Rams are down two starting guards

On the same day the Rams released one starting guard, walking 15-yard penalty Richie Incognito, the team has lost another one to injury.

St. Louis placed guard Jacob Bell on injured reserve with a torn hamstring, ending his season.  The former Titan improved on his shaky 2008 performance, helping to lead the way for Steven Jackson’s remarkable season.

The latest injustice for Jackson will be running behind two new starting guards while taking handoffs from a sixth-round rookie quarterback.  

The Rams host the Texans on Sunday, with Houston still clinging to (very) slim playoff hopes.

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  1. For someone who covers football for a living, you would think Greg would know that the Rams played the TITANS, not the Texans

  2. Chris:
    You’re right, Greco gets his chance now – let’s hope he jumps on the opportunity to prove himself worthy. It’s so depressing that all the money they’ve spent on FAs and draft picks they’ve used on the O-line has been such a waste. We started the season with two 1st rounders at tackle, Bell and Brown at center and guard (who both got huge FA contracts), and not much to show for it. Yeah, the running game has been good (Jackson gets a lot of the credit for that), but they sure can’t pass-block for crap.

  3. dzimm08:
    Did you read the article? He’s saying the Rams’ original starting guards are both gone (one injury and one bonehead) and backups will be starting this week.

  4. Fireflash says:
    December 15, 2009 8:58 PM
    For someone who covers football for a living, you would think Greg would know that the Rams played the TITANS, not the Texans
    Fireflash, you might want to go back and reread the article. I’m just sayin…

  5. Fireflash:
    Maybe you should read more carefully. He said the Rams HOST the Texans on Sunday. He did not say the Rams LOST to the Texans on Sunday. (He can say that next week.)

  6. @Fireflash
    Umm, no…the Texans are at STL this week. Tennessee has Miami. Just check a schedule before you post.
    In the meantime, I’ll be grabbing Houston’s D off the waiver wire in my fantasy league…

  7. Dear Steven Jackson,
    I’m so sorry things just went from bad to….well….I can’t use that language here.

  8. As a Rams fan, I can tell you the release of Incognito was coming for a long time. We hated him, and Rosenthal nailed it with the “walking 15 yard penalty” description.
    I could you he was gone from the taunting incident. He was unpopular, hotheaded, and frankly, an idiot. Good riddance.
    We Rams fans just can’t catch a break.

  9. wow, the Rams and Giants are better off with Spags back as D-Coordinator in NY. But finish off this disaster to lock up SUH! A beast! You have to be a B A D A S S with a name that means “House of Spears”

  10. Seriously, does this actually matter. Were the Rams favored to win any remaining games. They will receive the number 1 overall pick and hopefully use it wisely. DE Long has not done much, but in his defense, neither did Mario Williams of Houston until the last 2 years.

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