Eagles upgrade Martin Rucker, cut P.J. Hill

The Philadelphia Eagles have made a move that could be a strong hint that running back Brian Westbrook will be returning to action this week.

Running back P.J. Hill has been released, and his spot on the roster has been replaced by Martin Rucker, a tight end signed to the team’s practice squad in September, two days after being waived by the Browns.

Rucker is the brother of former Panthers defensive end Mike Rucker, and he’s also a former college teammate of receiver Jeremy Maclin.

Recent reports have indicated the Westbrook, who has missed several weeks after suffering a second concussion in two games, could be playing this weekend.

10 responses to “Eagles upgrade Martin Rucker, cut P.J. Hill

  1. wow, as an Eagles fan it will be crazy to see what Westbrook might look like healthy for once during a postseason.. ive been lookin forward to this for awhile and might be the only person a little happy he got time off during the season..

  2. Ah, the Browns tight end saga…
    The Browns traded up to get Martin Rucker. He showed potential in the preseason, only to get hurt. He was occasionally put in the game, but wasn’t really utilized. That’s a shame, considering Winslow was often hurt.
    Instead, they often played Steve Heiden, who has been hurt almost all of this year, and traded Winslow. They picked up Robert Royal, who has the hands of an amputee and has often been hurt.
    Until signing the promising Evan Moore and activiating him two games ago, the only healthy tight ends, Greg Estandia and Michael Gaines, were used more as blocking tight ends. Gaines has decent hands.
    Through all of this, we could have used Rucker, who is supposed to be more of a Kellen Winslow tight end. Somehow, despite having sacrificed to get him, he was never given a fair shake.

  3. They should keep him on the bench another game or two just to be safe. Having Westbrook at 100% for the playoffs would make the Eagles a team no one wants to face.

  4. He’ll probably get about five carries a game in the next few games to get him warmed up – then they’ll unleash the dragon in the playoffs.
    Eagles are the scariest they’ve been since 2004.

  5. I can’t believe Westbrook hasn’t played all year and this team is 9-4. If Mr. Westbrook is close to being the player people think he is, wow.

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