Carson Palmer says his elbow is fine

After generating only 94 passing yards in a 30-10 loss to the Vikings on Sunday, whispers have emerged regarding the elbow of quarterback Carson Palmer.

But Palmer insists that there’s nothing wrong with the joint that caused him to miss 12 games in 2008.

My elbow is 101 percent,” Palmer told Chris Mortensen of ESPN.  (Carson is as good at math as his linebackers are at singing.) 

“My body is great.  The
Bengals are not protecting me.  We went into a tough place [Minnesota]
to play and laid an egg.  We realize that as a team, an offense, a
passing offense and we will bounce back in the passing game.  There’s
nothing wrong with my arm and we’re going to come out firing this week.”

Mort reports that owner Mike Brown asked the trainers about Palmer’s health, and Brown was told that Palmer is healthy.

As Joe Reedy of the Cincinnati Enquirer pointed out over the weekend, the offensive production has dipped since receiver Chris Henry was lost for the year with a season-ending arm injury.

We think play-calling is an issue as well.  The team stuck with the running game even after falling into a deep hole at Minnesota, and a decision to take three points instead of going for the end zone when the score was 23-7 kept the Bengals from making a game of it in the second half.

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  1. I agree, the new run first offense is good for winning games if you can get the lead, but you need to know when to start passing more and taking chances. With the Bengals stuggles in the passing game, you need to pull the trigger a little earlier. I think Palmer is a QB that needs to get into a rhythm. They should have opened the game in the no huddle, got a quick score and mixed in some no huddle drives through out the game. The Defense was banged up and they really needed the offense to score points and put the defense in a good position.

  2. Larry Fitzgerald’s 2nd cousin on Pooky’s side chimed in and said Palmer was just an “old ass man.” Like sands through the hour glass…

  3. Palmer’s actually pretty funny when talking about his health. When he injured his ankle in the preseason, he told the trainer on HBO’s Hard Knocks that he’d be back to normal in no time because his body heals like Wolverine.

  4. Bingo!: “The Bengals are not protecting me.” It’s all about the line play.
    (And BratWorst is unimaginative, stale, ineffective play-calling douche)

  5. So by him saying that his body is fine, he’s showing how bad of a QB he has become from our O-Line getting the shit kicked out of him. He can’t make easy passes anymore. He’s missing targets at unbelieveable distances. Passes are falling short, going way over the head of the receiver. So yeah, Bob Bratkowski is a terrible OC. It’s quite obvious now. But that’s Mikey Boy’s butt buddy so he won’t be going anywhere any time soon. As hard as it is to say, MB is probably waiting on Marvin to leave to put Bob in the HC position. Ugh I hate myself for liking this team sometimes.

  6. Bingo!: “The Bengals are not protecting me.” It’s all about the line play.
    Way to throw the line under the bus. And the collapse begins.

  7. I think it’s a product of the play calling. Bratkowski is no longer an innovator. The play calling goes something like this:
    1st down: Run Ced up the middle for 5 yards.
    2nd down: Using Dennis Roland as an extra tackle, run Ced left side for 4 yards.
    On that down Andrew Whitworth gets called for a holding penalty making it 2nd and 15.
    Second 2nd down: Palmer passes incomplete to Coles (who dropped the pass).
    3rd down: Palmer hits Caldwell 8 yards out. Caldwell gets 2 YAC before he us tackled making it 4th and 5.
    On that down Bobbie Williams gets called for illegal hands to the face. 5 yard penalty.
    4th down and 10: Huber punts.
    So they get about 20 yards of offense but instead of moving the ball down the field 4 yards are negated by a penalty, they lose 15 in penalties, and a pass is dropped.
    Palmer is throwing some uncharactaristically bad passes but he’s also throwing some catchable balls that Coats or Coles drop. He’s making plays with his feet as well, which he’s never done. I think not having Henry is hurting as well.
    There is a lot working against the passing game but I think only about 5% should be attributed to Palmer.

  8. “My body is great. The Bengals are not protecting me. We went into a tough place [Minnesota] to play and laid an egg. We realize that as a team, an offense, a passing offense and we will bounce back in the passing game. There’s nothing wrong with my arm and we’re going to come out firing this week.”

    of course you were in the tank on sunday just like minnesota was the week before against arizona who were in the tank last night in san francisco who lost the week before to seattle who were in the tank this week in houston who blew them out.
    of course they will probably beat the chargers who are on a streak and are favored
    its chargers turn in the tank this week
    look at this weeks scores
    Sun, Dec 13
    Philadelphia Eagles 45 at New York Giants 38
    New Orleans Saints 26 at Atlanta Falcons 23
    Detroit Lions 3 at Baltimore Ravens 48
    Green Bay Packers 21 at Chicago Bears 14
    Seattle Seahawks 7 at Houston Texans 34
    Denver Broncos 16 at Indianapolis Colts 28
    Miami Dolphins 14 at Jacksonville Jaguars 10
    Buffalo Bills 16 at Kansas City Chiefs 10
    Cincinnati Bengals 10 at Minnesota Vikings 30
    Carolina Panthers 10 at New England Patriots 20
    New York Jets 26 at Tampa Bay Buccaneers 3
    St. Louis Rams 7 at Tennessee Titans 47
    Washington Redskins 34 at Oakland Raiders 13
    San Diego Chargers 20 at Dallas Cowboys 17
    Mon, Dec 14
    Arizona Cardinals 9 at San Francisco 49ers 24
    and dallas and giants each scored garbage time tds to make score appear closer than it was. almost all games decided by 2 scores or more BECAUSE ONE TEAM DIDN’T SHOW UP!
    this is todays nfl

  9. It should also be noted that we are WEAK at the TE position, removing yet another option from Palmer’s list of potential targets.

  10. Uhh, he’s saying that the Bengals are not protecting him from scrutiny by talking about his injury. He’s not complaining about the line play. He’s saying that the Bengals are not hiding his injury.

  11. Bratkowski should have been fired 2 years ago with Bresnahan on 07. Brat is predictable and unimaginative. Coaching problem all the way. They passed up on Desean Jackson for Jerome Simpson in the second round of the 08 draft. What did Brat see in Jerome, he doesnt even play. Hmm, desean, what has he done lately….Everything that Carson needs. Get rid of Brat! Get rid of Brat!

  12. whodeyben says:
    December 15, 2009 10:03 AM
    Bingo!: “The Bengals are not protecting me.” It’s all about the line play.
    (And BratWorst is unimaginative, stale, ineffective play-calling douche)
    That isn’t referring to the offensive line. Palmer is referring to the Bengals front office who people think might becovering up an injury to his elbow. That is the reason why we are running the ball so much

  13. Its the penalties the penalties the penalties! Palmer is also Captain checkdown. he doesnt even LOOK downfield anymore. he looks straight to his checkdown and throws it…inaccurately most of the time. I used to be so confident when he dropped back, now I couldnt be more uneasy. Thanks shinsnake for pointing out what he meant by the Bengals not protecting him…I was wondering about that. If Palmer doesnt get into a rythm fast Im gonna be pissed about buying playoff tix. Why dont we sign some college track star to just run 9 routes all game long? Why doesnt Chad run a 9 route every once and a while…he is fast. Take a shot downfield for chrissake!!!!!!! Ugh We better win in SD.

  14. Carson has less passing yards than Jason Campbell…I would definitely feel better if his elbow was jacked!

  15. Thanks for clearing that up for some of those people who can’t read between the lines…..
    O-line has been a nice surprise this year. The fact that Coles and Caldwell can’t get open is the entire issue here, not O-line or lack of Chris Henry.
    While it hurts not having Henry, he wasn’t really lighting up the box scores…hell, he really wasn’t in all that much. He was a “threat”.
    I think as Bengals fans we all agree that the play calling is soooo predictable. When my 8 year old son calls out what play is coming after they line up at scrimmage, well, thats just plain sad.
    I would love to see Brat go. Your quarterback has a million dollar arm….use it.

  16. HAHA it MUST be the arm. How bout the Vikes threw a bus at the dude and Winfield wreaked havoc in the secondary. His arm is probably fine, they just got worked. Nice job digging for excuses. Again no respect for the Vikings. Love it.

  17. It is more than Palmer’s elbow. His whole mechanics are way off, which is most likely from taking a constant beating from 2006-2008. He is clearly not comfortable in the pocket anymore, he never steps through on his passes, and his are mechanics look like he is throwing at a dart board rather than a football.
    Now you toss Brat in the equation and it goes downhill even more. I would love to see Brat replaced at the end of the season, but after the year where Palmer publicly complained about his play calling and nothing was done; I think we will get the same result- nothing.

  18. Mix,
    Its not about the Viqueens dude, stop looking for a reason to be offended. It’s about the fact that a QB, who was once regarded as a Top 5 (and even top 3) QB is going out and CONSISTENTLY under-performing. It’s not about you…get over yourself.

  19. Or maybe he has lupus, polio, aids, MS, or Lou Gehrig’s disease like the Eddie Munster wannabe (Mike Florio) claims that Favre has and makes up a excuse every single time a report comes out that Favre may not be feeling well, or his arm is feeling some pain, or his legs are weak.

  20. The prob is that Coles isn’t getting open. Time to move Caldwell to the outside and let him fly. He is fassst. Also, they ned to activate Jerome Simpson for some deep outs. Quit this policy of having to contribute on Specials teams for non-starters. The guy can jump, has extremely long arms, has the biggest hands in the league, is tall and can jet. Yet he sits every week while the passing game struggles because he can’t tackle on ST.

  21. @Jungle Juice
    The problem is that he can’t learn the offense. In other words….he’s stupid. And that is coming from someone in the organization.

  22. Cincyboy, if I remember correctly, Henry was in more than 50% of the plays there for a while. The reason we’re missing him is b/c he was a threat that the other teams had to watch. Therefore allowing Chad or Cladwell to get open. Now they’re focusing on Chad solely. Henry is a major contributor as to why the passing game has gone downhill, on top of the fact that our OC is the worst in the league and our QB has been beat up more than a $2 hooker.

  23. @ whodey1982
    You’re right, we’re hillbilly’s and the Bengals lost because Carsons elbow has a booboo. Keep telling yourself that, maybe your squad won’t be garbage again, like every year.
    Just sayin.

  24. Yes guys, I understand Carson’s context of the phrasing of “The Bengals are not protecting me.” My thoughts are that it was a freudian slip, and can be read as “the o-line is not protecting me”.
    As for the O-line being a surprise, I would agree that they have held up better than expected, but still need to be better in giving 5-7 step dropback time in order for the down field plays. (If ever called)

  25. @idiots,
    He is saying the Bengals aren’t protecting me in terms of the playcalling, not the line. Get the corncob outta your ear and try to comprehend the situation.
    Even Florio’s humble attempts to pit the fans against Pamer aren’t good enough. Most of us see through it.
    @Mixman, go back to your shanty on Lake Duechebag for some more ice fishing.
    Be careful with your “like every other year” comments, like the Bengals, I can count the number of Vikings Super Bowl wins on no hands!

  26. @mixman
    Please don’t try to defend yourself as a non-retarded, ignorant, redneck hillbilly when you put an apostrophe before an S that’s intended to make a word plural.
    What did the Vikings do to merit this success, outside of selling their soul? Cool, Benedict Favre (you’re hated nemesis) comes to Minnesota on a 1 or 2 year rental and the only jersey besides Jared Allen’s (

  27. From an outsiders perspective who was at last week’s game, I noticed a fairly vanilla offense, particularly with all the max-protect packages and limited receivers out in patterns. When they got creative (ie, Johnson’s TD), they moved the ball. Also, Palmer never seemed to throw down field — is that the coordinator or him checking down? The vike safeties are weak and have been exploited all year. I don’t know why the Bengals never tried to do so, like seam routes. Those seemed more like coaching issues.
    I was impressed with the Bengals’ O-line, corners and Benson. If Palmer can get some passing yards, the Bengals can win most games. Good luck in the playoffs.

  28. note appropriate use of apostrophe) is the old #4. Enjoy talking while you can. The present looks great, but in 2 years Favre will be slinging it around with the Bears and you guys will be left with nothing more than your old, crappy stadium, pissing in troughs (who does that still), watching Tavaris Jackson run around like a chicken with it’s head cut off. That is, if you guys still have a team in that city 2 years from now. Just sayin’

  29. HAHA got you riled up! I love when dudes on blogs critique punctuation, like I have nothing better to do then proof read my posts. Not trying to win an award in journalism, just talking some football smack.
    Don’t take it too personally, you seem to be hysterical, I’m sorry.

  30. By the way, you dudes live in Cincy, I wouldn’t be talking too much about ANYONE’S town. HAHA
    like that use of the possessive apostrophe?

  31. Ugly stadium with one bar within walking distance, ugly fat ass people, ugly city, cold, bland, boring. Clearly you’ve never been to Cincinnati mixman. I would assume the lack of a high paying job plays a part in your inability to travel the country…which is most likely a result of a lesser than average mental capacity.
    Between you and me, I am most likely the only one that has been to both cities. Just sayin’

  32. It’s sad when a fan (me for instance) can say with absolutely no sarcasm, “I can run the offense better than Brat, give me a week to prepare, I will make better play calls, I promise.” We should have open tryouts for next year’s O coordinator, it’ll save Mike some money, I’ll take coaches minimum, what is that? $200,000? I’m in.
    Bad play calling, predictable play calling, not taking advantage of the opponents weaknesses, giving up on what works, that’s Brat! Sick to my stomach at Sunday, had to endure the worst game we’ve played all year in a crucial situation (now making SD a MUST WIN game), Fantasy hopes dashed because Palmer doesn’t have a Coordinator that will pass more than five to ten yards at a time, and my bearcats get beat in a thriller by the university of norwood, freaking great, thank god i took advantage of some scheduled paid time off, needed it.
    Mixman, you’re right, this team got worked…. On offense, but not just by the Vikes (how many sack did you have again? Oh yeah, one right?) But also by the….ahhhhh, F*ck it, see above please….

  33. Purpleguy,
    Great insight on our issues. The TV only shows so much since I don’t have HD. But the question that you alluded to is why isn’t Palmer taking it downfield. I don’t think he has gone deep and connected since the bye, but I could be wrong.
    I think it is a mix of Palmer’s issues (health, mechanics and/ or mojo) and Bratkowski- have you ever heard him talk about the Cover 2? It is as if no one can throw on it. “(The Browns) weren’t going to let us play catch,” Bratkowski said after Cleveland basically dared the Bengals to run into Cover 2 all day.”
    This is the same defense that let Stafford throw all day on it… Something is not right about this guy.

  34. Actually math isnt an exact science.
    Did you know when you break the human body down to all its compounds and their percentages it only equals out to 99.8% no one knows where the other .2% is.
    So maybe Carson knows something that know one else knows b/c if theirs a missing .2% maybe an elbow can have and exta 1%.

  35. The Bengals are going to Lose to the Chargers in week 15, the Chiefs in Week 16 and the Jets in week 17. The Ravens will win the division and the Bengals won’t make the playoffs.

  36. HA, wrek, that actually is not a sompletely unfounded prediction. We play the way we have for the past four weeks, we’re toast. Ravens have a (relatively) easy schedule including OAK and PITT, and we get away to NYJ and SD, tough shit, please win ONE game guys!?!?!? PLease!!!?!??!?! Actually I don’t know that I hope we get canned and somehow Mike decides to cut ties to Bob “the cover two is inpenetrable”-“Throwing the ball more than eight yards is scary” Bratkowski. a good team with a good D run by offensive morons, FIRE BOB!!! Do it today!!!! Let ANYONE else call the offensive plays, I said it before, sign me up, I’ll quit my job right now and spend the next two weeks living at PBS, and, again, I GUARANTEE I run this O better than Bob has the past four weeks (or really all year, save for Bmore and Pitt)

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