Vikings call up J Leman

With E.J. Henderson lost for the season due to an injury and Erin Henderson suspended four weeks for taking a substance that might have been intended to help him recover from one, the Vikings need another linebacker.

Enter J Leman.

That’s not a typo.  Jeremy Jacob Leman, a former Illinois standout, goes by “J”.  Not
“Jay” or “Ray” or  “Ray-Jay” or “R.J.” or even “J” with a period after it.

Just “J”.

The team has signed “J” to the active roster to replace Erin Henderson.  They’ve backfilled his position on the practice squad with cornerback DeAndre Wright.

42 responses to “Vikings call up J Leman

  1. Leman is pretty good. He sort of looks like the studlier version of AJ Hawk,hair and all. Super Dave a wrecking ball into his face and he would look exactly like Hawk!

  2. Jeremy is replacing Erin.
    Why not write the names out? Is it worth the cost of saving some electrons by not writing the name out?
    Well since another viking player has again been caught using illegal drugs perhaps this LB Jeremy Lehman is smart enough not to be corrupted by the others.
    Too bad his active roster time begins tainted with another viking scandal.

  3. It’s funny that everyone talks about the Vikings players that tested positive for a substance not listed on the product they were taking, but no one seems to remember the Saints players that got busted for the same substance. Hmmm…

  4. the packers are just like the women of wisconsin, sloppy.
    Lemen would have been an opening day starter for any other team in the NFC North.

  5. BOB NELSON…….
    I suppose the Mark Chmura incident isn’t considered a scandal in Green Bay, right???????? Quit thinking the Packers are holier than thou.

  6. Ross’sSweetMinus says:
    December 15, 2009 5:44 PM
    Hey Percy Harvin,
    Your an F’n Douche Bag!
    Suggestion keep your pie hole closed.
    Dude,Keep off MY Viking thread asshole! What inbred fan base claims you??Yes,you read right,mine. Wish Florio could set up cage matches between douche fans like you with the people you spout off too. Punks like you that act out behind the safety of their computer make me sick!

  7. It won’t surprise me to see the Vikings release Erin Henderson. Childress usually doesn’t go for stuff like that, and seeing that Erin is a backup, he may cut him loose. The only way he won’t do it is if EJ complains about it. EJ is a star player fir us, so you got to keep him happy.

  8. lol @ Bob Nelson, why should there have been an explanation on J Lemans name anyway? Anyone who has watched Big 10 or Illinois football in the last 4 years knows about J. I have watched liked 20 of his games and never knew his name was Jeremy. Bob broaden your football viewership and you would not need for everyone to referenced by their Government name!!

  9. Bob Nelson (born 1956) is an American stand-up comedian and actor.
    Nelson was in a comedy group called “The Identical Triplets” with Eddie Murphy and Rob Bartlett. He specializes in rubber-faced comedy characters, much as Red Skelton did in his heyday. His most popular originals include Jiffy Jeff, a punchy prizefighter; Eppy Eppeman, a know-it-all geek with thick eyeglasses; an unnamed dumb football player; Wilby, a hillbilly chicken farmer based on a life experience of Nelson’s in Louisiana; and Mr. Pinyin, an argumentative man who is more eloquent than the people he argues with. He is also known for his Jacques-Yves Cousteau impersonations and his “football act” in which he parodies the old team rundowns in the College Football All Star games in which players announced their names, numbers and teams (example: “Quasimodo… Notre Dame… halfback!”) Unlike many stand-up acts, Nelson does not “work blue,” letting his characters get laughs with silliness rather than vulgarity.
    See, this is how serious you should take BobNelson, he is a complete farce.
    PFT charater also……………

  10. Adam-Chris Scheftersen says:
    December 15, 2009 6:00 PM
    Better to have no name than a girl’s name, right?
    Another inane post by the turd adam shitterson.
    You are not witty, stick to your stat filled posts and leave out the “humor”.
    Stats and lame jokes, not a good combo.

  11. Jimmy Lee Smith (born February 9, 1969 in Detroit, Michigan) is a former American football wide receiver in the National Football League for the Dallas Cowboys and the Jacksonville Jaguars.
    Smith was drafted in the second round of the 1992 NFL Draft out of Jackson State University. He spent two injury-plagued seasons with Dallas. After missing much of the 1992 season with a broken leg, early in 1993 he underwent an emergency appendectomy which led to a severe infection and was nearly fatal. In the aftermath, a dispute broke out between Smith and Cowboy owner Jerry Jones, who claimed that, since the condition wasn’t football related, the Cowboys should not have to pay Smith for the 1993 season[citation needed]. Smith spent all of 1993 on the injured reserve list.
    Before the 1994 season, Smith was cut by the Cowboys. He was subsequently signed by the Philadelphia Eagles but was cut before the 1994 season began.
    Here is your other made up character from PFT!

  12. Hey Bobby Nelson,
    you are a pot stirring sanctimonious Homer.
    You should become a writer for the National Enquirer or some other sensationalist rag.
    If you truly believe the crap you post you’d have the balls to stick around and defend your posts instead of just dropping a “stupid bomb” on everyone and disappearing like Osama BinLaden.
    But I know who you really are: Dun -Dun-Dun(wait for it-wait -waaaiitt-wait)
    SAGE ROSENFELS!!!!!!!!

  13. Percy Harvin – what a little pussy. Dude just clearly isn’t tough enough to hack it int he NFL. Yeah I said it Pervy…you’re a douche yourself.

  14. Why is Bob Nelson bringing up that E.J. Henderson and J Lehman prefer to go by the first initials instead of the legal first names, when A.J. Hawk. B.J. Raji and T.J. Lang of the Packers do the same thing?

  15. @ Pervy Harvin,
    Didn’t you say there is to much hating on our threads?
    I’m a new poster but Ross’s stretched anus post was so lame it didn’t warrant a reply.
    Kill ’em with logic Bro.
    One more win and we are in!

  16. @LB PACKFAN,
    You complete idiot
    here are percy’s stats this year fool!
    rec yards (so far) 48-681 2td
    return 986 29 yd avg. 2 TD. 2nd. in NFL!!!
    All this while battling migraines in his rookie year
    A sum total of 1780 all purpose yards
    YOU ARE THE PUSSY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    sorry pervy could not help myself im sure you understand

  17. @ Valhalla- Never ,ever be sorry for serving a fool his sentence! He is one of the biggest Pack douches that exist.

  18. You can always tell who the casual fans are… Florio knows more than most of the casual fans.. but to have to explain who J Leman is after being an all-american in college… which I suppose Florio also didn’t know… seriously, people that really follow football don’t need an introduction to J Leman.

  19. Now CHILDREN, behave yourselves.
    Erin Henderson is a great player in his own right.
    I don’t think they’ll cut him.

  20. DocBG says:
    December 15, 2009 6:43 PM
    Lemen would have been an opening day starter for any other team in the NFC North.
    Remove the purple glasses and step slowly away from the keyboard. If Leman (unless you’re talking about a different guy) is so good, why did no one else sign him off the Vikings practice squad?

  21. jeff says:
    December 15, 2009 7:43 PM
    Another inane post by the turd adam shitterson.
    You are not witty, stick to your stat filled posts and leave out the “humor”.
    Stats and lame jokes, not a good combo.
    If it was so inane, why do you just do another google image search, come up with another gay award and give it to me? It’s really impressive when you do that.
    And the reference is clearly payback for all the queens fans calling Aaron Rodgers “Erin”. I’ve always found it funny that they didn’t know they had a guy named Erin on their team.

  22. I go by the name J. Cannon and I say J was a heck of a baller at Illinois. He won’t be much more than a special teamer in his carrer though so lets hope no more LB’s get hurt this year. He was in camp as an undrafted free agent last year so he should, at the very least, be accustomed to the schemes and plays. Seacrest out.

  23. Payback over girls names? Really?!
    If you have a 6 year old. I bet its more mature than you.
    It’s probaly a 6 year old shit that you are waiting to mail.
    Aww, the awards getting to you? lol, that’s the point.

  24. jeff says:
    December 16, 2009 12:29 PM
    Payback over girls names? Really?!
    If you have a 6 year old. I bet its more mature than you.
    It’s probaly a 6 year old shit that you are waiting to mail.
    Aww, the awards getting to you? lol, that’s the point.
    It’s a she. And she’s more mature (and smarter) than you ever will be.
    As evidenced by your incessant poopy talk.

  25. jeff says:
    December 16, 2009 2:56 PM
    I bet she’s still in diapers, just like dear old dad.
    No, she’s not in diapers. And she doesn’t act like it either.. Unlike you.

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