Lions keep making moves

We wondered on Monday why the Jaguars mentioned the release of cornerback/kick returner Brian Witherspoon as an oh-by-the-way afterthought in the official announcement regarding the guy they signed to take his place.

It’s possible that the Jags were hoping to slide Witherspoon through waivers, so that he could then be signed to the team’s practice squad.

If that was the goal, it didn’t work.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the Lions claimed Witherspoon on waivers today.

The Lions also signed former Giants tight end Michael Matthews, and the Lions promoted running back Cedric Peerman from the practice squad.

Unless the Lions only had 50 players on the active roster, they’ll have to release players or send them to one of the various reserve lists.  One spot surely will come from the placement of running back Kevin Smith on injured reserve.

Smith, as expected, will have season-ending knee surgery.

He’s got it bad,” coach Jim Schwartz said Monday.  “I don’t want to speak for doctors until they go in and they can analyze all those different things, because I’ve seen situations where it’s been worse than expected or even better than expected.”

It sounds like there might be more than a torn ACL going on with Smith, based on the MRI results.  And it also sounds like Schwartz is opting for optimism. 

10 responses to “Lions keep making moves

  1. I’d rather see Suh go to Tampa instead of St Louis. WTF do they need another d-linemen for. They have two they have drafted in the last three years in the first round. They don’t need a 3rd. I hope the Lions pick up Eric Berry to be honest, but they have bigger needs on D Line.

  2. As a Lions fan, Im rooting for the Bucs at least. St Louis might take a QB and we could end up with Suh.

  3. Its all shack harris the idiot’s move. The best thing this idiot did for the jags was after moving to detroit he traded Gerald Alexander the third year safety (Second round draft pick) for Northcutt who was 31 years old. so far Northcutt has 32 catches for 320 yards 1 TD and 1 fumble. Gerald Alexander has 4 pass defences 2 int 3 force fumble.
    This Shack Harris is one of worst talent evaluator. I am so glad he is kicked out of Jax and i am sorry detroit for having him.

  4. Florio, Witherspoon isn’t eligible for the practice squad. He’s played in 21 games in his career, 12 more than the limit of 9 for practice squad eligibility.

  5. It’s actually nine games in any one season that causes you to lose practice squad eligibility, not nine games total. That said, he still didn’t have it–he was active for more than nine games in 2008.

  6. How can you say hes being optimistic.
    He said “Hes got it bad” then he said “he seen situations when its worse then they thought and situations when its better then they thought”. I think because he said “he got it bad” he thinks its going to be the former not the latter, where its worse then they thought it would be.

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