be fair, we have nothing but rumors to go on with the recent search. For all we know, today’s Holmgren meeting was the first effort put into it.
    Look at Lerner’s track record: he rushed to hire Cromeo. Rushed to hire Mangini when *NOBODY* else wanted the guy. Could have interviewed every unemployed NFL HC, coordinator, and every college coach looking to move up and still had Mangini available to him. Both times, he also rushed to hire the HC before the GM. His arrogance is astounding–where on one hand he wants to be an absentee owner (which I don’t think any of us have one single problem with) while at the same time leaving no leader in place and demanding that everyone report directly to him (the Browns hierarchy has the HC, GM, and the President [Mike Keenan] all reporting directly to Randy. This is the biggest problem the organization has.)
    It’s also the reason we need to reserve judgment regarding any “czar” that’s hired–to date, Randy’s ego hasn’t permitted a functional organization to develop. For all we know, the “czar” is just going to be a fourth person reporting directly to Lerner–we have no idea. It’s also worth noting that Mangini’s contract says he reports to Lerner. Not to a GM. Not to a President. Not to a czar. Directly to the clueless owner. This situation has plenty of room to get much, much worse, and I’ve yet to see anything from Lerner that offers any reason to believe it won’t.

  10. Like Seattle fans don’t have enough to be depressed about. They have no team, and will not for at least 5 years. Hire Holmgren and you can make that 10 years. A coach that mailed it in his last year? How are the fans not pissed about that? The thought of being a Seattle fan makes the thought of being a Browns or Raiders fan seem not bad at all.

  11. As a Browns fan first i want Mangini gone even if he runs the table.It wouldnt mean much anyways against the teams we have left anyways. and 2nd i want Brady out of here as well and i DO NOT want any Qb with the first pick.Impact LB/DL or a right side OL….i would also try n trade Rogers for a 1st round pick and try and get a RB or another top notch Defensive player

  12. I like the building a team from the bottom up approach Mangini has put forth. I’d like to see whoever comes in as GM on board with that approach, but also in charge. That said, bringing in Weis to shape an offense that plays to Quinn’s strengths would be a hell of a move. Ryan has the D showing a lot of signs of improvement, getting a OC with a clue would make a difference.
    I like what I’ve seen out of my Browns the past few weeks. Let’s keep moving in that direction.
    And whoever gets this GM gig… PAY THE PREDATOR.

  13. @daffy87 …
    He hasn’t been talking to Cowher because Cowher has made clear he won’t talk to anyone with a coach in place. Plus I read a list of the teams Cowher is supposedly considering and Cleveland wasn’t on it. Clearly he’s in negotiations with Holmgren, apparently for a GM role. Is there any evidence that he’s actually talked with anyone else, or is it only rumored?
    Holmgren’s strength was coaching, not player personnel, and I’d like to see Cleveland competitive again. Hope Lerner is making a wise decision–if he’s really deciding for Cleveland and not just trying to jerk Seattle’s chain.

  14. Holmgren’s strength was coaching, not player personnel, and I’d like to see Cleveland competitive again.
    Best managers surround themselves with good subordinates to do all the work. Parcells was always good at this, and he worked very hard, but by having talented and smart people around him his job was much easier.
    I usually am more interested in the people who follow rather than the big names.

  15. “The Walrus” most likely wouldn’t keep Mangini on board. He’d want to bring in his own people and run the show.

  16. First of all on the GM – Lerner’s put this team in a tight spot. No GM worth having is going to submit to being forced to retain a head coach.
    Even if he WANTED to keep Mangini, or were at least open to it, Holmgren wouldn’t accept the perception that he somehow caved, or the perception that Mangini is being protected by the owner. Holmgren wants nothing more than full control and keeping Mangini would undermine the perception that he truly was in full control.
    Beyond that I’m missing what it is that Mangini has “built” around here. I see some strategic disassemlbly, but I’m not seeing a team being put together. It’s not like Mangini’s the only coach to ever take a hardass approach to get his team performing better – there’s tons of coaches out there who have a similar philosophy. They just have a proven track record of doing it better than Mangini.
    So I see no real downside for Holmgren getting rid of Mangini – indeed he almost MUST fire Mangini if he wants to make clear he’s in control, and getting a good head coach might inject the sense of hope and excitement that Mangini never brought to this team.

  17. Oh and DraftKing… those hacks in Charlotte calling themselves “The Big Show” are so pathetic, that they actually stole the name from the orignal hack sports show -“The Big Show” – on WEEI in Boston like 15 years ago

  18. I’m aware of the famous places Cowher would consider to coach list, but consider this. He is friends with Holmgren and he also got his coaching start in Cleveland. The right people in place and enough money will work wonders. At the end of the season Cleveland may be without a coach. I’m personally not a big Cowher fan but I do know Steeler fans that would be besides themselves. Maybe some don’t care but it could be fun. I think that Holmgren (if he gets the job) will keep Mangini for next year, since he’s on record saying he feels a coach deserves more than one year.

  19. Leverage….That’s all this is about. Why in the world would he go there. The more suitors u have, the more money u get.

  20. @Favre on HGH …
    Just my opinion but I think Parcells in his prime was worth 10 Holmgrens. He’s still worth at least 5 🙂 I’m not a West Coast offense fan but Holmgren did a nice job coaching in Green Bay–he’s good w/QBs. But when it comes to player personnel, he couldn’t touch Ozzie Newsome. Not by a long long shot–and that’s coming from a Steelers fan. All that matters here is what the Browns fans want. But if they end up w/Holmgren in the front office, they’re liable to be disappointed. I’m not so sure he’d be any better at surrounding himself w/talent in the office than he is at doing it on the field.

  21. SATAN says:
    December 15, 2009 9:51 PM
    Who is the minority candidate being interviewed?
    Damn, you didn’t get the message…
    Who Cares…

  22. I don’t think this will be a good move. I don’t think his track record as GM is that great. But it’s better than what we have now, which is no one.
    I do hope that whoever takes over doesn’t get rid of Mangini. We need some sort of stability here.

  23. So, bigtrav425, let me see if I understand you correctly…
    You want the Browns to use a 1st round pick on an impact D-Lineman AND you want them to try to trade one of the best DT’s in the game for a first round pick? Good thing no one is listening to what you have to say.

  24. @urbusted …
    You actually think there’s a snowball’s chance in hell Bill Cowher would go to work for Mike Holmgren? That’s the goofiest scenario I’ve heard yet. They’re friends? I wouldn’t take that in a “we hang out, drink beer, and play pickup bball” sort of sense. Maybe they’re friends in the sense that they belong to the coaching fraternity. Based on some of Holmgren’s behavior, I doubt they’re very friendly. But even if they’re best buds, it won’t matter. Cowher wants to be The Man. Holmgren wants to be The Man. Titanic meet Ice Berg.

  25. “I do hope that whoever takes over doesn’t get rid of Mangini. We need some sort of stability here. ”
    Yes, consistency of losing and mismanagement is something to strive for!
    When you have a cancer, you don’t seek to stabilize it–you have to excise the tumor before you can begin healing.

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