With MRI coming, Marcus Fitzgerald says Larry is fine

Receiver Larry Fitzgerald, who registered one of the greatest postseasons of all time in January, gave Cardinals fans everywhere (and fantasy owners like me) a scare Monday night when 49ers safety Dashon Goldson landed on Fitzgerald’s shin, jamming the back of his lower leg against the back of his upper leg.

The All-Pro wideout limped off the field and into the locker room.  He later emerged limp-free and returned to the game.

Still, he’ll have an MRI on Tuesday.

“When he hurt his knee, we thought that there was a big scare, it might
be something long-term
,” coach Ken Whisenhunt said after the game, per the Associated Press.  “But obviously it
was encouraging to see him come back.  We’ll get him checked out.”

Fitzgerald, who had his lowest output in two years with two catches for 22 yards, did not speak to the media after the game.

But he did speak to his brother, Marcus, who says that Larry is “OK” and that he’ll practice on Wednesday.  (Marcus admirably refrained from calling Kurt Warner an “old ass man,” even though Kurt played like one last night.) 

Marcus also uploaded a postgame picture of himself and his big brother, which helps us to finally understand why Larry plays in the NFL and Marcus doesn’t. 

Unless Larry was standing on a chair.

3 responses to “With MRI coming, Marcus Fitzgerald says Larry is fine

  1. I think I now understand the role of sports writers in relation to the NFL: they are actually writers of soap operas. Kurt Warner had a bad game where his opponent played well and his offensive lineman missed block after block, but that’s not enough. No, much like Favre or Testaverde before them both, if they have a bad game, they must be old and worn out and, implied, not spoken, finished. Carson Palmer has a terrible game, his elbow must be messed up. Mike Vick has a good game and suddenly the Eagles are trading McNabb. The Vikings have a bad game and suddenly Favre is in a December swoon. The Saints struggle against an inferior opponent and suddenly 13-0 isn’t impressive. Vince Young holds up 9 fingers and he’s suddenly a conceited bastard. Adrian Peterson gets a speeding ticket and he is tearing the Vikings apart internally.
    I understand the Fitzgerald reference to his previous twitter comments, but the commentary added that he does look old makes me want to sit on a couch with bon-bons and grow a fat ass with Peg Bundy.

  2. Well… it is a kinetic drama which further unfolds every week.
    We all like to read the script, the scene, and the possibilities…which are sometimes ridiculous, but entertaining.

  3. Larry Fitzgerald is a closet prima donna for whom the media gives a lot of slack.
    For the past few Niner – Cards games, Larry is never on the field congratulating and shaking hands with other players. The cameras always show him using his speed to run to the locker room as quickly as he can after the games. Maybe he’s just checking on Marcus OR he really is the poor sport no one is writing about.
    Anyway heal up big boy. The Niners want you running around at full strength the next time you all meet up so they can finish the job and dislocate your knee cap. Then we’ll see how fast you run to the locker room after the game when you guys lose to the Niners…. again.

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