Rams release Richie Incognito

The St. Louis Rams have released guard Richie Incognito, two days after he received a pair of personal fouls and got into a verbal confrontation with coach Steve Spagnuolo on the sideline during the Rams’ loss to the Tennessee Titans.

“As with all other personnel moves, this is what we felt was in the best interest of the team at this time,” Spagnuolo said in a statement released by the team. “We appreciate Richie’s efforts and we wish him the very best.”

Incognito twice head butted Titans players during Sunday’s game, the latest in a long line of incidents in which Incognito failed to control his temper.

Incognito has spent his entire five-year career with the Rams. St. Louis drafted him in the third round of the 2005 NFL draft.

45 responses to “Rams release Richie Incognito

  1. He’ll have a hard time getting signed anywhere else because of how easily overlooked he is. That, and he headbutted a guy; but he really doesn’t stand out in a crowd.

  2. C’mon, MDS……. If you’re gonna reach true loserdom like your boss Florio, you’re going to need to make a lame attempt at humor in every story you write. I clicked on this article for the sole purpose seeing what Florio’s pathetic effort would be.
    Like, “If he was incognito, how did they find him to let him know he was released?”
    Try harder next time.

  3. He has major on field anger issues but most of that could come from playing for a losing franchise. This would be the perfect pickup for a franchise with a strong head coach and good character guys to learn from. He has talent, but needs to quit roid raging on the field.

  4. He would pair up nicely with Jeremey Trueblood. We could set a penelty record next. Go get him Radio.

  5. Incognito is the biggest turd in the game. He’s always doing out the ass things and getting penalties back to back for doing idiotic things.

  6. I think it’s great for the Rams to take a stand. This is one of the dirtiest players in the league. Unfortunately, he won’t be out of work long. I bet he has a new team within two weeks.

  7. I like attitude…vikings should pick him up for depth in the super bowl….he isnt horrible

  8. Good luck getting a job anywhere asshole except in MMA where you will have your head kicked off.

  9. not surprised . . . my only regret is for whoever is desperate enough to claim this maniac

  10. About freakin’ time. The guy is a head case that has cost the Rams games in the last few years with his boneheaded personal fouls.

  11. The 49ers will take him. Say what you want about Mike Singletary but you never hear about any Niners in this kind of trouble, plus we could use the help at guard. I understand this is no excuse but it must be hard to play for the Rams, Steve Jackson deserves a medal for not blowing a gasket on or off the field.

  12. I expect the Ravens to sign him. We might be able to increase our penalty total for this season.

  13. Richie Incognito’s exit is long overdue. Can’t control his temper and he’s the Rams 3rd best Guard behind Goldberg and Bell.

  14. Richie has been a hotheaded jerk since college – he got kicked off Nebraska’s football team for violence issues, and I don’t know why the Rams kept him so long. He’s cost our team several games with his stupid crap, and as talented as he may be, it’s worn really thin. He has not been a crowd favorite for a while, but I guess Spags thought he could save him (reminds me of Vermiel’s blind spot for Lawrence Phillips). Glad to see Spagnuolo finally had enough – most of the fans here reached that point quite a long time ago. Good luck with the Raiders, Richie, you’ll fit right in!

  15. heartstl:
    Bell is out with a torn hammy, so Setterstrom and John Greco are the guards, because Goldberg is covering at RT for Jason Smith, who is most likely done for the year. Rams are going to have to pick up someone for depth soon. They can sign Eric Young off the practice squad, but they’re definitely very thin on the O-line, which I’m sure makes both Boller and Null more comfortable. That being said, Richie needed to go.

  16. wow…Richie got cut? I could hardly tell he was there.
    (za-zing!) thanks folks…i’ll be here all night

  17. He sures draws a lot of attention for a guy thats supposed to be Incognito. Ba Dum Pum (rimshot)

  18. red13:
    I know that Bell and Goldberg aren’t playing guard now, but they will be great starters next year. Don’t forget about Roger Allen III who has been on the active roster all year and hasn’t seen playing time yet.. Phil Trautwein has been here a while too if they plan on trying him at guard or tackle.

  19. According to this board, he is about to be picked up by every NFL, CFL, and UFL team at the same time.

  20. @heartstl:
    Trautwein is a tackle only, from the talk I’ve heard. I didn’t forget about Allen, but he can only play guard. Our versatile guys (Setterstrom and Goldberg) are starting now, so if someone gets hurt, they’re very thin on the bench. That was my point.

  21. I’d love for the niners to pick him up. He might be psycho and get personal foul penalties but he’s a lot better than rachal and baas, who get continually bitched out every week by every dt we play and kill our running game.

  22. He’s on the waiver wire but his contract is up after this year. Last year the Rams tendered him and he held out for a big contract but no one wanted to give up a 3rd round pick. Best case scenario for the Rams is that he’s picked up because they would save a very small amount of cash. When he left town he pretty much said he’s tired of being on losing teams [i.e. the Rams since he arrived in ’05] so it will be interesting to see who claims him.

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