The Cowboys kicker competition is on

Fans of training camp competitions between kickers are in for a December treat.

In one corner, Cowboys incumbent Nick Folk will try to get his job after missing six out of his last nine kicks.

In the other corner, Cowboys rookie kickoff specialist David Buehler will try to take Folk’s job.  Buehler oddly hasn’t been kicking a lot of field goals in practice until now, but he’s fired up.

“I thrive off competition, that’s what I’m looking forward to most,” Buehler said Tuesday.  “Nick is a great field goal kicker. I look up to him, I’ve learned a
lot from him mentally and physically about kicking. He’s a mentor of

The first round of the battle went to Folk, although he only hit two of four field goals in cold, windy conditions Tuesday.  Buehler hit one.

The Cowboys seem hesitant to release Folk, who made the Pro Bowl as a rookie in 2007.  It’s possible he could be inactive for Saturday’s game in New Orleans without getting released.

31 responses to “The Cowboys kicker competition is on

  1. This is a joke right? There really isn’t any chance of Folk lining up in the Superdome to attempt a kick is there? He should have been gone a few weeks ago but Captain Kangaroo loves his players too much.
    Somebody please tell him there are only 32 of those jobs in the world and people get them because they have the ability to make tough decisions.

  2. Let me make one thing perfectly clear. When the Steelers lose, we lose like men. We don’t blame injuries or cry about the refs cheating us. That is something you fans of other teams always do and it makes me sick!! You’re a bunch of pansies.
    The Dallas Cryboys are just like most of you. Chumps! I have no respect for most of the clowns that post on this board. But, I keep coming back anyway because I love trouble and mixing it up. Why? Because I am FED UP and just don’t care anymore! DAMN IT!!

  3. @ bigeasy
    A delusional football fan I take it? Romo isn’t the problem this year, check out the stats. It is clearly Garret, Wade, the O-Line and the Defense. When one of those things don’t work you are usually in trouble, but when all of them don’t it is certain that you wont win. If you are going to bash Dallas at least do so accurately. If not don’t waste our time.

  4. @ Fed Up
    When we give a damn about what you think we will ask. No Steelers fan ever loses like a man. They pout and moan just like everyone else if not worse. Get over it you schmuck, no one is making excuses just pointing out the fact that our kicker sucks. Yours is an alcoholic.

  5. chumps? really?
    who has lost 5 games in a row?
    and if you really dont care why do you keep comin back?

  6. Bigeasy-
    You are an idiot. Did you really say they have no QB? Romo is putting up pro bowl numbers AGAIN this year.
    Do some research before proving to the world that you know nothing about what comes out of your mouth. It’s embarrassing really. Here, I’ll help-go to a website called and click on the stats link. Then go to “passing” stats.
    You will find the guy you say is no better than a holder-romo-is in the top ten in TD’s, passing yards and completions.
    See how easy that was, now you don’t have to be a moron for the rest of your life.
    I’m done with you for now……..

  7. When the Steelers win, they win like a team that gets a very wide benefit of the doubt from the officials.

  8. @ Whomever
    I don’t give a flying ______ what you think. The cowgirls are bitches and Romo’s is getting his vagina destroyed on Saturday and you can take that to the bank or whatever website you are glued to 24/7 cause thats what you do.
    I don’t care if he’s in the top 5….and I truely don’t give a $hit what you think.

  9. Hey Fed Up I live in the Pittsburgh area. You losers are still saying O’Donell was paid off the last time a whistle didn’t decide a Super Bowl you were in. And let’s not forget about your owner. He cuts Cedric Wilson for domestice problems but gives James Harrison a pass because he was a start. Squeeler fans get by if their team loses as long as America’s Team loses.
    You guys are obsessed with the Cowboys.

  10. @ chapstick
    As a dallas fan, you would know about “licker’d up kickers” correct!
    That was f-ing hilarious!!

  11. @ Rickahh
    Vandercrap was liquored up in Indy… cant any of you get any fact right?
    @ Big easy
    Your opinions are useless unless supported by facts. The fact is you have no facts to support yourself. You dont have to start cusssing, we don’t really care. And if you think that Romo is going to get tore up, then how do you explain Chris Redman nearly leading the Falcons to vicotry over the saints? MORON!

  12. Wait til Romo botches a snap again while holding for a kick.
    Then what? Blame the Kicker too?
    One month…December.

  13. @nastychap
    I hate pointing out the obvious but it’s “victory” not “vicotry”……
    Fact – is the Saints are 13-0 and the Cowgirls are 8-5 (got that from a website)!
    Fact – I’m all out of facts…Roy Williams is the best WR, Homo is the best QB of all-time, and Wade Phillips has the dumbest look on his face at all times as Jerry Jones is calling the plays.
    Just relish on your Superbowls and go home…

  14. Hey BigEasy, were you one of the stumbling drunk, pistol-packing Who Dats on the YouTube video shooting up that idiot’s big screen out in the bayou behind the house, or were you the one who strapped on the Saints kiddie helmet and rammed his drunk head into the thing?

  15. @ bigSleazy
    Thank you for pointing out my typos… notice I still make them no matter how many people on here point them out… I will continue to do so as well as it shows an at will response rather than something that you put in MS Word and spellchecked first….. I am glad you were able to notice a record too, you done well. Next, Roy Williams sucks, Romo statistically has played well and Wade Phillips not only has the dumbest looks on his face but he is also the worst head coach in all of football and probably the history of the NFL. I will continue to relish in my teams Superbowls while you wish you could make it to one.

  16. Mikeoxlong – I’ll take those odds at any price.
    BigEasy – Its obvious that you do give a $hit what others think of you. Chill out.

  17. ya know, I could be a hater like the saints fans here and say “Drew sucks” like they say about Romo.
    But I won’t because I think Drew is a nice guy and a very good QB an he doesn’t deserve me just making up stuff just because he plays on a team other than the one I cheer for. Because I realize how childish it is disregarding a players talent because he is on a certain team.
    And hell, if we all live long enough the Saints may even make it to the Super Bowl some day.Bless their little hearts.

  18. With the kick off duties to concentrate on I can see why the coaches didn’t have Buehler practicing field goals. This is the way all football teams do it…oh, wait.

  19. @bedhead
    Unfortunately I was not in attendance but it is a funny video.
    good banter
    This was fun…lots of anger from frustrated Cowgirl fans…see you Saturday!!!

  20. @Big Easy, do you even watch football? If you’re gonna bash a Dallas fan and tell him to “relish their Superbowls”, you should make sure that your team has even made it to one. Saints have one good season, that isn’t even over by the way, and their fans turn into Raider Nation. The Saints have been hanging by a thread and pulling out close wins for the past month.

  21. Bigeasy-
    I’m not mad that you dont like romo at all, I just dont like hearing uneducated idiots talk like they know what time it is. Sir, you cant even read a digital watch….
    Dont say favre is a bum, or brady has never won a super bowl, or say romo is nothing more than a holder. If romo is one of the ten best QB’s on the planet then I think he qaulifies as something more than a holder. Talk trash, thats fine, but have some sense of reality when you do it. Thats all I’m saying guy.
    Dallas 34-saints 27

  22. Great kicker right here in Texas….Lance Key. His dad is Wade Key formerly Phila Eagles. Currently coaching soccer at Trinity Univ in San Antonio. He is an awesome kicker…..go check it out.

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